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Alice-C-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alyce-H-Novak   Created By

Amanda-Novak   Created By
Amanda Christina's birthfamily

Andrea-J-Novotny   Created By
My Family Tree

Ann-Novo   Created By
The Long / Little / Cox / Rasco Families of Texas

Ann-louise-Novotnik   Created By
The Novotnik Family

Berna-lee-Novak   Created By
Henry Solin Dalton

Beth-H-Novak   Created By
Reazak/Novak of WI/IA

Brooke-C-Novak   Created By
Brooke Cynthia Novak

Carleen-Novak   Created By
so hard to find

Carmie-Novak   Created By
An American Story

Cathy-Novick   Created By
Cathy S. Novick's Family

Cathy-Novick-MA   Created By
Cathy Novick and her family

Cecilia-H-Novak   Created By
Hernandez and Novak Families of San Antonio, TX

Charles-A-Novotny   Created By
"The Stephan Novotny Family Home Page"

Cheryl-Novak   Created By
Cheryl & Frank Novak

Christina-C-Novilla   Created By
John M. White and family , Ire> ?> TN>MO>CA

Christina-Novitski   Created By
The Novitski's snd Haddock's of Pottstown, PA

Claludia-R-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Connie-J-Novotny   Created By

Daniel-E-Novak   Created By
The Daniel Novak Family Home Page

Daniel-Novak-Colorado   Created By
Novak Family History

Daniel-Novoa   Created By

Danyell-Novak   Created By
The Doyle Gen Forum

Danyell-S-Novak   Created By
Doyle and Starnes Connection

David-A-Novak   Created By

David-L-Novack   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-Novikoff   Created By
The Novikoff - Gruber Family of Winnipeg, MB Canada

David-Novotny   Created By
Do Da Diggity Damn

Dawn-Novak   Created By
Speers Family Records

Deborah--M-Novak   Created By
"Deborah Cann-Rembold Novak family home page"

Debra-Novak-Ohio   Created By

Diana-L-Novicki   Created By
The Robert Novicki Family Home Page

Diane-Florence-Novak   Created By
The Diane Florence Vojvoda Novak and Stanley JohnNovak Page

Diane-Novak-NY   Created By
The Novaks of East Moriches, NY

Don-A-Novian   Created By
The Novians and Hennings families of Texas

Don-A-Novian-TX   Created By
The Novians of Texas (December 2008)

Don-Novak   Created By
The Nowak/Novak's of Kitchener, Ontario

Donald--A-Novian   Created By
Donald Allen Novian Home Page Family Origins

Donald-A-Novian   Created By
Novians of Texas 2007

Donald-J-Novak   Created By
The Novak's From Manitowoc, WI

Dr-thomas-m-Novella   Created By
Thomas M Novella's tree

Ed-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edward-Novotny   Created By
Edward Novotny of CT

Edward-W-Novak-sr   Created By
The Novak/Petersens of Middletown, NY

Ericka-Novinson   Created By
Familia Armendariz

Erik-M-Novak   Created By
The Novak / Miller Family Tree Home Page

Francisco-Novellino   Created By
Francisco Eduardo Neves Novellino, BRASIL

Frank-Novielli   Created By
Desendants Of Vito Plantamura

Gemma-M-Novis   Created By
Gemma M Novis of Greenwich, LONDON UK

George-P-Novotny   Created By
Frank A. Novotny Family Genealogy

George-P-Novotny-Stanwood   Created By
Novotny Genealogy Home Page

Georgia-E-Novotny   Created By
The Novotny Family

Gerald-F-Novotny   Created By
Gerald F. Novotny of Boulder, Colorado

Hallie-Novak   Created By
Robert Lee Novak Family, Lost Springs,Kan

Jackie-S-Novosel   Created By
Robert Van Wallace, Centre Co. , PA

James-W-Novak   Created By

Jane-Marie-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janet-L-Novak   Created By
The Novaks & Roark's Idaho

Janet-Louise-Novak   Created By
The Novaks

Janice-A-Novonty   Created By
"The Novotny Family Tree-Charlevoix Branch"

Janine-L-Novak   Created By
The Ritchie & Conklin Families

Jason-Novak   Created By
The Simon Garcia Family of Colorado

Jennifer-M-Novak   Created By
Miller/Donnelly/Miller of Newburgh, NY

Jennifer-Novack   Created By
How Much Do You Remember?

Jennifer-Novotny   Created By
The Jennifer Diane Novotny Tree

Jennifer5766391-Novack   Created By
The Novack Family Tree Project

Jeremy-I-Novak   Created By

Jill-A-Novak   Created By
The Novak Family Tree

Joanne-Novarro   Created By
The Thomas and Bridget Farrington Home Page

John--Novak   Created By
The Norbert John Novak,Jr. Home Page

John-A-Novak   Created By
Home Page of John Novak

John-Novak-   Created By
The Novaks

John-Novak-1   Created By
The NOVAK family

John-Novak-2   Created By
The NOVAKS in Poland and the US

John-Novak-4   Created By
John Monte Novak

John-Novak-AZ   Created By
Kremski/Nowak family of Bay City Michigan

John-Novakjr   Created By
The Novaks of East Bernard,TX

Jon-S-Novick   Created By
Home Page of Jon Novick

Julie-A-Novak   Created By
Home Page of JULIE NOVAK

Katherine-E-Novak   Created By
Katherine E Novak

Kay-F-Novodvorsky   Created By
The Fay J. Bensons of Inver Grove, MN

Kellie-Novess   Created By
The Kellie R. Novess (Atkins) of Waterford, Michigan

Kerri-A-Nova   Created By
The Hengstebeck's

L-Novay   Created By
My Family Tree of Texas

Lance-Novak   Created By
Lance K. Novak of Rockford, Il

Larry-Novida   Created By
Geneaology Home Page for Richard Lee Rosser

Laura-C-Novak   Created By
Schonbok, Lohroff, and Luth Family

Laura-C-Novak-Dayton   Created By

Laura-C-Novak-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lawrence-M-Novak   Created By
Lewis Family Tree

Lawrence-S-Novak   Created By
Larry and Sheri Novak of East Northport, NY

Leslie-A-Noviss   Created By
"The L A Noviss Family home page"

Linda-Novakovich-OR   Created By
The Novakovich/Tallmon/Carlson Family

Linda-Novakowski   Created By
Family Trees of Linda

Linda-Novakowski-Moore   Created By
My Family

Linda-S-Novakowski   Created By

Linda-marie-Novak   Created By
John Ponzer Family, Rolla MO

Lorraine-M-Novak   Created By
The Lorraine Mary Becknel, Leach, Novak Family Home Page

Louis--A-Novak   Created By
Lou Novak's Family Page

Lyle--T-Novis   Created By
Novis Family Home Page

Madeleine-November   Created By
The November Family, New York

Marc-Novak   Created By
The Marc Novak and Pauline Dubuc Home Page

Marian-E-Novian-1   Created By
Saunders and Sanders of Texas

Marian-Estelle-Novian   Created By
Our Ancestors

Marian-Estelle-Novian-Albany   Created By
John Allison

Marian-Estelle-Novian-Texas   Created By
My Ancestors From The Past To Present

Marian-Novak   Created By
Vincent Charles Cascio of Baltimore, MD.

Mark-A-Novak   Created By
Mark Novak's Family

Mark-A-Novitsky   Created By
Mark A. Novitsky of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mark-Novak   Created By
The Novak Family Page

Martha-S-Novak   Created By
Home Page of Martha Novak

Martin-Novak   Created By
The John Novak Family Home Page

Mary-E-Novak   Created By
The Mary E Pluard Family Home Page

Mary-Eizabeth-Novak   Created By
The Pluard Family of Chicago,IL

Mary-M-Novak   Created By
Wyscaver and More...............

Mary-M-Novak-ID   Created By
Ancestor's of Mary M. Wyscaver-Novak

Mary-Novath-Gary   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mavis-V-Novalija   Created By
Mavis Veronica Novalija

Meegan-A-Novara   Created By

Melissa-D-Novotny   Created By
Gray-Pejsa-Ford-Sutton Family Tree

Melissa-Novak-   Created By
It takes a Village to Raise a Child

Michael-Novello-ma   Created By
Novello Family Tree

Michelle-Lynn-Novak   Created By

Norma-Novick   Created By
Glaza, Klama Family Tree

Norma-Novick-MI   Created By
Ancestors of Aloysz Glaza & Martha Klama

Olga-Novanska   Created By
The Family of Caklosova for Slovakia

Pamela-Novak   Created By
Pam Novak's Family

Pamela-Novak-   Created By
In Memory of Phyllis Shimmin 1916-2004

Pamela-Novak-bc   Created By
The Phyllis Shimmin Memorial Tree

Pat-Novak   Created By
Jardine/Jerdin Family Scotland to Ontario

Pavel-Novs   Created By
Pavel Novy

Penelope-S-Novak   Created By
Home Page of Penelope Novak

Penny-Novakdisbrow   Created By
"The Henry Andrew Wisniewski Novak Family of Capitola, CA"

Peter-Novy   Created By
Peter Novy & Eva Stefancikova Family Home Page

Raymond-Novicelli   Created By
"The Raymond David Murphy's of Meriden CT.

Rebecca-M-Novy   Created By
Ron & Reba's Home Page

Rebecca-Novo-   Created By
The Creel's and Davis' of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

Richard-Novacek   Created By
Novacek Family Tree

Robert-D-Novick   Created By
The Novick MISHPUCHA Home Page

Robert-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-Novy   Created By
The Robert Novys of Clark, NJ

Robin-E-Novo   Created By
"The Robin Novo All Family Home Page"

Rose-M-Novotny   Created By
Ray & Rose Novotny Family Home Page

Rose-ann-Novak   Created By
Rose Ann Novak

Ryan-Novakovsky   Created By

Sandra-J-Novak   Created By
The Robert S. Novaks of Connecticut

Sandra-J-Novak-Texas   Created By
Dunn Lineage

Sandra-L-Novak   Created By
The Novaks of Wisconsin

Sarah-E-Novak   Created By

Scott-E-Novak   Created By
Scott Edward Novak - Who am I?

Serena-Nova   Created By
Serena Nova a/k/a (Betty) Jean Lawson

Stanislav-Novak   Created By
The Stanislav R. Novak of Tbilisi, Prague and Berlin

Steven-L-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Steven-L-Novak-Nevada-City   Created By
Steven L. Novak FTA

Steven-M-Novak   Created By
The Pamment Family of England, Australia, New Zealand and US

Susan-B-Novello   Created By
Andre Ernest Bourget

Susan-C-Novick   Created By
The McNamara/McQuaids of Ireland, New York and Arizona

Susan-J-Novak   Created By
The Novaks from the Cech Republic/Los Angeles-

Susan-Novak-   Created By

Terence-S-Novak   Created By
Home Page of Terence Novak

Tina-Novak   Created By
The Tomalla's of Gross Kosslau in Soldau, Germany

Tina-kennette-Novak   Created By
The Tina Kennette Usry Novak

Tracy-M-Novak   Created By
The Novak Family of Illinois

Tricia-M-Novreske   Created By
An American Story

Vicki-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Victor-Novomeysky   Created By
Genealogia of Novomeysky family

Vladimir-Novak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wendy-I-Novack   Created By
Descendants of Chaiya Nachman family home page

Wendy-Novack-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-B-Novosat   Created By
Brett Novosat's Genealogy Page

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