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Aaron-A-Ortego   Created By
The Ortegos of USA

Abelardo-J-Ortegon   Created By

Abner-Ortiz   Created By
Abner Ortiz' Family Tree

Abner-Ortiz-FL   Created By
Abner Ortiz' Family Tree

Adam-R-Ortiz   Created By
The Adam Ortiz Past History

Adrian-A-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz, Almodovar, Dox Tree

Adriana-Ortega   Created By

Alexander-Ortiz   Created By
Alexander Ortiz ,chicago

Alicia-Ortiz-California   Created By
The "Aurora Arias Arismendi" Family

Alison-Orth   Created By
The Orths/Fishers of London, England

Alistair-J-Orton   Created By
The Family of the Rev Joseph Rennard Orton in Australia

Alistair-J-Orton-SAFETY-BEACH   Created By
An Orton Family in Australia

Ana-Ortega   Created By
Ana Lorena Ortega Cicco Family tree

Andrea-K-Ortez   Created By

Andria-R-Orton   Created By
Alexandria R. Kell Orton of Heber City, UT

Andromeda-Ortloff   Created By
Andromeda Ortloff of Kahuku,HI

Angelina-T-Ortiz   Created By
Ortiz Family of Durango, Mexico

Anita-Ortiz-CA   Created By
Anita's Trees

Anthony-W-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz family for Maryland

Antonia-Ortiz   Created By
Antonia E. Ortiz Chicago, Il

April-L-Orta   Created By
John C. Gokee of New York/Michigan

Audrey-E-Ortega   Created By
The Southwestern Colorado/New Mexican Ortega's

Augustina-Ortiz   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-Orth-   Created By
Scofields of CT

Barbara-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz Family History of Rochester New York

Bernadette-D-Ortega   Created By
The Ortega Family

Betty-A-Ortega   Created By
Home Page of Betty Ortega

Bobbi-J-Ortega   Created By
The Scott - Bonnett - Staats Families Home Page

Bonnie-G-Orthmann   Created By
Bonnie's Quite Time

Bryan-Orton   Created By
The Ortons

Carlos-jose-augusto-Ortiz-elejalde-CT   Created By
carlos jose augusto ortiz elejalde greenwich ct

Carmen-A-Ortega   Created By
Home Page of carmen ortega

Carol-A-Orth   Created By
Descendants of Cornelius Morris, Sr. Home Page

Carol-A-Orth-WI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cassandra-R-Ortega   Created By

Cassandra-Renee-Ortega   Created By
CassandraR.Ortega of Union City,CA

Celina-V-Ortega   Created By

Chantilly-L-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz Family Home Page

Charlene-Ortizieholcomb   Created By
The Charles Edward Holcomb& Lillie Craddock of Oklahoma

Charles-Ortega   Created By
Ortegas descended from Estanislao Ortega

Christianne-Orto   Created By

Christine-Ortmanns   Created By
Ortman, Ortmann, Ortmanns, Fox

Christopher-M-Ort   Created By
The Orts of Pennsylvania

Christopher-Michael-Ort   Created By
The Christopher M Ort of Mt. Wolf, PA Home Page

Connie-A-Orton   Created By
"Connie's Homepage"

Constance-Ortonosborne   Created By
Orton Family Home Page

Crystal-D-Orton   Created By
Helen Orton's Family Home Page

Cynthia-L-Orten   Created By
The Miller & Orten Family Home Page

Dana-L-Ortutay   Created By
Home Page of Dana Ortutay

Daniel-K-Orton   Created By
Home Page of daniel orton

Daniel-R-Ortega   Created By
The Ortega Family of Oregon

Darlene-G-Orts   Created By
The Hite / Dicken(s) / Smith Family Home Page

David-A-Orth   Created By
Home Page of David Orth

David-A-Ortiz   Created By
The David Antonio Ortiz Family Home Page

Dawn-C-Ortiz   Created By
"Yates and Strains": Family Trees

Dawn-Ortiz   Created By
Genealogy Home Page of Dawn (Cook) Ortiz

Dawn-Ortiz-Ca   Created By
Dambacher and Saltsgiver Of Indiana and ohio

Dawn-Ortiz-ca   Created By
Dawn (Cook) Ortiz Genealogy Home Page

Deborah-Ortiz   Created By
Gutierrez , Ortiz, Padillas of Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico

Diane-Ortenziocooling   Created By
Ortenzio & Siegfried Families of Pennsylvania

Diane-Ortiz-PA   Created By

Dinorah-Ortiz   Created By
Dinorah O. Long Island , New York

Don-G-Ort   Created By
The Ort Family Home Page

Donald-C-Orth   Created By
Orth Family History

Donald-S-Ortloff   Created By
An American Story

Donald-S-Ortloff-MN   Created By
An American Story

Donald-S-Ortloff-New-Brighton   Created By
An American Story

Donna-Ortegon   Created By
The Roots and Limbs of Tomison - Hyde

Dori-Ortel   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edmund-ramil-loren-Ortega   Created By
Edmund Ramil Loren Ortega of Cantilan, Surigao Sur, Phils.

Eduardo-Ortiz   Created By

Edwin-Ortiz-1   Created By
The Ortiz/Mann Family

Efrain-Ortiz-FL   Created By
Ortiz Family Tree

Elena-V-Ortuno   Created By
The Ortuno family

Elice-Ortega   Created By
The Ortega Family Page

Eliezer-Ortiz-jr   Created By
The Ortiz Family

Elizabeth-A-Orta   Created By
Elizabeth Orta's Family Tree

Elizabeth-Anne-Orta   Created By
Beth's Family Tree Page

Emma-R-Ortiz   Created By
The Rubi/Baca & Ortiz/Arguello Families of NM

Eva-Ortiz-de-zarate   Created By
Ortiz de Zarate Family Tree, Spain, Argentina, USA links

Fernando-F-Ortiz   Created By
Familia Ortiz Fernandini

Fernando-Ortiz-Marrero   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frank-M-Ortiz   Created By
Frank M. Ortiz of Texas

Gail-M-Orthaikmus   Created By
The Orth's of Kansas City Missouri

Gary-A-Ortmann   Created By
The Gary A. Ortmann's of Barnhart,Mo.

Geoffrey-K-Orton   Created By
User Home Page

Georgette-S-Ortwein   Created By
Home Page of Georgette Ortwein

Gerald-V-Ortiz   Created By
An American Story

Gerald-Vincent-Ortiz   Created By
An American Story

Gloria-J-Ortega   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Heather-F-Ortiz   Created By
Home Page of Heather Ortiz

Helen-Ortezeberle   Created By
Felipe Vasquez Family of Mexico & Pearsall, Frio County TX

Helen-elena-R-Ortezeberle   Created By
Felipe & Sebastian Vasquez Families of Mex./Frio County, Tx

Herman-P-Ortiz   Created By
Herman P. Ortiz of Houston, Texas

J-M-Ortiz   Created By
Julie M. Ortiz of Geneva, OH

Jacqueline-Ortalli   Created By
The Donald G. Ortalli Family

Jake-Ortega   Created By
jake's page

James-D-Orth   Created By
The Ray Orth's of Darmstadt, IN

James-M-Ortiz   Created By
Home Page of James Ortiz

Janet-Ortiz   Created By
Janet Ortiz's Family Web Page

Janis-D-Ort   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Javier-A-Ortiz   Created By
Javier Ortiz's Family Home Page

Javier-Arnoldo-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz's of Miami, FL

Javier-Ortiz   Created By
Javier A Ortiz and Gloria M Reyes from Miami, Florida

Jean-Ortiz-WI   Created By

Jeanne-Ortiz-CA   Created By
Provenzano/Messina Family of Buffalo, NY & California

Jed-Orth   Created By
The Orth Family

Jen-Ortiz   Created By
The Castellanos-Varillat Creole Family of New Orleans

Jen-Ortiz-   Created By
The Parker Family -- UK to US

Jennifer-L-Ortego   Created By
The Shaver's of old

Jennifer-Orton   Created By
Mayers of Mississippi/1797

Jennifer-Orton-KS   Created By
Bilbro, Robert Kelly

Jennifer-S-Orth   Created By
Jennifer Orth's Family Tree

Jenny-A-Ortega   Created By
The FREY Family of Richland Parish Louisiana

Jessica-Orta   Created By
Familia encarnacion de Puerto Rico

Jesus-manuel-Ortiz-jr   Created By
A Beautiful Tangle of Roots

Jo-Ortez   Created By
Jo Ann Thomas of Aubrey, TX

Joan-E-Ortega   Created By
Our Family Tree

Joanne-Ortega   Created By
Joanne Ortega

Jonathan-C-Ort   Created By
The Orts of Minneapolis, MN

Jos-L-Ortega-campos   Created By
The Ortegas Genealogy

Jose-I-Ortega   Created By

Jose-Ortiz-NY   Created By
The Ortiz Family

Jose-W-Ortiz   Created By
J. William Ortiz of Wingdale, NY

Josejoe-Ortega   Created By
Report Of Ortega Family

Joselyn-M-Ortega-febles   Created By
Ortega Febles, de República Dominicana

Joseph-R-Ortiz   Created By
ortiz from the bronx

Josie-F-Ortiz   Created By
cabriales flores tx.

Joyce-T-Ortiz   Created By
Tibbs/Thomas in Southwest Virginia

Juan-Ortiz-3   Created By

Juanita-Ortiz-1   Created By
Juanita Ortiz of Crawfordsville,In.

Juanita-Ortiz-crawfordsville   Created By
Juanita Ortiz In Crawfordsville,In.

Judith-L-Ortega   Created By
Granger Family Home Page

Judy-Ort   Created By

Julie-Ortez   Created By
julie lutnes

June-Ortizterreforte   Created By

K-Ortolano   Created By
The ORTOLANOs of S Louisiana And Alia Sicily

K-Ortolano-LA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

K-Orton   Created By
Our Family

Karen-A-Ortolano   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-Ortolano   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karla-J-Ortegon   Created By
The Karla J Halden-Ortegons of Albany, OR

Katharine-Ortloff   Created By
The Ancestors of Delanie M. Harrington

Katharine-V-Ortloff   Created By
Michael J. Harrington Family of Illinois

Kelly-Ortiz   Created By
The Hamlins of New York

Kevin-B-Ortman   Created By
The Kevin Ortman Family Home Page

Kevin-J-Ortiz   Created By
Kevin J. Ortiz of Greenfield, WI

Kimberley-Orton   Created By
The Kimberley A. Orton of Chicago, IL

Kmberly--A-Ortley   Created By
Home Page of Kmberly Ortley

Lawrence-A-Orterry   Created By
the orterry family tree

Lawrence-Allen-Orterry   Created By
orterry family

Lee-K-Ortowski   Created By
*The Ortowski and Breeze Family of Texas*

Lee-Ortiz-Brooklyn   Created By
The Ernesto Ortiz Muniz Homepage

Leland-Eugene-Orth   Created By
The Familys Of William And Blanche Orth

Leslie-A-Ortega   Created By
Home Page of Leslie Ortega

Leslie-L-Ortiz   Created By
The Vallejo's,Elliott's,Redenbaugh's,Barraza'sand Guerrero's

Leslie-L-Ortiz-CA   Created By
Elliott,Lawson, Redenbaugh,Zackmire,of Fountain Co.IN.

Leslie-Ortiz   Created By
Barraza- Vallejo Families

Linda-Ortega   Created By
" The Frank E. McAtee of Kansas

Linda-Ortiz-3   Created By
Arthur S. Johnsons of IowaWe are looking for any thing to do

Lio-C-Orthmann   Created By
The Orthmanns of Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Liza-M-Ortiz   Created By
Trejo Family

Lory-A-Ortega   Created By
LoryAnne Ortega of Queens,New York

Lory-Ortiz   Created By
Mi Familia

Luanna-G-Ortiz   Created By

Lucia-C-Ortiz   Created By
The Yanez Family from Bolivia

Luis-F-Ortega   Created By
The CED Family Tree

Luis-Fernando-Ortega   Created By
"The Desmangles Chapters of St. Lucia"

Luis-J-Ortiz   Created By
Ortiz_Borras Family

Luis-Ortiz   Created By
Familia Ortiz

Lupe-ana-F-Ortiz   Created By
the olguin/federico/ortiz of tucson,az

Magaly-Ortiz   Created By

Mara-L-Ortea-escandn   Created By
Mi familia

Marc-Ortego   Created By
Marc Ortego Family of Louisiana

Marcial-E-Ortiz   Created By
Marcial E Ortiz Vidal d Bayamon, PR

Margaret-Ortiz-   Created By
The Fischer/Nelsons of Seattle, Washington

Margaret-Orton   Created By
Margaret Orton's Family home page.

Margaret-Orton-Staffs   Created By
Home Page of Margaret Orton

Mariana-Ortiz   Created By
The Andres & Mariana Ortiz Family Tree

Marina-J-Ortiz   Created By
Ortiz/Lopez Home Page

Marina-J-Ortiz-NY   Created By
The Ortiz/Lopez/Quinones Family Tree

Marisol-Ortizgracey   Created By
The Ortiz-Gracey of Puerto Rico"

Mary-A-Ortloff   Created By
Mary Ann Ortloff (Kempfert) of Hutchinson, MN

Mary-Ann-Ortloff   Created By
The Kempfert's of Minnesota

Mary-Ann-Ortloff-HUTCHINSON   Created By
The Kempfert's of Minnesota

Mary-H-Ortiz   Created By
Frias/Graza of Houston,Tx

Mary-anne-Ortega   Created By
"The Mary Anne Grundmann-Ortegas of La Palma, CA"

Matthew-P-Ortner   Created By
Home Page of Matthew Ortner

Michael-J-Ortiz   Created By
Michael Joseph Ortiz of Redlands, California

Michael-J-Ortlieb   Created By
The Ortlieb Family Tree (Milwaukee, WI)

Michael-W-Ortman   Created By
Michael W. Ortman

Michelle-Ortz   Created By
This Dwyer Tree is Growing

Miguel-Ortega-   Created By
Ortega-Olachea, Ensenada, Baja California

Miko-Ortiz   Created By
Michael Ortiz Son of Judy Ortiz New York New York

Miko-Ortiz-WI   Created By
Michael Angelo Ortiz Son of Judy Ortiz New York, New York

Monica-M-Ortale   Created By
Ortale Family, the Descendants of Luigi & Rosaria Ortale

Monica-Ortega   Created By

Monica-Ortega-Ca   Created By
hi everyone

Nancy-E-Ortiz   Created By
Nancy's Familia

Nicanor-C-Ortega   Created By
The Ortegas of Northern New mexico

Nicanor-Ortega   Created By
The Ortegas of N/E New Mexico

Nicanor-Ortega-AZ   Created By
"The Nicanor C R Ortegas of Chandler, AZ"

Nicanor-Ortega-Chandler   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nick-Ortega   Created By
Nicholas DeLoss Ortega - My Page

Oscar-E-Ortega   Created By
Esteban Ortega

P-Ortega   Created By
The Bobo-White Family of Southwest Arkansas

Patricia-A-Orton   Created By
Patricia Orton of Lawrence, Ks

Patricia-C-Ortega   Created By
The Bobo-White Family of Southwest Arkansas

Paula-J-Ortiz   Created By
Stanfords of VA/SC/TN/ AL

Pen-Ort   Created By
The Families of Woodhead, and Ort(h)

Peter-Ortell   Created By
The Ortells of upstate New York

Ramona-A-Ortiz-daugherty   Created By
Scott and Ramona (Ortiz) Daugherty Family Tree in New Mexico

Ramona-Ortega   Created By
M. Gochicoa + F. Ortega

Ramona-Ortiz-FL   Created By

Randal-D-Orton   Created By
The Randal Orton and Nina Siewert family of Oxnard, CA

Raquel-M-Ortiz-MA   Created By
Home Page of Raquel Ortiz

Ray-Ortega   Created By
The Ray Ortega Family Home Page

Raymundo-Ortega   Created By
Ortega (work-in-progress) Family Tree

Rebecca-D-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz's of Baltimore, MD

Rebekah-Ortega   Created By
abigail smith adams

Regina-Ortiz   Created By
Perales-Ortiz Family Trees

Ricardo-Ortiz   Created By
Decendants of Henry G. Ortiz of San Antonio, Texas

Rick-Ortenburger   Created By
The Orttenburger Family Home Page

Rick-Ortenburger-Utah   Created By
Rick Ortenburger Genealogy

Robert-G-Orta   Created By
Home Page of Robert Orta

Robert-gerben-Ort   Created By
Robert Gerben Ort Family Tree

Robin-Ortiz-   Created By
Gitzendaner Family Tree

Roger-P-Ortiz   Created By
Roger Ortiz Family Tree

Rosa-ortega-E-Ortega   Created By
my family ortega

Rosaura-Ortiz   Created By

Rudolph-Ortiz-jr   Created By

Rudolph-Ortiz-jr-   Created By
La Familia Ortiz - Burgos Family Tree

S-A-Ort   Created By
The Palmer-Roberts-Baker Family Home Page

Sara-J-Ort   Created By
The Sara Jo "Miller' Ort Family Home Page

Sarah-E-Ort   Created By
The Ort Family of McVeytown Pennsylvania.

Sarah-L-Ortman   Created By
Sarah L. (Hafer-Stanbro) Ortman: Family Line

Sarah-Ortiz   Created By
Sarah's Family

Sarah-marie-Ortoharding   Created By
The Sweet/Smith Family of Illinois

Sergio-Ortiz   Created By
The Ortiz Family of Puerto Rico

Shane-L-Orton   Created By
Shane Orton of Snohomish, WA

Sharon-A-Orts   Created By
"The Sharon Buford Orts Family Home Page"

Sherry-G-Orton-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sherry-L-Ortman   Created By
The Harrison Barnes York Family Home Page

Sophia-Ortega   Created By
Sophia Ortega

Spring-Ort   Created By
Hisles and Hundleys

Spring-Ort-NJ   Created By
Hisles and Hundley of the Midwest

Steven-J-Orta   Created By
The Orta/Pratt Families of Michigan

Steven-W-Orta   Created By
Steven Orta

Summer-Ortiz   Created By
An American Story

Susan-A-Ortiz   Created By
Campbell, Martin L. 1879 & Farley, Perry C.1888

Susan-Arline-Ortiz   Created By
Farley,Joel b1803,Joel W.b1841,Perry C.b1888,Joel P.b1913

Susan-J-Ortloff   Created By
Hadley Ortloff?s Family Tree

Susan-Ortiz-1   Created By
Joseph & Teresa (Marie) Miller of Sedalia, MO

Susan-Ortiz-UT   Created By
The Family of Susan Hare Sweeney Ortiz

Susanna-Ortiz   Created By
Juan Carlos Ortiz Ortiz

Susie-Ortiz   Created By
Ortiz Family Tree - starts in CA.

Suzanne-Ortega   Created By
The Zagarella's from Sicily

Tanya-Ortiz   Created By
Home Page of Tanya Ortiz

Taylor-Orth   Created By

Teresa-M-Ortmeier   Created By
The Paul Slavik, Frank J Vrba & Josef Svoboda Families

Teresa-S-Ortgea   Created By
The Teresa Ortega Family Tree

Therese-A-Ortloff   Created By
The Robert H. Ortloff Family Page

Thomas-V-Orton   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Tomas-Ortega   Created By
ortegas of the world

Toni-L-Orta   Created By
"The Frank R. Ortas of East Lansing, MI"

Venus-D-Ortega   Created By
Venus Dianne Nowinsky

Victor-A-Ortega   Created By
The Ortega Family of California

Virginia-E-Ortiz   Created By
Steven and Jeanie Ortiz of Pena Blanca, NM

Wendy-M-Orton   Created By
Home Page of Wendy Orton

Yolanda-Ortiz-CA   Created By
Ortiz Family Tree

nelson-g-ortega   Created By
Nelson Gonzalez Ortega Home Page

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