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Ancestors of Christopher Eugene Pierce

Generation No. 8

      128. Lewis P. Pierce14,14, born 1755 in North Carolina14; died 1833 in Covington County, Mississippi14,14. He married 129. Ann Wooton 1783 in Bertie County, North Carolina.

      129. Ann Wooton14, born 1754 in North Carolina14; died 28 Jul 1853 in Covington County, Mississippi14,14. She was the daughter of 258. Jeremiah Wooten and 259. Ann Bledsoe.

Notes for Lewis P. Pierce:
Lewis Pierce was a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War 1777-1783. He served in portions of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. He fought under the command of Major General Francis Marion. After the battle of Gate's Defeat fought in Camden, South Carolina on August 16.1780, Major General Marion had only one of the only American troops left in South Carolina. His forces were too small to fight the British in open battle, so Marion organized them into a guerilla band. He and his men made quick raids on British communications and supply depots and rescued captured Americans. In October 1780, Major General Nathaniel Greene was appointed commander. In 1783 Lewis Pierce was discharged and paid for services rendered in the state of North Carolina.
Children of Lewis Pierce and Ann Wooton are:
  64 i.   Jeremiah Pierce, born 1783 in North Carolina; died 1863 in Mobile County, Alabama; married Nancy McClain 20 Nov 1805 in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
  ii.   Nancy Ann Pierce15, born 1792 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died in Covington, Mississippi, USA15; married Joseph Bridges 28 Apr 1814 in Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA15; born in Georgia; died in Covington County, Mississippi.
  iii.   Mary Pierce, born 1793 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
  iv.   Rebecca Ann Pierce15, born 1798 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia15; married Daniel Malone 1818.
  v.   Lewis P. Pierce, born 1800 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died in Covington County, Mississippi.

      130. Thomas McClain, died in Georgia. He married 131. Elizabeth Carter.

      131. Elizabeth Carter, died in Georgia.
Children of Thomas McClain and Elizabeth Carter are:
  65 i.   Nancy McClain, born 02 Dec 1790 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died 19 Sep 1855 in Mobile County, AL; married Jeremiah Pierce 20 Nov 1805 in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
  ii.   Thomas McClain
  iii.   William McClain
  iv.   Elisha McClain
  v.   Samul McClain
  vi.   Reuben McClain

      138. William Maples16, born 179516. He married 139. Becky Maples.

      139. Becky Maples16.
Child of William Maples and Becky Maples is:
  69 i.   Lenora N. Maples, born 17 Dec 1811 in Alabama; died 17 Jan 1903 in Semmes, AL, USA; married James H Allen 02 Jun 1830 in Washington County, AL,.

      140. Philip Howell16, born 10 Nov 1767 in Mt Peasant, St Matthews, GA, USA16. He was the son of 280. Thomas Howell and 281. Elizabeth Scruggs. He married 141. Sarah Mock.

      141. Sarah Mock16, born 179016. She was the daughter of 282. Andrew Mock and 283. Mary Ann Tanner.
Children of Philip Howell and Sarah Mock are:
  70 i.   Benjamin Howell, born 08 Sep 1808 in St. Matthews, Georgia; died 24 Jun 1885 in Mobile, Mobile, AL, USA; married (1) Ellenor Stringfellow 05 Jun 1829 in Mobile County, Alabama; married (2) Tamson Williams 11 Apr 1844 in Mobile County, Alabama.
  ii.   Thomas Howell, born 1802; died 12 Nov 1866; married Frances Reaves.
  iii.   Philip Howell, born 1806.
  iv.   William Howell, born 1814; married Mary Ann; born 1822.
  v.   Salley Howell, born 1815.

      144. Henry Overstreet, born 1735 in England; died 1790 in Georgia. He was the son of 288. Henry Overstreet and 289. Ann. He married 145. Jane Braswell 1764 in Berkely County, South Carolina.

      145. Jane Braswell, born 1741 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia; died 1799 in Burke County, Georgia. She was the daughter of 290. Joseph Braswell and 291. Sarah Kindred.
Children of Henry Overstreet and Jane Braswell are:
  i.   Daniel Overstreet, born 1765 in Georgia; died 1810 in Montgomery County, Georgia; married Eleanor Daniel 1783 in Washington County, Georgia; born 1765.
  ii.   Charity Overstreet, born 1771 in Georgia.
  iii.   John Overstreet, born 1774 in Georgia.
  iv.   Sarah Overstreet, born 1776 in Georgia.
  72 v.   Braswell Overstreet, born 1779 in Montgomery County, Georgia; died 1845 in Wayne County, Mississippi; married Sarah Buie in Montgomery County, Georgia.

      184. William Turner16, born 1725 in Antrim, Ulster, Ireland16; died 06 Jan 1794 in Berkeley, South Carolina. He married 185. Margaret Bradfute.

      185. Margaret Bradfute, born 1731 in Ireland; died in Berkeley County, South Carolina.
Child of William Turner and Margaret Bradfute is:
  92 i.   John Turner, born 1752 in Antrim, Ulster, Ireland; died 1806 in Barnwell, Berkeley, SC; married Mary Ann Mariah in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

      228. Easley Kilpatrick16, born 1812 in South Carolina16; died in Alabama16,16. He was the son of 456. Worry Jr. Kilpatrick and 457. Elizabeth Freeman. He married 229. Emily Jane Hammonds in Alabama.

      229. Emily Jane Hammonds, born in North Carolina; died 1910 in Loxley, Alabama.
Children of Easley Kilpatrick and Emily Hammonds are:
  114 i.   William Wright Kilpatrick, born 1835 in Barbour County, Alabama; died 1898 in Monroe County, Alabama; married Louisa F. in Alabama.
  ii.   Melissa Kilpatrick, born 1839 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  iii.   Lucinda Kilpatrick, born 01 Apr 1840 in Barbour County, Alabama; died 13 Jan 1923 in Stapleton, Baldwin County, AL; married Willam Henry Matheny 18 Nov 1860 in Barbour County, AL; born 25 Jan 1821 in Barnwell County, South Carolina; died 27 Nov 1892 in Monroeville, Monroe County, AL.
  iv.   Samuel Kilpatrick, born 1843 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  v.   Melinda Kilpatrick, born 1844 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  vi.   Marion Kilpatrick, born 1847 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  vii.   Franklin Kilpatrick, born 1848 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  viii.   Mary Kilpatrick, born 1850 in Barbour County, Alabama.
  ix.   Nathan Kilpatrick, born 12 Mar 1853 in Coffee County, Alabama; died 17 Mar 1910 in Iola, Grimes County, Texas; married Mary Ann Fitzgibbons 07 Jan 1883 in Sunset, Montague County, Texas; born 21 Jan 1859 in Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas; died 09 Apr 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas.
  x.   Alvin Kilpatrick, born 1857 in Coffee County, Alabama.

      232. John Jarvis Boone16, born 1790 in South Carolina16; died 1857 in Booneville, Escambia, AL16. He married 233. Deramey Irene Tarvin 1819 in Monroe, AL, USA16.

      233. Deramey Irene Tarvin16,16, born 1805 in Richmond County, GA16,16; died 1857 in Booneville, Escambia, AL16,16. She was the daughter of 466. William Tarvin and 467. Mary Miller.

Notes for John Jarvis Boone:
Was founder of Booneville, AL. Last name was originally spelled Boon, his descendants changed the spelling.
Children of John Boone and Deramey Tarvin are:
  i.   William Boone16, born 1820 in Baldwin, AL, USA16; married Lucretia Hathcock 1840 in Monroe County, AL; born 1824 in Baldwin County, AL; died 1905 in Escambia,County, Al.
  ii.   Nancy Ann Boone16, born 1821 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,16; died in Escambia, AL, USA16,16; married James G. Allen 20 Mar 1840 in Monroeville, Monroe, Alabama; born 181916; died 01 Nov 1862 in Perryville, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA16.
  116 iii.   John Jarvis Boone, born 1823 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,; died 1887 in Booneville, Escambia, AL; married (1) Harriet Nancy Poston 1849 in Escambia County, AL; married (2) Martha Gross 08 Mar 1859 in Baldwin, AL, USA; married (3) Mary R. Phillips 1872.
  iv.   Cyrus Boone16, born 1826 in Baldwin, Alabama, USA16; married Sarah Jane Croft 08 Jul 1853 in Baldwin, Alabama, USA16; born 1836 in South Carolina, USA16.
  v.   Origin R Boone16, born 1826 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,16; died 03 Mar 190216,16; married Susan Hathcock; born 1838 in Monroe County, AL; died 187716.
  vi.   Elisha Boone, born 1830 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,.
  vii.   Elijah Boone16, born 1832 in Baldwin, Alabama, USA16; died 24 Dec 1909 in Escambia, AL, USA16; married Levitia Hathcock 14 Jun 1859 in Baldwin, Alabama, USA16; born 1835 in Monroe County, AL; died 01 Aug 1934 in Atmore, Escambia, Alabama, USA16.
  viii.   Andrew Jackson Boone16, born 1832 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,16; married Nancy Searcy in Baldwin, Alabama, USA16; born May 1837 in Florida, USA16; died in Mississippi, USA16.
  ix.   George Washington Boone16, born 1843 in Booneville, Escambia, AL,16

      234. Tom Poston16, died in Alabama.
Child of Tom Poston is:
  117 i.   Harriet Nancy Poston, born 1825 in Alabama; died in Booneville, Escambia , AL; married John Jarvis Boone 1849 in Escambia County, AL.

      236. Samuel Moniac16, born 1780 in Creek Nation, AL16; died 21 Aug 1837 in Pass Christian, Mississippi16. He was the son of 472. William Dixon Moniac and 473. Polly Colbert. He married 237. Elizabeth Weatherford 1800.

      237. Elizabeth Weatherford16, born 1785 in Creek Nation, AL16; died Apr 1857 in Monroe County, Alabama16. She was the daughter of 474. Charles Weatherford and 475. Sehoy III.
Children of Samuel Moniac and Elizabeth Weatherford are:
  118 i.   Sam Moniac, born 1813 in Upper Creek Nation, AL; died 1896 in Monroe County, AL; married Susan Marlow 1835 in Monroe County, Alabama.
  ii.   David Moniac, born 1802 in Alabama; died 21 Nov 1836 in Waloo's Swamp, FL; married Mary Dephine Powell 20 Oct 1828 in Baldwin County, AL; born 1815.
  iii.   Levitia Moniac, born 1803.
  iv.   Elizabeth Moniac

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