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Updated November 11, 2013

About Our Family Research

This site is used for the express purpose of THE ARCHIVAL OF OLD FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS. Researching families from Pitt County, North Carolina and surrounding counties of Beaufort, Craven, Edgecombe, Greene, Lenoir, and Martin. Some major surnames on this site are: ADAMS, BARROW, BARWICK, BROOKS, DANIEL, DIXON, GRIFFIN, HUGHES, LANGLEY, LINDLEY, PATE, PATRICK, PILGREEN, PITTMAN, ROUNTREE and other related families.


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Family Photos
  • Wilbur Gray Pilgreen (31 KB)
    Wilbur, son of John Robert, b. Oct. 28, 1924 in Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Kenny Braxton, used with permission)
  • Pholia Gertrude Pilgreen (14 KB)
    Pholia, daughter of John Robert, b. Oct. 7, 1922, Pitt. Co. Married William Earl Dunn. (Photo courtesy Kenny Braxton, used with permission)
  • Mary Ann (Lindley) Williams Barrow (30 KB)
    Alamance Co. Married Levi Branson Williams. After his death as a Confederate prisoner of war, Johnson's Island, Ohio, she moved to Greene Co.N C and married Jesse Heath Barrow.
  • Mary Elizabeth Bland (79 KB)
    Mary E. (Bland) Pittman, daughter of Theophilus Bland Jr. and Nancy Jane (Cox) Bland. Married Joseph Sharp Pittman (Photo courtesy Mrs. Luther Pittman)
  • Mary Elizabeth (Barrow) Hughes 1851 (6 KB)
    Mary Barrow born 1851 d. 1910. Married Benjaim Hughes. Barrow families from Craven, Greene, Pitt.
  • Howard Edward Pittman, Jr (2162 KB)
    Son of Howard E. Sr. and Virginia Adams Pittman Married Nancy Laura Langley 1969 born Sept. 25, 1948 died Nov. 16, 2006
  • Nellie Gray Pilgreen 1876 (16 KB)
    Nellie b. 1876 d. 1929. Daughter of Edwin Pilgreen and Betsy Jones.
  • Mary Jane (Griffin) Doolin 1918-1980 (24 KB)
    "Janie", daughter of William W. and Mary E. Griffin. Married Michael E. Doolin (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • Neta (Griffin) Brooks 1899 (16 KB)
    Neta Griffin as a child. ca. 1905 She was born 1899 in Greene Co. NC. Daughter of Dolphus L. Griffin, Martin, Co. Married Edmond Brooks (Photo courtesy Margie (Brooks) Langley)
  • Sarah Jane (Griffin) Jones 1902 - 1992 (35 KB)
    "Jannie", daughter of Dolphus and Sarah E. (Smith) Griffin. Married Ruel Preston Jones. Lenoir co. (Photo courtesy Mildred (Brooks) Bowers)
  • WEDDING Mary Catherine (Pate) Grant (76 KB)
    WEDDING PHOTO "Mamie" Pate, married Joseph H. Grant. Pictured here in her wedding dress. Died soon after in a horse and buggy accident, 1905. Daughter of George Benjamin Pate and Flora Temperance Williams
  • HOMESTEAD William Washington Griffin 1902 (59 KB)
    This home, built ca.1902 is on the Martin Co. Historical Register. Located in East Islands, Williams Township, Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • Annie Eliza (Griffin) & Murrell Gustree Bullock (27 KB)
    Annie,b. 1904 d. 1994 daughter of Dolphus Griffin and Sarah Smith. Married Murrell Bullock b. 1897 d. 1981 Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Betsy (Tyson) Bunting)
  • HOMESTEAD Adams Family 1923 (64 KB)
    Robert Adams and family on his farm in Spring Garden, Craven Co. 1923 (Photo courtesy Virginia (Adams) Pittman)
  • Nancy Ann Brooks 1843 - 1919 (28 KB)
    Nancy, daughter of Edmond Brooks and Mary Anna Pittman. Married Craven Tull Barwick, son of Isaac and Sally (Tull) Barwick. (Photo courtesy Allen Barwick)
  • Thomas Pollard Langley b. 1882 (25 KB)
    Thomas b. 1882 d. 1952 son of Thomas Hatten Langley and Frances E. Daniel. Pactolus, Pitt Co. NC (Photo courtesy Billy Langley)
  • Nancy Allie Griffin 1884 - 1943 (35 KB)
    Allie, daughter of William J. Griffin and Sarah J. (Coltrain) Griffin. Photo of original tin-type. (photo courtesy Mildred (Brooks) Bowers
  • Flora Temperance Williams 1865 (49 KB)
    Flora Temperance was the daughter of Levi Branson Williams and Mary Ann Lindley of Chatham,Co NC (Photo courtesy Mrs. W.C. Pate)
  • Victoria "Vick" Griffin 1880 - 1962 (35 KB)
    Vick, daughter of William J. Griffin and Sarah Jane (Coltrain) Griffin. Photo of original tin-type. (photo courtesy of Mildred (Brooks) Bowers
  • Henry Grey Griffin 1876-1948 (37 KB)
    Henry, son of William J. Griffin. Pictured here after a quail hunt with bird dog and Winchester. (photo courtesy of Buzz Griffin.)
  • William Alfred and Grace (Witherington) Griffin (20 KB)
    William "Buddy" Griffin b. 1901 d. 1964, son of Dolphus and Sarah Griffin. Married Grace Elizabeth Witherington, daughter of Oscar and Florence (Jones) Witherington. Pitt and Pender Co.
  • Ruel Preston Jones 1889 - 1952 (30 KB)
    Ruel, son of Alonza Jones and Addie Beddard. Married Sarah Jane "Jannie" Griffin
  • Joseph Sharp Pittman Family (48 KB)
    Joseph Sharp Pittman's family, taken abt 1940. Left to right front: Howard, Larry, Leon, Quincy, and Walter. Back left to right: Elwood, Mildred, Bruce, Louise, Aileene, Miss Lena,(Joe's wife), Christine and Kenneth. Joseph Sharp Pittman (not pictured), son of Josephus Pittman Lenoir Co. (Photo courtesy Christine (Pittman) Holt)
  • Emmitt Smith (80 KB)
    Emmitt Smith, son of Theophilus Smith and Glendra (Dail) Smith. Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Margie (Brooks) Langley)
  • Linda Marie Pittman (33 KB)
    Linda b. 1940 d. 1983 Daughter of Howard E. Pittman Sr. and Virginia Temperance Adams.
  • HOMESTEAD George Benjamin Pate 1904 (61 KB)
    Arba, Greene Co. NC
  • Adelle (Griffin) Suggs 1906 - 1960 (134 KB)
    Adelle, daughter of Dolphus L. and Sarah (Smith) Griffin. Married Alton Suggs (photo courtesy Mildred (Brooks) Bowers.)
  • Margie Dean (Brooks) Langley b.1926 (24 KB)
    Pitt Co. NC. Daughter of Edmond Brooks and Neta Griffin. Married James Q. Langley
  • Wesley "Lance" Bowers 2000 - 2000 (34 KB)
    "Lance" infant son of Samuel Wesley Bowers and Christina (Waters) Bowers.
  • Edmond Brooks b. 1894 Lenoir Co. (106 KB)
    Edmond Brooks born 1894 in Lenoir Co. NC. Died 1951 in Pitt Co. NC Married Neta Griffin 1916. (Photo courtesy Mildred (Brooks) Bowers)
  • William Alfred "Buddy" Griffin 1901 - 1964 (30 KB)
    Buddy, son of Dolphus L. Griffin. Photographed when he was a child. ca. 1905
  • William Washington Griffin. Martin Co. 1868 - 1957 (34 KB)
    William W. Griffin, son of William J. Griffin. Martin Co. NC. Married Mary Emily Lilley (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • HOMESTEAD Wm. Henry Hughes Family 1919 (182 KB)
    The Wm Henry Hughes family on their farm at Spring Garden, Craven Co. 1919. Left to right: Bertie Earl, Jack, Wm. Henry, Emma Clyde (Pate) Hughes, Walter Bingham, Dot, Otho and Flora
  • Susan (Davenport) Pilgreen b. 1871 (12 KB)
    Susan b.1871 d.1931 daughter of James Davenport and Susan Mayo. Married Robert Lee Pilgreen. (P Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Louise (Langley) Balafas)
  • Flora Mable (Hughes) Adams Stroud 1902 - 1982 (43 KB)
    Flora, daughter of Wm. Henry Hughes and Emma Clyde (Pate) Hughes. Married Robert Clifton Adams. Craven and Lenoir Co.
  • Allie Virginia (Pilgreen) Langley b.1903 (158 KB)
    Allie b. 1903 d. 1988 daughter of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan Davenport. Married Thomas Pollard Langley. Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Louise (Langley) Balafas)
  • Robert Clifton Adams 1899- 1928 (40 KB)
    Robert Clifton Adams photographed as a baby. ca. 1900. Son of Rob Adams and Mary Ellen (Dixon) Adams. Married Flora M. Hughes. Death at the age of 28. Measles.
  • Susan (Pilgreen) Dunn b. 1889 (20 KB)
    Susan b. 1889 d.1973 "Sissy" daughter of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan Davenport. Married Shep Dunn. Pitt Co.
  • Flora Mable (Hughes) Adams 1902 - 1982 (40 KB)
    Flora, photographed as a baby. ca. 1904. Daughter of Wm. Henry Hughes and Mary Ellen (Dixon) Hughes. Married Robert Clifton Adams.
  • Virginia Temperance (Adams) Pittman 1921 - 2000 (25 KB)
    Virginia, daughter of Robert Clifton Adams and Flora Mable (Hughes) Adams. Married Howard Edward Pittman, Sr. son of Josheph Sharp Pittman and Lean (Holloway) Pittman. Photo ca. 1928
  • Henry Edgar Griffin & Mattie Erma (Taylor) Griffin (52 KB)
    Henry and Mattie, standing in front of their home on the Black River, Qulin, Butler Co. MO. ca 1975. Henry b. 1908 in Pitt Co. d. 1980 MO. and Mattie, b. 1910 in Lenoir Co.d. 1997 MO. (photo courtesy Laura (Johnson) Jackson)
  • Daisy Belle (Langley) Dixon Family (23 KB)
    Daisy Belle,b. 1904 d. 1998 Beaufort Co., daughter of David Sidney Langley. Married Kenneth Barrow Dixon.
  • HOMESTEAD of Henry Francis Brooks 1914 (191 KB)
    Members of the Henry Francis Brooks Family. Left to right: Joel Patrick Brooks, Henry Francis Brooks, Fannie (Ormond) Brooks-wife of Joel, child of Atheleen Dickerson, Eliza Frances (Patrick) Brooks-wife of Henry Francis, and Edmond Brooks. Pictured at family homestead, Lenoir Co. 1914
  • Benjamin Hughes 1833 - 1901 (6 KB)
    Craven Co. NC Born 1833 d. 1901. Married Mary Elizabeth Barrow.
  • Robert A. Adams Family 1923 Craven Co. (62 KB)
    Members of the Robert Adams Family, Spring Garden, Craven Co. NC "Rob" was a county commissioner of Craven Co. NC. Top Left to Right: Rob, Robert Clifton, William, Lillian Mae, Mary Ellen (Dixon) Adams, Lynn and Sol.
  • James Quinton Langley 1918 (87 KB)
    James Q. "Bookee" Langley pictured as a baby. Born in Pactolus community, Pitt Co. NC Son of Thomas Pollard Langley and Allie Virginia Pilgreen. Married Margie (Brooks) Langley.
  • Thomas "Basnight" Gray Pilgreen b. 1905 (10 KB)
    "Bass" b. 1905 d. 1988. Son of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan Davenport. Married first, Dora Lee Everett, pictured here. Pitt Co.
  • William Jordon Griffin 1841 (10 KB)
    Born in Martin Co. NC 1841. Son of William Griffin and Nancy Claghorn Grifffin. Copied from original tin-type photo. (Photo courtesy Mary (Brooks) McCoy)
  • James Quinton Langley b. 1918 (78 KB)
    James b. 1918 d. 1992 son of Thomas Pollard Langley and Allie Pilgreen. Picture US Army 1945 Pitt Co.
  • Sarah Jane Coltrain Griffin 1840 (9 KB)
    Martin Co. NC 1840. Wife of William J. Griffin. Copied from original tin-type photo.(Photo courtesy Mary (Brooks) McCoy)
  • Eliza Jane Victoria Martin Griffin 1880 - 1962 (37 KB)
    "Vick" Griffin, daughter of William J. Griffin and Sarah J. (Coltrain) Griffin. Married George Eason Roberson Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Vera Pearl (Roberson) Coltrain)
  • John Bryant Holloway 1851 - 1926 (118 KB)
    Pitt Co. NC. Married Mary Anna Witherington
  • George Eason Roberson 1889 - 1970 (36 KB)
    George Eason Roberson Married Victoria Griffin Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Vera Pearl (Roberson) Coltrain)
  • Indiana (Langley) Carson Family (41 KB)
    Indiana, b. 1904 - d. 1994 Beaufort Co., daughter of Benjamin Daniel Langley. Married John Carson. Pictured Left to right: Jack, "Bill" , Walter, Edward. Front row: Indiana and Lorraine. (photo courtesy Jacquelyn (Pollock) Carson.)
  • Miss Mary Ann Pilgreen abt. 1848 (104 KB)
    Mary b abt. 1848 d. 1941. Daughter of Edwin Pilgreen and Martha Alvania Weatherby. Never married. Lived to be 93.
  • Vera Pearl Roberson (134 KB)
    Vera Pearl, daughter of Victoria (Griffin) Roberson and George E. Roberson. Grand daughter of William J. Griffin and Sarah (Coltrain) Griffin. Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Vera Pearl (Roberson) Coltrain)
  • Joel Patrick Brooks 1886 - 1949 (42 KB)
    Joel, son of Henry Francis Brooks and Frances Eliza Patrick. Married Frances Anne "Fannie" Ormond. Lenoir Co.
  • Dr. Eugene Clyde Brooks b. 1871 (142 KB)
    President emeritus of the North Carolina State University. Born in 1871 in Greene Co. Co. See biograpy; Related Files.
  • Nancy "Allie" Griffin 1884 - 1943 (52 KB)
    "Allie", daughter of William J. Griffin and Sarah J. (Coltrain) Griffin. Married Charlie T. Roberson. Martin co. (Photo courtesy Vera Pearl (Roberson) Coltrain)
  • James Dean Langley 1948 (45 KB)
    "Jimmy", pictured as a baby. Son of James Quinton Langley and Margie Dean (Brooks) Langley. Married Diane Estelle Coggins. Pitt Co.
  • Neta Smith (25 KB)
    Mother of Sarah Elizabeth Smith Griffin.. (Photo courtesy Margie (Brooks) Langley)
  • James Quinton Langley Family - Photo ca. 1954 (104 KB)
    Pictured, James and wife Margie (Brooks) Langley. Children left to right: Frances/"Frankie", Allen, Nancy and James/"Jimmy".
  • Cora Lee Roberson 1912 - 1996 (28 KB)
    Cora Lee, daughter of George E. and Victoria (Griffin) Roberson. Married John Claude Leggett, Sr. Martin Co. NC (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • WEBMASTER Nancy Laura (Langley) Pittman 1950 (45 KB)
    MEET THE WEBMASTER. Nancy, daughter of James Quinton Langley and Margie (Brooks) Langley. Married Howard Edward Pittman, Jr. Photographed July 1990.
  • C.A. "Buzz" Bazzell 1923 - 2001 (23 KB)
    Buzz, married Myrtle Sara Griffin, daughter of Charles Lloyd and Ruth Griffin. (Photo courtesy Myrtel (Griffin) Bazzell)
  • David L. Griffin and Laura (Goodman) Griffin (140 KB)
    David Lillard Griffin b. 1914 d. 1992 son of Dolphus L. Griffin. Married 2nd to Laura "Laura Wood" Goodman, daughter of Edward and Caroline (Britt) Goodman. b. 1916 d. 1992 Pitt Co.
  • Henry Edgar Griffin and father Dolphus Griffin (32 KB)
    Henry, b. 1908 d. 1980 Dolphus, b. 1866 d.1952 Martin Co.
  • Howard E. and Virginia (Adams) Pittman ca. 1940 (31 KB)
    Virginia Temperance (Adams) Pittman b. 1921 d. 2000, daughter of Robert Clifton and Flora (Hughes) Adams & Howard Edward Pittman b. 1915 d. 1970, son of Joseph Sharp Pittman and Lena (Holloway) Pittman.
  • Virginia Temperance (Adams) Pittman 1921 - 2000 (27 KB)
    Virginia photographed as a baby. Daughter of Robert Clifton Adams and Flora Mable (Hughes) Adams. Married Howard E. Pittman 1939
  • HOMESTEAD Jesse Heath Barrow Family 1903 (70 KB)
    Left to Right: Martin Luther Barrow, Jesse Heath Barrow (seated) Jesse Parrott Barrow (standing), Viola Lindley Barrow, Mary Ann (Lindley Williams Barrow,holding Esther Ann Barrow, Lucy Charlotte Barrow, Mary Elizabeth Mitchell holding Daniel Webster Barrow. 2nd Row: Jesse Owen Barrow, Ida Harrison Barrow. Greene Co. NC
  • Murphy - Holloway (162 KB)
    John William Murphy and Annie (Holloway) Murphy b. 1884 d. 1965. Daughter of John Bryant Holloway and Mary Anna Witherington. Photo: Barker's Studio Kinston, NC Jan. 12th 1945.
  • Dolphus Lylyard Griffin b. 1866 (36 KB)
    Martin Co. 1866. Son of William J. Griffin and Sarah J. Coltrain Griffin
  • Sarah Elizabeth (Smith) Griffin 1873 (53 KB)
    Greene Co. NC b.1873 d. 1918. Wife of Dolphus L. Griffin. Daughter of Theophelus "Offie" Smith and Paneta "Neta" Smith
  • Flora Mable (Hughes) Adams (41 KB)
    Craven/Lenoir Co. Wife of Robert Clifton Adams. Daughter of William Henry Hughes and Emma Clyde Pate.
  • Robert Clifton Adams (78 KB)
    Craven Co. Son of Robert "Rob" Adams and Mary Ellen Dixon.
  • Levi Branson Williams 1837 (69 KB)
    Guilford Co. 1837. 3rd Lieutenant in the 5th NC Calvary Regiment of the US Confederate Army. Died as a prisoner of war, Johnson's Island, Ohio. ALSO SEE: Poems and Memoirs of Lieut. Levi Branson Williams published in 1900. SENTINEL PRINT LaGrange, NC; Related Links.
  • Clara Belle (Pilgreen) Lockney & Preston Lockney (122 KB)
    Clara Belle, daughter of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan (Davenport) Pilgreen. Pitt Co.
  • David Sidney Langley 1867 (131 KB)
    Born Pitt Co. 1867. Home at Leggett's X-Roads, Beaufort Co. NC. Son of Thomas Hatten Langley (Photo courtesy Tenny Dixon)
  • James Joshua Pilgrim 1901 - 1933 (65 KB)
    "Josh" son of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan Davenport. Married Nancy Ellen Tetterton. Changed the spelling of his last name to Pilgrim. Pitt Co.
  • Lena Lillian (Holloway) Pittman 1887 - 1970 (47 KB)
    Pitt Co. Wife of Joseph Sharp Pittman. Daughter of John B. Holloway and Mary Anna Witherington. Moved to Penderlea ca. 1947 as a participant in President Roosevelt's "New Deal" homesteading project.
  • Robert Mack Pilgreen 1895 - 1977 (231 KB)
    "Mack", son of Robert Lee Pilgreen and Susan Davenport. Married Mae Etta Avery. Pitt Co.
  • Emma Clyde (Pate) Hughes (117 KB)
    Arba, Greene Co. Daughter of George Benjamin Pate and Flora Temperance Williams. Married William Henry Huges.
  • John Robert Pilgreen 1895 - 1962 (23 KB)
    John, son of John Thomas Pilgreen and Mary Ann Davenport. Married Ellen Avery. Pitt Co. (Photo courtesy Kenny Braxton)
  • Lynn Edward Adams (114 KB)
    Lynn, son of Rob Adams and Mary Ellen (Dixon) Adams
  • Mary Anna (Witherington) Holloway 1861 - 1931 (14 KB)
    Pitt Co. Daughter of John Witherington and Sabriney. Married John B. Holloway (Photo courtesy Christine (Pittman) Holt)
  • William "Bill" Padgett (64 KB)
    Bill, son of Estella (Pilgreen) Padgett. Pitt Co.
  • Lillian Mae (Adams) Hughes (335 KB)
    "Lilly Mae", daughter of Rob Adams and Mary Ellen (Dixon) Adams. Craven Co.
  • Ima Gray Pilgrim b. 1926 (36 KB)
    Ima, daughter of James Joshua Pilgrim and Nancy Tetterton. Pitt Co.
  • Robert B. Hatton b. 1890 d. 1943 Pitt Co. (31 KB)
    Robert Hatton, son of Edgar Hatton and Penelope (Langley) Hatton. Married Allie Moye (Photo courtesy Renee Chesnut)
  • Pansy Rebecca (Pilgreen) Haughton 1928-1987 (29 KB)
    Pansy, daughter of Robert Mack Pilgreen and Mae Etta (Avery) Pilgreen. Married William E. Haughton, Suffolk Co. Va. Pitt Co.
  • Jack Tilghman Griffin b. 1913 d. 1953 Pitt Co. (29 KB)
    Jack, son of George Washington Griffin and Penelope (Langley) Griffin. Married Anna Belle Hathaway. Pictured here shortly before his death in 1953. (Photo courtesy Renee Chesnut)
  • Henry Grey Griffin 1876 - 1948 (27 KB)
    Henry, son of William J. Griffin and Sarah J. (Coltrain) Griffin. Married Lillian M. Davenport. Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • George Washington Griffin b. 1876 d. 1956 (24 KB)
    George, son of Edward W. Griffin, Martin Co. Married Penelope Elizabeth Langley. (Photo courtesy Renee Chesnut)
  • William Jordon Griffin 1841 - 1917 (33 KB)
    William, son of William and Nancy (Claghorn) Griffin. Married Sarah Jane Coltrain. (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • Mary Perkins "Perk" (Langley) Tilghman b. 1884 (174 KB)
    "Perk", daughter of Thomas H. and Fannie (Daniel) Langley. Married John William Tilghman. (Photo courtesy Donna Martindale)
  • Sarah Jane (Coltrain) Griffin 1840 -1914 (28 KB)
    Sarah, daughter of Washington Coltrain and Temperance (Jones) Coltrain. Married William J. Griffin. Martin Co. (Photo courtesy Alice (Griffin) Myers)
  • John William Tilghman b. 1871 Lenoir Co. (34 KB)
    John Tilghman married Mary Perkins Langley (Photo courtesy Donna Martindale)
  • Penny Langley Griffin (109 KB)
    Margret (Hatton) Johnston with her mother, Penelope E. (Langley) Hatton Griffin, daughter of Thomas Hatten Langley and Frances E. (Daniel) Langley.(photo courtesy Nell Eastwood)
  • Mattie Pilgreen (22 KB)
    Mattie Pilgreen,b. 1898 d. 1970 daughter of Robert Lee and Susan (Davenport) Pilgreen. Married Jack Waters (Photo courtesy Sue (Flake) Hedgepeth)
  • Johnny Mark Pilgreen (16 KB)
    Johnny Mark Pilgreen, son of John Robert, b. Aug. 29, 1920 in Beaver Damm Community, Pitt Co. NC d. Feb. 25, 1995 in Winterville, NC (Photo courtesy Kenny Braxton, used with permission)
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