The Hines Family:

Roots Run Deep

 Through North Central Florida

(The Columbia-Gilchrist-Alachua Counties Connection)



Randy Richardson


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January 5, 2003


Disclaimer: The information collected here is far from complete. Like any genealogical research project, this is a continuing, unfolding story. Although a great deal of time and effort has been made to verify all of the data that’s been collected, there are bound to be errors or inaccuracies. I welcome any comments, suggestions or corrections.


Preface: I didn’t know of my link to the Hines family until last year, when I was 40 years old. My grandmother, Berta Hines Gammage Richardson, was always “Grandma Berta” or “Grandma Richardson.” The truth is, I hadn’t really known her since I was a kid. I have fond memories of my visits with her. She was then living in Phoenix, Arizona. I didn’t know that she grew up in North Central Florida. Really, I knew very little about her. I didn’t know that she only moved to Arizona after her first husband died of tuberculosis, and that she moved there out of fear that she, too, might contract the disease. I didn’t know that she worked hard in a restaurant much of her life to help put food on the table for her twins, one of whom is my father. I didn’t know any of her family history. I feel like I’m finally getting to know her now. This is my personal tribute to her.



The roots of the Hines family in North Central Florida trace back to at least 1850. WALTER ISAAC “IKE” HINES, my 2nd great-grandfather, served in the Civil War. A private in Company C, 2nd Regent Infantry Florida Confederate Army, he enlisted on July 13, 1861, and served under Capt. W.R. Moore. On the last company roll, he is reported “Absent wounded since October 7, 1864.” In a letter addressed to Hon. Jefferson Bell of Tallahassee, Fla., dated December 8th, 1909, he claimed that he left the company on October 18, 1864 with a bullet wound to the neck, on a 40-day sick furlough. When he recovered, conditions were such that he was unable to return to his former command and instead he went to the next nearest company in Levy County, Fla., under the command of Capt. Ludlowe, and remained there until the end of the war. See letter at: In a letter dated March 5th, 1910 addressed to the Honorable Secretary Board of Pensions in Tallahasee, Fla., Charles C. Martin verifies Isaac Hines’ statements and describes him as being “considered to be among the best citizens of Alachua County…” In a property claim dated July 30, 1909, Isaac Hines reports real property near Williford, Florida, valued at $300 and cattle, horses and other livestock valued at $895. Source: Alachua County Florida Confederate Pension Application Files.


Although I have no definitive documentation as of yet, I am reasonably certain that Isaac Hines is the son of HENRY HINES and FANNIE ELIZABETH THOMPSON. Columbia County, Florida census records show in 1850 a Henry Hines, age 45, born in Georgia. His occupation is listed as farmer. His wife, Elizabeth, is reported to be 40 years of age. The following children are also reported: William H., 17 years; Penelope, 16; John, 16; James, 12; Garrett, 10; Isaac, 8; Westtery, 6; Mary J., 4; and Wiley, 2. See 1850 Columbia County Census at: In the 1860 Columbia County census, Henry lists his employment as carpenter and age as 55. His wife, Elizabeth, age 45, is listed, as are the following children: Isaac, 18, farmer; Unknown, 15; Wiley, 12; Franklin, 10; and Sarah E., 8. See 1860 Columbia County Census at: In Isaac’s Confederate pension claim, he reported he was born in Charlton County, Georgia, in 1843 “to the best of my knowledge,” and that he’d been a resident of the State of Florida “about 60 years.” Thus, Isaac’s birthplace, Georgia, matches that of Henry’s. His pension claim was filed July 1907 and he reports being a resident of the State of Florida “about 60 years,” indicating he would have lived in Florida in 1850. Isaac’s report that he was born in 1843 “to the best of my knowledge” is a near match for the census documents that show an Isaac who was age 8 in 1850 and age 18 in 1860.


According to Hines family historians, ISAAC HINES married MARY ANN LAVENIA TOWNSEND before 1869.  He later married MARY DOUGLAS February 20, 1881 in Alachua County. See marriage license at,

Isaac had 13 children through his first wife, including my great-grandfather, JOHN HENRY HINES, born in 1869.  Isaac had four children through his second wife. Isaac died April 28, 1919, in High Springs, Alachua County.


My great-grandfather, JOHN HENRY HINES married ELIZABETH “ELLEN” OSTEEN. They had two children: SAMPSON PIERCE HINES, b. May 28, 1898 in Williford, Fla; and BERTA HINES, b. Abt. 1902 in High Springs, Fla. After ELLEN OSTEEN’s death, JOHN HENRY HINES married RHODA ELIZABETH THOMAS on September 3, 1906, in Alachua County. See marriage license at,

They had 8 children, but only two survived to adulthood: DREDON HINES, b. December 18, 1907, d. April 14, 1978; and RUTH HINES, b. December 10, 1910. John Henry Hines and Rhoda Elizabeth Thomas, along with 7 of their children, are buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, LaCrosse, Fla.  See, cemetery records at:


Hines Family photos:


The Hines Family in 1907:


Sampson Pierce Hines in 1943:


Russell Richardson and Berta Hines in 1938:


New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, LaCrosse, Fla.:




Descendants of Henry Hines



Generation No. 1


        1.  Henry1 Hines was born Abt. 1805 in Georgia, and died March 05, 1870 in Florida.  He married Fannie Elizabeth Thompson Bef. 1833 in Chatham Co., GA, daughter of Richard Thompson and Lucretia Rogers.  She was born Abt. 1807 in Bryan Co., GA.


Notes for Henry Hines:

Source: 1850 US Federal Census Columbia County, Florida


Henry Hines 45 M W Farmer Georgia

Elizabeth Hines 40 F W "

William H Hines 17 M W "

Penelope Hines 16 F W "

John Hines 14 F W "

James Hines 12 M W "

Garrett Hines 10 M W "

Isaac Hines 8 M W "

Melberry Hines 6 M W Florida

Mary J. Hines 4 F W "

Wiley Hines 2 M W "



Source: 1860 US Federal Census Columbia County, Florida


Henry Hines 55 M Carpenter Georgia

Elizabeth Hines 45 F "

Isaac Hines 18 M Farming "

Marly Hines 15 M Florida

Willey Hines 12 M Florida

Franklin Hines 10 M Florida

Sarah E Hines 8 M Florida



More About Henry Hines:

Burial: March 07, 1870, Mt. Horeb Cemetery, High Springs, Gilchrist County, FL


Notes for Fannie Elizabeth Thompson:

Source: 1870 U S Federal Census Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida


Hines, Elizabeth 63 F W Housekeeper 2000 1000 Georgia

" Melberry 26 M W Farm Hand Florida

" Wiley 22 M W Farm Hand Florida

" Pierce 19 M W Farm Hand Florida

" Ellen 18 F W At Home Florida




SOURCES: Birth...Book: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia

BPlace..Book: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia

Other...GEDCOM supplied by Ralph A. Rodriguez, 8 May 1995 and


Children of Henry Hines and Fannie Thompson are:

+      2                 i.       William H.2 Hines, born 1833 in Georgia.

+      3                ii.       Penelope Hines, born 1834 in Georgia.

        4               iii.       John Hines, born 1836 in Georgia.

        5               iv.       James Hines, born 1838 in Georgia.

        6                v.       Garrett Hines, born 1840 in Georgia.

+      7               vi.       Walter Isaac "Ike" Hines, born August 1841 in Charlton County, Georgia; died April 28, 1919 in High Springs, Alachua County, Florida.

        8              vii.       Marlin Hines, born 1844 in Florida.

        9             viii.       Wesley Hines, born 1844.  He married Susan Coon February 22, 1880 in Alachua County, Fl..


Notes for Wesley Hines:



        10              ix.       Melberry Hines, born 1845.

        11               x.       Mary J. Hines, born 1848 in Florida.

+      12              xi.       Wiley Hines, born December 28, 1849 in Columbia County, Florida.

        13             xii.       Franklin Hines, born 1850.  He married Martha Johns 1875 in Alachua County, Florida.


Notes for Martha Johns:



+      14            xiii.       Pierce Hines, born 1851.

        15            xiv.       Allen Hines, born 1852.

+      16             xv.       Sarah E. Hines, born November 04, 1852.



Generation No. 2


        2.  William H.2 Hines (Henry1) was born 1833 in Georgia.  He married Fanny Unknown. 


Children of William Hines and Fanny Unknown are:

        17               i.       William3 Hines, born Abt. 1857.

        18              ii.       Elizabeth Hines, born Abt. 1859.

        19             iii.       Sarah Hines, born Abt. 1861.


        3.  Penelope2 Hines (Henry1) was born 1834 in Georgia.  She married Robert P. Hays.  He was born Abt. 1832 in Tattnall Co. GA.


Children of Penelope Hines and Robert Hays are:

        20               i.       Elizabeth3 Hays.

        21              ii.       James Hays, born 1858.

        22             iii.       Peter C. Hays, born 1859.

        23             iv.       William Hays, born 1861.

        24              v.       Henry Hays, born 1863.

        25             vi.       Sarah Hays, born 1866.

        26            vii.       Palestine Hays, born 1872.

        27           viii.       Ethel Hays, born June 02, 1876.

        28              ix.       Walter Hays, born 1877.


        7.  Walter Isaac "Ike"2 Hines (Henry1) was born August 1841 in Charlton County, Georgia, and died April 28, 1919 in High Springs, Alachua County, Florida.  He married (1) Mary Ann Lavenia Townsend Bef. 1869.  She was born March 10, 1845 in Florida.  He married (2) Mary Douglas February 20, 1881 in Alachua County, Florida. 


Notes for Walter Isaac "Ike" Hines:

Military Service: Private, Company C, 2nd Regent Infantry Florida Confederate Army

Enlisted: July 13, 1861

On the company roll for January and February 1865, the last company roll on file, he is reported "Absent wounded since October 7, 1864."

Property claim July 30, 1909

Real property near Williford, Florida v. $300

Cattle, horses and other livestock v. $895

Total: $1,195

Source: Alachua County Florida Confederate Application Files




Obituary - Gainesville Sun - May 7, 1919






The death angel visited the home of Mr. Isaac Hines on April 28th, and bore him away, after an illness of seven months. He was 78 years of age.

He was an old veteran, having served in the Civil War four years, in which he was wounded.

He was laid to rest in the Mt. Horeb cemetery. Services were conducted by Rev. T.J. Simms, of Branford, Fla.

Much was said in memory of him. He leaves to mourn his death a wife and twelve children, seven boys and five girls; a brother and a sister, Wiley Hines and Mrs. E.D. Osteen.






Source: 1870 US Federal Census Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida


Hines, Isaac 33 M W Farmer Georgia

" Mary A 25 F W Housekeeper Florida

" John 1 M W Florida

" James 3/12 M W Florida



More About Walter Isaac "Ike" Hines:

Burial: Mt. Horeb Baptist Church, Bell, Florida


Children of Walter Hines and Mary Townsend are:

        29               i.       Charles3 Hines.

        30              ii.       Fanny Hines.

        31             iii.       Frances Elizabeth Hines.

        32             iv.       Girl Hines.

        33              v.       Lavonia Hines.

        34             vi.       Mimi Hines.

        35            vii.       Myrtle Hines.

        36           viii.       Vaughn Hines.

        37              ix.       Wesley Hines.

+      38               x.       John Henry Hines, born 1869.

        39              xi.       James W. Hines, born March 30, 1870.

        40             xii.       Wiley Franklin Hines, born April 04, 1873 in Bell, Gilchrist County, FL.  He married Martha Josephine Conerly.

        41            xiii.       James Isaac Hines, born March 17, 1876.


Children of Walter Hines and Mary Douglas are:

        42               i.       Fannie H3 Hines, born June 27, 1886.

        43              ii.       Belle Hines, born October 20, 1899 in Alachua County, Florida.

        44             iii.       Walter Isaac Hines, born March 12, 1902.

        45             iv.       Marlyn Arthur Hines.


        12.  Wiley2 Hines (Henry1) was born December 28, 1849 in Columbia County, Florida.  He married Georgia Ann Parrish August 25, 1878 in Alachua County, Fl..  She was born January 15, 1863.


Notes for Wiley Hines:



Children of Wiley Hines and Georgia Parrish are:

        46               i.       Mary3 Hines.

        47              ii.       John Hines.

        48             iii.       William Isaac Hines.


        14.  Pierce2 Hines (Henry1) was born 1851.  He married Martha Elizabeth Unknown Bef. 1878. 


Notes for Martha Elizabeth Unknown:



Child of Pierce Hines and Martha Unknown is:

        49               i.       Frances Elizabeth3 Hines, born August 29, 1878.


        16.  Sarah E.2 Hines (Henry1) was born November 04, 1852.  She married John Hance Osteen January 12, 1882 in Alachua County, FL.  He was born December 22, 1856.


Notes for Sarah E. Hines:



Notes for John Hance Osteen:



Child of Sarah Hines and John Osteen is:

        50               i.       Dewey3 Osteen, born Abt. 1901.



Generation No. 3


        38.  John Henry3 Hines (Walter Isaac "Ike"2, Henry1) was born 1869.  He married (1) Elizabeth "Ellen" Osteen December 06, 1891 in Alachua County, Florida.    He married (2) Rhoda Elizabeth Thomas September 03, 1906 in Alachua County, Florida.  She was born December 02, 1883, and died December 12, 1966.


Children of John Hines and Elizabeth Osteen are:

        51               i.       Sampson Pierce4 Hines, born May 29, 1898 in Williford, Alachua County, Florida.  He married Lillie Goolsby December 29, 1920 in Alachua County, Florida; born Abt. 1903.


More About Sampson Pierce Hines:

Date born 2: May 29, 1898

Burial: Phoenix, Arizona


        52              ii.       Berta Hines, born Abt. 1902 in High Springs, Florida; died in Arizona.  She married (1) Russell Dwight Richardson; born September 13, 1899; died in Arizona.  She married (2) Bill Gammage.


Notes for Berta Hines:

Source: Personal remembrances of  Ruth Elizabeth Hines Rhoden (Berta's half-sister), as transcribed by her daughter, Bonnie Rhoden Dykes, in 2002. Ruth was 91 at the time.


Berta Richardson was the daughter of John Henry Hines and his wife Ellen Osteen.  They also had a son, Sampson Pierce Hines.  They were born in High Springs, FL. After Ellen Osteen's death, John Hines married Rhoda Elizabeth Thomas. She raised Berta, age 5, and Sampson, age 7, until they were grown. Berta stayed in touch with her mother's family and visited with the Osteen's often until she left Florida.


John Henry and Rhoda had eight children with only two surviving, Dredon and Ruth. The family is all buried in New Hope cemetery, LaCrosse, FL, Alachua County.


Berta left the farm around age 16 or 17. She went to Ft. Lauderdale to live with Rhoda's sister Minnie Thomas. Minnie helped her get a job in a boarding house. Berta met her first husband, Bill Gammage, who was enlisted in the service. After they had been married a very short time, he came down with TB. Berta nursed him until he was very near death. He wanted to go back to Georgia to be near his family. After his death, Berta came back to the farm to be with her Dad and family. After three months, she was afraid she might come down with TB also and wanted to go to a dry climate. She decided on Phoenix, Arizona. She met Russell Richardson at church. Russell had a daughter, Norma. They were married and in 1938, they gave birth to twin boys, Len and Glen.


Berta resided in Phoenix until her death. She worked very hard in a restaurant to help raise her boys. She was determined that they would go to college and get an education. Berta and the boys were able to make the trip twice to Florida while they were growing up. We enjoyed them so much when they visited us in the city. Then we went out to the old home place and all of us had such a good time. My husband and I made the trip to Arizone one time on the train. After his death, I flew out to Berta's and what a wonderful trip. That is the only time I ever flew. I am just too old now to try and do any of that. Berta and I were so close. We wrote every week until she was gone; I have wished for years that we could have lived closer to one another.


The following is a little about the area where Berta was raised:


Alachua County is located 26 miles north of Gainesville, FL. It was known for its rich land and productive crops. The people's main source of income came from potatoes (white and sweet) and tobacco. Gainesville is named in honor of General Edmund Pendleton Gaines.


In 1905, her father built the house where Berta lived during her childhood. It was built out of heart pine that was grown on their land. He used only his hands and a few tools to hew out the wood for the house and the shingles. Built in the same manner was the smoke house, where they hung all their meat after it was slaughtered. The outhouse was located in the back. The main house consisted of five rooms and everyone had their own chores. There was no running water or electricity. We all took turns bringing in the pails of water from the back porch; we cooked huge pots of vegetables to feed our farm hands. We slept in big feather beds. We mopped the wood floors with brooms made out of shucks. We worked very hard but we also had good times.


Some of my fondest memories were when all the neighbors got together to swim in the creek. Then we would have watermelon cuttings. We would boil peanuts in big washtubs. Boy did they taste good. We would all sit around the living room visiting and telling old stories. Every Friday night we would meet at different homes for a dance. We would play the mouth harp and guitar.


I remember going through hard times during the depression. We had to buy supplies, shoes, etc. with ration coupons. We were lucky because we grew almost all our food. When we needed supplies, we had to travel to Gainesville. We had two mules that pulled the wagon. It took the entire day to make the trip. We had to buy large quantities because we only went once a month. For instance, we would buy 100 pounds of sugar, huge sacks of flour, and several large trays of cheese. We also got a lot of stuff through trading with the store manager. Our mother raised chickens and she would take the eggs to town and trade for buttons, shoes, materials, etc. So, all in all, we made it through the hard times pretty good.


After John Hines' death, Rhoda moved to Jacksonville. Dredon and his wife Vergie Hines stayed on at the old homestead, where they continued to raise their six children. In 1946, the original farmhouse burnt to the ground. They were not able to save anything. They did not give up though; they rebuilt and lived in the new house until they retired.




More About Berta Hines:

Date born 2: Abt. 1902

Burial: Phoenix, Arizona


More About Russell Dwight Richardson:

Burial: Tempe, Arizona