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-o--ie-E-Ro-ers   Created By
Home Page of Bob and Claudette Rogers

Aaron-D-Roetenberg   Created By
The Roetenberg/Rotenberg/Rothenberg Home Page

Amber-L-Roeben   Created By
Home Page of Amber Roeben

Amy-L-Roeder   Created By
Home Page of Amy Roeder

Ana-J-Roesch   Created By
Ana's Family Tree

Anders-Roede   Created By
Roede Family

Andre-Roest   Created By
roest genealogy

Andrea-L-Roehl   Created By
The Roehl Family of Missouri

Andrea-Roe   Created By
Ballanfant Tree

Angela--M-Roe   Created By
Ancestors of Angela Lynn McArthur

Angela-Mae-Roen   Created By
Angela Mae Roen's Family Tree

Angela-Roen   Created By
The Buttle Family

Anne-Roehr   Created By
Anne M.(Straling) Roehr

Annette-E-Roebuck   Created By
The tree and roots of Annette Ginn Roebuck

Annette-S-Roederhunt   Created By
The Roeder History

Antoinette-B-Roebuck   Created By
Burrell Family of New Kent County, Virginia

Anton-P-Roelands   Created By
The Family Tree of Anton Roelands Wales UK

Aubrey-L-Roeder   Created By
The Roeder Family

Audrey-Roeske   Created By
Familie Roeske

Barbara-A-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Barbara Roe

Barbara-A-Roe-Wisconsin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-J-Roehrich   Created By

Barbara-J-Roessler   Created By
The Weiss-Roessler Family Home Page

Barry-Roenfeldt   Created By
Barry's Maternal Ancestors

Benjamin-K-Roe   Created By
Roe Family from Troy, NY

Berend-W-Roeters   Created By
The Roeters Family

Bill-Roepka   Created By
William Roepka of Nickerson Kansas

Bob-Roemmich   Created By
Maine Roemmich's Family Ancestry

Bob-Roesky   Created By
Bob Roesky and Teri Eriksen

Brenda-J-Roelofsen   Created By
The Barend Roelofsen Family

Brenda-M-Roe   Created By
Hawkes and Roe Family

Brenda-Roenz   Created By
The Bradleys of Ontario

Bruce-A-Roen   Created By
Roen Family

Bruce-W-Roe   Created By
The Roe Family Home Page

Candy-Roeder   Created By
Cook and Sharp of West Virginia

Carl-Roeder-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carol-F-Roebuck   Created By
Home Page of Carol Roebuck

Carol-J-Roecker   Created By
The Harold & Carol Roecker Home Page

Catherine-A-Roe-sanders   Created By
The Roes, The Sanders and The Traviss of Missouri

Celia-Roesser   Created By
Kenneth & Celia Roesser of San Antonio, TX

Charles-E-Roe   Created By
The Charles Wendell Roe's of Wheelersburg, Ohio

Charles-Roehrl-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-Roes   Created By
Family of Charles Arthur Roes (1964- )

Charmaine-Roell   Created By
Schnetzer, Cincinnati, OH and Yorkville, IN

Chelsea-Roe   Created By
chelsea marie roe of leesburg ohio

Cheri-Roesler   Created By
The John C. Roesler's of Spencer, SD

Cherri-Roediger   Created By

Cheryl-L-Roe   Created By
The Lane & Roe Family Tree

Cheryl-M-Roebeck   Created By
ROEBECK , cheryl of Auckland New Zealand

Christiaan-Roets   Created By
Roets & Koekemoer Family Homepage

Christina-M-Roedell   Created By
The Christina Wilbur Roedell Home Page

Christina-Roedell   Created By
The Florian Bogenrieder family of NYC

Christina-Roedell-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Christopher-A-Roemer   Created By
Roemer Family from Louisville, Kentucky

Christopher-Roebuck   Created By
Roebuck/Chambers/Davis/Evans Tree

Christy-Roettger   Created By
The Roettgers of Germany

Cinda-Roesler-TX   Created By
Sapp Family Tree

Cinda-S-Roesler   Created By
Cinda Sapp Roesler's Home Page

Claudia-Roedel   Created By
My Croocked Tree

Colette-Roe   Created By
Our Family Tree

Corey-M-Roelofs   Created By
Corey Roelofs

Cori-M-Roehm   Created By
The Huffman / Kratsch Family of OH & IN

Corinne-R-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebuck Family

Cynthia--R-Roe   Created By
The William Roe Family Home Page

Cynthia-D-Roe   Created By
The Cynthia Roe Family Home Page

Cynthia-R-Roe   Created By

Cynthia-Roen   Created By
We're Looking for JP!

Cynthia-Roen-CA   Created By
The Search for JP Trimble

Dan-Roe-   Created By
Descendants of Louis Roe

Dan-Roe-MI   Created By
Roe Family Tree, Monroe County, MI

Darren-J-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Darren Roe

David-E-Roe   Created By
the david e roe family of medina ohio

David-G-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebucks of Cleveland, TN

David-J-Roe   Created By
Taylor Roe Lucas

David-Roeder   Created By
The David Robert Roeders of Houston, TX.

Dawn-L-Roe-NY   Created By
Joseph Rooker & Mercy Barnes of Whitehall, NY

Dawn-Roesch-wyatt   Created By
"The charles j. roesch family

Dean-H-Roe   Created By

Debbie-A-Roedl   Created By

Debbie-E-Roe   Created By
Making Tracks

Debbie-Roe   Created By
Roes and Lyons of Eastern Kentucky

Debra-L-Roebuck   Created By
Jim and Debbie Roebuck

Delane-E-Roever   Created By
Home Page of Delane Roever

Diana-L-Roeder   Created By
The Anspachs/VanScoders of OHIO

Diana-Roe   Created By
Diana Lynch of St. Louis, Missouri

Diane-Roebuck   Created By
Diane Carmen Cormier originally of Van Buren, Maine

Diane-Roebuck-VA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donald-B-Roe   Created By
The Donald Roe Family Home Page

Donald-L-Roegge   Created By
The Gerhard Heinrich Friedrich ROGGE Home Page

Donna-Roeschel   Created By
Marema History

Donna-Roetzel   Created By

Dorothy-L-Roemer   Created By

Dorsey-N-Roe-Jr   Created By
The Dorsey Roe,Jr. Family Home Page

Douglas-R-Roesch   Created By
Ancestors of Douglas R. Roesch of Rochester, NY

Duane-H-Roen   Created By
Duane and Maureen Roen of Tempe, AZ.

Edgar-W-Roethenbaugh   Created By
The Roethenbaugh Family ~Hertfordshire UK

Edward-L-Roelle   Created By
Edward L. Roelle of Jasper, IN

Eleanor-L-Roe   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eleanor-Lucille-Roe   Created By
Herrin,Bischoff,Murphy,Cummins,Davis and so many more.

Elizabeth-R-Roe   Created By
Roe & Matlick Family Tree

Ellen-W-Roeth   Created By
The Trees of Life and Love

Eric-Roelfsema   Created By
Roelfsema & Tammes families from Groningen, Netherlands

Eric-Roelfsema-MI   Created By
Roelfsema, Rozeboom, Boer and Bessembinders Families

Ernesto-A-Roesler   Created By
Home Page of Ernesto Roesler

Esther-Roemmich   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Faith-Roemer-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Femi-E-Roecker-Bellvale   Created By
Bellvale Notes

Flora-M-Roe   Created By
The Flora Arnett Roe Home Page

Forrest-P-Roe   Created By
The Forrest P Roe's of Baltimore, MD

Frank--Roethel   Created By
The Roethel Family Home Page

Frederick-W-Roe   Created By

Gail-R-Roeling   Created By

Gary-i-Roe   Created By
"The Harmon & LaTante Family Page"

Gena-marie-Roe   Created By
The Genealogy of Gena Marie Roe

George--S-Roemer   Created By
Kaitlyn Roemer's Family Tree

George-A-Roeser   Created By
George Allen Roeser

George-R-Roelke   Created By
Roelke Family History (In Progress)

Georgia-W-Roessler   Created By
Home Page of Georgia Roessler

Georgia-W-Roessler-TX   Created By
Home Page of Georgia Roessler

Gerald-E-Roettger   Created By
Roettger and Reichardt Families of St. Louis

Gerald-J-Roebke-Jr   Created By
The Jerry Roebke Reeves O'Neill Romine Home Page

Gordon-L-Roediger   Created By
Gordon Roediger Family Home Page

Grethe-Roessevold   Created By
Grethes og Roars aner

Harold-S-Roey   Created By
The Hal Roey Family Home Page

Heather-Roebuck-MS   Created By
Heather Elaine Roebuck's Family Tree

Heather-Roelehman-Michigan   Created By
Heather Roe-Lehman's Genealogy Page

Hendrikus-J-Roekamp   Created By

Hendrikus-Roekamp   Created By
The family Roekamp

Henery-R-Roesing   Created By
Henery R. Roesing of Anchorage, Alaska

Herb-Roe   Created By
The Herbert Roe Genealogy Page

Hubert-Roex   Created By
The Hubert Roex of Antwerp,BE.

Iris-R-Roerink   Created By
The Iris Ruth Younger Duse Roerink Family Home Page

Jackie-Roe   Created By
The Brumpton/Roe Family

James-W-Roe   Created By
The Siler Family of MO

Jan-Roels   Created By
The Roels Family Home Page

Jane-Roe   Created By
Bumgarner and Roe Families of North Carolina

Jane-Roembke   Created By
The Haans

Janet-L-Roeper   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janet-Roeper-il   Created By
The Branches of the Hardy and Froit Families

Janette-L-Roesler   Created By
Roesler/Kielczewski Family Tree

Janice-M-Roehll   Created By
The Roehll's, Worst's and Giese's of Naperville

Jarrod-A-Roettger   Created By

Jean-F-Roen   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeannette-Roebuck   Created By
John Thomas Salmon Family Reunion Newsletter 2002

Jeffrey-Roenick-md   Created By

Jeni-E-Roeder   Created By
The Roeder Family Home Page

Jennie-Clark-Roesler   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jennifer-L-Roe   Created By
Porters of West Virgina and Kentucky

Jennifer-M-Roehead   Created By
cotterell & wakeman family research

Jennifer-Roe   Created By
the long,hembree,butler,deaton,thibodaux,collins

Jennifer-Roehrig-NH   Created By
The Roehrigs and Apts of Maine

Jennifer-Roesser   Created By
The Roesser Family of Allentown, Pennsylvania

Jennifer-Y-Roehm   Created By
The Roehm's of Ohio and Wuerttemberg Germany

Jessica-Roessel   Created By
Sopko-Roessel of New Jersey

Jim-Roewer   Created By
James Roewer's Family Tree

Jo-A-Roe   Created By
The Joe David Roe's of Ashland, Missouri

Joanne-L-Roe   Created By
McClung's Menagerie

Jodi-L-Roessler   Created By
The Ancestry of Jodi Lynn Spade

John-C-Roe   Created By
The John C. Roe Family

John-Roe-   Created By
John Eugene Roe Heritage

John-Roennevik   Created By
The John Roennevik Home Page

Jon-M-Roe   Created By

Jonathan-F-Roe   Created By
Jonathan F. Roe of Winston-Salem, NC

Josiah-Roelfsema   Created By
Josiah A. Roelfsema and Fam.

Judy-K-Roe   Created By
The Roe-Rowe Family Home Page

Julie-Roesmith-OH   Created By
Julie Roe and Robert Smith of Ohio

Karen-A-Roesch   Created By
Mi Familia de Kansas

Karen-S-Roemer   Created By
The Roemer Family of Monterey, Ca

Katannya--Roezeviar   Created By
The Jeremiah Roe Family Home Page

Kathleen-R-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Kathleen Roe

Kathryn-J-Roedding   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathy-Roehling   Created By
The Teeples/Roehling of Oakland, MI

Katina-J-Roe   Created By
Brazoria/Galveston Area "ROE"S","Amason's"

Kayla-M-Roebke   Created By
Kayla M. Roebke (Vick) of Lewiston, MN

Keith-F-Roese   Created By
The Keith Roese Family Home Page

Keith-Roeckle   Created By
The Roeckle/Monde Family Trees

Keith-Roesener-MO   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ken-Roeder   Created By

Kent-Roethemeier   Created By
Kyle Roethemeier

Kevin-L-Roe   Created By
Kevin Roe of Pleasanton, CA

Kevin-Roedl   Created By
hough, IL

Knut-Roepel   Created By
Knut N. Roepel

Lance-A-Roehr   Created By
Home Page of Lance Roehr

Laura-Roe   Created By
Matthew Roe and Laura Moore Family Tree

Laura-Roe-   Created By
The Frank & Ava Young ROE Family Tree

Lawrence-B-Roe   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lee-Roe   Created By
Lee Roe, Australia

Leif-Roekke   Created By
Åse, Martin og Leif Home page

Letitia-L-Roe   Created By
Where the Roe and McConnell Trees Collide:)

Letitia-Lynne-Roe   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Letitia-Roebuck   Created By
David and Letitia (Roebuck) Patterson of Stone Mountain,GA

Linda-H-Roemer   Created By
The Extended Family of Linda Humble Roemer

Lisa-Roess   Created By
The Roess Family of North Carolina

Liz-Roesner   Created By
The Frank Kacal Family

Lloyd-Roettger   Created By
The Lloyd O. Roettgers of Toledo, OH

Lois-A-Roebel   Created By
Roebel/Rabel Home page

Lois-Roe   Created By
Willoughby's of Massachusetts

Lori-Roemmich   Created By
The Ashford's of Cannon County, TN.

Lou-A-Roelofsen   Created By
Lou (A.F.M.) Roelofsen 1948 son of Lou (A.P.) Roelofsen

Louis-Roepke   Created By
Louis Roepke, Maryville, TN

Louis-S-Roepsch   Created By
The ROEPSCH Family Home Page

Louis-T-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebucks In Winnipeg

Luane-M-Roeger   Created By
Luane Marie Nichols Roeger family

Luane-Marie-Roeger   Created By
Luane Marie Nichols Roeger

Lucinda-S-Roe   Created By
Roe Family from Eugene, Oregon

Magnus-Roe   Created By
Røe of Norway

Malcolm-W-Roe   Created By
The Wayne Roe Family Home Page

Malcolm-W-Roe-IL   Created By
M. Wayne Roe Family

Malcolm-W-Roe-Troy   Created By
Wayne Roe of Troy, IL

Malcolm-Wayne-Roe   Created By
The Wayne Roe Family Home Page

Malcolm-w-Roe   Created By
The M. Wayne Roe Family of Kentucky

Mandie-L-Roerig   Created By
User Home Page

Marcia-E-Roeder   Created By
The Wolf(f)(e), Stine, Stonehill, Detrick Families of Ohio

Mariel-C-Roersma   Created By
The Roersma Family

Mariel-Christine-Roersma   Created By
The Roersma Family

Marilyn-P-Roebuck   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mark-A-Roebuck   Created By
Roebucks of Tidewater

Mark-R-Roedeske   Created By
My Daughter's Family Tree

Markus-Roellig   Created By
Home Page of Markus Roellig

Martin-Roelofs   Created By
The Roelofs Family of Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Mary-A-Roe   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-Alice-Roe   Created By

Mary-D-Roeller   Created By
Thompson / Cobb Families And All Who Connect to Them

Mary-D-Roeller-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-L-Roeder   Created By
Robinson & Moses families

Mary-R-Roets   Created By
The William G. Roets' of Warner Robins, GA

Mary-ann-Roe   Created By
Roe/Bodiot family homepage Colorado

Mary-ann-Roesler   Created By
Hieronymus & Theresia (Bachmann) Link of WI, Jackson County

Mechele-Roessler   Created By

Meghan-K-Roessler-FL   Created By
The Roessler/Schmidt Home Page

Melani-R-Roewe   Created By
Our Family Ties

Melissa-E-Roepke   Created By
The Roepkes of Minnesota

Michael-Roellemathieu   Created By
The Rölle Czinczoll Mathieu Home Page

Michele-R-Roe   Created By
The Roes of Kentucky

Michelle-Roelfsema   Created By

Mildred-M-Roe   Created By
The Knight's Johnson's Brown's & Hubbard's & Halliburton'

Mximo-carlos-Roeschlin   Created By
"The Máximo Carlos Roeschlin of Reconquista, S.Fe, Argentina

NANCY-L-ROE   Created By
The Nancy Lewellen Roe Family Home Page

Nancy-H-Roemer   Created By

Natalie-Roelofsz   Created By
The Hunt Family-Durban South Africa

Nita-A-Roe   Created By
"The Nita Roe Family Home Page"

Oscar-F-Roesel   Created By
The Fred Roesel Family Home Page

Pat-Roe-sc   Created By
The Joel King family Craven Co NC

Patti-A-Roeling   Created By
The Roeling's

Paul-A-Roesch   Created By
"The Roesch/ Leonard Family Home Page"

Paul-Alfred-Roesch   Created By
The Roesch Family

Paul-H-Roewer   Created By
The Paul H. Roewer Family History

Paul-Roehrig-WI   Created By
The Paul G. Roehrig's of New Glarus, Wisconsin

Paul-Roelofsen   Created By
Stamboom van C.P.G. Roelofsen

Paul-Roetto   Created By
Charles & Catherine Roetto

Paul-Roetto-az   Created By
Charles Roettos of Villar Pelice, Torino Italy/ Monett Mo.

Paul-a-Roe   Created By
Ro(w)e's of Southern Cotton

Pearl-Roeder   Created By
alvin andrew keith sr. essie mccarty wichita ks. & olka

Pearl-Roeder-   Created By
williams /mccarty /keith family

Pearl-Roeder-Wichita   Created By
The daniel Mcfall of ilinois, kansas

Perry-R-Roemer   Created By
The Roemer of llano tx

Peter-J-Roesle   Created By
The Family of Peter Roelse

Peter-Roebuck   Created By
The Peter Roebuck Family Home Page

Philip-E-Roe   Created By
The global family of Philip E. Roe of Urbandale, IA

Philip-Roelens   Created By

Phyllis-Roerig   Created By

R-A-Roell   Created By
Roell's Roots

Rachel-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebucks of Ohio, PA and IL

Ralph-Roelofsen   Created By
The Roelofsen Family Tree

Randy-E-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Randy Roe

Ray-A-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebuck/Friend Family Research Project

Ray-a-chip-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebucks of Eastern Washington

Rebecca-J-Roemer   Created By
Home Page of Rebecca Roemer

Rebecca-S-Roessler   Created By
Becky Roessler's Home Page

Rhonda-Roebuck   Created By
The Family Tree of Robert Newton Fleming

Richard-E-Roettger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-F-Roepsch   Created By
The Gatton/Roepsch Home Page

Richard-F-Roepsch-FL   Created By
The Gatton/Roepsch Home Page

Rita-D-Roe   Created By
"The Nichols and Perkins Family"

Rita-D-Roe-HI   Created By
The Perkins and Nichols Family of Kentucky and Oklahoma

Rob-Roepius   Created By
Roepius family of the Netherlands

Robert-C-Roeschen   Created By
Robert C. Roeschen Homepage

Robert-D-Roesler   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-F-Roehm   Created By
Robert Roehm's Family HomePage

Robert-T-Roedig   Created By
The family tree of Robert Roedig of New York

Robert-W-Roeser   Created By
Home Page of Robert Roeser

Robin-L-Roeben   Created By
The Roeben / Patton Family Home Page

Rochelle-Roe   Created By
the roe's from louisiana

Ronald-R-Roesner   Created By
Home Page of ronald roesner

Ronald-Roe   Created By
The Ronald Roe Family of Tioga County Pennsylvania

Ronald-Roe-PA   Created By
The Ronald C. Roe Sr. Family Of Tioga Pa.

Ronald-Roehrich-CA   Created By
A Smith and Roehrich Family Genealogy Page

Ronda-S-Roetting   Created By
"The Sanders of Kentucky, Wilburns of West Virginia"

Ronnie-T-Roe   Created By
The Ronnie Roe Family Home Page

Rosanne-M-Roebuck-AB   Created By
The Charest / Chalifoux Family Tree

Rusty-Roesser   Created By
Tannehill Family Home Page

Sabrina-Roe   Created By
Sabrina Roe of Chilhowie, VA.

Sadie-Roe   Created By
research for sadie roe

Sally-A-Roesch   Created By
Roesch-Ogden of NJ

Samuel-D-Roe   Created By
The Sam & Diane Roe Family Home Page

Samuel-David-Roe   Created By
Samuel D & Diane C Roe of Mountain Home, Ar

Sandra-L-Roensch   Created By
The Leaves off the Tree

Sarah-L-Roege   Created By
Our Family Homepage

Senduk-G-Roeroe   Created By

Sharon-K-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Sharon Roe

Sharon-Roehm   Created By
Potter and Pugh Family Page

Sharon-T-Roe   Created By
"Our Family Tree "

Sherrie-Roehrig   Created By
Smith/Shinn/Kessler/Bruns and more!Wisconsin,Germany,and ...

Shirley-shue-Roelecke   Created By
Shue Luckabaugh Family tree

Shirly-L-Roe   Created By
The Slaughter / Dubree / Roe Home Page

Stephanie-F-Roe   Created By
stephanie roe looking 4 all britts,brantleys,and roes

Stephanie-Roe   Created By
roes,mannings,and wileys all over

Stephanie-Roebuck   Created By
Stephanie's Family Tree

Stephen-J-Roebuck   Created By
The Roebuck Family Home Page

Steven-Roebuck   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Summer-Roedel   Created By
"The John E. Roedels of Evansville, Indiana."

Susan-C-Roe   Created By
An American Story

Susan-D-Roenfeldtschwager   Created By
Sue Roenfeldt-Schwager Family - Davenport, IA

Susan-M-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Susan Marie HILLIER ROE

Susan-Roe-3   Created By
William Park Lineage

Susan-and-mikka-Roessler   Created By
The WORLD as We Know it

Susan-and-mikka-Roessler-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sverre-J-Roess   Created By
Sverre Røss - Norway

Tabbatha-A-Roe   Created By

Tara-C-Roe   Created By
All About Tara Roe & Family

Tara-Christine-Roe   Created By
Tara's Family Home Page

Tatum-Roe   Created By
Tatum Roe's Family Tree

Teresa-Lynn-Roeger   Created By
The Campbell/Roeger Family

Teresa-Roeper   Created By
The Carter Connection

Terri-L-Roe   Created By

Terri-L-Roe-IN   Created By

Terri-Roe   Created By
Harvey/Keels of Tennessee & Alabama

Terry-A-Roe   Created By
Roe and Niswonger Home Page

Terry-Roeves   Created By
The ROEVES Family of Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

Theodore-Roeyaerts   Created By
Theodore Roeyaerts genealogy research, Brussels, Belgium

Theresa-Roe   Created By
Home Page of theresa roe

Theron-J-Roe   Created By
Theron J. V. Roe

Thomas-A-Roe-MN   Created By
Roe Family

Thomas-J-Roe   Created By
My Roe Heritage

Thomas-J-Roeller   Created By
The Roellers of Minnesota

Thomas-J-Roemhildt   Created By
The Roemhildt Family Home Page

Thomas-K-Roe   Created By
Descendants of William Roe

Thomas-M-Roe   Created By
thomas michael roe of california

Thomas-Roelse   Created By
What I Have know about my family tree

Tim-W-Roettgen   Created By

Timothy-Roe   Created By
Timothy Alan Roe of Indianapolis, IN

Tracie-J-Roe   Created By
Home Page of Tracie Roe


Walter-Roesener-1   Created By
Walter Roesener of West-Hempstead, NY.

Walter-Roesener-NY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Walter-Roesener-West-Hempstead   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-C-Roe   Created By
Home Page of William Roe

William-Charles-Roe   Created By
William C. Roe

William-E-Roeske   Created By
Home page of the Roeske family

William-H-Roe-ON   Created By
The Ancestors of William H. Roe

William-H-Roe-Ottawa   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-J-Roe   Created By
The George Roe Family home Page

William-J-Roeder   Created By
The William J. Roeder Family Home Page

William-Roe   Created By
David Roe of Flushing, New York

William-T-Roetzer   Created By
Bill Roetzer

Wilma-S-Roebuck   Created By
My Genealogy Home PageWilma Smith Roebuck

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