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Aaron-Rogers-ca   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alan-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers family in the United Kingdom

Alan-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family Family Tree

Albert-C-Rogers   Created By
Albert Cyril Rogers of Sutton Coldfield Egland

Alex-E-Rogers   Created By
Alexander Rogers Home Page

Alex-E-Rogers-NM   Created By

Alex-J-Roganti   Created By
AJR Research

Alexander-Rogers   Created By

Alfred-W-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Franklin County, TN

Alice-E-Rogers   Created By
Lovvorn Home Page

Alice-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alice-Rogers-2   Created By
Alice Rogers home page

Alice-Rogers-La   Created By
Gary Emile Rogers and Alice Steinhauer Rogers of Louisiana

Alisa-Rogers   Created By
The John Henry Rogers' from Scurry county, Synder, Tx

Allen--L-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of allen rogers

Allen-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Amanda-J-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family Tree

Amanda-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/ Spina From Canada

Amanda-Rogers-10   Created By

Amanda-Rogers-9   Created By
Arnold and Maria Rogers of Kamloops, BC, Canada

Amanda-Rogers-Victoria   Created By
The Rogers Family of Australia

Amandqa-S-Rogers   Created By
The Famil Tree of Amanda

Amy-B-Roggenbuck   Created By
The Amy Roggenbuck-Hawkins Family Home Page

Amy-Rogers-5   Created By
Fairbanks & Rogers of Al/Tn

Amy-S-Rogers   Created By
rogers and donovans

Amy-V-Rogers   Created By
Family Of Amy

Andrea-E-Rogers   Created By
"The Lees & Joyners of Durham, NC

Andrew-F-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Andrew-I-Rogers   Created By
James Anderson Family Tree

Andy-D-Rogers   Created By
Rogers, Alexanders, and Related Families, Carter, BoydCo. Ky

Anita-R-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of Nebraska

Ann-J-Rogers   Created By
Armentrout/Burroughs/Rodgers Families

Ann-Rogers-   Created By
The Martin & Mary Susan Welton Armentrout Family

Anne-M-Rogers   Created By
Iva Families

Anne-Rogers   Created By
Joshua B. Lee

Annette-Rogers-TX   Created By
The family of Annette K Rogers

Anthony-J-Rogan   Created By
The Rogan family of West Yorkshire, England

Arthur-J-Roger   Created By
The Roger Sanchez Family

Ashlee-Rogers   Created By
Ammons Family of Socastee, South Carolina

Audrey-E-Rogers   Created By
Joseph Culver---Phebe Johnson Family

Audrie-Rogers   Created By
Rogers-Lonsbury-Blain-Taylor-Cooper, McWhirter

Barbara-A-Rogelstad-ON   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-A-Rogers   Created By

Barbara-A-Rogerson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-Ann-Rogerson   Created By
My North Carolina roots, via Scotland, England, and Ireland

Barbara-Jeanne-Rogers   Created By
The Family of Paul & Barbara Rogers

Barbara-T-Rogers   Created By
Barbara Arriola Rogers of Sanger, California

Bartosz-Rogalski   Created By
Bartosz Rogalski

Beckey-L-Rogers   Created By
The Durwin McCort's of Akron, Ohio

Becky-Rogers   Created By
The James S. King Family of County Monaghan Ireland

Benjamin-Rogers   Created By
The Ben and Betty (Fenn) Rogers of Norfolk, MA

Bernard-Rogan   Created By
The Rogans of Stafford, VA

Beth-Rogers-3   Created By
Beth Rogers - southern Alabama family

Betsy-A-Rogers   Created By
The Betty Ann Thornton Family Homepage

Betty-J-Rogers   Created By
Margaret Ann Reynolds

Betty-Jane-Rogers   Created By
An American Story

Betty-June-Rogers   Created By
Rogers / Mathewson Family Home Page

Betty-L-Rogers-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bev-Rogers   Created By
Paul Messer Family-ND

Beverly--L-Rogers   Created By
The Barbieri Family Home Page

Beverly-Ann-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Moore Family Tree

Beverly-Rogers   Created By

Bill-M-Rogers-jr   Created By
The Bill M. Rogers, Jr's of Flower Mound, TX

Booth-Roger   Created By
The family of William Cissero Booth SC to Ala to Arkansas

Boyd-M-Rogers   Created By
The Boyd M. Rogers of Rockhill Furnace Pa.

Boyd-Rogers   Created By
Rogers, Keathley & related families of Eastern Ky.

Brenda-J-Rogers-TX   Created By
The Brenda Jane Pierot Rogers Family Tree

Brenda-K-Rogers   Created By
"Brenda K. Reece of Glasgow, Kentucky 42141

Brenda-Rogers   Created By
The Legate Family Home Page

Bret-R-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of North Carolina and Colorado

Brett-Rogers-none   Created By
The Nottingham Rogers Family, UK

Brian-K-Rogers   Created By
The Underhill Vermont Rogers Family Home Page

Brian-K-Rogers-VT   Created By
The Jason Rogers of Underhill, VT

Brian-Kenneth-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Norton Page

Brian-Kevin-Rogers   Created By
Arlen "Jan" Delmore Family Page

Brian-Rogers-GA   Created By
Brian B. Rogers of Duluth, GA

Brian-Rogers-OR   Created By
Scott Rogers

Bridget-C-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Bridget Rogers

Brittany-Rogers-ny   Created By
Sweatman Family From Georgia, USA

Bruce-E-Rogers   Created By

The Clyde Rogers Home Page

Candace-S-Rogers   Created By
The Chipps Family Home Page

Cara-Rogers   Created By
Gerber Family in Wisconsin

Carl-Rogers-Cheshire   Created By
User Home Page

Carl-Rogers-Winsford   Created By
The Ancestors of Carl Rogers

Carla-J-Rogers   Created By
The Holeman/Holman

Carol-Ann-Rogers   Created By
William James Moody of Ludlow Shropshire

Carol-Rogers-7   Created By
Carol Maiden Rogers

Carol-T-Rogers   Created By

Carol-ann-Rogerson   Created By
Rogerson Family

Caroleta-A-Rogers   Created By
The Caroleta Rogers Family

Caroleta-A-Rogers-TX   Created By
Caroleta Rogers

Caroleta-Ann-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Texas

Caroline-Rogerson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carolyn-M-Rogers   Created By
Carolyn Spitzer Rogers Family Home Page

Carolyn-Rogers-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carolyn-S-Rogers   Created By
Rogers & Northrup families of New York

Carrie-L-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carrie-Rogers-   Created By

Cary-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Cary rogers

Cassandra-L-Rogers   Created By
The Jack L Miller's of Missouri

Cassandra-Lenore-Rogers   Created By
Cassandra L. Rogers

Catherine-G-Rogan   Created By
The Daniel Rogan Family Home Page

Catherine-Rogers-FL   Created By
The Rogers Family

Cathy-A-Rogers-AZ   Created By
Anderson-Allen Family History

Cathy-D-Rogers   Created By
Bartley Family Information

Cathy-Diane-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of Zanesville Ohio

Cathy-Diane-Rogers-ohio   Created By
The Rogers family of Zanesville, Ohio

Cathy-Rogers-4   Created By
Rogers or Rodgers

Cecile-C-Rogers   Created By
User Home Page

Cecile-Cordelia-Rogers   Created By
The Family Of Arther J Carpentier

Cecile-Cordelia-Rogers-Ma   Created By
The Family Jhon A Rogers of Vermont and Ma

Cecile-Cordeliae-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Cecile Rogers

Cecile-Cordeliae-Rogers-Ma   Created By
The Jhon.Rogers Home Page

Chanet-Rogers   Created By
The Roye Duane Williams Family Tree

Charlene-M-Rogers   Created By
"Charlene's Family Tree"

Charles--C-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Home Page

Charles-C-Rogers   Created By
Charles Christopher Rogers of Pompano Beach Florida

Charles-E-Rogan-jr   Created By

Charles-J-Rogers   Created By
"Charles J. Rogers Family Home Page."

Charles-J-Rogers-tx   Created By
Charles J. Rogers in Texas

Charles-L-Rogers-jr   Created By
Home Page of Charles Rogers, Jr.

Charles-M-Rogers   Created By
Rogers' Family Page

Charles-Rogers-5   Created By
Eastern North Carolina Rogers'

Charles-Rogers-7   Created By
Charles L. Rogers Sr. and Barbara Jean Oliver Ancestry

Charles-Rogers-tx   Created By
Charles J. Rogers

Charles-T-Rogers   Created By
The C. Thomas Rogers of Orlando Fla.

Cheryl-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cheryl-L-Rogers   Created By
The Terrill L. Sumler Family from Durham, North Carolina

Cheryl-R-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Dallman/Pope/Burkett Geneology

Cheryl-Rogalski   Created By
The Hays Family

Cheryl-Rogers-tx   Created By
Carughi Family Tree

Cheyenne-Rogers   Created By
The Cheyenne Dawn Child Rogers of Layton, Utah

Chris-Rogers-2   Created By
My Wandering Ancestors

Christi-Rogers   Created By
Virgil Early Heard Family of Webster County, Missouri

Christina-R-Rogers   Created By
Roger and Phillips homepage(Bartlomucci)

Christine-H-Rogers   Created By
The Hagin Family of NJ

Christine-M-Rogers   Created By
The Daisy Della Lawrence's of Pepperell Mass

Christopher-G-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers family of I'm not sure yet.

Christopher-Rogers-5   Created By

Christopher-Rogers-7   Created By
Rogers Family

Christy-M-Rogers   Created By
my family tree

Chuck-Rogers   Created By
James Rogers & Elizabeth Bunn of Tuscaloosa and Bibb Co., AL

Cindy-A-Rogers   Created By
The Roy's of West by god virginia

Cindy-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Home Page

Cindy-Rogers-   Created By

Cindy-Rogers-buckeye   Created By
The Roy's of West by god virginia

Clarence-M-Rogers   Created By
Our Genealogy Home Page

Clark-Rogers-1   Created By
The Clark N. Rogers of Tulsa, OK

Claude-Rogers-TN   Created By
The Claude Rogers of Turtletown Tn

Cleon-jr-L-Rogers   Created By
Cleon Leroy Rogers, Jr Family of Little Rock, AR

Clifford-B-Rogers-sr   Created By
The Clifford B. Rogers Family Home Page

Clyde-D-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Clyde-R-Rogers   Created By
Clyde Rogers of Florida

Clyde-Rogers   Created By
The Clyde Richard Rogers Family Tree Page

Clyde-W-Rogers-jr   Created By
The John Rogers Family of Charleston, SC (1670-1854)

Colleen-Rogers   Created By
Nantais of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Colleen-T-Rogers   Created By
The Albert Family of Western Montana

Crystal-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Crystal R. Rogers, North Carolina and Tennessee

Crystal-Rogers-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Curt-Rogers   Created By
Curt Rogers' Family Home Page

Curtis-C-Rogers   Created By
Curt Rogers/Janet Siegel Home Page

Curtis-L-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Curtis-Len-Rogers   Created By
"Curtis L. Rogers of Atlanta, Georgia"

Cynthia-L-Rog   Created By
The Frank Rogs of Chicago, Illinois

Cynthia-Rogers   Created By

Dale-G-Rogers   Created By
The Dale Gray Rogers Family Home Page

Dana-A-Rogers-garnier   Created By
Rogers Family Home Page

Daniel-A-Rogers   Created By
Daniel Rogers' Family Tree

Daniel-B-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Mabry Family Tree

Daniel-C-Rogers-jr   Created By
The Rogers of Little Rock ar

Daniel-Clive-Rogers   Created By
Joshua Daniel Rogers. A Family History

Daniel-J-Rogan   Created By

Daniel-J-Rogers   Created By
The Daniel Rogers Family Genealogy Quest Home Page

Daniel-J-Rogovich   Created By
The Rogovich Family of New England & New York/New Jersey

Daniel-L-Roger   Created By
The Roger / McClaskey Family Home Page

Daniel-M-Rogers   Created By
"The Daniel Mark Rogers Family Home Page"

Darcy-L-Rogers   Created By
Darcy's Family Tree

Darrell-W-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers / Alfred Family Home Page

Dave-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Tonawanda, New York

David-A-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers, David A. Home Page

David-A-Rogers-AB   Created By
The Rogers'

David-Anderson-Rogers-AB   Created By
Rogers from Yarmouth, N.S.

David-C-Rogers   Created By

David-E-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Campbell and Claiborne County Tennessee

David-Errol-Rogers   Created By
Dave Rogers of Salisbury, NB

David-F-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-G-Rogers   Created By
Calif. England Kentucky.South Africa Tenn. Family Home Page

David-J-Rogers   Created By
"The David & Beverly Rogers Home Page"

David-M-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-O-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-P-Rogers   Created By
The Dave Rogers Family

David-Rogers   Created By
Rogers - McGurie And Gensamer - Hill

David-Rogers-KY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Davin-T-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Davin Rogers

Dawn-Roggenkamp   Created By

Dawnya-N-Rogers-wiebe   Created By
Wilson Rogers (1843-1899)

Deanna-L-Rogers   Created By
The Thompsons of Arkansas

Debbie--Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Debbie-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Pennington Families Home Page

Debbie-Rogers-   Created By
Sarah Jo Foelker and Robert Lee Barth Family Tree

Debbie-Rogers-MI   Created By

Debbie-Rogers-SC   Created By
Southwest Virginia! Home to Rogers-Woliver, Pennington-Dunn

Debi-M-Rogers   Created By
Debi Rogers, of Michigan

Deborah-Kay-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family

Deborah-L-Rogers   Created By
The Tena & Goyeneche Family of Sonora

Deborah-Lynne-Rogers   Created By
The Deborah Smith Family Tree

Deborah-M-Rogers   Created By
Schaefer,Michaels,Rogers,Splittstoesser Family Tree

Deborah-S-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers and Preston Family Home Page

Debra--B-Rogers   Created By
The North Carolina Bradshaw/Nations Family

Debra-B-Rogers-TN   Created By
The Bradshaws from Haywood & Jackson Co., NC

Debra-Rogers-3   Created By

Debra-Rogers-Inman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Debra-W-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers & Webb Home Page

Della-M-Rogers   Created By

Delores-R-Rogers   Created By
the Thomas Rose Family Home Page

Den-M-Rogers   Created By
The Den M. Rogers of West Memphis, AR

Denise-E-Rogers   Created By

Denise-M-Rogers   Created By
The Cook, Payton, Botts & Blayden Family Tree

Denise-M-Rogers-LA   Created By
The Pratts and Recars of Old Mines, MO

Dennis-M-Rogers   Created By
The Dennis Michael Rogers Family Home Page

Dennise-A-Rogers   Created By
Foote Family

Dennise-Ann-Rogers   Created By
Foote Family Tree

Derek-Rogers-Alberta   Created By
Rogers Family History

Dezra-A-Rogers   Created By
Dezra Ann Garrett Rogers of California and Florida

Diane-B-Rogers   Created By
the CHAUSSE --- ROGERS... home page

Diane-B-Rogers-fl   Created By

Diane-L-Rogers-CA   Created By

Diane-Roger   Created By
Edith Rackow Roger Family Tree

Diane-Roger-FL   Created By
Edith Rackow Roger Family Tree

Dianna-J-Rogers   Created By
Our Family Trees

Dianna-L-Rogers   Created By
Leah's family

Dianna-Lee-Rogers   Created By
Leah's family

Dianna-Rogers   Created By

Dianna-Rogers-FL   Created By
Roy & Dianna(Candy Lafler) Rogers Home Page

Dillon-L-Rogers   Created By
Family Tree

Don--Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Russell, Taylor/Latimer Families Home Page

Don-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers family of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Don-Rogers-2   Created By
The Rogers Family of Faringdon, Berks

Don-Rogers-Alberta   Created By
The Rogers Family of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Donald-C-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of Ontario and Chicago

Donald-J-Rogan-3rd   Created By
The Rogan/Stevenson Family

Donald-L-Roggensees   Created By
The Roggensees Family

Donald-M-Rogers   Created By
The Donald M. Rogers Family Home Page

Donald-O-Rogenes-   Created By
"The Isdahl & Nissen Family Home Page"

Donald-P-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donald-Rogers-VA   Created By
The Joseph Gideon Rogers Family of Connecticut

Donna-A-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donna-L-Rogers   Created By
My Family: Donna L. Rogers

Donna-Lucille-Rogers   Created By
James C Williams paternal Milo Talbert maternal

Donna-R-Rogers   Created By
The Dayton-Cox Family

Donna-Roger   Created By
williams of so Ill. Kline Talberts & more

Donna-Rogers-   Created By
The Oklahoma-Kansas-Arkansas Connection

Donna-Roginski   Created By
Bakers - Germany to Somerset Co., PA to Knox Co., OH to IN

Donnie-Rogers   Created By
The Donnie Rogers Genealogy

Dorothy-A-Rogers   Created By

Dorothy-J-Rogers-AZ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dorothy-Rogers-tx   Created By
"The Edward A. Rogers of Carrizo Springs, Texas"

Dorothy-joan-Rogers   Created By

Doug-E-Rogers   Created By
Maine Roots

Doug-Eugene-Rogers   Created By
MaineRoots My Personal Family History

Douglas-E-Rogers-jr   Created By

Douglas-Robert-Rogerson   Created By

Douglas-Rogers-2   Created By
Rogers Family of Maine

Douglas-Stuart-Rogers   Created By
"The Stahlschmidt/Stallsmith Family Home Page".

Doyle-Rogers-Tx   Created By
The Doyle D. Rogers of Texas

Durwin-R-Rogers   Created By
Durwin and Beverly Rogers

Durwin-Ray-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Rodgers Family from illinois and move to Texas

Dwayne-E-Rogge   Created By
Rogge / Rich Home Page

Dwight-A-Rogers   Created By
The Peter Rice Family

Dyonesia-M-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Dyonesia Rogers

The Irons-Rogers Home Page

Edmond-Rogers   Created By
Our Family Genealogy

Edmund-P-Rogers-iii   Created By
The Rogers of Hyde Park, New York

Edward-A-Rogalska   Created By
rogal of sher

Edward-B-Rogers-iii   Created By
The Ed Rogers Family Home Page

Edwin-Rogers-   Created By
The Edwin D. Rogers of Dandridge, TN

Elizabeth-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elizabeth-Rogers-3   Created By
EMR's family.

Elizabeth-Rogers-6   Created By
Greg and Elizabeth Rogers of Green Forest, AR

Elizabeth-Rogers-Georgia   Created By
FRANK ROGERS of Atlanta Georgia

Elkanah-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elke-D-Roggenstein   Created By
Home Page of Elke Roggenstein

Ella-mae-Rogers   Created By
Rogers-Eddy Family

Ellen-C-Rogers   Created By
The Clum Family

Ellen-J-Rogers   Created By
Ellen Janice Brizendine Rogers of Brea,Calif.

Ellen-K-Rogns   Created By
Hageveien`s hjemmeside

Ellen-M-Rogers   Created By
William H.Newkirk Missouri

Ellen-N-Rogers   Created By
Newkirk Family Tree

Eloris-Rogers--chisholm   Created By
The Eloris Dale Rogers genealogy

Elsie-E-Rogers   Created By
The Brunsgaard & Yates Family's

Emily-Rogers   Created By

Eric-A-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Tennessee Home Page

Eric-Alan-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of TN - Estill Springs, Franklin, Co

Erin-K-Rogers   Created By
An American Story

Erna-Rogersdias   Created By

Ernest-H-Rogers   Created By
The Ernest Harold Rogers Family Genealogy

Ernest-Harold-Rogers   Created By
The Home of the Rogers Family Genealogy

Ernest-Harold-Rogers-NY   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree and Genealogy

Esther-L-Rogers-NY   Created By
The Unfinished Puzzle of the Herbert Family

Ethelynn-Rogers-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eugene-Roggenstein   Created By
Family Tree Of Eugene Roggenstein

Eugene-W-Rogers   Created By
The Eugene W. Rogers Family Home Page

Even-Rognlien   Created By
The Even Rognlien of Høybråten, Oslo, Norway

Everett-R-Rogers   Created By
The Everett Rogers,Coldwater,Comanche Co..KS

Everett-r-Rogers   Created By
The Everett R.& PATSY J.(DUNLAP) ROGERS of Coldwater,KS.

Faith-P-Rogers   Created By
The Family of Faith Pyle

Faith-Rogers-CA   Created By
My Family Geneology by Faith Pyle Rogers of Sacramento

Faith-Rogers-Sacramento   Created By
Faith Pyle Cowperthwaite Family

Felicia-L-Rogers   Created By
Felicia Rogers of Illinois

Felicia-Rogers-PA   Created By
Wanted: other decendants of Calvin Rogers of Brookville, PA

Fern-R-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree

Flemming-A-Roger   Created By

Florence-Roggemann   Created By
Roggemann-Margalit Family Tree

Floyd-W-Rogers   Created By
Keays to the Past Home Page

Francis-C-Rogerson   Created By
The Francis Rogerson Family Home Page

Francis-Rogers   Created By
Rodgers of Plain Grove, PA

Francis-W-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Francis Rogers

Francois-D-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frankie-M-Rogers   Created By
Smith Family Tree Page

G-a-Rogers   Created By
Ross Nathaniel Ward & Laura Viola Parker Ward --Ks, Ms, Mo

Gail-E-Rogers   Created By

Gail-M-Rogers   Created By
"Thomas Rogers Search, PA., MD., OH., USA"

Gary-A-Rogers   Created By
The Gary A. Rogers Family Records

Gary-C-Rogers   Created By
The Gary Rogers Family Home Page

Gary-C-Rogers-CA   Created By
The Gary Rogers Family Home Page

Gary-Clarence-Rogers   Created By
The Gary C. Rogers of Arizona.

Gary-Clarence-Rogers-GA   Created By
Thomas and Elizabeth Rogers Family Tree

Gary-L-Roglin   Created By
"The Roglin Family Home Page"

Gary-Rogers-3   Created By
Our Kin: Related Families of the Old South

Gary-Rogers-norfolk   Created By

Gayle-B-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Gayle Rogers

Gene-J-Rogers-jr   Created By
The Rogers-Flanagan Family

Gene-Joseph-Rogers-jr   Created By
the Rogers / Flanigan Family

George-J-Rogers-GA   Created By
George Rogers of Powder Springs, Georgia

George-Jerry-Rogers   Created By
The George J. Rogers Home Page

George-John-Rogers   Created By

George-K-Rogers   Created By
george karl rogers jr. looking for family

George-Rogers-Bristol   Created By
" The Rogers Weave " George Huel Rogers of Bristol,Tn.

George-Rogers-CA   Created By

George-Rogers-KY   Created By
Genealogy of the Town of Hornby, Steuben County, NY

George-Rogers-TN   Created By
"The Rogers Weave" George Huel Rogers Bristol,Tn.

Georgia-L-Rogers   Created By
The James Parker Family

Gerry-Rogers   Created By
Gerry Renee Crabtree Hooten

Gertrude-Rogers-   Created By
Gertrude L (Trudy) . Rogers of Kitchener,Ontario

Gertrude-Rogers-Ont   Created By
Trudy Rogers of Ontario Canada

Gillian-Roggerman   Created By
the bartlett family of the isle of wight

Gina-L-Rogers   Created By
The Joe S. Johnsons of Sumter Co. AL circa 1880 & decendants

Gina-L-Rogers-GA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gina-M-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Partridge families of CT, NY and MA

Ginger-A-Rogers   Created By
Ginger Ann Rogers of Minnesota

Ginger-D-Rogers   Created By
Little Okeechobian

Ginger-E-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Lorena Bagwell & Edward Hugh Wood

Gladys--L-Rogers   Created By

Gladys-L-Rogers   Created By

Gladys-L-Rogers-2   Created By

Gladys-L-Rogers-Dayton   Created By

Glen-Roger-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Glenda--L-Rogers   Created By
Rogers, Robert, Glenda, Rob & Amber

Glenda-Rogers-FL   Created By
My Sheppard / Lee Family from Nottingham England

Glenn-M-Rogers   Created By
The Glenn McLeod Rogers Family Home Page

Glenn-N-Rogers   Created By
Glenn Norman Rogers Home Page

Glenn-Norris-Rogers   Created By
The Glenn N. Rogers Family Home Page

Glenn-P-Rogers   Created By
The Glenn P. Rogers of Barnstead, New Hampshire

Glenn-Paul-Rogers   Created By
Glenn P Rogers - Paula A Layman of No. Barnstead, NH

Glenn-Rogers-nh   Created By
Glenn P Rogers & Paula A Layman Family Tree Website

Gloria-Rogers-   Created By
The Richard Rogers Family of Chatsworth, GA

Grant-Rogers-Dillsboro   Created By
Grant Rogers of Sylva NC

Grant-Rogers-NC   Created By
Grant Rogers of Sylva NC

Greg--Rogers   Created By
The Gregory Schuller Rogers Home Page

Gregory-L-Rogers   Created By
" The Rogers of Battle Creek, Mi. "

Gregory-N-Rogers   Created By

Gregory-Rogers-Ohio   Created By
Joseph Gregory Rogers

Harold-M-Rogers   Created By
Harold M. Rogers Family Home Page

Harold-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Jackson MS

Harold-Rogers-NY   Created By
The Rogers Family Genealogy

Harold-S-Rogers   Created By
The Kentucky Rogers

Harry--sage-W-Rogers   Created By
User Home Page

Harry-T-Rogers   Created By
'The Harry T. Rogers Family from Windber, Pennsylvania'

Hayley-S-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Wellington, NZ.

Heahter-A-Rogers   Created By

Heather-Marie-Rogers   Created By

Heather-Rogers-Hi   Created By
My Trent Geneology (CA>OK>VA) and Related Ancestors

Heather-Rogers-Tx   Created By
LaGrone and Whitehead Family of Texas

Heather-Rogers-Vancouver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Heather-Rogers-WA   Created By
The Rogers-Jones Research Machine

Heather-S-Rogers   Created By

Hedley-W-Rogers   Created By
Hedley W. Rogers Family Home Page

Helen-M-Rogers   Created By
The Helen Rogers Family Home Page

Henry-R-Rogers   Created By
Welcome To The Home of Vera and Hank Rogers of mo.I am the o

Henry-Ruben-Rogers   Created By
The Henry and Vera Rogers of Warrenton Mo.

Herb-Rogers-sr   Created By
Herbert M. Rogers Sr Sylacauga Alabma

Herbert-Rogers-   Created By
Herbert H. Rogers

Herman-A-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family of Benton County Mississippi Home Page

Herman-A-Rogers-FL   Created By
Rogers Family & Kin of Benton County, MS Genealogy Home Page

Herman-Arnold-Rogers   Created By
The Family Home Page of Herman A. Rogers

Herman-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family of Benton County Mississippi Home Page

Hester-Rogers-2   Created By

Holly-Rogers-   Created By
The Rogers Family of Northern Illinois

Howard-G-Rogers-sr   Created By
The Howard G. Rogers of Morgan City, LA

Howard-M-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Howard-S-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Robinson Family Home Page

Howard-Seymour-Rogers   Created By
Howard Rogers family pages

Ida-L-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers' of White Plains, NY and Moore's of Temple, Texas

Iva-Rogers   Created By
The William H. Crowder Family

Ivan-Rogers   Created By
The Ivan Elliott Rogers of Stillwater, OK

Jack-E-Rogers   Created By
Jack and Barbara (Lepera) Rogers Family

Jack-W-Roger   Created By
History of Jack

Jack-W-Rogers   Created By
The Jack W Rogers of Santa Barbara,Ca.

Jacqueline-L-Rogers   Created By
The Fank Darling Family Home Page

Jacqueline-Louise-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of New Hampshire

James-A-Rogers   Created By
The Jim Rogers Family Home Page

James-A-Rogers-Parker   Created By
The Rogers from South Dakota

James-C-Rogers   Created By
James C. Rogers, Leavenworth, WA

James-D-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of James Rogers

James-D-Rogowski   Created By
"The Rogowski's of Connecticut"

James-E-Rogers   Created By
James E. Rogers, Sr. of Hanover, MD

James-Edward-Rogers   Created By
James E. Rogers of Garrison, NY

James-Edwin-Rogers   Created By
The James E. Rogers Family Home Page

James-Edwin-Rogers-TN   Created By
The Rogers of Jefferson City, TN

James-M-Rogers-jr   Created By
Home Page of James Rogers, Jr.

James-Marvin-Rogers-jr   Created By
The James M. Rogers, Jr./Teresa Mae Brown Family Page

James-P-Rogers   Created By
The James Rogers Family, Cambria, CA

James-R-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Patrick James Rogers

James-Rogel   Created By
Jim Rogel's Family

James-Rogers-1   Created By
James C. Rogers, family file

James-Rogers-13   Created By
The Rogers Family of Shelby County Texas

James-Rogers-14   Created By
The Rogers Family of Shelby County

James-Rogers-West-Sussex   Created By
The Family Tree of James Rogers b.1978

James-S-Rogers   Created By
Sam and Sarah Smith Rogers Home Page

James-S-Rogers-CT   Created By
The Foley's/Rogers of Albany, NY

James-W-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Home Page

James-William-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of James Rogers

James-and-doshie-Rogers   Created By
James and Doshie Rogers Family

Jamie-L-Rogers   Created By
The Lile's of SW Missouri and the Rogers' of Mercer Co., MO

Jamie-Rogers-1   Created By
The Lile Family of Strafford, MO

Jamie-T-Rogge   Created By
The Rogges of Ontario Canada

Jan-M-Rogge   Created By
The Rogge Family in Cumming, Georgia

Jan-Roggy   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janet--M-Rogge   Created By
The Murthias Macksey Homepage

Janet-D-Rogerson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janet-K-Mattson   Created By
Janet Kay Rogers (Mattson) of Burlington Iowa

Janet-Martha-Rogers   Created By

Janet-N-Rogers-petersen   Created By
Rogers-Petersen of Bayard NE

Janet-Rogers   Created By
The Bowes /Lyon /Elphinstone and/or Miller/Meyer Families

Janice-L-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers & Hamilton Home Page

Janice-S-Rogers   Created By
Singleton, Jones, Dusenbury, McCoy, Rogers, Hayes Family

Jann-D-Rogers   Created By
The Jann Wallace Rogers Family Home Page

Jason-Rogers-Louisiana   Created By
The Jason J. Rogers of MC, Louisiana

Jason-W-Rogers   Created By
Jason Rogers of Delaware

Jay-W-Rogers   Created By
Jay and Barbara Rogers

Jaynelynn-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers,Fishers,Redmond and MacDonald family

Jaynelynn-Rogers-   Created By
Jayne-Lynns home page

Jean-K-Roger   Created By
ROGER - Scotland, Eastern Canada, England and US

Jeanette-J-Rogers   Created By
Family research on all names from rogers hodges humphries ri

Jeanette-J-Rogers-London   Created By
The Rogers Family Westbourne Sussex

Jeanmarie-Rogan   Created By
Jean-Marie Rogan of Texas

Jeanne-M-Rognlie   Created By
Sperberg/Rognlie/McCallum Families

Jeanne-Rognlie   Created By
The Rognlie/Sperberg/Steinike Family

Jeannie--Rogers   Created By
Jeannie Rogers Ancestor Page

Jeff-Rogers-   Created By
Rogers Clan of Texas

Jeff-Rogers-3   Created By
Rogers, Ontario Canada, Michigan USA

Jeffrey--J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Home Page

Jeffrey-J-Rogers   Created By
Jeffrey J. Rogers of Shreveport

Jeffrey-W-Rogers   Created By
My Family Tree

Jennie-L-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jennie-Rogers-Edmonds   Created By
Heriot/Williams of WA State

Jennifer-Roggy   Created By
the mead family tree

Jennifer-Rognlin   Created By
Rognlin /Cin Family

Jenny-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of jenny rogers

Jenya-L-Roggow   Created By
Home Page of Jenya Roggow

Jerry-A-Rogers   Created By
Benjamin (the Immigrant) Rogers or Rodgers

Jerry-L-Rogers   Created By
Jack Patrick or J.C. Rogers Kaufman Co. Texas

Jerry-Lee-Rogers   Created By
William Rogers Hamilton Co.Tenn.

Jerry-W-Rogers   Created By
The Jerry W. Rogers' of Morganton, NC

Jesse-Rogers   Created By
The Zan Rogers Famliy of Eastman, Ga.

Jewel-L-Rogers   Created By

Jim-Rogers   Created By
The Jimmie Owen Rogers Home Page

Jim-Rogers-NC   Created By
The Herbert James (Jim) Rogers, Jr. Family Home Page

Jim-Rogers-Tx   Created By
"Jimmie Owen Rogers of Orange, Texas

Jimmie-D-Rogers   Created By
Rogers, Washburn, Ingram, and Maddox Families of Kentucky

Jimmy-Rogers-   Created By
The Rogers Family of Georgia Ridge, Arkansas

Joan-eloise-Rogers   Created By

Joanne-L-Rogers   Created By
Joanne Lynn (Martin) Rogers of Rhode Island

Joe-Rogers   Created By
Joe Rogers Home Page ( Powerful)

Joe-W-Rogers   Created By
The Root's of the Rogers Family

Joey-L-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree of Upstate N.Y.

John-A-Rogers   Created By
Rogers from Arkansas& Soileau from Washington La.

John-Alton-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-B-Rogerson   Created By
Home Page of John Rogerson

John-E-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-Fenwick-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers and Maddison Families Home Page

John-G-Rogers   Created By
ROGERS in Shropshire U.K.

John-G-Rogers-jr   Created By
John Rogers Jr. Genealogy Home Page

John-J-Rogers   Created By
McCrory and/or Rogers

John-L-Rogers   Created By
The Bailey/Bigbee/Burns/Foust/Jones/Rogers/Shaffer Families

John-P-Rogers   Created By
The John Philip Rogers / Mea Marie Womack Home Page

John-R-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Home Page

John-Rogers-IN   Created By
Bigbee, Burns, Foust, and Rogers Homepage

John-Rogers-MD   Created By
The Rogers/Davis/Wiggins/McCorkle Family of Georgia

John-W-Rogers-Jr   Created By
The Rogers Family of Columbus, Georgia Home Page

Johnnie-Rogers   Created By
The Ancestry of Johnnie M. Rogers of Oakwood, TX

Jonathan-E-Rogers   Created By

Joseph-A-Rogers   Created By
Jakob Johner

Joseph-A-Rogers-LA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joseph-M-Rogers   Created By
The Joe Rogers Family Home Page

Joseph-Mark-Rogers   Created By
Joe Rogers Family Home page

Joseph-R-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of joseph rogers

Joseph-Rogers-LA   Created By

Joseph-Rogina   Created By
Rogina Family Tree

Joseph-Roosevelt-Rogers   Created By
Joseph R. Rogers, Sr. of Raleigh, NC

Joseph-U-Roggenkamp   Created By
joseph roggenkamp tillamook or

Josh-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Josh Rogers

Joshua-F-Rogers   Created By
The Joshua F. Rogers Family Homepage

Joshua-Rogers   Created By
Valerie's Home Page

Joyce-A-Rogers   Created By
Amberson Family Genealogy

Joyce-A-Rogers-AL   Created By
The Amberson Families in America

Joyce-Amberson-Rogers   Created By
Amberson Families Genealogy

Joyce-D-Rogers   Created By

Joyce-Mcalister-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joyce-Rogers   Created By
Our Fuller Folks from Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas

Joyce-Rogers-NC   Created By

Joyce-hostler-Rogers   Created By
Hostler/Kleckner family of Pa

Jp-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Davis Family of Georgia

Juanita-Rogers   Created By
Correias of St Vincent and Emtages of Barbados

Judith-A-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judith-A-Rogers-NY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judy-B-Rogers   Created By
My Family

Judy-B-Rogers-MS   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judy-L-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Judy (Long) Rogers

Judy-Rogers-KS   Created By
Judy Isbell

Judy-S-Rogers   Created By
The Adams/Moore/West/Rogers of Andrews, NC

Judy-T-Rogers   Created By
Turnquist Englund, Anderson, Strom Family

Judy-t-Rogers   Created By
T R Turnquist Family of Washington State

Julie-A-Rogers   Created By
The Julie Alexander Rogers Family Line

Julie-A-Rogers-AR   Created By
My Kin: Julie Alexander Rogers

Julie-Ann-Rogers   Created By
The Lloyd Wilbur Rogers Family

Juliet-Rogers   Created By
Sandoval Family, Canjilon, NM

June-M-Rogers   Created By
The Bauer - Keller Family of Ohio and Michigan

June-Rogan   Created By
Enoch Beardmore/Endon Stoke on Trent

June-Rogers-Fl   Created By
Robinsons of Toledo, Ohio

Karen-D-Rogers   Created By
Emma Nancy Elizabeth Flakes of Plantersville,MS

Karen-Delaine-Rogers   Created By
James Sanders and Emma Nancy Flakes of MS

Karen-Delaine-Rogers-Illinois   Created By
The Joe Nell Easter Family of Yantley, Alabama

Karen-H-Rogers-SC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-I-Rogers   Created By
Karibaby's Space in Time

Karen-R-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Karen Rogers

Karen-Rogers-3   Created By
Karen Meadows-Rogers of Spartanburg, South Carolina

Karen-Rogers-Kent   Created By
Rogers, Heaths and Herberts England UK

Karen-Rogers-LOWER-PORTLAND   Created By
My Liddiard Line

Karen-Sue-Rogers   Created By
Blood is Thicker than Water....usually

Karen-Sue-Rogers-tx   Created By
Blood is Thicker than Water....barely

Kari-L-Rogers   Created By
Lee Family Tree

Karla-M-Rogers   Created By
My Family Tree

Katherine-A-Rogerson   Created By
Aycock-Rogerson in North Carolina

Katheryne-A-Rogers   Created By
James Dewar and Annie Harris

Katheryne-A-Rogers-Richmond   Created By
Kathy Rogers' Ancestry

Kathy-D-Rogers   Created By
The Wiles/Rogers Family of Harlingen, TX

Kathy-Rogers-IN   Created By
My Cherokee Family (Campbell, Tindle, Dennis, Burnett)

Kathy-Rogers-nc   Created By

Kathy-Rogershartley   Created By
Rogers-Hartley family tree

Kathy-s-Rogers   Created By
My Kentucky Campbells (Downey, Tindle, Hampton, Moore also)

Katrina-M-Rogers   Created By

Kay-Rogers   Created By
Tangeman Page

Keith-A-Rogers   Created By
Emma and Carl Rogers Family Home Page

Keith-Allen-Rogers   Created By
"The Keith Allen Rogers of Mt. Gilead, Oh."

Keith-Edward-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Keith-R-Rogers   Created By
Keith R. Rogers of Groves,TX

Keith-Rogan   Created By
The Rogans of Liverpool, England.

Keith-Rogers-AB   Created By
The Keith Rogers Family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kelly-J-Rogers   Created By
Kelly Rogers Tree of Kent, England

Kelly-Rogers-2   Created By

Kelly-Rogers-AZ   Created By
Schurhammer Family

Kelly-Rogers-Glendale   Created By
The Schurhammer's of Wabasha, MN

Kelly-Rogers-New-River   Created By
The Schurhammer's of Wabasha, MN

Kelly-Rogers-Ontario   Created By
Kelly's Tree

Ken-A-Rogers   Created By
The Ken Rogers Family Home Page

Ken-Rogers   Created By
The Kenneth J. Rogers Family of Panhandle, TX

Kenneth-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kenneth-Jay-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Moad Family Tree

Kenneth-L-Rogers   Created By
The Kenneth L. Rogers of Lone Pine, California

Kenneth-L-Rogers-sr   Created By
The Cundari - Rovella Family History

Kenneth-L-Rogers-sr-KS   Created By
Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Plummer Rogers of Tenn.

Kenneth-L-Rogers-sr-Kansas   Created By
The Cundari - Rovella Family History

Kenneth-L-Rogers-sr-Leavenworth   Created By
Ancestors and Descendants of Plummer Rogers of Tennessee

Kenneth-Rogers   Created By
The Harley Levi Rogers Family

Kenneth-Rogers-1   Created By
Sam Henry Rogers, Oakland, CA

Kenneth-Rogers-2   Created By
The Kenneth J. Rogers of Panhandle, TX

Kenneth-Rogers-Panhandle   Created By
The Kenneth Rogers/Sandra Moad Family of Panhandle, TX

Kenneth-W-Rogers   Created By
The Clarence Hayward Rogers family of Cleburne, Texas

Kenneth-W-Rogers-jr   Created By
Kenneth W. Rogers, Jr. Family

Kenneth-Wayne-Rogers   Created By
The Clarence Hayward Rogers of Cleburne, Texas

Kevin-Rogers-FL   Created By
History of Kevin and Ashley Rogers

Kim-Rogers   Created By
Kimberly G. Rogers, Missouri

Kim-Roggenkamp   Created By
David & Trina's Family Tree (Minnesota)

Kimberley-A-Rogers   Created By
"Hosty" County Galway, Ireland & "Bedard" France & Canada

Kimberly-A-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Kimberly Rogers

Kimberly-G-Rogers   Created By
The John W. Gearharts of Andrews, NC

Kirsten-S-Rogers   Created By
The Michael H. Rogers of Sherwood, AR

Kishau-Rogers   Created By
Smith of Virginia

Kristi-L-Rogers   Created By
Beverly Mahone Rogers Family Tree

Krystie-L-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Morgan Family of MI

Lamana-Rogers-NC   Created By
Woodrow Wilson Rogers Genealogy Home Page

Larry-C-Rogers   Created By
"The Larry Stragey Family Home Page"

Larry-D-Rogers   Created By
The Larry D. Rogers of Baton Rouge, LA

Larry-G-Rogers   Created By
Rogers-Wilson Family Page

Lashawnda-R-Rogers   Created By
Trottman Family Legacy

Lauren-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree

Lauren-Rogers-CA   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree

Laurette-A-Rogers   Created By
Family History of Laurette Rogers

Laverne-Rogers   Created By
Laverne's Family + Mike's Family = Our Families

Lawrence-G-Rogers   Created By

Lawrence-H-Rogovin   Created By
The Lawrence Rogovins of Miami, Florida

Lee-Rogers   Created By
Descendants of Isaac G. Rogers of Monroe County, MI

Lena-C-Rogers   Created By
Lomax and marriges from West Tn

Lenetta-K-Rogers   Created By
The Daniel Mooney Family

Lenetta-K-Rogers-indiana   Created By
"The Jasper Newton Rogers of Va"

Lenetta-Kay-Rogers   Created By
The Betty Jane(Meadows)Rogers of Stanton Powell co,Kentucky

Lesley-J-Rogers   Created By
Dewings of Norfolk, England

Leslie-M-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of Westfield, NJ

Leslie-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family

Leszek-M-Rogala   Created By
Rodzina Rogala Katowice Poland

Lianne-Rogers   Created By
The Fry & Poindexter Family of Fort Worth, TX

Lillie-S-Rogers-estes   Created By
Rogers of eEstill Co. and Powell Co. Ky.

Linda-A-Rogan   Created By

Linda-A-Roganfuller   Created By
Linda A. Rogan-Fuller

Linda-D-Rogers   Created By
"The Eldred Rogers Family of Harrison, Ar.

Linda-Diane-Rogers   Created By
Grimmer family

Linda-J-Rogers   Created By
Linda's Genealogy Home Page

Linda-J-Rogers-TX   Created By

Linda-Joanne-Rogers   Created By
Linda Reese Rogers Home Page

Linda-L-Rogers   Created By
An American Story

Linda-Rogers   Created By
The Home Page Of Linda Scott Fairfield Rogers

Linda-Rogers-4   Created By
Ancestors of Chris Rogers -Rogers/Trigg/Owen/Bell

Linda-Rogers-5   Created By
The Descendants of Thomas Pierce Crow

Linda-Rogers-7   Created By
The Courchesnes of Canada and Springfield,Vt.

Lisa-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Herefordshire 1700-1900's

Lisa-L-Rogers   Created By
Bower's of Wapello County, Iowa

Lisa-Lenora-Rogers   Created By

Lisa-M-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Rogers

Lisa-M-Rogersryder   Created By
Ancestors of Lisa Michelle Rogers. (Rogers/Vail/Day)

Lisa-Marie-Rogers   Created By
The Ice's of Carrot Creek, Alberta

Lisa-Rogers   Created By
The David H. Bower of Iowa

Lisa-Rogers-FL   Created By
"The Danny R. Rogers of Silsbee, TX."

Lisa-Rogers-IA   Created By
The Rupe's of Wapello County, Iowa

Lloyd-Ernest-Rogers   Created By
The Lloyd Ernest Rogers Home Page Canada

Lloyd-T-Rogers   Created By
The Keeley Family (Manchester UK)

Loretta-K-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Loretta Rogers

Lori-D-Rogers   Created By
This is for you Grandma J.

Lori-D-Rogers-shreffler   Created By
Grandma J.

Lori-Rogers   Created By
Dennis Rogers Home Page

Lorie-Rogerson   Created By
Lorie Rogerson

Louis-B-Rogers   Created By
The Louis B Rogers of Greenville County, South Carolina

Louise-Rogers-CA   Created By
" The Ancestors of Louise Bryant"

Louise-Rogers-Lancaster   Created By
The Bryant Family Georgia to Texas and Beyond

Luke-J-Rogers   Created By
The L. J. Rogers Family of Michigan

Lyndie-Rogers   Created By
The Totherow's of Alabama

Lynett-Rogers-long   Created By
Rogers Family Tree

Mamie-L-Rogers   Created By

Marc-J-Rogoff   Created By
The Leslie Rogoff Family Home Page

Marc-Rogivue   Created By
Stammbaum des Geschlechtes Waser von Zürich

Margaret-A-Rogers-Fl   Created By
Unique Reflections Genealogy

Margaret-M-Rogers   Created By
The Family of Marge Rogers

Maria-J-Rogers   Created By
Russell Family Research in Canada & Australia

Marianne-Rogerson   Created By
Rogerson, Casey, Dunshea, Keyte Research

Marie-Rogers-   Created By
Marie Slaughter & Walter Rogers of Redcliffe Qld Australia

Marilyn-A-Rogers   Created By
"Quitt/Rogers Families"

Marilyn-Ann-Rogers   Created By

Marilyn-Rogers   Created By
Rogers and Quitt Family

Marion-J-Rogers   Created By
John Rogers Family of Virginia

Marion-R-Rogowski   Created By
2516 Ownership Distribution

Marion-Richard-Rogowski   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marissa-F-Rogak   Created By
The Rogak Family Homepage

Mark-A-Rogers   Created By
Mark A. Rogers and Family

Mark-C-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family

Mark-D-Rogers   Created By
The Rodziczak Family

Mark-Rogers-FL   Created By
The Mark and Elizabeth Rogers Family Tree

Mark-Rogo   Created By
Descendants from Moishe Rogowsky and Shendel Glazer

Mark-S-Rogers   Created By
Mark S Rogers of Westport, Ma

Marsha-Rogers   Created By
Marsha Scott Rogers: The Line Ends Here

Martha-L-Rogers   Created By
Cherokee's Place

Martin-Rogers-NJ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-A-Rogers   Created By
Mary Anne Rogers

Mary-C-Rogers   Created By
The Francis G. Nobles Family Home Page

Mary-E-Rogers-PA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-E-Rogge   Created By
Nicklin: Rogge: Zuick (Zueck

Mary-E-Rogge--zuick   Created By
Veryl A Rogge Home Page

Mary-Jane-Rogers   Created By
Rogers/Boyd Family Home Page

Mary-Jo-Rogers   Created By
The Mary Jo Rogers Family Home Page

Mary-Levina-Rogers   Created By
Rogers of Waipu, New Zealand.

Mary-Rogers   Created By
Conner, English, Martin, Newborn Families

Mary-Rogers-6   Created By
Houck, Swonger Family Tree

Mary-lee-Rogers   Created By
Family of Mary Lee Rogers of Nashville, Tennessee

Mary-lou-Rogers   Created By
Boyer-Gegg-Rogers-Temmel Family Home Page

Matthew-Rogers-1   Created By
The Rogers of Springfield, MO

Matthew-T-Rogers   Created By
"The Matthew T. Rogers (Nova Scotia, Canada

Meadow-L-Rogers   Created By
The Burlesons of Mantachie, MS.

Meagan-Rogers   Created By
Meagan's Family Tree (Project for American History)

Meagan-Rogers-Texas   Created By
My Tree

Mel-Rogers   Created By
Families Way Back

Melanie-A-Rogers   Created By

Melinda-Rogers   Created By
America jean Rogers married Donald james Craig aug,04,1941KY

Melissa-D-Rogers   Created By
Melissa's Family

Melissa-K-Rogers   Created By
Tomlinson, McMacken, Rogers and Whitehead

Melissa-Rogers   Created By
"The Monday's"

Melissa-Rogers-4   Created By
Funny lil'Fat Kid .......Piguet-Shade family tree

Melissa-Rogers-SOUTH-CAROLINA   Created By

Melvin-Rogow-CA   Created By

Merideth-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Dartmouth Massachusetts

Michael-B-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Ardmore

Michael-C-Roger   Created By
The Michael C. Roger of Cherry Point, NC

Michael-D-Rogers   Created By
Main Ark Clan

Michael-J-Rogers   Created By
Mickey Rogers Presents His Family Page

Michael-J-Rogus   Created By
Michael Rogus of Chicago

Michael-L-Rogers   Created By
Arkansas/Oklahoma Rogers, Candler, Schmidt & Stout

Michael-P-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Genealogy Home Page

Michael-R-Rogers   Created By
The Jones' of Michigan

Michael-Rogero-jr   Created By
The Michael J. Rogeros of Jacksonville, FL

Michael-Rogers   Created By

Michael-Rogers-18   Created By
Descendants of Henry Rogers and Sarah Johnston

Michael-Rogers-California   Created By
The Rogers

Michael-Rogers-LA   Created By
Oklahoma Rogers, Stout, Schmidt & Candler

Michael-Rogers-Louisiana   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-Rogers-MA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-S-Rogala-jr   Created By
Rogala, Originally Rogalaski a Polish Name

Michael-S-Rogers   Created By

Michael-W-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers / Lynch Family Trees

Michelle-Rogers-2   Created By
The Mullaney family tree

Michelle-S-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Ontario, Canada

Mike-L-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers

Mike-Rogers   Created By
The Marie Rogers Descendants Home Page

Mike-Rogers-2   Created By
The Rogers And McCall Families

Mike-Rogers-OK   Created By
The Rogers

Mike-Rogers-San-Leandro   Created By
Michael R. Rogers of San Leandro, CA

Mike-Rogers-San-Lorenzo   Created By
Rogers Family History

Mike-Rogers-VA   Created By
Michael Kress Rogers

Mike-Rogers-Virginia-Beach   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mikey-R-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of El Paso, TX

Mildred-A-Rogers   Created By
Andrews Genealogy of Franklin and Stephens County, Georgia

Mitchell-K-Rogers   Created By
Mitchell K. Rogers of Millsboro, DE (Rogers on Delmarva)

Mitchell-L-Rogers   Created By

Myron-T-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family

Myrtle-R-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nanci-L-Berry   Created By
Nanci Rogers-Berry Family Tree

Nancy-C-Roginske   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nancy-D-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Nancy Rogers

Nancy-Dawn-Rogers   Created By

Nancy-J-Rogers   Created By
Nancy Rogers of Pewaukee,Wis.

Nancy-W-Rogers   Created By
The Walker & Rogers Families Home Page

Natalie-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Crane/Oscarson Family Tree

Neal-K-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Neil-A-Rogersdavis   Created By
Neil's Gaymer and Potten Home Page

Nicholas-V-Rogers   Created By

Nick-J-Rogers   Created By
Nick and Judith Rogers Home Page

Nick-Rogers-2   Created By
My North Carolina Roots

Nick-Rogers-Orangeburg   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nicole-A-Rogers   Created By
Nicole's Family Tree

Nicole-S-Rogers   Created By
Llewellyn & Nicole Rogers Family Tree

Nikita---T-Rogers   Created By
The John Hedgpeth Family Home Page

Nikita-T-Rogers   Created By
The Hedgpeth and Teague Family Home Page

Nina-E-Rogers-LA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Noah-A-Rogers   Created By
"The Noah Allen Rogers Family Home Page"

Nola--Rogers   Created By
Home Page of nola rogers

Nola-M-Rogers   Created By

Nora-Rogers   Created By
Nora Rogers

Norman-A-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Saint Peters, MO

Norman-F-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family

Norman-L-Rogers   Created By
"The Norman Rogers Family Home Page"

Norman-Rogers-MO   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Oliver-Carlisle-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Oliver Rogers


Pamela-J-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pamela-Rogers-1   Created By
The Rogers, Lively's, Poole's and familys

Pat-Rogers-Visalia   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Patricia-Ann-Rogers   Created By
The Patrick Bradys of Natick, MA

Patricia-Arline-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Central Illinois

Patricia-E-Rogers   Created By
Descendants of John H. Moore of PA & OH

Patricia-L-Rogers-fritz   Created By
Patricia Rogers Family Tree

Patricia-Rogers-   Created By
The Rogers Family of Mississippi and Texas

Patricia-Rogoway   Created By
Calvin B Green

Patricia-S-Rogers   Created By
The Steward Family of Texas

Patricia-k-A-Rogers   Created By
The Patrick Henry Bradys of S. Natick, MA

Patrick-A-Rogo   Created By
The Rogo Family Home Page

Patrick-A-Rogo-Milwaukee   Created By
The Rogo Family

Patrick-A-Rogo-WI   Created By
The Rogo Family of Milwaukee, WI

Patty-Lovell-Rogenmoser   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Paul-A-Rogers   Created By
The Paul A. Rogers Family Home Page

Paul-A-Rogissart   Created By
The ROGISSART Family Home Page

Paul-F-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Paul Rogers

Paul-Frederick-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree

Paul-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Of Wednesbury Staffordshire UK

Paul-M-Rogers   Created By
Paul Rogers (Rocha) and Kathleen Rathmell: Small Shoots

Paul-Michael-Rogers   Created By
Paul Rogers (Rocha) & Kathleen Rathmell: Little Shoots

Paul-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Learned Home Page

Paul-Rogers-3   Created By
Cameron Rogers family tree

Paul-Rogers-Cincinnati   Created By
Rogers Family Tree Working Draft

Paul-Rogers-IOW   Created By

Paul-Rogers-OH   Created By
Rogers Family Tree Workbook

Paul-Rogers-kings-lynn   Created By
Cameron Rogers family tree 2003

Paul-Rogers-norfolk   Created By
Camerons family tree

Paul-Rogers-west-midlands   Created By
Cameron Rogers Family tree

Paula-K-Rogers   Created By
The Websters and Ash's of Missouri

Paula-K-Rogers-MO   Created By
The Webster Family of Missouri

Paula-L-Rogerson   Created By
The Hauck, Rogerson, Bosch, Fauth Families

Peggy-Jean-Rogers   Created By
The Peggy Swafford-Rogers Family Home Page

Peggy-L-Rogers   Created By
"The George A. Howards of Springfield Montana

Peggy-Rogers   Created By
User Home Page

Peggy-Rogers-TEXAS   Created By

Peggy-S-Rogers   Created By
peggy s. rogers of biggsville, il

Perry--Rogers-   Created By
Murray Family

Peter-A-Rogerson   Created By
Peter Rogerson's Home Page

Peter-C-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Cheshunt Herts UK

Peter-M-Rogers   Created By
The Isaac & The William Rogers Families Home Page

Peter-M-Rogers-AZ   Created By
The Isaac & Dorcas Rogers of Essex, England

Peter-Rogers-NJ   Created By
The Rogers from Norfolk, England

Philip-D-Rogers   Created By
Phil Rogers Family tree begins here

Philip-Rogich   Created By
Philip J. Rogich of Syracuse, UT

Philippe-J-Roggeband   Created By
Descendants of Domus Roggeband

Phyllis-Rogers-   Created By
Weeks, Rogers of MS, TX and AL

Phyllis-Rogovsky   Created By

Phyllis-W-Rogers   Created By
Phyllis' Watson, Kingsbury, Wyman, Forrest, Efland Tree

Piotr-Rogalewicz   Created By
Piotr Rogalewicz

Priscilla-Rogn   Created By
The Rogn Family Tree for Priscilla Rogn

R-L-Rogers-CA   Created By
Carl & Gilbert (Stout & Longacre) Lines of Yamhill Co. OR

Rachael-A-Rogan   Created By
The Rogan Family History

Rachael-M-Rogers   Created By

Raechel-L-Rogers-stanford   Created By
Raechel Lynn Rogers Stanford

Ralph-F-Rogowski-WI   Created By
Rogowski Home Page

Ramona-J-Rogers   Created By
Ruby Gage Frey Johnson and Other Branches

Rayleen-Rogers   Created By
The Bertie S.Clark of South Dakota

Raymond-C-Rogers   Created By
Raymond Carl Rogers Galesburg illinois

Rebecca-C-Rogers   Created By
The Thomas Reems Family from North Carolina and Georgia

Rebecca-C-Rogers-WA   Created By
The Rogers,Tapps,Grays,Warrens of Knoville,Tn

Rebecca-Jeanne-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rebecca-L-Rogers   Created By
"Joseph Nathan Rodgers of Houston County, Texas"

Rebecca-M-Rogers   Created By
The Family Reseach by Rebecca M. Jacques-Rogers

Reed-M-Rogers   Created By
"The Reed McKinley Rogers Home Page"

Regina-Rogers-1   Created By
Robinson/Sanders Family Tree

Rena-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers' Family of Leominster, MA

Renee-L-Rogers   Created By
Renee L Rogers of Dallas, Texas

Rhonda-M-Rogers-MI   Created By
Fulgenzi, Pritt, Riffle, Ware and a whole lot more!

Rhonda-Rogers   Created By
The Trulls - Valdosta, GA

Rhonda-Rogoshewski   Created By
Rogoshewski Links

Ric-Rogers   Created By
Ric Rogers and Thea (Potter) Rogers Home Page

Richard-A-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Creamer Family

Richard-B-Rogers   Created By
The Richard B. Rogers page

Richard-E-Rogers   Created By
The Richard Eugene Rogers Family Tree

Richard-M-Rogers   Created By
The Robin Rogers Family Home Page

Richard-Rogers-4   Created By
Rogers/Poythress of Gadston County, FL

Richard-Rogers-Fl   Created By
The Creamer-Rogers Family

Richard-Rogers-Lancaster   Created By
The Rogers' of Marlboro County

Richard-Rogers-Plano   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-S-Rogers-jr   Created By
the richard s rogers jr home page

Richard-W-Rogers   Created By
Richard William Rogers

Richard-W-Rogers-SC   Created By
The Rogers' of Marlboro County, S.C.

Richard-wade-Rogers-v   Created By
The Rogers of Pike and Upson Counties, Georgia

Rick-E-Rogers   Created By
User Home Page

Rita-A-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family - from Baltimore to Atlanta

Rob-Roy-REEDVILLE   Created By
The Rogers of GA

Robert-A-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers-Hart Family Page

Robert-A-Rogers-fl   Created By
The CELLA - DALELIO - ROGERS home page

Robert-A-Roggeman   Created By
Home Page of Robert Roggeman

Robert-Alan-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers, from the Carolinas, to Florida and Beyond

Robert-Alan-Rogers-FL   Created By
Stricklands, Holts and Bridges of Cotton Plant, Florida

Robert-C-Rogers   Created By
Genealogy Data for Robert C. Rogers Jr. and Family

Robert-E-Rogers   Created By
Robert E Rogers of OKC ,OK

Robert-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Clan

Robert-J-Rogers-AB   Created By
The Rogers Clan

Robert-John-leslie-Rogers   Created By
THe Robert J. Rogers of St. Albert, Alberta

Robert-Rogers   Created By
The Robert J. Rogers of Delta, Colorado

Robert-Rogers-11   Created By
Robert Thomas Rogers of Newhall, CA

Robert-Rogers-CA   Created By
The Rogers Family Homepage

Robert-Rogers-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-W-Rogers   Created By
The Dooley/Rogers Mississippi Home Page

Robert-W-Rogers-FL   Created By
Robert W. Rogers, currently of Winter Park, FL

Robert-William-Rogers   Created By

Roberta-F-Rogers--ward   Created By
Frankie Ward of Scottsville, Virginia

Robin-Rogers-   Created By
Rogers and Williams of San Antonio, Texas

Ronald-B-Rogers   Created By
The Ronald Rogers Family Home Page

Ronald-Rogers-   Created By
The Geneology From Chancey Rogers & Rebecca Briggs

Ronnie-L-Rogers   Created By

Rory-T-Rogerson   Created By
Home Page of Rory Rogerson

Rory-T-Rogerson-Dublin   Created By
The Rogerson Family, Dublin Ireland

Rosalyn-M-Rogers-wilson   Created By
Brownrigg/ Rogers, Reynolds,

Rosanna-L-Rogers   Created By

Rosanna-L-Rogers-WA   Created By
Rosanna Winger Rogers of Silverdale, Washington

Rose-Rogersharris   Created By
Shoun, Vaught, Walker An African American Family

Rose-Rogersharris-Illinois   Created By
AA Walkers of Berkley County of S C and Vaughts of Tennessee

Rosina-Rogerjone   Created By
Rosina Roger-Jones of Oldbury, West Midlands

Roslyn-A-Rogers   Created By
The RussGibson Family Home Page

Roy-Keith-Rogers   Created By
The Wigmores of New Zealand

Russell-E-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers/Isom Family Tree

Russie-L-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree - The Brown Family Tree

Ruth-M-Rogerspilkuhn   Created By
Jacob Missler/Mary Schoder of MA

Sally-A-Rogers   Created By
Rogers' Page

Sally-J-Rogersswiernik   Created By
The Almon Rogers decendents of Stueben,N.Y.

Sally-M-Rogers   Created By
The Kidd Family Tree

Samuel-M-Rogers   Created By
Samuel M Rogers of Grafton, West Virginia

Samuel-Rogers-1   Created By
Samuel Taylor Rogers of Charleston, SC

Sandra-A-Rogers   Created By
"The William Albert Martin Family Home Page"

Sandra-L-Rogers   Created By
campbells, rogers,and mclellan ,lewis of robeson,marion coun

Sandra-Rogers-Texas   Created By
The George and Lena Martin's of Teague, TX.

Sandra-Y-Rogers   Created By
The Decendents of Charles Henry Wood of Texas

Sandy-Rogers   Created By
McCarty/Bagley Family of Hinesville,Ga.

Sandy-Rogers-Georgia   Created By
The William Rodrick of Rhode Island

Sara-E-Rogers   Created By
My Family

Sara-J-Rogers   Created By
The William Swanson Cornelius of Yadkinville,Yadkin,NC.

Sarah-D-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of sarah Rogers

Sarah-E-Rogers   Created By
sarah rogers is the coolest girl ever are you part of my fam

Sarah-Rogers   Created By
Rogers and Porters in Maine

Sarah-Rogers-6   Created By
Rogers, Monzingos, of VA,OH, IA, OK and more

Sarah-Rogers-TN   Created By
Rogers of Kingsport TN

Sarah-Rogers-TX   Created By
The George and Sarah Rogers family of Texas

Savannah-A-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Savannah-Rogers   Created By

Scott-A-Rogers   Created By
The Scott A. Rogers of Millsboro, DE

Scott-F-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers' Family Tree of Northern NY

Scott-Rogers-ne   Created By
The Rogers

Scott-T-Rogge   Created By
Scott T. Rogge

Scott-T-Rogge-OR   Created By
The Scott T. Rogge Family of Eugene, OR

Sean-K-Rogers   Created By
The Sean Rogers Family Home Page

Sella-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Tree of California

Sella-Rogers-ca   Created By
Rogers Meet the Fattal Family

Serena-L-Rogers   Created By
"The Ralph Koskis' of Wisconsin"

Shannon-Rogers-OR   Created By
The Cherokee Family Tree

Shara-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-Ann-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Sharon Rogers

Sharon-E-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Springfield

Sharon-F-Rogers   Created By

Sharon-Faye-Rogers   Created By
The Simmons Family

Sharon-Faye-Rogers-GARLAND   Created By

Sharon-Faye-Rogers-TEXAS   Created By

Sharon-Faye-Rogers-TX   Created By
The Simmons Family

Sharon-Faye-Rogers-Texas   Created By
Sharon Simmons Family Tree

Sharon-J-Rogers   Created By
The Macdonald/ Rogers of Winnipeg,Manitoba .Canada

Sheila-J-Rogers   Created By
The Johnson/Thompson families of Sherwood, Franklin Co., TN.

Sherry-D-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Sherry Rogers

Shirley-A-Rogersnaff   Created By
Home Page of Shirley Rogers-Naff

Shirley-D-Rogers   Created By
The Shirley (Dill) Rogers Family Home Page

Shirley-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers' Family

Shirley-M-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Shirley Rogers

Shirley-Rogers-Alaska   Created By
The Rogers' Family

Shirley-Rogers-Tn   Created By
T & S Rogers of Kimball, Tn.

Sondra--M-Rogers   Created By
"The John Martin-Henry Tribue Family Home Page"

Stacy-Rogers-Jacksonville   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Stacy-Rogers-NC   Created By
Brian William Rogers Family Branches

Stanley-D-Rogers   Created By
Rogers History and Family Tree

Stanley-D-Rogers-sr   Created By
The Stanley D. Rogers, Sr. Family Home Page

Stanley-Dewayne-Rogers-sr   Created By
Descendants of James Rogers of Newport, RI (RI, NC, GA)

Stanley-Rogers   Created By
Stanley D. Rogers, Sr. Family Tree

Stephen-A-Rogero   Created By
The Stephen A. Rogeros of Jacksonville, FL

Stephen-A-Rogero-FL   Created By
The Stephen A. Rogero Family Book

Stephen-A-Rogers   Created By
Stephen Rogers Family Tree

Stephen-J-Rogan   Created By
The Rogans of Sligo, Ireland

Stephen-J-Rogers   Created By
The Stephen Rogers Family Home Page

Stephen-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Emily Grace Rogers

Steve-Rogers-denial   Created By
geneology of life

Steven--Rognlie-MI   Created By
The Steven Rognlie Family Home Page

Steven-Rogers-MD   Created By
James T. Evans, Jr of Virginia

Sue-Rogers   Created By
My Shouse and Rogers Home

Sue-Rogers-Vic   Created By

Sunny--D-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Sunny Rogers

Susan-A-Rogosky   Created By
The Rogosky Family of Derry

Susan-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family of Keokuk, IA

Susan-M-Rogers   Created By
Oxlade Family of Queensland Home Page

Susan-M-Rogers-NY   Created By
Welcome to CousinsPlus

Susan-Marie-Rogers   Created By
Searching for "Sutch"

Susan-Marie-Rogers-wash   Created By
Home Page of susan rogers

Susan-Melody-Rogers   Created By
Oxlade Family Home Page

Susan-R-Rogge   Created By
His and Hers Home Page

Susan-Rogers-4   Created By
The Michael D. Rogers' Family of Texas

Susan-Rogers-MI   Created By
Edward Monroe Rogers Family History

Susan-Rogers-NH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Susan-Rogers-NJ   Created By
The Rogers/ Rodgers Family Tree

Susan-Rogers-WA   Created By
The Michael David Rogers' Family of Texas

Susan-Rogers-nh   Created By
susan mc carthy rogers

Susan-S-Rogers   Created By
The Washington Stone Descendants of Nash Cty North Carolina

Susan-Stone-Rogers   Created By
Bohannons and Crabtrees of Danville/Halifax Virginia

Susan-Stone-Rogers-Georgia   Created By
Washington Stone of Franklin/Nash Cty North Carolina

Susan-Stone-Rogers-Rome   Created By
The Porch Sisters of Nash and Franklin County, North Carolin

Susanne-M-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Susanne-Marie-Rogers   Created By
Rogers and Allen Ancestral History and OtherRelated Families

Suszan-L-Rogers   Created By
Holmes Family - Carlton/Fiztroy, Victoria, Australia

Suzanne-E-Rogers   Created By
The Walkingtons of Somerset

Suzanne-L-Rog   Created By
Suzanne Rogs Family History

Suzanne-Rogers-CA   Created By
Suzanne L Jackson of El Paso, TX

Suzette-Rogers   Created By
What Levi and Doris Created

Sylvia-Rogers   Created By
"The Rogers/Lane Relation" in Tn./Va./Ohio

Tamela-T-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Tamela Rogers

Tammy-M-Rogers   Created By

Tara-M-Rogers   Created By

Telena-Rogers-OR   Created By
Telena Rogers of Portland Oregon

Telena-Rogers-Oregon   Created By
Telena Rogers African American Family Genealogy

Teresa-E-Rogers   Created By
Teresa E. Rogers Geneology

Teresa-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers of Polk county, Wisconsin

Teresa-L-Rogers   Created By

Teresa-Rogers   Created By
The HIll Family Georgia

Teresa-Rogers-2   Created By
Teresa Zimmer Rogers

Terri-Rogers   Created By

Terry-Rogers-TX   Created By
Terry Rogers Tree

Theodore-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Theodore Alan of Kingston, Oklahoma

Theresa-E-Rogers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Theresa-E-Rogers-In   Created By
The Rogers & Ewing Family

Theresa-G-Rogers-griffiths   Created By
" John B. ROGERS of White Co., Ark"

Theresa-M-Rogers   Created By
Theresa Crooks

Thomas-E-Rogers   Created By
The Thomas E. (Dene) & Beverly Ann Rogers Family Home Page

Thomas-E-Rogers-AL   Created By
"The Thomas E. Rogers Family Home Page"

Thomas-Rogers-Bremerton   Created By
The T. E. (Dene) Rogers of Bremerton family

Thomas-William-Rogers   Created By
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Relatives

Thomas-louis-Rogerson   Created By
The Thomas Louis Ro(d)gersons of Auckland New Zealand

Thomas-william-rogers-William-Rogers   Created By
Genealogy of Thomas William Rogers Born May 9, 1954

Tikisha-Rogersdavis   Created By
The Richmond Family of Leasburg, NC!

Timothy-J-Rogers   Created By
The family of Timothy J Rogers Quincy, MA

Toby-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of Toby Rogers

Todd-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family of Erie PA

Todd-Rogers-VA   Created By
Todd Rogers

Tom-E-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Tom and Laura (Singel) Rogers

Tom-E-Rogers-GA   Created By
Rogers Family of Schaumburg/Chicago Illinois

Tom-E-Rogers-Villa-Rica   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Tom-Rogers   Created By
thomas rogers

Tom-Rogers-SC   Created By
The Rogers/Lindsey Family

Tommy-R-Rogers   Created By
The Tommy R. Rogers of Bridgeport, Al.

Tommy-Rex-Rogers   Created By
The Tommy R. Rogers of Bridgeport, Al.

Tracy-Ann-Rogers-Pa   Created By
Looking For my family.

Trudy-A-Rogers   Created By
The Frederick Holden Rushworth Family Home Page

Utah--C-Rogers   Created By
Utah Carroll Rogers Family History

Utah-C-Rogers   Created By

Utah-Rogers   Created By

Vadim-Rogge   Created By
" ROGGE from RUSSIA ". Vadim Rogge from Moscow, Russia

Valery-A-Rogers   Created By

Vbeverly--Rogers   Created By
Ancestry of Violetta Ruth Streeter

Vernice-E-Rogers-TX   Created By
Trents and Browders of Alabama and Mississippi

Veronica-L-Rogers   Created By
Smith/Harris Family Tree

Veronica-Rogers-1   Created By
E. Rogers Family

Vicki-Rogers-1   Created By
Vicki Lee Niverson of Montpelier, IN

Vicki-Rogers-SC   Created By
Victoria Watson Rogers of SC

Vickie-L-Rogers   Created By
The Vickie L. Rogers Home page

Vickie-Rogers   Created By
Vickie Davidson of South Eastern Kentucky

Victoria-S-Rogers   Created By
Dreamers' Family Tree

Virginia-L-Rogers   Created By

Vivian-L-Rogers   Created By
Ancestors of Vivian Lee Vonk Rogers

Walter-F-Rogers   Created By
Walter F. Rogers of Hermitage, TN

Wayne-A-Rogers   Created By
Wayne A. Rogers

Wayne-Rogers-2   Created By
Wayne Alvin Rogers

Weldon-M-Rogers   Created By
The Weldon Rogers Family Home Page

Wellington-S-Rogers   Created By
Wellington Sprague Rogers Family of Los Angeles CA

Wellington-S-Rogers-jr   Created By
The Rogers-Hager Family of Los Angeles, CA

Wendell-T-Rogers   Created By
The Wendell Rogers Family Home Page

Wendell-T-Rogers-1   Created By
The Wendell T. Rogers's Family of Huntsville, AL

Wendell-T-Rogers-2   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wendell-T-Rogers-AL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wendell-Taylor-Rogers   Created By
Wendell & Karen Rogers Genealogy Home Page

Wendell-Taylor-Rogers-Alabama   Created By
Wendell & Karen Rogers of Madison Alabama

Wendy-Rogers   Created By
The Sauer's - Ontario, Canada

Wendy-Rogers-   Created By
Rogers/Thayer Ancestory

Wendy-Rogers-2   Created By
The Rogers Moran of Plant City

Wilbur-J-Rogers   Created By
The Rogers Family Home Page

Will-W-Rogers   Created By

Will-Wiley-Rogers   Created By

William--H-Rogers   Created By
The William H. Rogers Family Home Page

William--N-Rogers   Created By
The William Norman Rogers Family Home Page

William-A-Rogers   Created By
Home Page of William Rogers

William-Bill--Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family Home Page

William-D-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family Home Page

William-E-Rogers   Created By
Rogers Family Tree 2008

William-Edward-Rogers   Created By
William E. Rogers of Texas and Louisana

William-H-Rogers   Created By
William H. Rogers Family Tree

William-Harris-Rogers   Created By
The William H. Rogers Family Home Page

Yvonne-Rogers-Georgia   Created By
Yvonne Richter of Jakin Ga.

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