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Ancestors of Stanley Elmer Allen

Generation No. 15

      16704. Nicholas Eaton He was the son of 33408. Georgius Eaton. He married 16705. Katherine Talbot.

      16705. Katherine Talbot
Child of Nicholas Eaton and Katherine Talbot is:
  8352 i.   Louis Eaton, married Anna Savage.

      16708. Thomas Cressett, born 1436 in Upton Cresset, Shropshire, England. He married 16709. Jane Corbet.

      16709. Jane Corbet, born Abt. 1445 in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire, England.
Child of Thomas Cressett and Jane Corbet is:
  8354 i.   Richard Cressett, born Abt. 1470; married Joan Wrottesley.

      16710. Walter Wrottesley He was the son of 33420. Hugh Wrottesley and 33421. Thomasine Gresley. He married 16711. Joan Baron.

      16711. Joan Baron
Child of Walter Wrottesley and Joan Baron is:
  8355 i.   Joan Wrottesley, married Richard Cressett.

      16720. Sir William Hussey, born Abt. 1443; died 08 Sep 1495 in Sempringham, England. He was the son of 33440. Sir John Hussey and 33441. Elizabeth Sheffield. He married 16721. Elizabeth Berkely Abt. 1464.

      16721. Elizabeth Berkely, born Abt. 1445; died Bef. 21 Dec 1504 in Sempringham, England. She was the daughter of 33442. Thomas Berkeley and 33443. Margaret De La Laude.
Child of William Hussey and Elizabeth Berkely is:
  8360 i.   Sir John Hussey, born Abt. 1466 in Sleaford, Lincoln, England; died 21 Dec 1537 in Sempringham, England; married (1) Lady Ann Grey; married (2) Margaret Blount Abt. 1490.

      16722. Earl of Kent George Gray He married 16723. Katherine Herbert.

      16723. Katherine Herbert
Child of George Gray and Katherine Herbert is:
  8361 i.   Lady Ann Grey, born Abt. 1490 in Kent, England; died 1545; married Sir John Hussey.

      17456. Henry Antrobus, born 1480 in Guysnes, England. He was the son of 34912. Thomas Antrobus. He married 17457. Elizabeth Machelsfeld.

      17457. Elizabeth Machelsfeld She was the daughter of 34914. John Machelsfeld.

Notes for Henry Antrobus:
Henry m. Elizabeth Machelsfeld (dau. of John Machelsfeld). Henry sold the manor of Antrobus to the Venables. He had Rafe [sic = Ralph], William (m. Elizabeth Hollingshead) and Henry. Ref. Harleian 22, pp. 124-5.

Children of Henry Antrobus and Elizabeth Machelsfeld are:
  8728 i.   Ralph Antrobus, born 1506 in Pever or Great Budworth, Cheshire, England.
  ii.   William Antrobus, married Elizabeth Hollingshead.
  iii.   Henry Antrobus

      17536. Thomas Perkins, died 21 Apr 1528 in Hilmorton, Warwickshire, England. He was the son of 35072. William Perkins and 35073. Joanna Read. He married 17537. Alys DeAstley.

      17537. Alys DeAstley
Child of Thomas Perkins and Alys DeAstley is:
  8768 i.   Henry Perkins, born Abt. 1507; died 16 Jun 1546 in Hilmorton, Warwickshire, England; married Alice Unknown.

      17952. John Lawrence He married 17953. Eleanor Wells.

      17953. Eleanor Wells
Child of John Lawrence and Eleanor Wells is:
  8976 i.   William Lawrence, died 20 Dec 1572 in St. Ives, England; married Margaret Kaye.

      17954. Edward Kaye He was the son of 35908. John Kaye and 35909. Dorothy Mauleverer. He married 17955. Anne Tirwhitt.

      17955. Anne Tirwhitt
Child of Edward Kaye and Anne Tirwhitt is:
  8977 i.   Margaret Kaye, married William Lawrence.

      17960. Richard Bull, born Abt. 1472. He married 17961. Ellen Skipwith.

      17961. Ellen Skipwith She was the daughter of 35922. William Skipwith and 35923. Joan Baldock.

Notes for Richard Bull:
"The Bulls appear in the 1572 Visitation of Hertford, in a pedigree signed by Richard Bull, son of Charles and Joan (Knighton) Bull. The Visitation states that Charles Bull was a son of "Richard Bull of London" by his wife "Hellen Skipwith of St. Albans," and that his mother was "Jane," a daughter of Thomas Knighton of Bayford. Bulls are found earlier in Hertfordshire, but nothing certain has been yet found on the origin of the senior Richard Bull. No arms were recorded with the Bull pedigree in the 1572 Visitation or in the Visitation of 1634, which indicates that they were a new family, the Senior Richard Bull evidently the first to be styled "gentleman.". The following records refer to him and indicate his association with the Knightons:

10 November 1509: Grant by Richard Bulle of Hertford, Gent., Gilbert Squyer of Bramfield and Magdalen, his wife, late wife of John Pyrt, late of Bramfield, to Willam Calley, William Broders, William Dolphyn, Robert Warner, William Larke, Bakers George Squyer, Vintner, Citizens of London, and Thomas Byrche of Ware, of lands in the hamlet of Queenhoo in the Parish of Bramfield, certain fields and crofts there and in Stapleford, and a waste plot of land called Legattes with a tenement built on it, all of which were late of John Pyrt and before that of Robert Beyser, Esq., t hold to the use of the said Gilbert and Magdalen for life, with reversion to Richard Shove, Citizen and Alderman of London, and his heirs. Power of Attorney to Thomas Wrenne and Edward Storer. (Personal Name Index, Hertfordshire Record Office, 40721)

Trinity 1513: Plea of trespass by Edward Bensted, Thomas Knyghton, Richard Sevyer, George Graunceys, George Gurston, Richard Master and William Lathbury against John Lathbury and Joan, his wife, Edward Lathbury, Joan Hold, Joan Dey, William Hold, Robert Butler and Robert Goodshepe for breaking into their house and close at Hertford. (Archive Calendar, St. Albans Library Local Studies Dept.)

Michaelmas Term 1514: Humph. Conygesby, justice of the Pleas, Thomas Knyghton, Richard Bull, Michael Cammeswell, Thomas Fayrefax, Nicholas Tycheborn clk: Egidia Gryme, widow, one of the sisters and heirs of Robert Louthe. A third part of the manor of Neubury and lands and rents in Aldenham. (Hertfordshire Feet of Fines, The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary, 1:77)

Easter 1523: Copy of Court Roll. Presentment that Thomas Knyghton the younger and Rihcard Bulle have been holding without license a messuage and land formerly of John Thurston, afterwards of Richard Raymond and lately of Robert Adam. No one claiming the property, it is seised by the Lord and granted to Thomas Knyghton. Surrender of Thomas Knyghton and admission of Richard Penyfather and Anne, his wife [Manor of Bramfield] (Personal Name Index, Hertfordshire Record Office 40728)

[No date: between 1521 and 1529]: Plaintiffs Johane Bulle, widow, late wife of Richard Bulle, Michell Dormer, merchant, Thomas Knyghton, gent., Laurens Bradshawe, tailor, Robert Sawyns, and Richard Brete say that they were seized in fee of tenements in the parish of St. Botolph Bishosgate, London, to the use of the said Johane Dychande, and her heirs by indenture of 13 Henry VIII [1521-22]. But one William Dychande pretending title as cousin and heir of one Thomas Dychande, son of William Dychande, late of London, Brewer, has wrongfully entered a bakehouse and forcibly ejected the plaintiff's tenants Edward Haselwood, and Clement Atowne, and also taken possession of the Swan by ejecting Thomas Brigges. (PRO C1/467/59 & 60)

The wife of the senior Richard Bull is called "Hellen Skipwith of St Albans" in the Visitation pedigree. The 1572 pedigree of "Skipwith of St. Albans" includes an Ellen as daughter of William and Johan (Buckland) Skipwith and granddaughter of Johan and ---- (Godfrey) Skipwith. (Harleian Soc. 22:20) This pedigree is confirmed in part by the will of William Skipwith of St. Albans (dated 13 April 1509, proved 9 September 1509), which mentions, among others, "My daughter Bulls" children. (Hertfordshire Record Office, 2 AR 139)

At London on 20 May 1507, William Skipwith styled of St. Albans, esquire, was granted a coat of arms and crest. (Grantees of Arms, Harleian Soc. 66:230; arms described in Harleian Soc. 22:20) The arms were a differenced version of those of the knightly . b Skipwith family of co. York and Lincoln, the colors being changed and the greyhound divided per pale. Such differences indicate that William Skipwith thought himselfrelated to the old Skipwith family but did not know his ancestry. He was in effect a new man, as evidently also was his son-in-law, Richard Bull. Thomas Knighton, probable son of a knight's steward, was also from a new family, and the connection of his daughter to the Bull and Skipwith families provides an interesting insight into the marriage patterns of these new entrants to the gentry (obersvation by Col. Hansen).

The lawsuit with Johane Bulle, widow of Richard Bulle, and others, indicates that, after the death of Helen Skipwith, Richard Bull, Sr., married Joan Dychande around 1522 and that he himself and that he himself died in or by 1529.

It is likely that Charles Bull married Joan Knighton in 1510 or earlier. The first of the following records shows that he, like his father, was associated with Thomas Knighton:
Trinity Term 1515: Wm. Myners, Thomas Knyghton, Charles Bulle and John Boole: John Gough and Agnes his wife. Messuage in Hertford. (Hertfordshire Feet of Fines, The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary, 1:78)

Trinity Term, 1531: John Sharnebrooke of Bengeo and Joan his wife, Charles Bull, Henry Bende, John Bole, Thomas Lorkyn and William Holde: Robert Wrenne and Joan his wife. Messuage in Hertford. (Hertfordshire Feet of Fines, The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary, 1:40)"

David L. Greene (TAG)


Child of Richard Bull and Ellen Skipwith is:
  8980 i.   Charles Bull, born Abt. 1490; died 27 Jun 1532 in Hertfordshire, England; married Joan Knighton Abt. 1510.

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