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Ancestors of Stanley Elmer Allen

      35926. Thomas Underhill, born Abt. 1442 in Little Bradley, Essex, England. He married 35927. Thomasine Caldebeck.

      35927. Thomasine Caldebeck She was the daughter of Henry Caldebeck and Ciceley Hinkley.

  Notes for Thomasine Caldebeck:
"Thomasine Caldebeck born circa 1430; was "of full age" on 12 July 1454 when she was named as an heir of her aunt, Alice (Hinkley) Marshall. She married second Thomas Underhill of Libble Bradley, co. Suffolk, said to have been a son of Edward Underhill by wife Elizabeth, who may have been a Harvye and Mauvesin heiress. (Herbert C. Andrews, "Notes on Some Families and Brasses at Great Thurlow and Little Bradley, Suffolk," Suffolk Institute of Archaelogy Proceedings, 20:43-46 at 44-45) The suggestion that she was Harvye and Mauvesin heiress comes from the arms quartering Underhill with Harvye and Mauvesin on a stone sheild at Little Bradley.)"

(David L. Greene (TAG))

Child of Thomas Underhill and Thomasine Caldebeck is:
  17963 i.   Anne Underhill, born Abt. 1470 in Little Bradley, Essex, England; married Thomas Knighton.

      37504. Joseph Phippen He married 37505. Alice Belayse.

      37505. Alice Belayse
Child of Joseph Phippen and Alice Belayse is:
  18752 i.   John Fitzpen, married Joana Malet.

      37506. Thomas Malet He married 37507. Joan Wadham.

      37507. Joan Wadham
Child of Thomas Malet and Joan Wadham is:
  18753 i.   Joana Malet, married John Fitzpen.

      42112. Henry Kembold, born Abt. 1466 in Hitcham, Suffolk, England; died 15 Oct 1526 in Hingham, Norfolk County, England. He was the son of John Kembold. He married 42113. Marion Unknown Abt. 1484.

      42113. Marion Unknown, born 1460 in HItcham, Suffolk, England; died 1526.

Notes for Henry Kembold:
Note: (a) from Kew document C1/1228/30-34 - "Anne, late the wife of John BENDYCHE, deceased, v Marion, late the wife of Henry KYMBOLD of Ychin, Richard his son and Leonard LOCKWOODE. Debt of the said Henry, whose executors/ defendants are..."
Note: (b) the 1524 Suffolk subsidy returns for Cosford Hundred, Hycham, lists Henry KEMBOLD Pounds 18 .9 .0.

Children of Henry Kembold and Marion Unknown are:
  21056 i.   Henry Kembold, born Abt. 1510 in Hitcham, Suffolk County, England; died 04 Jan 1557/58 in HItcham, Suffolk, England; married Cecelia Sysley Abt. 1531.
  ii.   Richard Kymbold
  iii.   Thomas Kymbold
  iv.   Agnes Kembold
  v.   Peter Kembold
  vi.   Elizabeth Kymbold

      42116. Thomas Munning, born 1488 in Nedging, England; died 28 May 1557 in Nedging, England. He was the son of Henry Munning and Alice Pye. He married 42117. Lady Unknown Barker.

      42117. Lady Unknown Barker, born 1492 in Nedging, England.
Child of Thomas Munning and Unknown Barker is:
  21058 i.   Humphrey Munning, born 1517 in Nedging, England; died 1596 in Semor, England; married Ellen Ungle 1544.

      42128. George Scott, born Abt. 1470. He was the son of George Scott.
Child of George Scott is:
  21064 i.   George Scott, born 1495 in Bradfield, Suffolk, England; died 20 Aug 1562 in Bradfield, Suffolk, England.

      42688. Thomas Gould, born Abt. 1455 in Hemsted, Hertfordshire, England; died Abt. 28 Sep 1520 in Bovington, Hertfordshire, England. He was the son of Thomas Gould and Eleanor Unknown. He married 42689. Joan Curtis 1476.

      42689. Joan Curtis
Children of Thomas Gould and Joan Curtis are:
  21344 i.   Richard Gould, born Abt. 1479 in Bovington, Hertfordshire, England; died 29 Aug 1531 in Bovington, Hertfordshire, England; married Joan Unknown.
  ii.   Thomas Gould
  iii.   Joan Gould
  iv.   Alice Gould
  v.   Henry Gould
  vi.   William Gould
  vii.   John Gould

      49988. John Wingfield He was the son of John Wingfield and Elizabeth FitzLewis. He married 49989. Margaret Dorward.

      49989. Margaret Dorward
Child of John Wingfield and Margaret Dorward is:
  24994 i.   Thomas Wingfield, married Elizabeth Woodhouse.

      53376. William Bolle, born Abt. 1390. He was the son of John Bolle and Mary Angevine. He married 53377. Anne Kyme Abt. 1433 in Swineshead, Lincolnshire, England.

      53377. Anne Kyme

Notes for William Bolle:
WILLIAM BOLLE, Esquire, of Swineshead, married Anne Kyme, daughter of John Kyme of Fiskeney
Child of William Bolle and Anne Kyme is:
  26688 i.   John Bolles, born Abt. 1450 in Ball Hall, Swineshead, Lincolnshire, England; died Bef. 1495; married Katherine Haugh.

      53396. Sir Thomas Dymoke, born Aft. 1431 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England; died 03 Dec 1470 in Stamford, Northumberland, England. He was the son of Sir Phillip Dymoke and Joanna Conyers. He married 53397. Margaret de Welles 13 Jun 1457 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

      53397. Margaret de Welles She was the daughter of Sir Lionel de Welles and Joan de Waterton.

Notes for Sir Thomas Dymoke:
Note: March 12, 1469/70, Champion of King Edward IV, executed before the Battle of Stamford

Sir Thomas Dymoke, Knight, was involved in the War of the Roses. The War of the Roses was a civil war in England that lasted over thirty years from 1455 to 1487. It was about who should be king. The war was between various descendants of King Edward III who had died in 1377. On one side of the war were the Lancastrians who supported Henry VI. Their symbol was the red rose. On the other side of the war were the Yorks who supported Edward IV. Their symbol was the white rose.

In 1461 when Edward became king, Thomas was his champion (see Sir John Dymoke who died in 1381 to find out what a champion is.) So it's surprising to learn that very King Edward had Sir Thomas killed. It seems that Sir Thomas may have been, along with his brother-in-law, Lord Richard Welles, a victim of a plot by the Earl of Warwick to stir up trouble for King Edward IV in Dymoke's neighborhood of Lincolnshire. It is not clear to what extent Sir Thomas himself was against the king, though Lincolnshire tended to be Red rose country. But Warwick had stirred up rebellion among the people of Lincolnshire at a time when Sir Thomas and Lord Richard were riding toward Lincolnshire with the king. When the king learned of the rebellion he had both Lord Welles and Sir Dymoke beheaded.

The War of the Roses ended in 1487. Henry VII became king. He was a descendant of the House of Lancaster and he married Elizabeth of the house of York. So the red rose and the white rose joined together. The War of the Roses was finished and a new royal line was begun. They called themselves Tudors.

Child of Thomas Dymoke and Margaret de Welles is:
  26698 i.   Sir Lionel Dymoke, died 17 Aug 1519 in Scrivelsbypar, Lincolnshire, England; married Joan Griffith Abt. 1493.

      53398. Richard Griffith
Child of Richard Griffith is:
  26699 i.   Joan Griffith, married Sir Lionel Dymoke Abt. 1493.

      54516. John Mitton, died 1500. He married 54517. Anne Swinnerton.

      54517. Anne Swinnerton

Notes for John Mitton:
      John Mitton was lord of the manor between 1450 and 1500 in Weston-Under-Lizard, County Staffordshire, England.

Child of John Mitton and Anne Swinnerton is:
  27258 i.   John Mitton, born Bef. 1470 in England; died 16 Feb 1531/32 in Staffordshire, England; married Constance Beaumont.

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