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Aaron-D-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins cheeks lee of washington d.c

Adolph-A-Role   Created By
The Role Family Tree

Adrian-T-Rolling-i   Created By
McCoy Family World Wide

Aize-Rollo   Created By

Al-J-Roll   Created By
Roll Family of Campbell Co. KY

Alan-L-Rollins   Created By
Home Page of Alan Rollins

Alexander-Rollins   Created By
Alexander Rollins of Carlisle, MA

Andrew-C-Rolfsen   Created By
Louis Schutz family of wisconsin

Andrew-Roller   Created By
the andrew roller of tennesse

Andy-J-Rolfe   Created By
The Rolfes of Chicago, IL

Angelita-Roldan   Created By
Angelita Paz

Anthony-W-Rolle   Created By
The Anthony & Phyllis Rolle Home Page

April-N-Roland   Created By
The Bunting and Mann Home page

Arlin-J-Roler   Created By
A Karl Rol(l)er Family Home Page

Arlin-Roler   Created By
Carl (Karl) Rol(l)er, from Russia to ND to OR

Arnold-Roland   Created By
The Arnold Roland Family Home Page

Arsenio-Roldan   Created By
The Bonifacio Roldan Clan of Navotas, Philippines

Barbara-Rolph   Created By
The Rolph Family Home Page

Barry-Rollins   Created By
Rollins Family of Peabody, Massachusetts

Becky-Roll-henry   Created By

Ben--Rolfe   Created By

Betty-J-Roland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Betty-Jane-Roland   Created By
My Family Roots From All Over Reece,Speakman,Jones

Betty-Rolapp   Created By
The Betty Cross Rolapp Family

Betty-Rolfe   Created By
Betty Wilbur Rolfe Genealogy

Betty-Rollins   Created By
the rollins family

Betty-W-Rolfe   Created By
Betty Wilbur Rolfe of Platentia, CA

Beverley-J-Rolls   Created By

Beverly-A-Roloff   Created By
The Roloff/Norris/Sneeringer Family Home Page

Beverly-D-Rollins   Created By

Beverly-Rollins-Lebanon   Created By
Descendants of Henery Hericke of Salem MA in New England

Bob-Rollins-OK   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bobby-Rollins   Created By
Bobby R. Rollins, Jr. family of pitt county, nc

Boue-A-Roller   Created By

Brad-Roll   Created By
Roulston Clan, Ireland - England - South Africa

Brandariz-V-Rolando   Created By
La Familia Brandariz de Lima - Peru

Brandy-Rolin   Created By
brandy rolin of uriah alabama

Brenda-Roland-GA   Created By

Brenda-Roland-WA   Created By
Roland and then some

Brenda-rollf-K-Rollf   Created By
Harwood in Ill.

Brian-C-Rollings   Created By
Tucker/Rollings family

Britta-Rolland   Created By
Rolland / uffm Rollandt / vom Rollandt of Germany

Carol-D-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family Tree of West Virginia

Carol-Roley   Created By
The Duane Boydstun Family of Oklahoma

Carol-Rolf   Created By
The Ray Rolfs of Pratt, KS

Carole-M-Rolston   Created By
Thornton-Peach-Stevenson-Martin Genealogy

Caroline-A-Rollins   Created By
The Franklin DeWolf Rollins family

Carolyn-K-Roland   Created By
Past-Present-Roland(Rolin)& Weaver Family Roots

Carolyn-Roland   Created By
The Brzozowski Family of Chicago

Carolyn-Roltsch-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carolyn-S-Rollinsallen   Created By
Carolyn Sue Rollins of Daviess Co IN

Cary-L-Rolfe   Created By
The Family Tree of Cary Rolfe - Oregon

Catherine-Roller   Created By
Christina Knapek-Roller's Family Tree Shabbona, Il

Cathy-E-Roland   Created By
Home Page of Cathy Roland

Celena-M-Roldan   Created By
Home Page of Celena Roldan

Charles-E-Rolbiecki   Created By
The Charles Rolbiecki and Marie Dubbels Family Home Page

Charles-E-Rolbiecki-MN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-H-Roller   Created By
Chuck and Sue Roller's Family Home Page

Charles-Rollins   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-W-Rollins   Created By
Home Page of Charles Rollins

Christina--Roll   Created By
The Roll / Yancey Home Page - 1998

Christina-Rollberg   Created By

Christine-A-Rollinson-Seaham   Created By
Christine Rollinson family tree page

Christopher-J-Rolczynski   Created By
Home Page of Christopher Rolczynski

Christopher-Rollison   Created By
Christopher Rollison Summerville SC

Clarence-E-Rollins   Created By
Clarence ROLLINS home page

Claudio-M-Rolando   Created By
ROLANDO Family of Buenos Aires, Argentina Genealogic Tree

Cleatus-J-Roller   Created By

Connie-J-Roll   Created By
The Connie Gertsch of Warden, Wa.

Cynthia-Rollie-   Created By
Families from Duncan's Cove, Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia

Dalton-H-Rollins   Created By
Dalton H. Rollins of Oklahoma City, Ok

Daniel-Rollin-MI   Created By
Ancestors of Daniel J. Rollin

Darlene-Rollison   Created By

Darryl-N-Roland-sr   Created By
The Darryl N. Roland, Sr. Family of Des Moines, Iowa

David-A-Rollings   Created By
The Hall C. Rolands of Knoxville, TN

David-Rollins   Created By
Dorothy Green Family

Deanne-G-Roles   Created By
Gibson/Edwards Home Page

Deborah-Rolfsness   Created By
"From a Farr"

Deborah-Rolleyparnell   Created By
Rolley-Parnell's family

Debs-Rolleyparnell   Created By
Rolley-Parnell of U.K

Dennis-Roll-AB   Created By
Barnett, Miller, Roll: Alberta and Beyond

Dennis-Roll-Cochrane   Created By
The Barnett Family, Edwardsville, IL

Derek-M-Rollins-1   Created By
Sirls Family Page

Derek-Maury-Rollins   Created By
Sirls Family of Texas

Derek-Maury-Rollins-MI   Created By
Sirls Family Tree

Diane-K-Roland   Created By

Diane-K-Rollins   Created By
"The Tolstead/Rollins Family Home Page"

Diane-k-Rollins   Created By
The Tolstead/Rollins Family

Dirkes--J-Rolston   Created By
John Baptiste Dirkes Home Page

Dnald-Rollet   Created By
The Rollet Family Home Page

Dolores-Kay-Rollman   Created By

Don-Rollins   Created By
"Elias Van Schaick"

Donald-F-Rolli   Created By
Alexander Rolli's of Wisconsin

Donald-Rolfe   Created By
The Rolfe Family Tree

Donald-Rollins-KY   Created By
The Donald T. Rollins of Corbin, KY

Donald-W-Rolfe   Created By
Rolfe Families of Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dorothy-E-Rollins   Created By
The Ryder Family

Dorothy-E-Rollins-Charlestown   Created By
Rollins Family of Maine and Ct

Doug-A-Rollins   Created By
The ROLLINS Genealogy Page

Dustin-M-Rolfsness   Created By
Dustin Machler Rolfsness Home Page

E-Rollo   Created By
Rollos, Millers, Adamsons and Spittals, and Others

E-angelica-Roldan   Created By
The Roldan Family

Ed-Rollins-CO   Created By
Rollins Family

Edgardo-M-Roldn   Created By
Home Page of Edgardo Roldán

Eduardo-mo-Rolim   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edward-A-Roller   Created By
The Edward Roller Family Home Page

Edward-C-Rollins   Created By

Edward-J-Roloson   Created By
The James L. Roloson Home Page

Edwin-Rolph   Created By
The Rolphs/Rolfsnes/Rolfsness/Rolfness Tree

Elaine-L-Rolf   Created By
Elaine Munson Rolf Home Page

Elwyn-E-Rolofson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Emmett-Roland   Created By
The Roland & Beaver Family Of Yancey County , North Carolina

Erica-E-Rolf   Created By
Home Page of erica rolf

Eulysses-Roldan   Created By
Roldan - Martinez and Zaborski - Parker

Eunice-W-Rollins   Created By
Eunice's Family Tree

Evelyn-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family of OK, LA, TN, MS, and CA

Faith-Rollins   Created By
The Popes of KY and Miller County, MO

Faith-Rollins-   Created By
The Popes of Farquier County, VA and Miller County, MO

Faith-Rollins-Shawnee   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Francis-E-Roland   Created By

Frank-W-Rolen   Created By
The Rolen Family

Freda-Rollinsmook   Created By
Rollins Family of Montana/SouthDakota/Nebraska

Frederick-D-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins/Weaver Family of Pittsburgh, PA

Galo-Roldan   Created By
The Galo Roldan?s family page

Gary-Roloson   Created By
The Palmer Roloson Family

Gary-T-Rollins   Created By
Home Page of Gary Rollins

Gayle-R-Rollins   Created By
The Gardners of Texas

Gayle-Rollo   Created By
The Family Tree of Ronald L. Rollo of Fort Worth, TX

George-W-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family, Pioneer, California

Georgia-A-Roll   Created By
Georgia A. Roll, Ohio

Georgia-Ann-Roll   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gerald-V-Rolfe   Created By
Gerald Rolfe Family Tree

Gina-M-Rolin   Created By
The Gina M. Porter of Michigan

Glenna-Rollyson   Created By
Rollyson's of Tallmadge,Ohio

Gordon-R-Rolston   Created By
The Rolston's from Rockingham County, Virginia

Gracie-L-Rollins   Created By
Grace Henderson / Lucy Smallwood Lee, County, kentucky

Gracie-Rollins   Created By
Sherman and Rebecca Stevens of Williamsburg, Ohio

Gracie-Rollins-AL   Created By
Lawrence Stevens of Clermont County,Ohio Family Home Page

Gracie-Rollins-al   Created By
Lawrence Stevens of Clermont County, Ohio

Gregory-Rolla   Created By
ROLLA Lineage from Albiano d'Ivrea (TO) Italy

Hall-C-Roland   Created By
The Isaac N. Roland Family Home Page

Harold-L-Roll   Created By
The Relatives of Harold Lloyd Roll who is from N.D

Hayward-L-Roland   Created By
The Hayward L. Roland Family Home Page

Heather-E-Roloson-jones   Created By
Roloson and Rugg Family

Helen-H-Rollo   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Howard-E-Rollins   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Igetha-r-Rolin   Created By
Rolin, Garris,,Moye ,Furman,,Rockwood, McBride, Families

J-A-Roland   Created By
Home Page of J Roland

James-A-Roland   Created By

James-A-Roleson   Created By

James-C-Rollins   Created By
Our Family Tree

James-D-Roland-iii   Created By
The Rolands of Texas

James-K-Rolf   Created By
The Rolf Family of Brandon, MN

James-K-Rolf-MN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

James-S-Rollins   Created By
Rawlings to Rollins

Janet-C-Rollar   Created By
Janet Rollar Genealogy Page

Janet-Rostad   Created By
Janet Rollar's Genealogy Page

Jay-G-Roland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeanlon-Rollier   Created By
Rollier Family Tree Maker Belgium Europe

Jeanne-H-Roland   Created By
The Family Tree of Jeanne H. Roland

Jeannia-H-Rollyson   Created By
The Rollysons of Red House, WV

Jeffrey-A-Rollins   Created By
The Jeff Rollins Family Home Page

Jeffrey-A-Roloff   Created By
Home Page of Jeffrey Roloff

Jerry-L-Roley   Created By
The Roley Family Page

Jerry-L-Roley-VA   Created By
The Roley Geneology Page

Jerry-L-Roley-va   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jerry-Roley   Created By
Roley/Guirkin Family Page

Jessie-A-Rolph   Created By
The Rolphs

Jo-Rolling   Created By
Joanne Rolling's Family Tree of Hamphire, England

Joan-Rolfes   Created By

Joan-Rolls   Created By
Rolls/Rhodes Family

Joanna-C-Rollins   Created By

Joanna-C-Rollins-CA   Created By
crutchfield/lee/morgan of weakley county, tennessee

Joanne-M-Rolfe   Created By
Family Tree of Joyce Poole (nee Cooper)

Jodi-N-Rolles   Created By
My Family Tree

Jodi-N-Rolles-NWT   Created By
Jodi Hamilton's Family Tree

Joe-R-Roller   Created By
The Joe Roller Home Page

John-D-Roller   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-G-Rollason   Created By
The Rollason Family of Lower Gornal, West Midlands, UK

John-T-Rolfe   Created By
The Rolfes of southern Virginia.

Joseph-M-Rolack   Created By

Judith-E-Rollf   Created By
The Langham-Miller's of Northwest, OH

Judith-E-Rollf-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judith-Roland   Created By
Lindsay's Family

Judy-P-Rollings   Created By
Judy Puckett's Family

Judy-Rollins-Isle-of-Wight   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Julie-A-Rolsen   Created By
The Home Page ofJohn F. Rolsen and Julie A. Mills (nee)

Justin-D-Rolfe   Created By
Justin Rolfe

Justin-Rollheiser   Created By

Karen-J-Roles   Created By
The Ancestry of Karen and Rebecca Roles

Karen-L-Rollings   Created By
Karen Wood Family Tree

Karla-J-Rollins   Created By
"The James B Rollins Family Home Page"

Kathleen-M-Rollinger   Created By
Rollinger's Home Page

Kathy-J-Rolton   Created By
User Home Page

Kay-Rollinson   Created By
The Home Page of Kay Rollinson

Keith-Rollinson   Created By
Keith Rollinson and those who made me !

Kelley-S-Rollins   Created By
The Decendents of Allen Franklin Widrig

Kelly-Roley   Created By
Eyrse and Jones Ancestors and Allied Families

Ken-J-Roland   Created By
Ken Rolands Ancestors and What Not

Kendra-M-Rollins   Created By
Home Page of Kendra Rollins

Kenneth-J-Roland   Created By
Rolands of Ontario

Kenneth-R-Rollings   Created By
Ken Rollings of Birtley,Co.Durham,UK

Kenneth-R-Rollings-Hounslow   Created By
Ken Rollings of Birtley,Co.Durham,UK

Kenneth-Rollins   Created By

Kerry-L-Roller   Created By
Roller Family, Scott County Virginia

Kim-Rollenhagen   Created By
The Korte's of Kansas

Kim-Roloson   Created By
Roloson of Steuben Co.,NY

Kimberly-Lea-Roller   Created By
Kimberly Roller's Family Tree

Kyly-Roland   Created By
Roland's of Indiana

Laurel-M-Rollins   Created By

Lauretta-S-Roles   Created By
Roles - Abel - White - Alvord Family Search

Leeann-Rolfe   Created By
rolfe family tree

Leeann-Rolfe-   Created By
rolfe family in queensland

Leo-Rollfs-of-roelofs   Created By
The Rollfs of Roelofs Family Tree

Lerin-D-Rolle   Created By
L'erin D. Rolle

Linda-G-Roland   Created By
The Thomas Hart Family members in Florida

Linda-Rollitt-Hertfordshire   Created By
The Linda Rollitt Family Home Page

Lisa-C-Rolfe   Created By
The Rolfe Family, Suffolk&Lincolnshire, England

Lisa-K-Rolfes   Created By
The Hollon/Shull/Amburgey Home Page

Lisa-Roling   Created By

Lloyd-Rolfes-ii   Created By
The Norwoods of MD, TN & LA

Lori-Rollins   Created By
Marshall Rollins Family

Lori-Rollins-1   Created By
Rollins-Kenner Family Home Page

Lori-Rollins-Lancaster   Created By
Rollins-Kenner Family Home Page

Lori-Rollins-SC   Created By
Rollins-Kenner Family Tree

Louisa-M-Rollinger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lucinda-Roland   Created By
Martha Lucinda Bishop Tanenbaum Roland

Luis-armando-Rolonnevarez   Created By
luis rolon nevarez

Maggie-A-Rolison   Created By
J.D.&Lena Mae Rolison Family

Marcy-Roll   Created By
"Searching for my Roots" - Descendents of Marcella Edgeson

Margaret-K-Rollins   Created By
The Alfords

Margaret-K-Rollins-Ohio   Created By
The Mowery Family in Ohio

Margaret-Kay-Rollins   Created By
My Family

Margaret-N-Rolph   Created By
margaret nancy rolph tanner

Margaret-R-Rolleston   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Margaret-Rolling   Created By
The Rollings of Cornwall

Margerita-Rolfsen   Created By
Robert Rolfsen of Madison, Alabama

Margie-E-Roland   Created By
The Sheridan - Kane

Margie-E-Roland-MI   Created By
My Family Tree

Margie-Ellen-Roland   Created By
My Family Tree

Margie-Roland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Margie-Roland-   Created By
My Family History

Maria-M-Rolonclemente   Created By
Rolon-Clementes of Pennsylvania

Mark-E-Rollier   Created By
The Mark and Debra Rollier Home Page

Mark-J-Rolph   Created By
Home Page of mark rolph

Mark-Roler   Created By
Elcana Roller Family

Martin-K-Rollyson   Created By
M. Keith Rollyson of Lafayette IN

Mary-K-Roland   Created By
Casper (Kaspar) Roland 1740

Mary-Roland   Created By
The Roger G. Perdue Family of Alamo, Georgia

Mary-Roland-PA   Created By
J.K. & M.E. Roland Family of Elizabethtown , PA

Mary-Rollins   Created By
Sparks Rollins Connection

Mary-S-Rollins   Created By
Myrtle Olive Jackson Sparks Family - Illinois, Missouri

Mary-S-Rollins-CA   Created By
The Rollins- Sparks Connection

Maryann-Rollet   Created By
MaryAnn' s Family Home Page - Ste Genevieve County MO

Matt-Rolston   Created By
The Rolstons Of St.Catharines

Mattie-L-Rolle   Created By
Mattie Lee Rolle Walker (billie) Johnny W. Walker of Miami

Maxine-Rolls   Created By
The Rolls & Parkinsons Ancestors

Melinda-E-Roles-jacquie   Created By
The Ancestors & Family of Melinda Ellen (Roles) Jacquier

Melissa-Rollins-west-virgina   Created By
history and lives of meliisa rollins mcmanis toney

Melvin-Roloff   Created By
the melvin lynn roloffs at houston, tx

Michael-J-Rollins   Created By
Rollins of New England, Descendents of James Rawlins

Michael-J-Rollman   Created By
Michael J Rollman of Austin, Tx

Michael-Rolfes   Created By
The Rolfes' Tree

Michael-Rollins-IL   Created By
The Michael L. Rollins of Arlington Heights, IL

Michele-D-Rolfe   Created By
The Duncan and Rolfe Famliy of Utah Genealogy Home Page

Michele-Hieber   Created By
The Rollins' of Plainview TX

Michele-Rolfe   Created By
Young-Williams Family

Michele-Rolfe-NY   Created By
Young Family of NY

Mitch-Roll   Created By
Worldwide ROLL Surname Project

Molly-Roland   Created By
The Hux, and Hall Families of Texas

Molly-Roland-1   Created By
Mikel and Lucinda French

Nancie-J-Rolens   Created By
Nancie Rolens of Annapolis, MD

Nancie-Rolens   Created By
The Rolens and Branzell Families

Nancy-E-Rollinger   Created By
The Nancy Rollinger Family Home Page

Nancy-J-Roloff   Created By
"The Nancy Jean (Parsons) Roloff Family Home Page"

Nancy-Jean-Roloff   Created By
"The Nancy J. (Parsons) Roloff of Wisconsin

Nancy-L-Rollins   Created By
The NIER's

Nancy-M-Rollins   Created By
Nancy Rollins' Family

Nancy-Rolfe   Created By
My Family Tree

Natalie--Ann-Rollins   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nettie-Rolfe   Created By
Shakin' the Webster Family Tree

Norena-J-Roland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Norena-J-Roland-OH   Created By
Kings/Rummells of Ohio & Beyond

Owen-Rolfeherbert   Created By
owen rolfe-herbert of brighton

Pamela-Rolleston   Created By
From Europe to America

Pamela-S-Roland-OK   Created By

Pat-R-Rolfe   Created By
Rolfe Family Tree

Patricia-Rollings-MN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Patrick-M-Roland   Created By
"The Patrick M. Rolands of Lacona, IA."

Paul-C-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family of Livermore, CA

Paul-G-Rollins   Created By
The Family Geneology Paul Gordon Rollins

Paul-M-Rolph   Created By

Paul-R-Rolanti   Created By
The Collins Family Tree

Peggy-L-Rollins   Created By
Rollins Family Tree

Peggy-Roll   Created By
Searching Moore, Agens, Sheldon

Peggy-Roller   Created By
"The Wilkins and Roller Families of Dekalb County TN."

Peggy-Rollins   Created By
Rollins and Related Families

Per-K-Rolstad   Created By

Peter-J-Rollin   Created By
The Peter Rollin Family Home Page

Philippe-R-Rollin   Created By
The ROLLIN Family

Phillip-K-Rollins   Created By
Rollins of Nashville TN

Rachel-E-Rollins   Created By

Rachel-Roll   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ralph-Rolland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Raymond-T-Rollin   Created By
Les Famille Gervais - Rollin

Raymond-thomas-Rollin   Created By
Le site officiel des Famille Rollin - Gervais

Rebecca-A-Rollf-mcmillen   Created By
"Rebecca A. Rollf McMillen of Bowling Green Missouri

Richard-D-Rolles   Created By
Rolles of NY

Richard-D-Rollins   Created By

Richard-E-Rollison   Created By
The Family of Thomas Henry Rollison

Richard-E-Rollison-jr   Created By
family of richard e.rollison jr.-nyc

Richard-Edward-Rollison   Created By
The Rollison Families of Montgomery Co, MD & Loudoun Co , VA

Richard-Rollins   Created By
The Richard W. Rollins of Lincoln

Richard-Rollison   Created By
Descendants of Charles Rollison

Richard-Rollison-NV   Created By
Descendants of Charles Rollison 1789-1842

Richard-T-Roland   Created By
The Family Tree of Richard T. Roland

Rick-Roles   Created By
James Roles Family File

Robert-B-Rollins   Created By
The Robert B. Rollins Family of Lincoln, Maine

Robert-C-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family Home Page

Robert-J-Rolfsen   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-J-Rollings   Created By
The Robert J & Sharon E (Kreis) Rollings Home Page

Robert-Milton-Roland   Created By
Bob Roland's Menagerie

Robert-Rolfsen   Created By
Family Tree of Rose Marie Schwartz & Robert J. Rolfsen, Sr.

Robert-Rolfsen-NC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-Rolfsen-Raleigh   Created By
Robert J. Rolfsen, Jr and Margaret McCall Rolfsen Tree

Robert-Rollins-Loxton   Created By
Robert J Rollins

Robert-W-Rollins   Created By
The Robert Rollins of Savannah, GA Family Tree

Robin-S-Roloff   Created By
The family tree of The Roloff's

Rochelle-P-Rollins   Created By
John Lindsey Family Home Page

Rollalopes-Rollalopes   Created By

Ron-Rolla   Created By
The Rolla Family Home Page

Ronald-A-Rolla   Created By
Ron Rolla and family from Norway to the US

Ronald-J-Rollins   Created By
Ronald J. Rollin's Memories of Whitesville and Harris County

Ronald-K-Rolston   Created By
Rolstons Of Wellington NZ

Ronald-L-Rollo   Created By
The Rollo family of Illinois

Ronald-L-Rollo-TX   Created By
The Ronald L. Rollo Family Home Page

Ross-M-Rolirad   Created By
User Home Page

S-Rold   Created By
Families of Baker-Rold

S-Rold-1   Created By
Irvin Bakers, Indiana & Emery Bellamys, Ohio

Sally-A-Rolls   Created By
Sally Rolls Pavia of Sun City, Arizona

Sally-Arline-Rolls   Created By
Family of Sally Rolls Pavia

Samantha-Roll   Created By

Samuel-and-cheryl--G-Roloff   Created By
Roloff and Trice Family Website

Sara-A-Rollins   Created By
Sara's 35 Years of genealogy

Sara-J-Roller   Created By
The Roller's of OH by way of IN and PA

Sara-Roller   Created By
The Roller's of PA by way of IN now in OH

Sedale-S-Rollocks   Created By
The Sedale S. Rollocks

Shanda-Rolsal-MA   Created By
The Rolsal Family Tree

Shane-M-Rollf   Created By
Rollf's In Northwest Ohio

Shannon-R-Roller   Created By
Shannon Dodsworth Roller's Family Tree

Shannon-R-Roller-Vancouver   Created By
Snowberry-Dodsworth Family Tree-Wisconsin

Sheila-R-Roland   Created By

Sheilah-D-Rollins   Created By
The Diaz Family Tree

Sherri-R-Rollins   Created By
The Pearson Family "North Mississippi to South Louisiana"

Sherwood-Rollins   Created By
The Sherwood Rollins Family Home Page

Sheryl-A-Rolleg   Created By
Home Page of Sheryl Rolleg

Sketchette-Rolzbizquette   Created By
The Bizquette's

Stacy-L-Roles   Created By
Home Page of Stacy Roles

Stephen-F-Rollin   Created By
rollin family history

Steve-Rollock   Created By

Steve-Rollock-Mount-Pleasant   Created By

Steven-Rolston   Created By
Rolston Family

Sue-Rolfe   Created By
The Descendents of Benjamin & Sarah Clendinning(Clendenin)

Sue-Roller-MA   Created By
Roller / McCallister SC, NC, VA, WV and GA

Susan-K-Roller   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Susan-L-Rollison   Created By
Rollison Home Page

Susan-L-Rolsky   Created By
Sue Rolsky Family Home Page

Susan-M-Roldan   Created By
The Aakjer Family Tree of Point Pleasant, NJ

Susan-Roller   Created By
The Poole/Roller Family of AR

Suzanne-Rolfs   Created By
Suzanne W. Rolfs of Hickory, NC

Suzanne-Rolfs-NC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ted-C-Rollins   Created By
Rollins Family Home Page

Ted-H-Rollins-WV   Created By
Ted and Stu (Julia) Steuart Rollins Family

Terry-Rolon   Created By

Tim-Rolfes   Created By
Familie Rolfes

Timothy-J-Rolloff   Created By
Rolloff Family Tree

Tom-Rollman   Created By
Rollman(n) Family Homepage

Tom-Rolseth   Created By
Rolseth/Role Family Home Page

Toni-A-Rolls   Created By
Desendent's of thomas hubbard and ann garrington of walsall

Toni-Roland   Created By
The Maples/Wheaton/Roland Family-Kansas-Missouri-NJ-Okla

Tonja-Rolan   Created By
Bluford Corbin Line

Traci-R-Roland   Created By
Home Page of Traci Roland

Trevor-D-Rolland   Created By
The Rollands

Trish-Rolen   Created By
Clifford Kimbrell and Winnie Darlene Kimbrell

Turkessa-B-Rollins   Created By
Family History of Turkessa Bynum Rollins

Valerie-R-Rollilns   Created By
The Lula Lakes of Epworth/Greenwood, SC

Vicki-Roller   Created By
Weeks-Roller Genealogy

Vince-Rolston   Created By
rolstons of north fermanagh, n. ireland

Vincent-J-Rolston   Created By
Rolstons of North Fermanagh. Northern Ireland

Virginia-L-Rollins   Created By
The Wallace-Rollins tree

Virginia-Rollin   Created By
The Rollin Family of Michigan

Wanda-I-Rollings   Created By
Kentucky and Illinois Pattons

Wanda-L-Rolesonbelcourt   Created By
Wanda Roleson Family Tree

Wendy-J-Rolfe   Created By
wendy rolfe of bury

Wendy-S-Roland   Created By
The Wendy Roland Family Home Page

Whitney-Rollins   Created By
The Rollins Family Hamilton, Georgia

William-A-Roller   Created By

William-Alan-Roller   Created By

William-D-Rolland   Created By
The Roland or Rolland Family Home Page in Arkansas

William-David-Rolland   Created By
The Jefferson Roland Family of Arkansas

William-O-Roller   Created By
"The William Oliver Roller Family Home Page"

William-O-Rollinsjr   Created By

William-R-Rollins   Created By
The William Romulus Rollins of South Windsor , CT

William-eugene-Rollins   Created By
William Eugene Rollins Family of Dixon Mo.

Wilson-A-Rolle-jr   Created By
Family Tree - So Far

Wilson-Rolle   Created By
Family Tree from Scratch

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