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Ancestors of Bruce Nelson Rutherford

      176. William Brownrigg, born Abt. 1742. He married 177. Elizabeth Story Feb 23, 1770 in MILBURN, Westmoreland, England.

      177. Elizabeth Story

Notes for William Brownrigg:
William Brownrigg born 24 Mar 1711: pneumatic trough for collection of gases; description of platinum

More About William Brownrigg:
Burial: Feb 14, 1776, Milburn, Westmoreland, England

  Notes for Elizabeth Story:

Constables Census Westmorland 1787

Lowther Parish
Elizabeth STORY
Maidservant to Dr Lowther

Children of William Brownrigg and Elizabeth Story are:
  88 i.   John Brownrigg, Sr, born 1772 in WESTMORELAND CTY, ENGLAND; died Jan 15, 1856 in SHARON TWP, NOBLE CTY, OH; married Sarah Elizabeth Atkinson May 18, 1796 in DUFTON ENGLAND.
  ii.   Anne Brownrigg, born 1774.
  More About Anne Brownrigg:
Baptism: Jul 3, 1774, MILBURN, Westmoreland, England
Burial: Mar 19, 1776, Milburn, Westmoreland, England

      196. William PERKINS, born Mar 15, 1691/92 in Head of Mosquito Creek, Baltimore Co._ MD; died Abt. 1760 in Baltimore Co._ MD. He was the son of 392. Richard PERKINS and 393. Mary Belcher. He married 197. Elizabeth COTTRELL 1716 in Baltimore Md.

      197. Elizabeth COTTRELL She was the daughter of 394. John COTTRELL and 395. Elizabeth ???.
Children of William PERKINS and Elizabeth COTTRELL are:
  i.   William PERKINS, died Sep 1739.
  ii.   Margaret PERKINS, died Dec 14, 1739 in Perkins Ferry.
  iii.   John COTTRELL, born Jul 13, 1717.
  iv.   Mary PERKINS, born Jun 17, 1720.
  98 v.   Reuben PERKINS, born Feb 12, 1721/22 in Baltimore Co._ MD; married (1) Sarah ???; married (2) Avarilla DURBIN Nov 5, 1748.
  vi.   Elizabeth PERKINS, born Sep 30, 1726; married William PERRY Dec 4, 1751.
  vii.   Isavella PERKINS, born Oct 30, 1728.
  viii.   Stephen John PERKINS, born Jan 9, 1729/30.
  ix.   Rachel PERKINS, born Mar 13, 1734/35 in Perkins Ferry; died Aug 1820 in Baltimore Co., MD; married Henry STUMP, Sr Abt. 1755 in Baltimore Co, MD.
  More About Rachel PERKINS:
Burial: Stump Family Cemetery

      214. Peter Linville, born Apr 25, 1750 in CUMBERLAND CO, PA; died Apr 19, 1834. He was the son of 428. Joseph Linville. He married 215. Lucretia "Chrissie" Laing Abt. 1775.

      215. Lucretia "Chrissie" Laing, born Abt. 1755; died Aft. 1820 in Washington Co, PA.
Child of Peter Linville and Lucretia Laing is:
  107 i.   Margaret "Peggy" Linville, born Abt. 1775 in Prob. Frederick, VA; died May 28, 1853 in Tyler Co, VA; married Thomas W. Woodburn 1798 in Washington Co, PA.

      216. Henry Conkle, born Abt. 1728 in Prussia; died Jun 19, 1821 in Ohio Co, VA. He married 217. Margaret Bef. 1772.

      217. Margaret, born Abt. 1753; died Dec 12, 1815 in Sand Hill twp, WV.
Children of Henry Conkle and Margaret are:
  108 i.   Henry Conkle, born Abt. 1772; died Aug 6, 1847 in Ohio Co, VA; married Martha Bef. 1795.
  ii.   Juliana Conkle, born Abt. 1779 in Washington Co, PA; died Abt. 1847 in Bartholomew Co, Indiana; married David C Keller.

      220. John Richmond, born 1737. He married 221. Hannah Smith Bef. 1769.

      221. Hannah Smith

Notes for John Richmond:
1790 RICHMOND JOHN SR. Washington County PA 246 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule PA 1790 Federal Census Index PAS1a2544022
1790 RICHMOND JOHN SR. Washington County PA 246 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule PA 1790 Federal Census Index PAS1a2544024
1790 RICHMOND JOHN Washington County PA 245 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule PA 1790 Federal Census Index PAS1a2543941
1790 RICHMOND JOHN Washington County PA 245 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule PA 1790 Federal Census Index PAS1a2543974

Child of John Richmond and Hannah Smith is:
  110 i.   Joseph Richmond, born Dec 7, 1786 in Prob. Washington, Co, PA; died Dec 4, 1871 in Prob. Washington, Co, PA; married Mary Wharton Bef. 1811.

      222. Robert Wharton, born 1750; died May 20, 1823. He married 223. Sarah Farley in Bet 1774-1775.

      223. Sarah Farley, born 1751; died 1845. She was the daughter of 446. Thomas Farley and 447. Jane Finley.
Children of Robert Wharton and Sarah Farley are:
  i.   Thomas Wharton
  ii.   Henry Wharton
  iii.   Samuel Wharton
  iv.   Sarah Wharton
  v.   Andrew Wharton
  vi.   Robert Wharton
  vii.   James Wharton
  viii.   Peggy Wharton
  ix.   John Wharton
  x.   Jacob Wharton
  xi.   Susan Wharton
  111 xii.   Mary Wharton, born 1786 in Prob. Washington, Co, PA; died Feb 4, 1860 in Majorsville, Marshall, WV; married Joseph Richmond Bef. 1811.

      224. PETER DANFORD, born 1739 in Salem, CHESTERFIELD, BURLINGTON NEW JERSY; died Aug 22, 1827 in Bent Fork ALLEDONIA, WASHINGTON TWP, BLEMONT CTY, OH. He was the son of 448. Samuel Danford and 449. Mary Groom. He married 225. Sarah Morris (Morrison) Dec 24, 1764 in Cumberland Co.NJ.

      225. Sarah Morris (Morrison), born Feb 10, 1745/46 in (Feb 20); died 1781 in NJ. She was the daughter of 450. Christopher Morris.

      PETER DANFORD, born 1733, Chesterfield, N.J., son of Samuel
Danford and Mary Groove.
      m.      1st, Sarah Morris, 1764
      m.      2nd, Mercy Ewing, 1783
      m.      3rd, Mary Starr Delancey
Peter died August 22, 1827; buried Alledonia, Ohio, (Belmont Co.) Removed from Burlington County, New Jersey to Patterson Creek, Washington County, Pa., 1795; then 1797 to Belmont County, Ohio

(from Ron Reid)
Notes for Peter Danford:
Peter Danford and Sarah Morris married in New Jersey. Moved to Pennsylvania then to Belmont County Ohio. According to page 218, Belmont County, Ohio Pioneers, family settled on Patterson Creek Washington Co., PA between 1785 and 1796. From this area his 3 sons, Samuel, William and Ambrose, came to Washington Twp., Belmont Co., Ohio, ca 1797. They later brought their father and sisters, Sarah and Rebecca to this township. Peter entered land on Bend Fork, Sec. 23 (in later years owned by the heirs of his daughter Nancy Grove. From Land Patents, Marietta Dis't 1806-1810, Range 4, Twp 5, Section 23, NW.

From D.A.R. Roster: Removed from Burlington County N.J., to Patterson Creek, Washington County, Pa., 1785; then 1797 to Belmont County, Ohio.

Vol. I, Monroe County Genealogy, by Catherine Fedorchak, Page 85. Base on material taken from charts found in the house of Hiram Danford, and other sources, including 1850 Census.

Peter Danford: Rev. Soldier, served as a Private from New Jersey in Holmes Battalion of Militia; buried in the Moore family Cemetary in a field one-fourth mile from SR. #145, Washington Township, Belmont
County. From the Cemetery Inscription and Pioneer Families on Page 217, "Moore Cemetery, This cemetery is on a farm off St. Rd 145, back in a field, on the original Moore farm. It is near Armstrong Mills and probably in Washington Twp. Copied April 1961 assisted by Mrs. Alma Gray and Mrs. F. Clark.

From a Family Group record in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, submitted by Martha V. Buchart of Kensington, MD, indicates that Peter was on the Cumberland Co. Tax List 1773-74. I have not been able to confirm this. Her data also says Peter Danford, 1739, Salem, NJ. Don't understand discrepancy between Burlington Co. and Salem. Need to search Salem.

Excerpted from the History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, published in 1880 by Historical Publishing Co. Wheeling WV. Page 413: " Among the first settlers were the Danfords, Perkinses, Beans,
Reads, &c. ...The Danfords, perhaps were the earliest permanent settlers. ...The first member of the family, of whom it is now possible to get any account, was Peter Danford, who was born in the state of New jersey, abou the year 1739. Little is known of his early life. He was a farmer. Was married (at what date it is not known) to a Sarah Morrison, by which marriage he had four children: Samuel, William, Sarah and Rebecca. After the death of his first wife, he married a Mercy Ewing, by whom he had one son -Ambrose. His second wife died in 1793. At an early day, some time between 1785 and 1796, Peter Danford moved with his family to Washington county, Pennsylvania, where he settled on Patterson creek.
From this point his sons, Samuel, William and Ambrose, came to Belmont County, Ohio, about 1797, and located in Section 4, Washington township, where they cleared a piece of ground, built a cabin, and planted some corn, after which Samuel and William returned to Patterson creek for the family, leaving Ambrose to take care of the crop and look after the interest of the new home in the woods. After an absence of several weeks, the boys returned to their frontier home, bringing with them their father and sister Sarah, the younger sister, Rebecca having been left at Patterson creek. She was brought over perhaps, the following year. The family remained at this place for several years, till the father entered
land on Benfork, in Section 23, now owned by the heirs of his daughter, Nancy Grove. In 1803, Peter Danford married his third wife, a widow, Margaret DeLancy, by whom he had two children, twin daughters. He died in 1827. His wife Margaret died in 1835."

Roll 64, Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783 M246. Holmes Battalion of Militia, Salem County 1778 (72). (It should be noted that Salem Co. was created in 1694, and Cumberland Co. originated from Salem Co. in 1748.

Ron Reid received Military record from National Archives and Records Administration on Dec 14, 1998. Basic information is as follows:
Peter Danford, Holme's Battalion, Capt. Cornelius Nieukirk's Co. of Foot Militia in Col. Benjamin (roll torn) Batt'n for the county of Salem and under ye command of Colonel Joseph Ellis in Haddons Field March ye 7th,1778. Time of entrance: Feb 4, 1778. Number of days 34. Time of Discharge Mar 9, 1778.

More About Peter Danford:
Residence: 1810, York Township, Belmont Co., OH62

Burial: Moore Cemetery--on a farm off , ST.Rd. 145 back in a field, on Original Moore Farm near, Armstrong Mills_ Washington Twp
Occupation: FARMER
Residence: BELMONT CTY, OH
Children of PETER DANFORD and Sarah (Morrison) are:
  i.   Infant Danford, born Abt. 1765 in Cumberland, NJ; died 1776.
  ii.   Infant Danford, born 1768 in Cumberland, NJ; died 1768.
  iii.   Infant Danford, born 1769 in Cumberland, NJ; died 1769.
  iv.   Rebecca Danford, born Apr 20, 1770 in Cumberland_NJ; died WFT Est. 1798-1864; married Nicholas Koontz WFT Est. 1798-1832; born in res. MD, children ???; died in MD.
  More About Rebecca Danford:

  v.   Sarah Danford, born Nov 1, 1772 in Cumberland_NJ; died May 9, 1839 in NOBLE Co, OH; married Cornelius Bryan, RS Oct 10, 1805 in Belmont Co, OH, res. Seneca Twp_ Monroe Co_ OH, (later Noble Co._ OH); born 1760 in Charles County_ MD; died 1830 in BELMONT CTY, OH.
  More About Sarah Danford:
Burial: Tilton Cemetery, Olive twp, Noble Co, OH

  Notes for Cornelius Bryan, RS:
(from Ron Reid)
Notes for Cornelius Bryan:
Provided by Betty Douglass, Guernsey Co. Genealogical Society.
Taken from microfilm at Barnesville Library.

I Isaac Moore one of the Justices of the Peace for Belmont County and
State of Ohio do hereby Certify unto all whom it may concern
thatCornelius Bryan andSarah Danford were by me lawfully joined in the
holy bonds of matrimoney on the 20 th day of October 1805. In testimoney
where of I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 14 th day of November
Isaac Moore (Seal)

From the DAR record of Mrs. Flora Lucetta Bryan Stewart, DAR ID No. 147009
Cornelius Bryan (1760-1820) served as private in the Jefferson County, Virginia militia, under Capt Aquilla Whitaker. He was born in Charles County, Md; died in Noble County, Ohio.

More About Cornelius Bryan:
Military service: Revolutionary War Soldier, served as a Private from VA.

  vi.   Samuel Danford, born Dec 29, 1774 in Patterson Creek_WashingtonTwp?, Cumberland, NJ; died Apr 8, 1845 in 70.3.10 Captina Creek, Sec 22, Washington Twp, Belmont Co., OH; married Nancy Mathaney Aug 20, 1800 in Belmont County, OH, >Marion Twp_ Noble Co_OH; born Apr 24, 1784 in Va; died Jul 16, 1871 in Washington Twp (ae 87.2.22).
  Notes for Samuel Danford:
(from Ron Reid)
Notes for Samuel Danford:
From book Noble Co. History:

Page 388
Samuel Danford, his wife and four children came to the farm now owned by Peter R. Danford, in 1806. In 1812 they left and returned to Belmont County, not wishing to be so far from civilization during the war. The family returned to the old place about 1817. the father died in 1845, and the mother in 1871. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and the Danford residence was the preaching place for the neighborhood. Lucretia Danford was born in Belmont County in 1817. She lived on the home farm until about fifteen years ago, when she bought the place on which she now lives. She has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church since she was twenty years of age. Thaddeus Shepherd's
wife is a niece of Lucretia Danford, and has lived with her from infancy.

From History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, published 1880.
Page 413
"Samuel, a son of Peter Danford, was born in New Jersey, perhaps about the year 1776. He was married to Nancy Mathew (SP?) about the year 1798. He settled on the land now owned by Mrs. Emma Danford and family, on Section 22, Washington township, on Captina creek, which he owned until his death. He reared a family of fourteen children, six sons and eight daughters, nine of whom are still living."

From the History of Monroe County Ohio, by H.H. Hardesty & Co.,
Publishers, dated 1882. Booklet compiled by Harold P. Haley in Woodsfield during 1969.
These are excerpts from the text.
Seneca Township:
Among other early settlers were James Dailey, the father of John Dailey; Robert Carpenter; Mitchell Atkinson; Isaac Atkinson; William Dement; Christopher Haines; Barnabus Crosbay; Samuel Danford; the Rucker family; the Brister family; the Rufus Hall family; Vincent Dailey; Joseph Baker; Samuel Pryor; Elijah Stephen;......

1820 Census, Ohio, Monroe Co. Reel No: M33-88
March 22, 1999
Page127A, Line 712
Danford Samuel
Free White Males: 0 to 10 years of age - 3
16 to 18 years of age - 1
16 to 24 years of age - 3
45 up - 1
Free White Females: 0 to 10 years of age - 3
10 to 16 years of age - 3
26 to 45 years of age - 1
Number in the occupation of agriculture - 1

The first sermon was preached at the home of William Dement in 1810 by Reverend Samuel Dement. A society of the M.E. Church was organized in 1818 and services were held at the homes of William Kent and Samuel Danford. Reverend Jacob Young, Reverend Thomas M. Cleary, Reverend David Walker and Reverend Charles Elliott (Who had been a missionary among the Indians) were the first ministers. Among the first members were Mr. and Mrs. William Kent; Mr. and Mrs. John Fowler; Mrs. Nancy Danford; Rebecca Danford; Mary Danford; Rachel Danford; Sally Kent; Marietta Kent; James Danford; Sidney Roe and others. John Fowler was the leader of the first class followed by Joseph Stewart, Thomas Donahue and Julius Rucker.

Tombstone inscription: Field verified by Barbara Harkleroad, Aug. 1999.
Samuel Danford Died Mar 22, 1872
Aged 70 Years 3 Ms 10 Ds

More About Samuel Danford:
Cause of Death: Fever - From family Bible
Residence: 1821, Monroe Co., OH64

Notes for Nancy Matheny:
Resided in Monroe Co. Ohio near mouth of Capitana Creek until 1807. Moved to Noble Co. Ohio in 1810, Fled from Indians in 1813, returned and conquered Indians in 1817. Homesteaded farm, cleared land, raised family of 6 sons and 9 daughters.

In 1794 she moulded bullets in indian fight "Seige of Wheeling".

Tombstone inscription: Field verified by Barbara Harkleroad, Aug. 1999.
Nancy Wife of Samuel Danford
Died July 16 1871 Aged 87 Yrs 2 Mo 22 Days
She is not dead but sleepeth

More About Nancy Matheny:
Cause of Death: Old Age - from family Bible

  More About Samuel Danford:
Burial: Glady Valley M.E. Ch Cemetery, Noble Co, OH
Occupation: FARMER

  More About Nancy Mathaney:
Burial: Glady Cemetery_ Noble Co._ OH

  vii.   Peter Danford, born Apr 3, 1776 in Cumberland_ NJ; married Margaret Delaney Sep 3, 1805.
  112 viii.   William Danford, born Nov 12, 1778 in Cumberland_ NJ; died Oct 23, 1813 in LOWER SANDUSKY, OH (WAR OF 1812); married Elizabeth Moore Nov 19, 1801 in Belmont County, OH, (7 Children).

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