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Ancestors of Bruce Nelson Rutherford

Generation No. 11

      1712. Richard Linvill, born 1654 in FLETCHING PARISH, SUSSEX CO, ENGLAND; died 1682 in DELAWARE, PA. He was the son of 3424. Thomas Linvill and 3425. Elizabeth Wickersham. He married 1713. Mary Hart.

      1713. Mary Hart, born Aug 24, 1653 in MAYSFIELD PARISH, SUSSEX CO, ENGLAND; died 1713 in CHESTER Co, PA.
Children of Richard Linvill and Mary Hart are:
  i.   John Linville
  856 ii.   Thomas Linville, born Dec 9, 1679 in OMNY PARISH, SUSSEX CO, ENGLAND; died 1747 in CHESTER CO, PA; married Dinah Richards.

      1928. James Bunker, Jr, born 1665 in Dover,Strafford,NH; died 1722 in Dover,Strafford,NH. He was the son of 3856. James Bunker and 3857. Sarah Pepperell. He married 1929. Anne Thomas 1699 in Dover,Strafford,NH.

      1929. Anne Thomas, born 1675 in Dover,Strafford,NH; died 1710 in Dover,Strafford,NH. She was the daughter of 3858. James Thomas and 3859. Martha Goddard.

Notes for James Bunker, Jr:
Indian Attacks
The History of Durham says, "The Indians seem to have had a special spite against the inhabitants of Oyster River, or their attacks there were so little opposed that they returned often for easy spoils."
July 8, 1707, "John Bunker & Ichabod Rawlins (both of Dover) going with a cart from Zech: Fields Gar: to James Bunkers for a Loom were assailed by many Indians & both slain. The enemy (supposed 20 or 30 in num.) slaughtered many cattel for the Jones's (at same time) to the number of 15 or more."
TITLE: (Part I) Genealogical Items Relating to the Early Settlers of
                              Dover, NH.
      [Communicated by Mr. Alonzo H. Quint, of Dover]

SOURCE: SOURCE: Historical and Genealogical Registers, New England Historical
      Genealogical Society, Boston, Samuel G. Drake, Publisher, ©1847-
                  [Vols - 1 - 50 (Oct. 1851 pg 449-456 )]

SUBMITTED BY: Transcribed by C Parziale this is part of an ongoing series of Gen            
            Articles related to Dover and comes in several parts.
            This Segment covers the names Adams-Daniels.

BUNKER, James, had grants in 1653, one of which was next to William Follets, at O.R. He lived at O.R. A James Bunkerís inventory was returned 24 June, 1698, by James, Jr., his son.--"James, Jr." had a grant, 1693-4. -- "Bunkerís Garrison" at O.R. was successfully defended in 1694. --

BUNKER, Joseph, a "Friend," had chil(dren)
                  Esther, b. 2 mo., 1693;
                  Mary, b. 4 mo., 1697;
                  Lydia, b. 8 mo., 1699;
                  Sarah, b. 10 mo., 1702.

BUNKER, John, had wife Dorcas; chil(dren) were,
                  John, b. 16 July, 1696;
                  Sarah, b. 20 Oct., 1699;
                  Daniel, b. 22 Oct., 1702;
                  Zacharias, b. 25 Feb. 1707.
John was killed 8 July, 1707.
                  John, m. Hannah Drew, 5 Feb., 1720-1; chil(dren)
                        Silas, b. 5 June, 1723;
                        Elizabeth, b. 28 April, 1726
The name is frequently met with in Strafford Co.

Child of James Bunker and Anne Thomas is:
  964 i.   Joseph Bunker, born 1702 in Dover,Strafford,NH; died Jul 1784; married Ann Giles 1720 in Dover,Strafford,NH.

      1930. Mark Giles, born in Durham,Strafford,VT/NH. He married 1931. Sarah.

      1931. Sarah, born in Durham,Strafford,VT/NH.

Notes for Mark Giles:
[communicated by Alonzo Hall Quint, A.B. , of Dover, N.H.]

SOURCE: Historical and Genealogical Registers, New England Historic
      Genealogical Society, Boston, Samuel G. Drake, Publisher, ©1847-
                  Vols - 1 - 50 -
            (July 1850 pg 246-250 )

SUBMITTED: Transcribed by Cathy Parziale 7/1/2000 with some current
      translations added to facilitate search engines.

the list for 1666 has
At Dover Neck -- henrey kerke (Henry Kirk)
At Bloody Point -- Abraham Nute, Thomas Pinkom (pinkham)
At Cochechae -- Samewell hale (Samuel Hale), J(e)nkin Jones, wedowe hanson,
      Mark Gilles (Giles)Jeremiah Hodsdon, -- (apparently of Coch.)
At Oyster River -- Joseph Stimson, Selathiell Denbo (Denbow)
            Arthur Bennit, Abraham Collens, Michaell Simmons,
      Edward Leathers, Thomas Chesly. (Here are the apparent
            autographs of Richard Waldern, Job Clements, John Dauis,
            Anthony Nutter, undersigned.)
Landmarks in Ancient Dover, New Hampshire by Mary P. Thompson,
Durham, N.H. ©1892, Printed by the Republican Press Association,
Concord, N.H.

LANDMARKS: Broad Turn     

      HAISE, John; HAISE, Ichabod;

      Broad Turn. Mentioned March 19, 1693-4, when Mark Giles, had a grant of 20 acres "as near the Broad turn as may be." This grant was laid out May 30, 1702, on the south side of Barbadoes way, above the broad turn. The right of a highway four rods wide was reserved, to go through this land "from the broad turne into the ash swamp." Ralph Twombley had a grant of 30 acres "near the broad turn in Chochecha swamp," March 19, 1693-4. It was laid out to Wm. Twombley, "successor of Ralph Twombley, Jr., deceased, " Nov. 4. 1702, on the N.E. side of the way from the Broad turn to Barbados.
the bounds of the ancient cartway, five rods wide, that led from Tolend falls into the Cochecho swamp, were renewed March 4, 1703-4, running on a W. by S. point, as the way then went, till it met with the other way that led "from broad turne into said swamp." John Haise conveyed to Ichabod Haise,
Aug. 15, 1721, twenty acres of land "in Dover, near Cochechoh, at a place called by ye name of broad turn or Littleworth, bounded 40 rods by the highway, and 80 rods by Wm. Twombley's land on the N.E. and S.W."           
PG 31
- Submitted by C. Parziale
Child of Mark Giles and Sarah is:
  965 i.   Ann Giles, born Oct 1, 1702 in Durham,Strafford,Vt; married Joseph Bunker 1720 in Dover,Strafford,NH.

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