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Ancestors of Rebecca Lynne Miller

      106. Henry Huntsworth
Child of Henry Huntsworth is:
  53 i.   Sarah Elizabeth Huntsworth, born 1817 in Fairfied Co., Ohio; died May 2, 1895 in Lima twp, Licking Co., OH; married Joshua Wickliff Mar 17, 1842.

      112. Cary Mead, Sr, born 1764 in RUTLAND, VERMONT; died 1831 in APPLETON, GRANVILLE, OH. He was the son of 224. Zebulon Mead and 225. Mercy Cary. He married 113. Judith Sampson.

      113. Judith Sampson, born 1768; died in APPLETON, OH.

Notes for Cary Mead, Sr:
In August, 1832, Titus Knox and Carey Mead laid out the village of Appleton, and named it in honor of Appleton Downer, a lawyer of Zanesville, who had been a large land owner in the township. It is handsomely situated in a beautiful country, near the southern borders of the township, but it never attained to the proportions of a town of one hundred inhabitants, and has been on the decline in later years.

Carey Meade built the first house in Appleton, and there is something of a romantic history connected with it. Mr. Meade had a pretty daughter who married a man named Delong, from the east, and Mr. Meade erected this house for a storeroom, with the expectation that his son-in-law would bring on a stock of goods and become the first merchant of the future city. For reasons very well understood this expectation was not realized, and thus the storeroom-a frame structure, one and a half stories in height-stood empty for a time, and was the only building on the town plat when Mr. Gideon Long and family came to the place, April 3, 1833. Mr. Long moved into this empty store room and occupied it some years. While he was yet living in it Mr. David Messenger, yet living, a resident of Utica, and now a very aged man, came to Appleton, or the site of it, Tented the front part of this building, and opened the first store in the place. Mr. Long, in order to encourage enterprise and assist in building up the town squeezed his family into the single back room of this storehouse. He had, since his advent in the place, been using the upper room of this building for a cabinet shop. A pair of stairs went up on the outside of the building, and here he made tables, coffins, and other necessaries of life and death; and for himself a precarious living. Mr. Messenger must have expected to transact a large business, as he brought on a large stock of goods, for those days, and two clerks. Had the wolves and bears been his customers he would, no doubt, have done a large business, but as the purchasing settlers were few and far between, the two clerks seemed superfluous.

These two clerks took boarding and lodging in the family of Mr. Long in that single back room of the store building. One of these clerks was Mr. Franklin Bryant, who, after clerking some tine for Mr. Messenger, bought the store himself and conducted it several years. He built the second frame house in town, which is yet standing, and is occupied as a dwelling by Dr. Austin. Not being able to fill up that little back room entirely, with his family and two clerks, Mr. Long took in another entire family-Mr. William Van Fossen, wife and one child. Mr. Van Fossen had made up his mind to settle here, and to accommodate him while his cabin was in course of construction Mr. Long admitted' the family as boarders.

The other young gentleman clerk, who was a boarder in this large family with limited quarters, was usually called "Billy," and as he had very little clerking to do, spent most of the time in the woods hunting. Mrs. Long says "he was a good boy-a jolly, whole-souled fellow as ever lived." His last name was Rosecranz, and he afterward became Major General William S. Rosecranz, the hero of Stone River, and the gallant but unfortunate . commander of the Union forces at the great and bloody battle of Chickamauga. "Billy" Rosecranz remained here as a clerk six months, and many times declared his intention of becoming a soldier, and was sent to West Point soon after leaving this place. His father was at that time a resident of Homer, in the adjoining township, and a merchant and farmer.


More About Cary Mead, Sr:
Children of Cary Mead and Judith Sampson are:
  i.   Cary Mead, Jr
  56 ii.   William Henry Mead I, born Mar 23, 1813 in APPLETON, OH; died Jan 13, 1862 in PATASKALA, OH; married Anna Mariah Beam.

      116. Samuel YOUMANS336,337,338, born Jun 26, 1781 in Harmony, Warren, Nj338; died Sep 30, 1854 in Columbia, Warren, Nj338. He was the son of 232. Benjamin Youmans and 233. Sarah HOWELL. He married 117. Elizabeth DeWitt in 10 children.

      117. Elizabeth DeWitt, born Dec 15, 1781 in Harmony, Warren, Nj338; died Sep 5, 1854 in Columbia, Warren, Nj338. She was the daughter of 234. Barnet DEWITT and 235. Barbara Geassar Or GEASSER.

More About Samuel YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S6-5G339,340

More About Elizabeth DeWitt:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S6-95341,342
Children of Samuel YOUMANS and Elizabeth DeWitt are:
  i.   Benjamin YOUMANS343,344, born Oct 30, 1807 in Stillwater, Sussex, Nj344; died Jan 26, 1877 in Stillwater, Sussex, Nj344; married Elizabeth Teel SWARTSWELDER Nov 13, 1834 in Of, Warren, Nj344; born Jan 11, 1818 in <Of, Warren, Nj>344; died Dec 16, 1886 in Stillwater, Sussex, Nj344.
  More About Benjamin YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S7-0Q344

  More About Elizabeth Teel SWARTSWELDER:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S7-1W344

  ii.   B C Youmans, born Bet. 1810 - 1820.
  iii.   James Youmans, born Bet. 1810 - 1820.
  58 iv.   William C Youmans, born Jun 27, 1811 in Warren Co, NEW JERSEY; died Nov 21, 1896 in PATASKALA, OH; married Mary Ann Snyder.
  v.   Barnet Dewitt Yeomans Or YOUMANS345,346,347,348, born Oct 26, 1813 in Of, Warren, Nj349,350; died Oct 2, 1900 in Knowlton Twp., Warren, Nj351,352; married Catherine Bet. 1836 - 1837352; born Sep 1820 in , , Nj353,354.
  More About Barnet Dewitt Yeomans Or YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S5-X9355,356,357
Burial: Columbia, Warren, Nj358,359

  More About Catherine:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S5-MQ360,361,362

  vi.   Esaac D. YOUMANS363,364, born Abt. 1818 in Of, Warren, Nj364
  More About Esaac D. YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S6-0L364

  vii.   Barbary YOUMANS365,366, born Abt. 1819 in Of, Warren, Nj366
  More About Barbary YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S6-1R366

  viii.   George M Youmans, born Abt. 1820 in New Jersey; died Oct 12, 1903 in Etna, Licking Co, Ohio; married Hannah Beach Sep 30, 1847 in Licking Co., OH.
  Notes for George M Youmans:
George M. Youmans found in:

Family Archive #400 Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850
Married: Sep 30, 1847 in: Licking Co., OH
Spouse: Beach, Hannah
Gender: M More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0384300.

  More About George M Youmans:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S5-ZG366
Occupation: Had a grocery store in Etna, Licking Co OH

  ix.   Jane YOUMANS367,368, born Apr 12, 1822 in Of, Warren, Nj368; died Feb 1900368; married John Smith Sep 1841 in Of, Warren, Nj368; born 1819 in Of, Warren, Nj368; died 1894 in Of, Warren, Nj368.
  More About Jane YOUMANS:
Ancestral File Number: Q8S6-MV368

      124. John Battee, born in Anne Arundel, MD, this can't be the right date.....have to check more.; died Abt. 1800 in Baltimore Co, MD. He was the son of 248. Ferdinando Battee and 249. Unknown Hall. He married 125. Eleanor/Ellen Stansbury May 1, 1787 in FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Baltimore, MD369.

      125. Eleanor/Ellen Stansbury, born Bet. 1752 - 1768 in Baltimore, MD. She was the daughter of 250. George Stansbury and 251. Mary Eagleston.

Notes for John Battee:
Rev. Lewis Richards Register, 1784-1869(Part 1/4)
Maryland Historical Society

Contact Information:
Manuscripts Department
Maryland Historical Society Library
201 West Monument Street
Baltimore MD 21201-4674
Fax: 410.385.2105


REVEREND LEWIS RICHARDS WAS ELECTED PASTOR OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF Baltimore in 1784 and remained in that capacity until his retirement in 1818. He recorded in a small brown ledger all the marriages at which he officiated during those years. The record book evidently remained in the possession of the church after his death, and in 1835 Reverend Stephen P. Hill, upon becoming pastor of the church, started to record the marriages which he performed in the same ledger. In 1850 Reverend Hill removed to Washington, D. C., taking the record book with him and continuing to enter records until 1869.

After a lapse of almost a century. Reverend Richards' marriage record book has been returned to Baltimore and now rests among the manuscript collections of the Maryland Historical Society (MS 690). The following marriages represent only a small portion of these records. It is hoped that some interested person will volunteer to transcribe the balance so that they may be more readily available to researchers.
May 1 John Battie and Eleanor Stansbury L

Sex: M
Will: 1745
Anne Arundel, Maryland
Father: Ferdinano BATTEE
Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
7103617 - 1235162 Film NONE
Sheet: 89

Subj: Balt. Co., MD
Date: 5/26/01 5:16:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Donna VanZandt)
Reply-to: (Donna VanZandt)

Baltimore County, MD
General Index to Inventories
Microfilm # 0013654

General Index No. 1
1800 Batee, John- Folio 438.442 Bk. 20
1805 Batee, Phillip-Folio 423.424 Bk. 23
1809 Batee, Ferdinand –Folio 487 Bk. 25
1759 Beaty, John- Folio 168 Bk. 8

General Index No. 2
1814, Batee, Isabella -Folio 482 Bk. 28
1811 Beatty, John Folio 551 Bk. 26
1819 Beatty, Samuel –Folio 195 Bk. 32

General Index No. 3
1853 Battee, Sophia G.-Folio 264.269 Bk. 69
1851 Beatty, James-Folio 571.577 Bk. 65
1852 Beatty, James- Folio 266.350 Bk. 66
1858 Beatty, William H.-Folio 330 Bk. 75
1859 Beatty, William H.-Folio 409.465 Bk. 76

Baltimore Co., MD Wills (partial)
Film # 0928253
(the film was typed excerpts evidently from a set of books)
Will Bk. # 6 pg. 259
Battee, John
Written: April 4, 1800
Probated April 19, 1800
Wife Eleanor; Children: John, Elisha, Elizabeth, and Mary Batee.
Executors: wife Eleanor and brother Ferdinand Batee.
Wit: John Partridge, John Bowen, and John Ready.

Subj: Re: [BALTGEN-L] Baltimore Co. Families by Barnes STANSBURY
Date: 7/29/02 7:23:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

This family very interesting and George is mentioned with the name of Darius.
I will give you this information, but suggest you go to the library as lists
goes back to Detmar Stansbury, progenitor, ame to Md. in 1658 with w. Renske
and s. Tobias.

"STANSBURY, George (19) s. of Tobias (6), and Honour, was b. 3 July 1732; d.
1789; m. Mary Eaglestone, dau. of Abraham Eaglestone; est. was admin. 18 Aug.
1790 and 19 Feb. 1791; had iss.;
RUTH, b. 19 Nov. 1760, m. William Lynch on 10 Feb. 1781; REBECCA, b. 19 Feb.
1766, m. Rev. Nathaniel Watts on 24 Dec. 1789; GEORGE; b. 18 April 1771;
WILLIAM; CATHERINE, m. Joseph Green on 26 March 1789; ELLEN, m. John Battee
on 1 May 1787; SARAH; DARIUS; ELIJAH; MARY (10;186, 296, 299; 133:108, 125;
Johnston articleP.


  Notes for Eleanor/Ellen Stansbury:
Maryland Historical Magazine Vol 9
Page 84

19. GEORGE STANSBURY4 (Tobias,3 Tobias,2 Detmar1) was
born 3 July 1732, and died in 1789. His wife was named
Mary and they had issue (order of birth uncertain):
29. i. GEORGE STANSBURY,5 b. 18 April 1771.
v. RUTH STANSBURY, b. 9 Nov. 1760; m., 10 Feb'y 1781, William
vi. CATHERINE STANSBURY, m. Joseph Green.
vii. ELLIN STANSBURY, m., 1 May 1787, John Battie.
County Agency Series Listing
at the Maryland State Archives

(Miscellaneous Plats)
MSA C2042
Dates: 1800
Description: Walter R. Dallas vs. Daniel Stansbury. Dixons Neck, Hopewell, Gooseberry Neck, Shanes Fancy, Better Hope, Planters Paradise, Franklins Purchase, Lukes Goodwill
Accession No.: 19,957-40
MSA No.: C 2042-22
Location: B5/9/1/

Dates: 1800
Description: Daniel Stansbury vs. Walter R. Dallas. Lukes Goodwill, Dixons Neck, Hopewell, Better Hope, Planters Paradise, Franklins Purchase
Accession No.: 19,957-105
MSA No.: C 2042-23
Location: B5/9/1/

Dates: 1814
Description: Daniel Stansbury of Daniel vs. John Bowen and Eleanor Batty. Adventure, Corbins Rest, Jonas Range, Riders Industry, Samuels Addition
Accession No.: 19,957-108
MSA No.: C 2042-117
Location: B5/9/1/

Dates: 1815, 1822
Description: Daniel Stansbury of Daniel vs. John Bowen and Eleanor Battie. Ejectment - Jonas Range, Jonas Addition, Adventure, Corbins Rest, Riders Industry, Trifle Better Secured
Accession No.: 19,957-106
MSA No.: C 2042-126
Location: B5/9/1/

More About Eleanor/Ellen Stansbury:
Aka (Facts Pg): Eleanor
Children of John Battee and Eleanor/Ellen Stansbury are:
  i.   Elizabeth Battee
  ii.   Mary Battee
  Notes for Mary Battee:
This could be John's & Eleanor's Mary, need marriage record

Spouse: DENNIS WIGLEY Family
Marriage: 25 DEC 1831 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:

M533741 1799 - 1835 0013697 IT 3-6 Film NONE

  62 iii.   Elisha Battee, born Jan 31, 1798 in Anne Arundel, MD; died May 31, 1866 in St Albans twp, Licking Co, OH; married Jemima Stansbury Dec 15, 1824 in Baltimore Co, MD.
  iv.   John Battee

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