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Descendants of Thomas Darrah

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES2 DARRAH (THOMAS1) was born About 1763 in Virginia, and died Unknown.

Notes for J
In an email from John Darrah, 31 May, 1999, he states:
"Without exception, the place of birth listed on census records that I have seen for Darrah's not born in this country listed Ireland as the place of birth.
Because our family was Protestant not Catholic in the early days it is reasonable to assume they came from Northern Ireland and possibly Scotland prior to that.
A more common spelling of Darrah in Ireland is Darragh. Regardless of how the name is spelled it generally ends with the "agh" sound.
About all you can count on when looking for the name is the "D" and generally two "r's". I've seen the second letter shown as an "a", "e", "o", and "u". The last part could be shown as "ah", "agh", "augh", "oh", "och", "ough", "ow", and the best of all "au". (Derrau)"

Also from John Darrah:
Thomas and Mary Bradford Darrah who came to PA in 1725 had five sons, James, Robert, Thomas, Henry, William. Work has been done on all of these except for James. All I have seen on James is that he lived and died in VA. I think James is our connection to Thomas and Mary. Robert is the only name not reused by our family. James by far is the most common.
I have to think your James changed the spelling to derry because his father and grandfather were also named James and they all lived in Harrison Co, OH, during the early 1800s. Could be very confusing, and not that uncommon to assume a different spelling.

Children of J
  i.   WILLIAM3 DERRY/DARRAH, d. Unknown.
  ii.   ANDREW DERRY/DARRAH, d. Unknown.
3. iii.   JAMES DERRY/DARRAH, b. About 1783, , Fayette, Virginia; d. Aft. 1870, Pike County, Illinois.

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