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Descendants of John Glover

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 GLOVER was born in England, and died 09 November 1803 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. He married MARGARET About 1754. She died About June 1810.

Notes for J
      John Glover is the progenitor of this Glover clan. How and when he came to Maryland is not known, nor do we have knowledge of the background for his wife, Margaret. The first evidence of his presence in Baltimore County is he being listed on the 1763 Baltimore County Tax List. Also there are deeds for purchase of property in 1768 for 69 acres called "Cranberry Cove"; in 1760 for 185 acres, part of "John's Mistake" and 34 acres next to "John's Chance" called "Glover's Addition"; in 1777 for 106 1/2 acres, also part of "John's Chance". The area of his property were between Sykesville and Eldersburg along the Patapsco River and part along Piney Falls near the Frederick Co. border. Piney Falls has since been damned and is now a recreational area called Piney Falls Lake and park. The park ranger said there are some graves found before filling the dam but as there were no identification they were not moved. It is probable that they were the remains of John and Margaret GLOVER. John died in 1803 and Margaret in 1810. They had three children: Samuel, Joshua and Sarah.

There are four versions of how John came to be in the Colonies:
Version #1:
      In Evan's "History of Scioto County, Ohio", published in 1903, there is a biographical sketch on Elijah Glover, Sr. who is the grandson of John and Margaret. In that article the following is quoted: "The Glover family were among the earliest settlers of Scioto Co. and Portsmouth. Their American ancestor, John Glover, came from London, England, under a grant to Lord Baltimore. He was of mixed Scotch and English descent. He bought land in Frederick County, Maryland and lived near what was known as Ellicott's Mills. His children were Joshua, Samuel, and Sarah."
Version #2:
      This information is from a letter written by Elizabeth Barnes Glover, daughter of Elijah Glover described above, and the great grand daughter of John and Margaret and has been handed down. It was probably written before 1880. She says: "The oldest tradition we have of our immediate ancestry is that at a very early day, during the time Maryland was a colony, under the grant to Lord Baltimore, John and Richard Glover, two brothers of the half blood, maternally (Scotch and English), and of the whole blood paternally, emigrated from London, England to Baltimore, Maryland. John is our ancestor. He had no trade that we know of, bought land in Frederick County, near what became known as Ellicott's Mills. He had, and raised, three children: Samuel, Joshua, and Sarah (she married a man named Basiman). Samuel emigrated in 1795 to Mason County, Kentucky, having married Elizabeth Barnes in Maryland, by whom he had thirteen children." She goes on to name them, who they married and where they lived. You can see that these two versions are very similar.
Version #3:
      This information comes from Frank Glover of San Francisco, an experienced genealogist and related through Joshua. It came to him by way of his great grandfather, William Lewis Glover's reminiscences as transcribed by his Dad's older aunts and cousins. These recollections, somewhat inaccurate, are based on William Lewis Glover's memory 60 years later. " John, Samuel, and Bessie Glover (of Welsh descent) sailed from England with their parents (date unknown). Both parents died before reaching America. The children were 'bound out' and Bessie died. There is no record of the date of John's marriage or the name of his wife. John's son Joshua married Rachel Dorsey and moved from Maryland to Kentucky." Frank believes that Samuel, mentioned above, was being remembered as Joshua's uncle, instead of his brother because Samuel was older and gone away from Maryland before Joshua's children knew him. Thomas Glover of Keller, Texas, was handed down a letter dated 1 Sept. 1903, which is similar, from his descendent George Thomas Glover, as follows: "A Mr. Glover, wife and three children started to America from England. He and his wife died on the way and were buried at sea. The children were too young to know anything of their affairs, whether they were rich or poor or anything at all about it. If their parents had any means, it was kept from them and they were bound out. Their names were John, Richard and Bessie. John, our great great grandfather had three children: Joshua, Sam and a daughter." Frank and Tom's common ancestor was Charles Glover, son of Joshua.
Version #4:
      "This story has two parts to it. The first part is about a Richard Glover, written up in Anna Glover's "Ann Account of John Glover of Dorchester and His Descendents" published in 1867. We are not related to this New England clan but in her book, Anna describes this Richard Glover at the end of her book under "Other Glovers". It says: "Richard Glover was born in 1611 and sailed from Gravesend, England, to Virginia in 1635 aboard the ship "Assurance". He settled near James River, in Virginia and was soon married after his arrival. Thomas Glover, who from 1664 to 1667 resided in Jamestown, Va. is presumed to be a son of Richard. two of the descendents of Richard Glover, of the names of William and Robert, were living in the eastern part of Virginia at the time of the revolution. William, the eldest, married a Miss Harrelson and had 6 sons. Subsequently, he removed to the Green River county in Kentucky, now known as the "Barrens". John Glover, the second son, was born in Virginia in 1778, married about 1812 to Fanny Taylor, had 12 children, removed to Kentucky about 1825, lived near Harrodsburgh, Mercer Co., KY and died in 1857 in Knox Co., MO, aged 79 years."
      The second part comes from Vol. 6 ( of 16 volumes) of "Colonial Families of America", edited by Ruth Lawrence and published in 1928. In it she reports a line of Glovers beginning with he same Richard Glover described above that came to Virginia on the "Assurance" in 1635. In fact it says the same thing as though it was copied from Anna Glover's book. It goes on, however, to describe a son of Richard named Thomas (second generation) which is not described in Anna's book, who married twice; 1st, Mary Fowler of St. Mary County, MD and mother of our John Glover, and 2nd, a Winiford ______. "John Glover (third generation) was born in 1718." she says and describes our John Glover who died in 1803 in Baltimore Co., MD and owned "John's Chance", "John's Mistake", "Glover's Addition", and "Cranberry Grove". He married Margaret Carroll and describes her will leaving to grandson, Charles Glover, son of her son Joshua, a Negro named Gustavus. Joshua (4th generation) is described as one who sold the property in 1812 to Daniel Elliott and migrated to Madison County, Kentucky (our Joshua moved to Hardin Co., KY). She says "He married twice; 1st prior to 1780 and 2nd in 1790 to Rachel Dorsey, daughter of Nicolas Dorsey, Jr. and Sarah (Griffith) Dorsey". (our Rachel Dorsey was the daughter of Edward and Deborah (Maccubin) Dorsey). As you can see, some of this material is true and a lot of it is not. It is hoped that someone's research will turn up the true origin of John and Margaret Glover.

Children of J
2. i.   SAMUEL2 GLOVER, b. About 1756, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Maryland; d. About 05 October 1813, West Liberty, Champaign, Ohio.
3. ii.   JOSHUA GLOVER, b. About 1771, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. 27 August 1830, Hardin Co., Kentucky.
  iii.   SARAH "SALLY" GLOVER, b. About 1772, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE BEASMAN, 18 November 1790, Baltimore, Maryland; d. Unknown.
Other: Name spelling BASEMAN

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