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Descendants of Sarah Bull

      5. Euphemia5 Earl (Sarah4 Bull, John3, William2, John1) was born July 19, 1780 in Cornwall [now Central Valley], and died December 17, 1831 in Central Valley, NY. She married David Thorn February 11, 1802. He was born March 08, 1779 in Central Valley, NY, and died September 18, 1841 in Central Valley, NY.

More About Euphemia Earl:
Reference #: 4-16

Notes for David Thorn:
      Son of Jesse Thorn & Abigail Hoag.
They purchased the Jesse Thorn farm in Lower [Smith] Clove, now Central Valley, in 1802 at a sheriff's sale. Dates are from the David Thorn Bible, which lists his mother as Abigail, as per Hoag Gen. Others say Jesse m. Polly Earl

More About David Thorn and Euphemia Earl:
Marriage: February 11, 1802
Children of Euphemia Earl and David Thorn are:
+ 26 i.   William E.6 Thorn, born January 05, 1803 in Monroe, NY; died Unknown.
+ 27 ii.   Elizabeth Thorn, born October 15, 1804 in Monroe, NY; died August 03, 1841 in Woodbury Falls, NY.
+ 28 iii.   Michal Thorn, born June 23, 1806 in Monroe, NY; died October 12, 1881 in Monroe, NY.
+ 29 iv.   Sarah Thorn, born April 19, 1808 in Monroe, NY; died September 05, 1893 in Woodbury Falls, NY.
+ 30 v.   Mary B. Thorn, born December 25, 1809 in Monroe, NY; died August 18, 1877.
+ 31 vi.   David H. Thorn, born November 25, 1811 in Monroe, NY; died September 01, 1900 in West Milford, NJ.
  32 vii.   Emeline Thorn, born October 26, 1813 in Monroe, NY; died Unknown in Monroe, NY.
  Notes for Emeline Thorn:
      Twin of Stephen Thorn [5-82]. Died young.

  More About Emeline Thorn:
Reference #: 5-83

  33 viii.   Stephen Thorn, born October 26, 1813 in Monroe, NY; died Unknown in Monroe, NY.
  Notes for Stephen Thorn:
      Twin of Emeline Thorn [5-83]. Died young.

  More About Stephen Thorn:
Reference #: 5-82

+ 34 ix.   Henry Thorn, born September 26, 1816 in Monroe, NY; died May 08, 1892 in Cornwall, NY.
+ 35 x.   Hannah Thorn, born December 30, 1818 in Monroe, NY; died February 13, 1853 in Woodbury Falls, NY.
+ 36 xi.   Charles White Thorn, born September 03, 1821; died Abt. 1869 in Bay City, Mich..

      6. Abigail5 Earl (Sarah4 Bull, John3, William2, John1)3 was born April 07, 1782 in Highland Mills,NY [Lower Clove], and died January 17, 1860. She married Samuel Monell Unknown, son of William Monell and Frances Tuthill. He was born January 12, 1780 in Wallkill, Ulster Co., NY, and died February 02, 1831 in Walkill, Ulster Co., N.Y..

Notes for Abigail Earl:
      Ae. 77y 9m 10d. "Abigal" is buried in the J. I. Taylor plot in the old cemetery at Highland Mills Methodist Church.
      Samuel is buried at Bellvale, NY.


More About Abigail Earl:
Burial: Unknown, J.L. Taylor plot Highland Mills Methodist Church cemetary.
Reference #: 4-17

Notes for Samuel Monell:

      He was the grt. grandson of the settler, James Monell who arrived at Philadelphia 1717 and in the Wallkill section of Orange Co. about 1723.
      Samuel was a manufacturer, living in the "Oxford area" of the towns of Monroe, Blooming Grove, and Warwick. For years they lived between Bull's Mills and Bellvale. [see Monell Gen. by Wesley L. Baker. pp. 201-232].
      He is buried in Bellvale and Abigail is buried in the J.I. Taylor plot in the old cemetery at Highland Mills Methodist Church.

More About Samuel Monell:
Baptism: May 07, 1780, Bethlehem Church, New Cornwall, Orange Co,m N.Y.
Burial: Unknown, Bellvale,NY
Occupation: Manufacturer

More About Samuel Monell and Abigail Earl:
Marriage: Unknown
Children of Abigail Earl and Samuel Monell are:
+ 37 i.   Sarah6 Monell, born 1800 in Orange Co., N.Y.; died 1825.
  38 ii.   Joseph Sears Monell, born Abt. 1805 in Oxford area; died Unknown. He married Rachel Unknown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Joseph Sears Monell:
      Apparently no issue.
They are found in the Chester-Monroe,NY area until after 1830.

  More About Joseph Sears Monell:
Reference #: 5-88

  More About Joseph Monell and Rachel:
Marriage: Unknown

  39 iii.   Fanny Monell, born Abt. 1806; died Unknown.
  Notes for Fanny Monell:

  More About Fanny Monell:
Reference #: 5-89

+ 40 iv.   Jane Monell, born August 09, 1806 in Oxford area. Orange Co., N.Y.; died March 27, 1861 in Monroe, NY.
+ 41 v.   Ira Monell, born September 03, 1807 in Oxford area; died April 06, 1890 in Bloomingburg,NY.
  42 vi.   Daniel Monell, born Bef. 1810 in Oxford area; died 18194.
  Notes for Daniel Monell:

  More About Daniel Monell:
Reference #: 5-92

+ 43 vii.   Samuel Monell, born 1810 in Oxford area; died April 19, 1893 in Warwick,NY.
  44 viii.   Vashti Monell, born 1811 in Orange Co., N.Y.; died Unknown.
  Notes for Vashti Monell:

  More About Vashti Monell:
Reference #: 5-93

+ 45 ix.   Esther Monell, born April 26, 1811 in Oxford area; died June 12, 1872 in Warwick,NY.
+ 46 x.   Elizabeth Monell, born June 03, 1812 in Wallkill, Orange Co., N.Y.; died February 28, 1868 in Newburgh ,Orange Co., N.Y..
+ 47 xi.   Lena H. Monell, born 1815 in Oxford area; died March 20, 1861 in Monroe, Orange Co., N.Y..
+ 48 xii.   Martha B. Monell, born April 21, 1817 in Hamptonburgh, NY, Orange County; died March 26, 1885 in Warwick,NY [Bellvale]/ Orange Co., NY.

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