Text Box: Deschenes/Deshane

Jean Bernard Milvile Deschenes married Suzanne Vertefeuille in 1778, Trois Rivieres, Quebec.  They had three children and their son, Joseph Marie Mainville Deschenes was born January 6, 1797 in Yamachiche Co. Quebec.  I read on a message board (posted by Barry DeShane, 2004) that an old journal of Joseph’s (that has been passed down through the generations) tells that in 1908 at age 15, Joseph wanted to join the 1st Regimental Army but his father would not allow it because Jean and Mr. Grenier had arranged a marriage between Joseph and Marie Grenier..  This arrangement helped the Deschenes obtain land for the French aristocrats in Canada (Quebec area).  Early marriage records show a Joseph Mainville Deschenes married Marie Grenier August 11, 1818 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.  Records also show that there were some children born to Joseph & Marie.  

Joseph talked about hunting trips he would go on with his good friend William Defoe and how he also wanted to join the 1st Regimental Army.  In 1825 on one of their trips to Ontario opportunity arose & William and Joseph both joined the 1st Regimental Army.  Joseph left his family behind, anglicized his name to Dechene and changed his birth date to 1803. I honestly do not know if there happened to be two Joseph Deschenes born in the same area at the same time or if  the family lore is true or not.  
If anyone associated with this Deschenes family in Quebec has further concrete information, I would love to know the truth about my ancestor, Joseph Deschenes/DeShane

William’s sister, Olive was born in 1808-Trois Rivieres, Quebec.  Their father Joseph was born a generation earlier in Sidney Township, Ontario – not sure what the Quebec connection is but many genealogists believe that the Dafoe/Defoe name originally was DeFoy from France who immigrated to Quebec.  Olive came to Ontario with her family and met her brother’s good friend Joseph Dechene.  

It seems along with the other changes (name, birthdate etc.) Joseph must of believed that with his new identity he was no longer married…He married Olive on January 18, 1826 in Belleville, Ontario.  At their marriage, the clergyman again changed Joseph’s surname to Deshane and this is what it has remained to this day.

Joseph & Olive had 14 children:  Olive, Joseph, John, Francis, Ann Murrilla, Thomas, Oran, Paul Sylvester, Peter, Elizabeth Mary, Daniel, Regis Richard, Theodore and James.  Their son Oran was born January 1, 1839 and he married Jemima Meeks (born September 30, 1838), youngest daughter of Joel Meeks Sr. and Elizabeth Thompson who lived on a farm near Roblin, Ontario. They were married in Hungerford Township, Ontario.  Oran died June 7, 1932 in Belleville.

Oran and Jemima (Meeks) Deshane had 10 children: Licurgas, Ransler, Wesley, Sarah, Joseph Stanley, Daniel Dafoe, Oran, Andrew, Edgar W and their youngest Pearle Evelina.  Pearle was born June 17, 1883 and later married Alfred M. Meeks.  Pearl and Alfred Meeks had 6 children:  Archie, Vera Myrtle, Floyd, Aletha, Manly and Morley Edgar.  Their daughter Vera Myrtle married Herbert Andrew Frizzell

My grandmother, Vera (Meeks) Frizzell, was born October 5th, 1902 and died on November 1, 2002.  She had just celebrated her 100th birthday with her family in Napanee, Ontario less than a month before her death.