Text Box:  Sidenius Family

Abraham Olsen Sidenius  	married 	Birte Mogidatter
 B 1675  D 1719		Denmark	B 1684	  D

They had 2 children:
Linnert Sienius 
 B 1702-1763
Isaac Sidenius	   	married	Abel Marie Jensdatter
 B Sept. 24,1712	         May 4, 1739	 B 1715 in Svendborg
 D Dec. 15, 1780

Isaac had 10 children with Abel: Abraham, Jens, Birte Marie, Kristiana, Henning, Nikoline, Anne Katrine (died at 2 mos.), Anne Katrine (2 yrs later), Bolette Helene, and Jacob.
After Abel died, Isaac was remarried – I suppose he need someone to mother all of his children.

Isaac Sidenius			married	Anne Margrete Hincheldey
			          July 6, 1758	B June 24, 1731

Isaac had 8 more children with Anne; he was a busy boy, siring 18 children!  Their children were Edvard, Jakob, Kristian (died 9 ˝ mos), Isak, Kristian, Karen Marie, Isacia, and Benjamin.

Kristian (2) Sidenius		married	Anne Katrine Hansen
 B July 12, 1766 ( in Riserup)	          			
 D Feb. 5, 1825

Kristian and Anne had 7 children: Isak, Marie Louise, Anne Margrete, Ragna, Kristiane, Kristian, and Hans.  Kristian was a university student in 1829, then a theologian in 1834.

Kristian Sidenius		married	Margrete Marie Nancy Mahler
 B Sept 8, 1810                     Oct. 25, 1839	B Nov. 7, 1817
 D May 7, 1885				D Nov. 23, 1885

To them 7 children were born:  Ane Katrine, Marie, Edvardine, Johanne, Therese, Ditliv, and Dagmar.  

Ditliv Gothard Sidenius	married	Berty Eccertine Ibsen
 B Nov. 1, 1854	           Aug 6, 1878	B Dec 26, 1851
 D Nov 11, 1932(US)				D Mar 19, 1924 (US)

Ditliv & Berty had three children (Rikard, Oskar & Marie) whom were born in Denmark.  Ditliv immigrated to United States before the rest of his family and then on April 14th, 1884 Betty and her three children finally arrived at Ellis Island.  She then joined her husband (and other Sidenius’) in Elgin, Illinois.  Ditliv’s occupation is listed later in Chicago as an “urmakare”.  Three more children were born to Ditliv & “Betty” in the United States.
1)	Rikard C (our Great Grandpa ‘Si’)
2)	Oskar  
3)	Marie (famous concert singer who married  GeorgeZendt in Chicago, Ill. ( businessman)
4)	Stella (died at just over 1 yr)
5)	Pearl Gustava married Dr. Howard Jamieson
6)	John Christian married Martha in Smallwood, NY (lived in NYC – he was an author, a publisher, an edito)

Rikard (Richard) C. Sidenius                married                     Clara Hortence Wicklund
 B July 1, 1879 (Denmark)	           Sept 15, 1904	                B March 27, 1878 (Trade Lk., Wisconsin)
 D Jan 14, 1969 (Canada)                 Wicklund’s home            D February, 22, 1962 (Canada)
Elgin, Illinois

Clara was the daughter of Andrew John Wicklund and Clara Josephine Sundell (Andrew’s second wife).  She had one ˝ brother, Allan Andrew, another brother John Henry and 2 sisters: Annie and Mary who both died as young children.

Richard grew up in Illinois and eventually went away to school; he graduated from George Williams College in Illinois, class of 1904, the same year he married Clara. After graduating, he became actively involved with the YMCA and worked in Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan, all the while working his way up in the organization.  In 1913, Richard, Clara and their children moved to Canada.  Here he worked in P.E.I., Belleville, Cobourg, Collingwood and Hamilton/Wentworth as the YMCA General Secretary.  Due to ill health he was forced to retire in 1934 while in Wentworth Co., Ontario.

While in Wentworth County, Clara became involved with children in the community as well.  She started and organized the Girl Guide movement in the area on October 6, 1914.  Meetings were held in the Methodist Church Sunday School room.

Richard and Clara’s children were all born in the United States but came to Canada as children.

1) Clara Pauline Sidenius		   married		Ellis Doughty Snelgrove
      B Nov. 3, 1906			Sept, 30, 1933		 B Oct. 13, 1900
2)  Virginia Pearl Sidenius		   married		Wilfred Ernest Cholerton (Rev)
       B Apr 10, 1908 (Wisc.)		 Mar 31, 1934		 B June 9, 1902 (England)
       D May 30, 2005 (Raleigh,  NC)   (Dundas, Ont)             D June 27, 1997 (Raleigh, NC)
3)  Richard Ford Sidenius (Alderman)   married		 Irene Pearl MacFarland
        B Mar 22, 1913 (Mich)                  July 5, 1941               B Feb 8, 1915 (Hamilton, Ont)
        D buried in Cambridge,Ont	   (Hamilton)		  D buried in Cambridge, Ont