Rev. Ellis D Snelgrove


My grandfather, Rev. E. D. Snelgrove retired in 1969 after 39 years of active ministry with the United Church of Canada.  He served in charges of the Bay of Quinte Conference

(Middleville-Hopetown-Tatlock, Queensboro-Actinolite, Warsaw, Wicklow-Grafton-Vernonville, Sydenham)  The Villages of Erin and Hillsburgh, and the Guelph Presbytery. 

After his retirement he continued as Assistant Minister of Trinity Church in Cobourg and the Executive Secretary of the Big Brother Movement in the Cobourg and Port Hope



He and his wife, ‘Polly’ took a keen interest in the many friends they met through his years as a clergyman and collected a vast amount of photos, cards, letters, documents,wedding

invitations, and newspaper articles. I am in the process of sorting through these items but am having some difficulty as I do not know most of these people.  If anyone has family

members who may have attended his churches or if you feel I may have some items that you are interested in, please let me know and I will be happy to pass them along to you.


A few of the  surnames:

Cards & Letters

Middleville: Scoular, Rintoul, Stead, Mather, Rodger, Tenant, McIlraith, Pretty, Creighton, James, Affleck (Locke)


Queensboro:  Broad, Plager, Rollins, McMurray, Kleinsteuber, McCrea, Sedore, McNaughton, Parks, Frost, Franks, Love


Warsaw:  Riches, Drain, Ivey, Crowe, Puffer, Howlett, Garbutt, Ray, Kidd, McCracken


Grafton:  Mann, Gillespie, Bradshaw, Cameron, Bryson, Deviney, Harnden


Sydenham:  Lee, Lindsay, Pixley, Stoness, Burnett, Clow, Maybee, Kilpatrick


Erin:  there are too many to list-they are contained in a book but will check for anyone interested in them.


Others;  Pearce (Dorval,PQ), Stickney (Cobourg), Kellogg (Hillburn Farms), Moore (Ptbo), Finley (Colborne), Vipond, Wilson (Cobourg), Cable (Cobourg), Roushorn (Brockville), Noble (Tory Hill), chown (Scarborough), Thompson (Clayton) Allie Wilson (Cobourg)


Engagements, Wedding Invitations and Announcements:

Broad/Pearce, Fisher/Jary, Whetung/Bedwell, Harnden/Kernaghan (invitation&newspaper), Tuck/Thackeray, Leslie/Starke, Walker/Revelle & Walker/Bullock (8X10 phot as well), Craig/James, Tripp/Palmateer, Judd (50th Anniversary), Shantz/McIlraith


Class of 1953, Oshawa General Hospital School of Nursing  newspaper article & photo Embury, Eastman, Bryson, Avery, Ansdell, Acton, Gray, Goodenough, Goode, Gibson, Fleming, Ennis, Kot, Kinninmonth, Johnson, Hicks, Hayden, Harvey, Murnieks, Miles, Mason, Mahaffy, Loucks, Leask, Thompson, Snowdon, Sheremeta, Rob, Pogue, Phillips, Ziemelis, Winter, Wasylyk, Watts, Vajda.


Annual Christmas Concert (Grafton Schools 1949)


A lot of news articles re:  Haldimand Arena (hockey, figure skating, grand-opening…)


Birth Announcements: Charlotte Kerr, Gerald Bell


Obit: Farina Berner Leeman


Challenge Trophy Winner (Public speaking) Pauline Drope, Ray McLenaghan, Louise Breadner

This is a list of his charges…the dates are approximate.


Middleville Charge (1933-1937)

62 Baptisms, 8 Weddings, 23 Funerals


Queensboro Charge (1937-1941)

60 Baptisms, 17 Weddings, 32 Funerals


Warsaw Charge (1941-1947)

97 Baptisms, 46 Weddings, 61 Funerals


Grafton Charge (1947-1950)

62 Baptisms, 15 Weddings, 21 Funerals


Sydenham Charge (1950-1956)

162 Baptisms, 49 Weddings, 62 Funerals


Erin Charge (1956-1966)

282 Baptisms, 82 Weddings, 78 Funerals


Cambray (after retirement)

65 Baptisms, 56 Weddings, 36 Funerals


Here-at-last (after retirement)

10 Baptisms, 11 Weddings, 20 Funerals





There is also a binder with all of the sermons he presented at

individual funerals.  At the bottom of each page are the names

of the people he did that specific funeral for he would write the

person’s name and sometimes the date.  I have compiled a list

of the names (some of the handwriting is hard to read but if

anyone is interested in the names, let me know).  I will be

posting the list as soon as I can..