Erin Advocate-Newspaper Articles 1959


Rev. E Snelgrove Hon. By Congregation

3-Year-Old Dies On Hwy (Eileen Ellen Height)

Fined $25 And Costs (car accident James F. Courtney)

Escaped Serious Injury in Accid (Bob Lougheed)

Burn Mortgage At Special Service (Christian Church, Hillsburgh)

Ordained at Brantford (Re Archie Goldie)

Upset Car to Avoid Hitting Children (Jeffery Robinson, Diane Miller)

Celebrated 87th Birthday (Mr. Dan Gray Sr)

Graduated with B.A. Degree (Mrs. Jean A. Brady d/o of Mr & Mrs Albert Royce)

Erin-Hillsburgh Clergyman Feted On 25th Anniversary (names mentioned: Wilkie, Henderson, Gillespie, McKinnon, Justice, Magill, Lougheed, Griffths & Billingsley)

Social news (visitors June 11, 1959)

Long, Hard Road To the Ministry (regarding Walter King)


Miscellaneous Items


The Erin United Church Birthday Calendar ( has names of member & their birthdates on the calendar)

Letter from the Belwood Pastoral Charge  (signed by Rev. Walter King & Clerks of Sessions; C T Gerrie & Wm F. Wilson)

Letter from Couples Club (Hillsburgh United: Collier, Wheeler, McConnell, Awrey, Leitch, :Loghrin, Connell, McKinnon, Dyer)

Card with note Hillsburgh W I (Pres. Irene Wheeler, McConnell, Leitch, McKinnon, Smith, Collier, Reid, Thompson, Dyer, McCausland)

Letter to Mr. Walter King (on presentation of Clerical Gown following his graduation from Queen’s University)  from Clerks of Sessions St. John’s church

Letter to Rev Snelgrove  regarding Walter King’s Convocation at Queen’s University

Card with note from Allen Gwynneth & Michael Cook their adopting a child

Many other cards from members of the Erin & Hilsburgh Churches (I have a list of most of the members if anyone is interested and I would be

happy to pass on any letters to family members.

There also several letters and often the author mentions how family members are doing etc. school, illness, marriages…)

Surnames/names:  Jacqueline & Bill,  Claire S. Earnshaw,  Sarah S Titely sp?, Vanessa & Bill, Debbie Loree (child), Doris (mentions, McKinnon, Howes, Orma, Linda & Don…)



Other surnames (not sure if they are Erin/Hillsburgh or not)


J. Terrill (while at university), Betty Marshall & children, Hugh & Cora, Wylmer & Carl, Devine’s, Lackey’s, Nan Hulm.


I am sure there will be more items I will come across (I have just begun sorting through) & I will try to add them when I can.


For other items that may be of interest to you see also the links to funerals and photos on my website.