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Cagle, Gunter, Williams, McMillan, Cochran, Cummins, McDaniel McCall, Rogers, Wilson, Hopper and Old Hop aka Gvn Doag aka Standing Turkey
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Meeks: On the Cherokee Old Settler Payroll
John, Lou, Mary, Pine Tree, William, inheriting from these JONES ancestors thru deceased Tiletha Jones...
JOHN JONES(their grandfather); MARY JONES (aunt); LEWIS JONES (uncle); JOHN JONES JR (uncle); MALINDA JONES (aunt).  Also kin but predeceased with issue:  James Jones, Eliza Jones.
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Jeremiah Meek's 1858 Newton County Deed Receipt

An Open Query...
How were the Arkansas Meeks families akin to benefactor of the Cherokee Missions, Littleton J. Meeks?  If any one knows the kinship, or what brought the Meeks to Arkansas, email me.  Some of the Earliest settlers of the Carroll/Newton/Pope County Arkansas area were Cherokee Indians, who emigrated to Arkansas from Missouri after the New Madrid Earthquake and from around Kentucky after an early treaty (1807 Muscle Shoals, maybe?).  Some of these families are found on the 1817 Emigration Roll of the Cherokees East.  There are no Meeks surnames on the 1817 Roll, but some of these families *may* be kin to the Meeks by marriage or previous generations:

1817 Emigration Roll (very partial)
Panther (per Cherokees by Blood);  Allen Gafford (thru Nancy, per Cherokees by Blood); Richard Blevin (Emigrated 1827-1829 with Starr); Squire Blevin (Starr); John D. Sandridge (the Standridges?  This man believed to be a native or adopted Baptist extorter);   Ross (Andrew, David, Eliza, John and Templin W.-- kin of Chief John Ross, some of whom were Treaty Party affiliates);  Reed (David, Nancy, William-  Ask Glynda about this line); Smith (Jackson, Jessee - ?);  Jones (Anna, Charles, David, Drury, Elizabeth, James, John - intermarried with Blevins and some found on Old Settler Roll, kin of Evan Jones);  Jonathan Mulkey (long shot, Maria Mulkey died Cane Hill 1838); Pheasant (referenced int he proving testimonies of Cherokees By Blood, Lucinda Ross or Pheasant, somhow kin to the Panther sisters and Nancy Gafford per Martin Ross sworn testimony)..                                                                                                              
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MEEKS on the Cherokee Dawes and or Miller Rolls:
Ethel R; Mary F.B.; Mary J.; Sabra E.; Walter G.A.;
Annie; Charles; Charles (a minor in 1898-1914) Clyde LeDrew, Doublehead Jennie (see right?)          Ga luga Morgan; Mary A.,; Megg Anderson; Polly; William; William; William A.; Willie.
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Civil War Transcript of a Union Patriot in the Ozarks
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