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Adam-M-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Adam Spence

Adam-Spencer-NSW   Created By
Adam Spencer's family tree

Adrian-Spencer   Created By
Spencer ov Nottingham

Alan-A-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Virginia, and the Warrens of Georgia

Alan-C-Speer   Created By
The Speer/Alexander's of London.

Alan-Charles-Speer-Kent   Created By
Alan Speer Family Tree

Alan-E-Speakman   Created By
The Fletcher Speakman Families Tree

Alan-J-Spence   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alan-S-Speaker   Created By
The Alan S.Speakers of Hummelstown,Pa.

Alan-Speirs   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alan-Spencer   Created By
The Alan Spencer of Melbourne, Australia, Home page

Alan-Spencer-VIctoria   Created By
Alan Spencer of Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Alan-T-Spencer   Created By
Ancestors of Alan Todd Spencer Family Tree

Aleina-Spears-wa   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alexander-D-Spencer   Created By
Alex Spencer's Roots

Alexandra-I-Spears   Created By
Alexandra's Family

Alexis-Spence   Created By
My Father: William Albert Spence, 1st Lt., WWII

Alfred-V-Spencer   Created By
Carter/Clarkson/Gleadhill -england

Alfred-V-Spevak   Created By
Spevak's and Teuchert's of Del, County, Pa

Alice-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alison-Spear   Created By
The Woods of Bradford, WY, UK

Allen-Spencer-Alvinston   Created By
"The Spencer's of Ontario, Canada"

Allison-R-Speights   Created By

Alyson-D-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Alyson Spencer

Amanda-Spencer-3   Created By
The Spencers of Grainsborough

Amber-Speck   Created By
The Speck Family Tree

Amory-Speight   Created By
Amory Clark Dax Speight II

Amy-Spell   Created By
The SPELL Family Home Page

Andrea-M-Spenard   Created By
Eastern KY - Croatian & Norwegian with French-Canadian ties

Andrea-N-Spencer   Created By
The Timothy P. Spencer Family of Central, SC

Andreas-Speier   Created By
Familienstammbaum der Speiers

Andrew-C-Spear   Created By
The Extended Family of Andrew Campbell Spear

Andrew-J-Sperling   Created By
Sperling Family Tree

Angel-Sperry   Created By
angel sperry granddaughter to blackshear; oklahoma

Angel-Sperry-ark   Created By
bramblett's -- blackshear's

Angela-K-Spencer   Created By
The Lawrence Spencers of Pleasanton, KS

Angelo-P-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Angelo Spencer

Angus-G-Spence   Created By
Spence's of Caithness Scotland

Anika-Spencer   Created By
Anika A. Spencer of Libby, MT

Anita-L-Speir   Created By
Anita Lawrence Speir

Ann-R-Speed   Created By
The Vick Speeds of Atlanta, GA

Ann-R-Speed-GA   Created By
The Speeds

Ann-R-Spencer   Created By
The Ann Reese Spencer Home Page

Ann-S-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Ann Spencer

Anne-K-Speakman   Created By
The Kelly/Speakman History

Anne-M-Speaks   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anne-Spendiff   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anthony-J-Spezio   Created By
The Spezio Family Tree

Anthony-J-Spezio-New-York   Created By
The Spezio Family

Anthony-Sperazza   Created By
The Sperazza Family of Buffalo N.Y

Antje-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer Family Home Page

April-C-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer family tree

Arthur-A-Speegle   Created By
The Arthur Speegle Home Page

Arthur-A-Speegle-TX   Created By
A. A. Speegle of Texas

Arthur-E-Spence   Created By
The Art Spence Familyu Home Page

Arthur-Harry-Spear   Created By
The Arthur Harry Spear Family Home Page

Arthur-james-Speights-   Created By
Speights Family of South Carolina

Ashley-Spears-1   Created By

Ashley-Spears-CA   Created By
Life for the Spears Family

Audrey-B-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

August-F-Spencer   Created By
The August F. Spencer Family Home Page

August-J-Specht-ii   Created By
The Specht Family of Charlotte, NC

B-M-Sperry   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara--Spear   Created By

Barbara-A-Spencer   Created By
The Elliott / Reed Family

Barbara-B-Spear   Created By
An American Story

Barbara-E-Spelzini   Created By
The Descendants of Huston/King/Peck/Booth

Barbara-F-Speegle   Created By
User Home Page

Barbara-J-Speropoulos   Created By
Home Page of barbara speropoulos

Barbara-Spear   Created By
Home Page of Barbara Spear

Barbara-Spence   Created By
The Walter Dodgsons of Colne Lancashire England

Bebe-L-Spessard   Created By
Descendants of Lyman Miller Beebe in Oklahoma

Becky-Spence   Created By
Becky Spence Family Tree

Ben-Spears-Alabama   Created By
Spears of South Alabama

Benjamin-Spera   Created By
Benjamin Spera's Family Tree

Bennie-J-Spence   Created By
The Elijah Burnham Spence Family Home Page

Bennie-Joe-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Bennie Spence

Bernice-S-Spearman   Created By

Bernice-Speliotis   Created By
The Crampsey and Speliotis Family

Beth-E-Spencer   Created By
the spencers of minnesota and oregon

Beth-N-Speelman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Beth-Speelman   Created By
The Speelman of Morgan County, WV

Beth-Spencer-or   Created By
the clark & sarah spencer family tree

Beth-Sperry   Created By
The Wilsons of Seattle, WA

Betty-R-Spetter   Created By
Home Page of Betty Spetter

Betty-jo-Spears   Created By
Welcome Binkleys, Parkers, Rimkus & Spears

Betty-jo-Spears-TX   Created By
Welcome Binkleys, Parkers, Spears & Rimkus'

Bettysue-Speigner   Created By
Bettysue Speigner

Beverly-J-Spevere   Created By
The Gary P Speveres of Grand Junction,CO

Beverly-Speak   Created By
Ancestors & Descendants of Wm. Riley Speak

Beverly-Speak-IL   Created By

Beverly-Sperry   Created By
Griswold and Fullers of Wisconsin

Bill-Speer-   Created By
Speer-Squier Connection

Bill-Speer-FL   Created By
Speer - Squier [Nebraska to Colorado]

Bill-Speer-FLORIDA   Created By

Billie-J-Speakman   Created By
"The Arnolds of Tennessee and Alabama"

Bob-Spear   Created By
The Robert and Lyda Spear's of Hamburg NJ

Bradley-D-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers

Bradley-Spence   Created By
Bradley D. Spence of Cincinnati, OH

Brenda-frye-Spears-   Created By

Brent-Spencer-ca   Created By

Brett-A-Spencer   Created By
An American Story

Brett-W-Sperry   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brian-E-Speagle   Created By
Family Home Page of Brian E. Speagle - Mississippi

Brian-E-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brian-Eugene-Spencer   Created By
Spencer's of California Family Tree Home Page

Brian-J-Speights   Created By
The Speights family of North Carolina

Brian-K-Spears   Created By
Brian Keith Spears, "a root looking for the tree"

Brian-P-Specht   Created By
The Ben Specht Family Home Page

Brian-Spencer-3   Created By

Brian-W-Sperry   Created By
Sperry's Family Tree

Britney-Spears   Created By
Diary Pictures

Bryan-D-Spellman   Created By
The Bryan Spellman Family Home Page

Bryan-M-Spellman-ME   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bryan-Speer   Created By
The Speer Family

Burness-J-Speakman   Created By
The Dombrowski's of Erie Pennsylvania

Camila-Spence   Created By
La Familia Ruiz de Stgo. Papasquiaro Dgo.

Camila-Spence-Florida   Created By
Ruiz Family of Stgo. Papasquiaro Dgo. Mexico

Camilla-D-Spencer   Created By
camilla's family history

Camisa-D-Spell   Created By

Candace-D-Spence   Created By
The Clawson Family of Carroll County Indiana

Candes-Spencer   Created By

Cantrella-L-Speed-TX   Created By
The Family of Rhea Thomas Speed

Carl-R-Speaks-sr   Created By
Speaks-Burgen(Steenbergen) Home page

Carla-R-Spencer   Created By
carla r. spencer of virginia

Carlene-L-Spencer   Created By
Carlene Spencer Home Page

Carley-J-Spencer   Created By
Family History of Carley Joy Spencer, Australia

Carmel-Ada-Speakman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carmen-S-Spencer   Created By
The Aubrey Gilbert Spencer Home Page

Carol-A-Spencer   Created By
The Burnet's of Langholm Scotland & The Cross's of Brentwood

Carol-E-Spencer   Created By
The Gostelow Family Home Page

Carol-H-Spears   Created By
Davis, Hart, Hazelwood, Hillard, McHone, Spears, Thompson

Carol-Hillard-Spears   Created By
The Hillard Family of Kentucky

Carol-Spears-KY   Created By
Kentucky Hillard Ancestry

Carol-Spencer-2   Created By
alaskan granny

Carol-diane-Spencer   Created By
Looking for Northrup family

Carole-Spencer-yorkshire   Created By
The Rourke's of Northern England

Caroline-Q-Spence   Created By
My Family

Caroline-R-Speake   Created By
Caroline Speake's Friends and Family Page

Carolyn-Spence   Created By
Spence and Koepke

Caryle-A-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Haferstock Family Tree

Casey-E-Spencer   Created By
C. Spencer of WR Castle Memorial Elementary Paintsville, Ky.

Cassandra--Speedbey   Created By
The Thomas and Speedbey of new york

Catherine--K-Speer   Created By
The Catherine Kerins Speer Home Page

Catherine-C-Speth   Created By
An American Story

Catherine-E-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer, Trumbower, Bacon, Pett Home Page

Cathy-D-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Cathy Spencer

Cathy-J-Spencer   Created By
JT Harrison/Trude McFadden from Union City, TN

Cathy-Spencer   Created By
Spencer, Pett, Bacon, Trumbower of NY, NJ and PA

Chad-Spears   Created By
Spears of Louisiana

Charles--R-Speck   Created By
User Home Page

Charles-A-Speed   Created By

Charles-J-Speidell   Created By
The Charles Speidell Family Home Page

Charles-Spence-Oh   Created By
Charles T. Spence Steubenville/Cincinnati, Oh.

Charles-T-Spencer   Created By
The Charles Spencer Family Home Page

Charley-F-Speir   Created By

Charlotte-M-Spencer   Created By
Charles E. Land, family of Ne.

Cherie-D-Spence   Created By
Real Life, By Cherie Spence

Cherie-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Ottawa

Cheryl-A-Spears   Created By
The ''SPEARS'' That ''SOAR'S'' VA. TN. IL. MO. AR. OK. CA.

Cheryl-D-Speaker   Created By
The Demski / Speaker Family Page

Cheryl-J-Speaker   Created By
"The John (Debski) Demski Family Home Page"

Cheryl-K-Speaks   Created By
The Leong, Sing, Camp, Osburn, Keeling Family Home Page

Chet-L-Spencer   Created By
The Chet Spencer Family home Page

Chimene-R-Speer   Created By
The Speers of Indiana and Associated Families

Chris-S-Spence   Created By
The Spence Family Of Leeds England UK

Chris-Spencer-NC   Created By
Spencer's of the South

ChrisTopher-A-Spearman   Created By
The Spearman Family Home Page

Christina-B-Spencer   Created By
The Campbell's

Christina-L-Spearman   Created By
Landry's of Lynn Ma- Spearman and Fabiano bloodline

Christina-Spearman   Created By
The Landry-Spearman of Lynn MA

Christine-L-Sperati   Created By
The Donald L. Sperarti Family of Mexico, NY

Christine-L-Sperati-NY   Created By

Christine-R-Spencer   Created By
The Jastrem family

Christopher-R-Speakman   Created By
The Family of Christopher R. Speakman

Christopher-S-Spencer   Created By

Christopher-Specht   Created By
The Specht - Forgie Family home page

Chunda-R-Speegle   Created By
Speegle Family

Cindy-D-Spencer   Created By
chaffins family of kentucky

Cindy-Spencer-Eldon   Created By
Spencer & Johnson Family of Missouri

Clay-A-Speers   Created By
The Speers Family Tree of Missouri

Clayton-L-Spell   Created By
Spell Family Tree

Cleta-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Greenbrier Co. VA. (WV)

Clifton-M-Speegle   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Clifton-Max-Speegle   Created By
C. B. Speegle

Clifton-Speegle   Created By
"C.B. Speegle Family of Oklahoma"

Cloyd-dean-Spear   Created By
Otis L. Spear Family Monroe County, Ky & Carroll County, In

Clydette-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer of Hickory ,N.C.

Colin-Spencer   Created By
Colin spencer of doncaster england

Colleen-E-Spence   Created By
The Rigate/Spence Family Tree

Connie-J-Spencer   Created By
Connie Fales Spencer of Hastings, NE

Coralie-Spencer   Created By
The Bucknill Brother's of Coventry

Corey-W-Speaks   Created By
Speaks Family Tree

Coy-j-Spears   Created By
The coy J spears of sault mich dect. minton and church

Curtis-H-Speak-jr   Created By
The Speak Family Of Texas

Cynthia-Anne-Spencer   Created By

Cynthia-Anne-Spencer-Tx   Created By

Cynthia-E-Spears   Created By

Cynthia-G-Spearman   Created By
The David Wayne Spearmans of Birmingham, AL

Cynthia-G-Spearman-AL   Created By
Spearman Family of Alabama

Cynthia-S-Spears   Created By
The Spears and Cate Families

Cynthia-Spearrin   Created By
Gardner Family of Maine

Cynthia-Spearsrhodes   Created By

Dale-B-Speer   Created By
The SPEER & MCKINSTRY Family Home Page

Dale-Boyd-Speer   Created By
Home Page of Dale Speer

Dale-Speer   Created By
Speer & McKinstry, A Family Affair

Dan-Spencer-   Created By
Spencers of Kansas

Dana-B-Speck   Created By
"Brewer/Bennett/Speck Family Home Page"

Dana-M-Spencer   Created By
"The Dana Marshall Spencer Family Home Page."

Danial-T-Spear   Created By
descendants of harlan v spear

Daniel-A-Speakman   Created By
Arthur Speakman Home Page

Daniel-B-Spence-MN   Created By
Spence-Dobbs Family Tree

Daniel-Bryan-Spence   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Daniel-L-Spengler   Created By
Spenglers Of Texas

Daniel-T-Spear   Created By
descendants of harlan spear please respond

Daniella-Spencer   Created By
Daniella Spencer's Homepage

Danielle-C-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Portland Oregon

Danny-Speakman-   Created By
Speakmans of North Alabama

Danny-Spears   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Darlene-L-Spencer   Created By
Eli Waters Family Tree of New Brunswick, Canada

Darrell-R-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer Family Home Page

Darryl-W-Speers   Created By
Darryl W. Speers of Mission Viejo, CA.

David--C-Spence   Created By
Ancestors of David and Debbie (Duckett) Spence

David-A-Speir-jr   Created By
The descendants of William Lee Speir of Georgia

David-Baron-Spears   Created By
The Spears Family Tree in Australia

David-C-Spence   Created By
Home Page of David Spence

David-E-Speltz   Created By
International Speltz Family Website

David-G-Spence   Created By
The Spence - Macartney

David-J-Speakman   Created By
The Speakman's of Teesside

David-J-Spears   Created By

David-J-Spease-CA   Created By
The David Spease Family Home Page

David-J-Spencer   Created By
David Jason Spencer & Kimberly Rachael Hubert

David-L-Speer-1   Created By
THE SPEER FAMILY, then and now

David-L-Speer-2   Created By
The Speer Family, then and now

David-L-Speer-Lake-Havasu-City   Created By
The SPEER FAMILY, now and then

David-M-Spencer-AZ   Created By
The David Spencer Page

David-N-Spears   Created By
Spears & Related Family Information Exchange

David-N-Spears-NV   Created By
Spears & Related Family Genealogy Exchange

David-P-Speechly   Created By
Speechly Family Tree

David-P-Spence   Created By
The Spence/McCarthy of Ontario

David-P-Spess   Created By
The Spess Family Home Page

David-Paul-Spess   Created By
SPESS Family Home Page

David-S-Spencer   Created By
Shane's Family Ties

David-Shane-Spencer   Created By
Shane's Genealogy Ties

David-Shane-Spencer-TX   Created By
My Family Tree

David-Shane-Spencer-Texas   Created By
Shane's Family Ties

David-Spear   Created By
The family tree of David Spear

David-Speciner-NY   Created By
Speciner, Horaitis, Ast, Jaffee, Tzises and Nimoy

David-Spector-ny   Created By
An American Story

David-Speer-Lake-Havasu-City   Created By
Family history of DAVID LYNN SPEER Sr.

David-Speight-   Created By

David-Spencer-CA   Created By
The David Carroll Spencers of Igo, California

Dawn-R-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Dawn Spencer

Deana-L-Speakman   Created By
The Deana Speakman Home Page

Deanna-M-Speck   Created By
The Deanna Speck (Schooler) Family Home Page

Deanna-Spears   Created By
Spears of Kentucky

Debbie-L-Spenceracker   Created By
User Home Page

Debbie-Spear   Created By
Spear Family Tree

Debi-S-Spencer   Created By
The Pratt Spencer Family Home Page

Deborah-C-Speight   Created By
The Cannon's of Pitt County, North Carolina

Deborah-J-Spezzaferri   Created By
The Michael Maymon Home Page

Deborah-Spears   Created By
The Spears and Drumheller Families of Albemarle Co., Va.

Deborah-Spears-   Created By
Deborah's Family

Deborah-Spells   Created By
The George Edgar Pates of Montgomery County Arkansas

Deborah-Spells-AR   Created By
The George Edgar Pates of Arkansas

Deborah-Spencer-Wa   Created By
Wilford and Deborah Spencer of Washington

Debra-A-Spence   Created By
Spence's of Hale County

Debra-E-Spencer   Created By
Spencer/Roberts Family Home Page

Debra-Eileen-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Debra-L-Spears   Created By
The Hashaway Family of Pittsburgh Texas

Debra-L-Speck   Created By
In Search of Friends of Jose Ildefonzo (J.I.) Sandoval

Debra-Lenora-Spencer   Created By

Debra-Lynn-Spears   Created By
The Abe Hashaway Family

Debra-Lynn-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Debra Spence

Delbert-K-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Delbert Spencer

Delbert-Kay-Spencer   Created By
Delbert Kay Spencer family of Rocky Ford, Colorado

Dell-H-Speigner   Created By

Dennys-G-Spensley-Lancashire   Created By
The Spensley's in Lancashire

Derek-A-Speller   Created By
Speller's Family Tree

Diane--Spencer   Created By
Diane Spencer's Home Page

Diane-F-Spears   Created By
Schrecongost/Adams of Pennsylvania

Diane-Margaret-Speirs   Created By
Diane Speirs Family Home Page

Diane-Speed   Created By
The Speed, Jones, McCuistion, and Chrisman Families

Diane-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer and Poston Connection

Diane-Spencer-1   Created By
The Spencers and The Postons

Diane-Spencer-St-Petersburg   Created By
The Spencers and the Postons

Dillon-Spencer   Created By
Dillon's Family History

Don-Spencer   Created By

Donald-A-Spence   Created By

Donald-E-Speeg   Created By
The Donald E. Speeg Family of Cincinnati, OH

Donald-W-Speight   Created By
Donald W. Speight Of Raleigh, North Carolina

Donald-W-Speight-CO   Created By
Speight & Kerr

Donna-K-Sperry-johnson   Created By
The John H. Sperrys of Warren, OH

Donna-L-Spencer   Created By
The Lindsay and Spencer Family Home Page and Their Relations

Donna-Lindsay-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Donna Spencer

Donna-Spence   Created By
"The Irvin E. Spence's of Seattle, WA."

Donna-Spence-1   Created By
Drury Rains

Donna-Spencer-2   Created By
Spencer, Lindsay, Wofford and More.

Doreen-L-Spence   Created By
Doreen Spence (Falcon) of BC

Doris-E-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer & Robinson Family Home Page

Dorothy-A-Spencer   Created By

Dorothy-Ann-Spencer   Created By
Hunt Family Tree of Leesville La,Georgia, North Carolina

Dorothy-Ann-Spencer-Florida   Created By
Hunt Family of Leesville La

Dorothy-C-Speedie   Created By
The Speedie -Clark Family Home Page

Dorothy-D-Spencer--rawlins-   Created By
Rawlins / Justice / Mullins / Odell / Spencer / Imes

Dorothy-J-Spencer-KY   Created By
Lewis Edward Spencer's Paternal Lineage

Douglas-B-Speer   Created By
Home Page of Douglas Speer

Douglas-B-Spencer   Created By
Douglas B. Spencer of St. Paul, MN.

Douglas-B-Spencer-MN   Created By

Douglas-B-Spencer-Mora   Created By
Douglas B. Spencer of Mora, MN.

Douglas-B-Spencer-iii   Created By
Douglas Beatty Spencer, III, Birmingham, ALABAMA

Douglas-Brain-Spencer-MN   Created By
Douglas B. Spencer of St. Paul, MN

Douglas-C-Speeckaert   Created By
The Speeckaert-Grindell Family

Douglas-H-Spencer   Created By
Douglas Harry SPENCER's Home Page

Douglas-Spencer-   Created By
Douglas Spencer of Mora, MN.

Douglas-Spencer-Al   Created By
Dark Bear SPENCER of Centerpoint, Alabama

Douglas-Spencer-Birmingham   Created By
"The Dark Bear Spencer of Centerpoint Alabama

Drew--Spevak   Created By
The Spevak Family Page

Dwayne-Speight   Created By
The Monk Family

Dwight-Spencer   Created By
Spencer-Seavey line

E-Spence   Created By
The Spence, Grant, Green(e), Samuels of Jamaica W.I.

Earl-N-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Framily Tree

Edris-Spence   Created By
Edris M. Spence of Maryland

Edward-D-Speakman   Created By
Home Page of Edward Speakman

Edward-D-Speakman-Missouri   Created By
Edward D. Speakman of Sikeston, MO

Edward-Dale-Speakman   Created By
The Edward D. Speakmans of Sikeston, MO.

Edward-Dale-Speakman-MO   Created By
Family of Edward D. Speakman

Edward-Dale-Speakman-Missouri   Created By
The Edward D. Speakmans of Missouri

Edward-J-Spence   Created By
Spence, Solian, Ellis, Gillespie

Edward-L-Speiker   Created By
The Johannes Hennicus Speikers Family Home Page

Edward-S-Spejewski   Created By
The Ludwik Spejewski Family Home Page

Edward-Spejewski   Created By
Edward S. Spejewski Jr. of Indianapolis

Edward-Stanley-Spejewski   Created By
Edward Stanley Spejewski Jr. of Indianapolis, IN.

Edwin-R-Spell   Created By
The Edwin R Spell Family

Elaine-E-Spence   Created By
The Genealogy Home Page for Elaine Spence

Elaine-E-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Martha's Vineyard, MA

Elaine-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer/Lopes Family of Cape Verde & Azores

Elana-M-Spear   Created By
Spear/kelly family tree

Elise-M-Speeg   Created By
The Donald E. Speeg Family of Cincinnati, OH

Elise-Marie-Speeg   Created By
The Donald Speegs of Cincinnati, OH

Elizabeth-B-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth-K-Speer   Created By

Elizabeth-M-Spence   Created By
The Spence & King Families in Australia

Elizabeth-T-Spence   Created By
The Ancestors of Elizabeth Therese Spence

Elke-Speliopoulos   Created By
Nicholas Peter Speliopoulos, Jr. Family of Downingtown, PA

Eloise-G-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Home Page

Elvis-E-Spears   Created By
User Home Page

Emily-S-Speed   Created By
The Michael B. Speed Family

Emily-Speed   Created By
Emily A. Speed of Lillian, AL

Eric-A-Spence   Created By
Spence/Snyder Families of Ohio

Eric-M-Speece   Created By
The Speece Family of Reading, PA

Eric-Spence   Created By
Eric Spence of Vernon BC Canada

Erica-L-Speth   Created By
Home Page of Erica Speth

Erik-D-Speed   Created By
The Speed Family Tree

Erin-P-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Tree

Estevao-Sperotto-munari   Created By

Eugene-H-Specht   Created By
Eugene and Pat Specht's Home Page

Evelyn--Speer   Created By
Evelyn Speer Home Page

Evelyn-E-Speer   Created By
The Evelyn Speer Family Home Page

Evelyn-Elizabeth-Speer   Created By
Speer Family Ancestors

Evelyn-M-Spears   Created By
Ancestors of Evelyn Marie Spears of Pike, Co., KY

Evelyn-Speer-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Evelyn-Westarp-Spearman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Fabian-A-Speights   Created By
The Speights of California

Fletcher-A-Speck   Created By
The Allen and Katie Speck Family of Kansas City, MO

Forest-Edward-Spencer   Created By
Edward B Johnson Genealogy Home Page

Frances-Sperring   Created By

Frank-M-Spencer   Created By
George D. Spencer Family Washington D.C. - Galveston, TX

Frank-R-Speer   Created By
The Frank Roy Speer Family home page

Frank-Speer-NC   Created By
Frank C. Speer's Genealogy, Monroe, North Carolina

Franklin-L-Spear   Created By
The Spear Family Home Page

Franklin-R-Spencer   Created By
The Franklin "Ray" Spencer Family Home Page

Fred-J-Spector   Created By

Frederick-H-Spero   Created By
The Craco Society Family Tree Project

Frederick-Spero   Created By

Fredreica-A-Speyer   Created By
Atkins/Bethune/Martin/Smith/Watson/Lee Families of Alabama

Gail-J-Spencer   Created By
Gail June Sullivan Spencer of Richardson, TX

Gail-wilcox-Spears   Created By
My ancestors, Gail Ann Wilcox Spears

Garland-A-Spence   Created By
The Garland Spence Home Page

Gary---Speiginer   Created By
The Speiginer, Battle, Holt & Weathington Home Page.

Gary-A-Spencer   Created By
Spencers Of Yourkshier

Gary-Speer   Created By
Dauberscmidt family

Gary-Speer-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gary-Spence-1   Created By

Gary-Spencer-1   Created By
The Gary Spencers of Sheridan, IN

Gaylord-M-Speer   Created By
The Gaylord Micheal Speer Jr. Homepage

Genna-Spear   Created By
Looking for Riese and Robbins relatives

Geoff-R-Spence   Created By
The Geoff Spence (UK) Home page

Geoff-Spence   Created By
Under Construction

Geoffrey-K-Spencer   Created By
Geoffrey Spencer's Tree, Buckinghamshire

Geoffrey-Spellen   Created By
The Spellen Family Tree

George-A-Spencer   Created By
the Macmillan-Spencer family tree

George-A-t-jr-Spencer   Created By
The George A. T. Spencers Jr. of Oxnard, CA

George-E-Spears   Created By
George E. Spears

George-E-Speed   Created By

George-G-Spencer   Created By
George Gary Spencer Family Home Page

George-Russell-Spencer   Created By
The George R. Spencer Home Page

George-Spear   Created By
Jesse Spear of Jasper County, Ga. 1802-1865

George-Spencer   Created By
The Descendants of Henry G. Spencer

George-Spencer-1   Created By
The Decendants of Amaury Raoul D'Albetot

George-Spencer-NY   Created By
The Descendants of Henry G. Spencer

George-Spencer-UT   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

George-T-Spear   Created By
Whitaker Butler...Where Did You Come From?

Georgene-C-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Georgene Spencer

Georgia-A-Speelman   Created By
The Howard V. and Georgia (Long) Speelman Family Home Page

Georgina-Spelvin   Created By
Georgina Spelvin of New York, NY.

Geraldine-E-Spencer   Created By
The John Spencers of Marine City, MI

Glen-G-Spence   Created By
Glen G. Spence of Maple Ridge BC

Glenda-J-Spears   Created By

Glenda-J-Spears-AR   Created By
A Gentry Family of Arkansas

Gloria-Spear   Created By
The Spear Family Tree

Gloria-Spear-IL   Created By
Spear / Mitchell / Jones / McClaskey Ancestry

Gordon-L-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer/Woods Family Home Page

Gregory-F-Sperbeck   Created By
Gregory Fred Sperbeck of San Marcos, CA

Gregory-Joseph-Speciale   Created By

Gregory-Joseph-Speciale-NJ   Created By

Gregory-Speciale   Created By

Gregory-T-Spencer   Created By

Gwenda-J-Spendlove   Created By
Spendlove family Victoria, Australia: Spendlove Pink Tamblyn

Gwendolyn-Spencer   Created By

Gwendolyn-Spencer-   Created By

Gwendolyn-Spencer-MI   Created By
The Harmon/Rakestraw of Georgia

Hal-E-Sperber   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Hannah-S-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's of the East Midlands

Hannah-Speer-Belfast   Created By
The Hanton and Harborne Family Tree

Harlan-E-Spence   Created By

Harlene-D-Spencer   Created By
The Harley & Evelyn (Barnes) Northway of Mitchellville, Iowa

Harold-L-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer-Arnold Families, Ancestors & Descendents, NY

Harriette-Speiran   Created By
The Speiran Family Home Page

Harry---Sperry   Created By
The Harry Sperry Jr. Family Home Page

Harry-Sperry   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Harry-Sperry-jr-CRAWFORDSVILLE   Created By
The Harry Sperry Jr. of Fithian,Il. and Crawfordsville In.

Harry-Sperry-jr-INDIANA   Created By
The Harry Sperry Jr. of Crawfordsville, IN.

Harvey-D-Speakman-sr   Created By
Home Page of Harvey Speakman Sr.

Hayden-M-Spence   Created By
Hayden Spence's Family Home Page

Hazel-Spears   Created By
An American Story

Hazel-Spears-ca   Created By
An American Story

Heather-D-Spencethompson   Created By
The Spence's & Thompson's of OKC, OK

Heather-Speulda   Created By
Heather's Family Tree

Heather-Speulda-Califofnia   Created By
Home Page of Heather Morgan

Heaven-A-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Heidi-Spenning-berg   Created By
The Spenning Family

Helen-S-Speck   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Helga-A-Spence   Created By
The W. H. Spence Family Home Page

Henry-R-Spencer   Created By

Herman-Spear   Created By

Herman-Spear-IN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Herman-Spear-in   Created By

Herman-Spear-muncie   Created By
My home page HERMAN SPEAR

Herman-Spence   Created By
The Spence's of Owsley and Lee County Kentucky

Herman-W-Spence   Created By
The H. W. Spence Family Home Page

Herman-Windell-Spence   Created By
Tony Spence's Family Home Page

Herschell-Spears-   Created By
Herschell R. Spears Family in Arlington, Texas

Hnewton-Spencer   Created By
The H. Newton Spencers of Ardmore, Pa.

Holly-D-Speck   Created By
Speck-Hane of Michigan

Holly-L-Speichert   Created By
Home Page of Holly Speichert

Hubert-D-Speakman   Created By
"The Hubert D. Speakman Family Home Page"

Hugh-Spear   Created By
The Spear Family Tree

Indy-Spector   Created By
The Rebhun Home Page

Ingvar-R-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Tree

Irene-Speth   Created By
The Irene E. Arnett Speth of Houston, Tx

Irving-V-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of ON, MI, and NY.

Ivan-J-Speidel   Created By
Johann Jakob Speidel Descendants

Ive-K-Spears   Created By
Knight & spears of clay co. al.

Ive-Knight-Spears-Ga   Created By
The Walter E. Knight And Tinnie Carroll Family

J-C-Spelce   Created By
The Spelce Family Home Page

J-K-Spence   Created By
A History of the SPENCE FAMILY of Western Pennsylvania

Jack-A-Speer   Created By
Speer Family Homepage

Jack-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of jack spencer

Jackie-Speakmanward   Created By
Speakmans of UK

Jacob-Spenler   Created By
Spenlers Of Norht America

Jacquelne-J-Spearman   Created By
When All of God's Chidren Get Together

Jacques--Speliers   Created By
The Jacques Speliers Family Home Page

Jaime-J-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Jaime Spencer

James-A-Speers   Created By
James Speers of Newbridge, Ontario, Canada

James-B-Spears   Created By

James-D-Spencer   Created By
Spencer family of North Mississippi

James-D-Spencer-MS   Created By
Spencers, From North Carolina through Mississippi to Texas

James-E-Spellman   Created By
James Edward Spellman Home age

James-E-Spencer   Created By
An American Story

James-E-Sperry   Created By
The James E. Sperry Family Home Page

James-H-Spencer-jr   Created By
The Spencers of Monroe,NC

James-J-Spencer   Created By
James Jon Spencer of Minnesota

James-M-Spears   Created By
James Michael Spears Family - Lebanon,Tennessee

James-M-Spence   Created By
James M. Spence Home Page

James-O-Walden   Created By

James-P-Spencer   Created By
The James P. Spencers of Rochester, MN

James-Specht   Created By
The James Specht Family Home Page

James-Spell-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

James-Spence-2   Created By
Starting with the Spences

James-W-Spearman   Created By
James Wayne Spearman of Norman, OK

James-murray-M-Spencer   Created By
The Murray Spencer Family

Jan-Spencer-WA   Created By

Jane-Spencer-KS   Created By
The Charles H Spencer/Reva E Baker Family of Wichita, KS

Janeene-Spears   Created By
The Gouge Cemetery of Bakersville, NC

Janet-C-Speer   Created By

Janet-L-Speckmeier-marks   Created By
The William F. Marks FAMILY

Janet-L-Spell   Created By
The Pavlovsky/Spell Home Page

Janet-M-Spenner   Created By
The Robert and Janet Kinkaid Spenner Home Page

Janice-E-Spencer   Created By
Walker/Spencer lineage

Janice-Margaret-Sperry   Created By
The Jan Sperry Family Home Page

Janice-Speece   Created By
Dye, Ingram, Leach, Weber Families of IN and VT

Janie-M-Spence   Created By
The Spences' of Willis, Va.

Jared-B-Spears   Created By
SPEARS of memphis

Jason-K-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's of RI

Jason-K-Spencer-RI   Created By
Kassandra's Family Tree

Jason-Spencer-1   Created By
Family History of Jason Spencer

Jason-Sperling   Created By
Sperling-Wartley Family Tree (Jason Sperling's Family)

Jay-F-Sperry   Created By
The Jay Sperry Family Home Page

Jean-L-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jean-S-Spencer-TX   Created By
Ancestors & Descendents--Autrey, Hudgens, Dennis, Sowell

Jean-Spencer-UT   Created By
The Edwin Dorsey Quigleys of Carlilse,Cumberland,PA.

Jean-Spendlove   Created By

Jeannine-A-Spears   Created By
Home Page of Jeannine Spears

Jeff-C-Spencer   Created By
Spencer/Fetterman Family Tree

Jeff-Spear   Created By
Jeff and Janine Spear of Mount Vernon, OH

Jeffrey-C-Spencer   Created By
The Jeff Spencer Family Home Page

Jeffrey-D-Specht   Created By
The Genealogy of Riley Elizabeth Specht

Jeffrey-G-Spersrud   Created By
The Spersrud Family of North Carolina

Jeffrey-L-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeffrey-Lawrence-Spencer   Created By
Spencer/Growden Union

Jeffrey-N-Spear-CA   Created By
Francis and Sophia (Felch) Spear family in Michigan

Jeffrey-R-Speranza   Created By
The Speranzas of Framingham, MA

Jeffrey-S-Speight   Created By
Home Page of Jeffrey Speight

Jeffrey-Spencer   Created By
jeffrey Charles Spencer

Jeffrey-Spencer-1   Created By
Spencer/Growden Union

Jenilee-B-Sperry   Created By
The Tierce's

Jenn-Spencer   Created By
spencer family from redding california

Jennifer-A-Speckman   Created By
Home Page of Jennifer Speckman

Jennifer-A-Speece   Created By
Relatives of Jennifer Anne Cooksey Speece

Jennifer-Anne-Speece   Created By
Jennifer Anne Cooksey Speece

Jennifer-B-Speich   Created By

Jennifer-Belle-Speich   Created By

Jennifer-G-Speir-wilson   Created By
The Speirs of Jackson, MS

Jennifer-L-Spencer   Created By

Jennifer-M-Spendlove   Created By
Greers, Cokers, Dailys

Jennifer-S-Speer   Created By
Ketchum Family

Jennifer-Spears   Created By

Jennifer-Speece   Created By
Jennifer Cooksey Speece

Jennifer-Spencer-1   Created By
Daughter of Jeffrey Willard Spencer

Jerald-Speer   Created By
Jerald Thomas Speer

Jeremy-D-Spencer   Created By
The Jeremy D. Spencers of Dickson, TN

Jerry-D-Speidel   Created By
Jerry D. Speidel of Hartford City, IN

Jerrydeborah-Spells   Created By
~~~~~the BIRD~SPELLS~~~~~

Jesse-A-Spells   Created By

Jesse-L-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Henry County, VA

Jesse-Leverne-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jessica-Spearman   Created By
The Ledbetter of Missouri

Jessica-Spearman-1   Created By
The Ledbetter/Branum families

Jessica-Spears   Created By
The Spears family Webpage

Jessica-spencer-Speight   Created By
Jessica Spencer Speight's Family Research

Jill-Speckhals   Created By
The Wintermeyers and Walkers of Hartsburg, MO

Jim-Spearow   Created By
James E. Spearow of Omaha,Ne

Jim-Spence   Created By
The Spences of Boone County, MO

Jim-Spencer-4   Created By

Jim-Spencer-AZ   Created By
"The Walter Blanks Family Tree of Tiptonville, Tn."

Jimmy-W-Spelts   Created By
The Jim Spelts Family of Virginia

Jimmy-Wayne--Spelts   Created By
The Jimmy W. Spelts of Virginia

Jimmy-Wayne--Spelts-VA   Created By
The Spelts Family of Virginia

Jimmy-Wayne-Spelts   Created By
The Jimmy Spelts Family of Virginia

Jo-Ellen-Speake   Created By
Jo Speake Ancestors

Joan-M-Spence-wittman   Created By
The Martin Spence Family of St. Thomas, Minnesota

Joan-Spencerimm   Created By
LeBaron-Fargo Genealogy

Joann-M-Spencer   Created By
The Geneology of Charles Newell

Joann-Speight-anderson   Created By
My family

Joanne-L-Speelman   Created By
Speelman - Foley - Rippy - Mason

Joanne-M-Sperry   Created By
Joanne Gruber SperryFamily Home Page

Joanne-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joe--Spence   Created By
Dave V

Joe-J-Speights   Created By
"Joe Speights of Lawndale, California"

John-A-Speech   Created By
From Speich to Speech also Townsend, Claypool and McDowell

John-A-Spencer   Created By

John-D-Speak   Created By
Home Page of John Speak

John-F-Spearin   Created By
An American Story

John-F-Speight   Created By
The John F. Speight Family Home Page

John-F-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer Family of Willingham Home Page

John-H-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Tree of Virginia

John-L-Spears   Created By
The Spears Family Tree

John-L-Spencer   Created By
The John L. Spencer Family Home Page

John-M-Spear   Created By
The John Spear and Vera Zurbrugg Spear Home Page

John-M-Spencer   Created By
John Marcus Spencer Family Home Page

John-P-Spencer   Created By
Oklahoma Spencers

John-Spear   Created By
Spear Family

John-Speas   Created By
John Speas Family

John-Speer-WA   Created By
The Speers

John-Speight-DC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-Spencer-CT   Created By
John & Norma Spencer, Scotland, CT

John-Spencer-Florida   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-W-Speight   Created By
John Speight: Tuel, Norris, Preston, Martin, Knype, Homepage

Johnnie-F-Spencer-mackey   Created By
Freida Louis Blue (Dottie)

Joleen-Specht   Created By
Jasurda and Specht Families Unleashed

Jonathan-B-Speigner   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jonathan-M-Specht   Created By
Ancestors of Jonathan M. Specht

Jonathan-M-Spencerades   Created By
The Spencer-Ades/Ades family tree, England

Jonathan-P-Spencer   Created By
the J P Spencer's of Crewe England

Jonathan-Paul-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jonathan-Speed   Created By
The Moss Family Reunion of 2001

Jonathan-T-Spears   Created By
Jonathan Tyler Spears Family Tree

Jonathon-M-Spector   Created By
The Spector Family of San Diego, CA

Joseph-A-Spellane-PA   Created By
Family of Edward Spillane & Mary Owen

Joseph-C-Spears   Created By
Joseph C. Spears

Joseph-J-Sperlunto   Created By
Where are they

Joseph-John-Sperlunto   Created By
Joe Sperlunto`s Family

Joseph-N-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of joseph spencer

Josu-klafke-Sperb   Created By
Leonardo Conte Sperb of Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil

Joyce-A-Spencer   Created By
Stage & Green Family

Joyce-Brodie-2   Created By
Brodie & Spears Family

Joyce-M-Sperry   Created By
Home Page of Joyce Sperry

Judith-A-Spears   Created By
The Boyd Genealogy As Discovered by Your Country Cuz

Judith-Spehar   Created By
Judith Bellemore Spehar

Judy--Spencer   Created By
The "SPENCER"S of Missouri & Red River Co. Texas"

Judy-Speakman   Created By
Judy Speakman Crowe of Hartselle,Al.

Julian-P-Spetch   Created By
The Julian Peter Spetch Family Home Page

Julie-G-Spell-maiden--rougeaux   Created By
The Spell 's and Rougeaux's of La.

Julie-Spector   Created By
Hayes family of Illinois and Clayton family of Indiana

Julie-Speight   Created By
For My Sister - Jessica Davis Barnes

Julie-Spencer   Created By
Julie's Genealogy

Julie-Spencer-Queensland   Created By
Julie's Genealogy

K--Spencer   Created By

K-E-Spence   Created By
The George Edgar Spence's of Putnam County, Missouri

K-E-Spence-OHIO   Created By
George Spence's of Putnam County Missouri

K-Spencer-FL   Created By

Kara-J-Spearman   Created By
MY Family Tree

Karen-A-Spencer   Created By
karen spencer home page

Karen-A-Sperli   Created By
The Rudoph Ellman Family of Oconto, WI

Karen-G-Spence   Created By

Karen-J-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-L-Speck   Created By
"The Karen L Speck of Middlesbrough England,

Karen-L-Spencer   Created By
Karen Vipperman Spencer Family Research

Karen-Louise-Spencer   Created By
Vipperman and related Family History

Karen-M-Spengel   Created By
The Spengel's of O'Fallon, MO

Karen-Michele-Spengel   Created By
The Ancestry of the Spengel Boys

Karen-S-Speicher   Created By
An American Story

Karen-S-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-S-Spencer-LA   Created By
Karen Spencer Family Album

Karen-Spencer   Created By
Karen Louise Vonderheide of Bishop, California

Karen-Spencer-   Created By

Katherine-H-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer Family - starting in Guernsey

Katherine-M-Spencer-nc   Created By
(Hughie Mooney ) descedants Hyde Co., North Carolina

Kathi--Speer   Created By
The SPEER's Welcome You To Our Family Home Page

Kathi-F-Speer   Created By
Kathi's Genealogy

Kathleen-A-Spears   Created By
Home Page of Kathleen Spears

Kathleen-Howard-CO   Created By
Spencer/Karafa Family Tree

Kathleen-alvis-Spears-3   Created By
Alvis Family Texas Branch

Kathleen-marie-Speary   Created By
The Lloyd M. Massies of Springfield Ohio

Kathy-Spencer-2   Created By
Garcia-Spencer Family Tree and their Descendants

Katie-L-Spear   Created By
My tree

Katie-Spence-   Created By
The Kober Konnection

Katina-V-Spera   Created By
The Louis Speras of Gretna, Louisiana

Katrina-M-Speedie   Created By
Katrina Speedie's Family Tree

Kecia-Spell   Created By
Spell / Bennett / Ogline (Oglie)

Keith-E-Spears   Created By
The Walter and Lela Shaw Family of Batesville, MS

Keith-Spencer   Created By
Keith Spencer's Family History Home Page

Keith-Spencer-CA   Created By
A work in progress

Keith-Spencer-OR   Created By
Keith Spencer Family Tree

Keith-Spencer-West-Midlands   Created By
The Spencers of Kings Norton Birmingham uk

Keith-Sperry   Created By

Kelli-J-Spencer   Created By
Devenport Family of Ravenna, Michigan

Kelly-A-Spearman   Created By
Simons/Wilkerson Family

Kelly-A-Spears   Created By
The Spears/Barton Family Home Page

Kelly-G-Spencer   Created By
spencer family

Kelly-Spencer-   Created By
Garrett/Voight Family

Kelly-Spencer-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ken-S-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Ken Spencer

Ken-Spencer   Created By
Ken & Nina Spencer Genealogy Tree

Kenneth--C-Spears   Created By
The Kenneth Charles Spears and Pamela Blain Home Page

Kenneth-L-Spence   Created By
Cloud Line

Kenneth-L-Spence-TX   Created By
Spence & Cloud Family Tree

Kenneth-W-Spencer   Created By
The Kenneth Spencer Home Page

Kent-A-Spencer   Created By
Kent Andrew (Drew) Spencer Family Tree

Kerry-J-Spencer   Created By
Timms, Oxfordshire, England

Kim-L-Sperry   Created By
Kim Sperry Family Home Page

Kim-Spedden   Created By
Lewis/Spedden families of Maryland

Kim-Spence   Created By
The Spence's of Enfield

Kim-Spencer   Created By
Lay family of London

Kimberly-D-Spencer-   Created By
Ancestors of Kimberly Spencer

Kip-Sperry   Created By
Kip Sperry Family Home Page

Kirste-Spencer   Created By
Ontario families - Irish/Scottish/English heritage

Kristina-M-Specht   Created By
Specht Family (Kristina M. Specht)

Kristine-Pam-Speer   Created By
The Moon Family Decendents

Kristy-N-Spencer   Created By

L-Spears   Created By
Cookie's Conglomorate of Cousins and Courtships

Lana--J-Spence   Created By
The Lana Spence Family Home Page

Laraine-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's of Fort Erie

Larry--K-Spears   Created By
The Larry Spears Family Home Page

Larry-D-Spence   Created By
The Spences of Scotland

Larry-E-Spears   Created By
The Larry E. Spears' of Deatsville, Alabama

Latanga-R-Spencer   Created By
"The Latanga R. Spencers of Houston, TX."

Latonya-M-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of LATONYA spencer

Laura--M-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Laura Spencer

Laura-Spears   Created By
The Laura M. Spears

Laura-Spell   Created By
the sarvers of louisianna

Lauren-Spellman   Created By
Coons Family

Laurie-A-Spencer   Created By
The Robert G Spencers of Traverse City, MI

Laurie-Ann-Spencer   Created By
Laurie's Spencer Family Tree

Lawrence-B-Spencer   Created By
The Lawrence Spencer Family Home Page

Lawrence-E-Speicher   Created By
Larry Speicher Family of Dayton, OH

Lawrence-M-Spector   Created By
The Spector/Mylchreest Home Page.

Lee-C-Spencer   Created By
Cryil D. Spencer of Michigan

Lee-Speyrer   Created By
Lee Speyrer of Reddell,La.

Leia-M-Spencer   Created By
The Emards in Canada

Leita-Spears   Created By
On The Other Side of Our Brick Walls......

Leita-Spears-CA   Created By
Spears/McKay Genealogy

Lendon-C-Spencer-jr   Created By
The Spencer Family of North Carolina

Lenora-J-Spence   Created By
The Arthur & Clementine Spence Family of Pittsburgh PA

Lester-S-Spellman   Created By
The Ancestors of Lester Sherman Spellman

Lester-Sherman-Spellman-Jalisco   Created By
The Lester Sherman Spellman Family

Lillian-L-Spence   Created By
The Latham/Gurkin Site of Eastern North Carolina

Lillian-Latham-Spence   Created By
Spence and Latham Family of New Bern,N.C.

Lillian-Latham-Spence-NC   Created By
Spence,Toler/Latham,Gurkin,(Family's of Eastern N.C.)

Linda-A-Speizer   Created By
Home Page of Linda Speizer

Linda-J-Spear-OK   Created By

Linda-M-Spence   Created By
The Families of John H. Spence and Kathleen Preston Spence

Linda-M-Spencer   Created By
An American Story

Linda-M-Spencer-LA   Created By
An American Story

Linda-Marie-Spence   Created By
Ancestors of John H. & Kathleen (Preston) Spence

Linda-Marie-Spence-Claymont   Created By
Ancestors of John Harry Spence & Kathleen Preston Spence

Linda-Marie-Spence-DE   Created By
Ancestors of John Harry Spence

Linda-Marie-Spencer   Created By
The Fieldse's

Linda-Spence-   Created By
Ancestors of John Harry Spence & Kathleen Preston Spence

Linda-Spencer-AZ   Created By
Linda's Genealogy

Linda-Spencer-CT   Created By
Linda Spencer

Linnea--A-Spencer   Created By
The Jasper Family Home Page

Lisa--Spencer   Created By
RC Everbeck's Family

Lisa--Spencer-CA   Created By
Lisa Spencer Family Tree

Lisa-Kristine-Spencer   Created By
Fiestel and Spencer Family Connection

Lisa-Kristine-Spencer-CA   Created By
Spencer - Feistel - Nestor Ancestors

Lisa-M-Spencer   Created By
lisa spencer of washington state

Lisa-Marie-Spencer   Created By
A selected Ancestry of Lisa Bass Spencer

Lisa-Spencer-AZ   Created By
The Hoffmann's of Tucson, AZ

Lisa-Spencer-CA   Created By
Lisa Spencer's Family History

Lloyd-E-Spence   Created By

Lloyd-Edgar-Spence   Created By
Lloyd Spence

Lloyd-Spence-   Created By
Lloyd E. Spence of Boise, ID

Loreen-R-Speelman   Created By
Speelman's of Montana

Loreen-Speelman   Created By
Speelman Family Tree

Loretta-J-Spencer   Created By
Guerin, Stone Intl' Page

Loretta-Spencer-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lori-S-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Alabama

Lorinda-A-Spear   Created By
My Life

Louis-G-Spencer   Created By
Spencers of Eastern North Carolina

Louise-C-Spencer   Created By
"Louise Spencer"

Louise-M-Speed   Created By
The Cartwright's

Lucius-M-Spence   Created By

Lydia-M-Speakman   Created By
Speakman- Penford Family Tree

Lynette-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer-Ruiz Family Tree

Lynne-Spencer   Created By
Grangers Family Tree

Maidee-K-Spencer   Created By
Spencer/Kerr Home Page

Mal-Spence   Created By
The Mal Spence/Copeland Family Home Page

Margaret-A-Spencer   Created By
The Samuel James Spencer of Arkansas

Margaret-L-Spencer-NJ   Created By
The Spencers and Shermans of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Margaret-R-Spetnagel   Created By
Mansell - Drugan Home Page

Margaret-Spearin   Created By
OReilly family search

Margaret-Sperring   Created By
Richard F. Sperring/Margaret DeMoss Sperring of Albia, IA

Maria-J-Spera   Created By
The Spera-Hensley Home Page

Maria-Speizer-ga   Created By
The Maria Jones-Speizer Family Home Page

Marianne-Spencer-Indianapolis   Created By
Spencer & Gaudio Families

Marie-C-Speck   Created By
Penny's Home Page

Marilyn-C-Speck-burr   Created By

Marilyn-J-Spencer   Created By
The Dick & Jane Spencer Home Page

Marilyn-Speiser   Created By
The Descendants of Sylvester A. Cornell: Lenawee County, MI

Marion-K-Spence   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marion-Kenneth-Spence   Created By
Spence Family Tree

Marion-Spencer   Created By
Spencer/Rich Family Home Page

Marion-Spencer-1   Created By
marion spencer of north berwick, maine

Marion-Spencer-ME   Created By
Spencer/Sheldon/Rich Family Home Page

Mark-A-Specjal   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mark-S-Sperl   Created By
Sperl/Chapin/Tracy/Kerwin Families

Mark-Speckhard   Created By
Speckhard Family Tree

Marla-Rae-Speece   Created By

Marla-Rae-Speece-pennsylvania   Created By

Marla-Speece   Created By
Family of Marla Speece

Marlene-P-Spector   Created By
Spector - Gluck- Lentz - Schwartzberg - Weinstein Family

Marlene-P-Spector-CA   Created By
Spector : Gluck : Lentz : Schwartzberg : Weinstein Genealogy

Marlene-Spector   Created By
Spector : Gluck : Lentz : Schwartzberg : Weinstein Families

Marlin-J-Spellman   Created By
The Spellmans/Thompsons/Ednies of Ashtabula County, OH

Marsha-J-Spees   Created By
An American Story

Marshall-Spencer   Created By
The Lock[e]'s of Western NC.

Martha-B-Spencer   Created By
The Bradsher Family in North Carolina and Beyond

Martha-Spencer   Created By
Bradsher Families in America

Martina-Spearman   Created By
The Spearman's Hompage

Marvin-R-Specht   Created By
The Marvin R. Specht's of Manitowoc WI

Mary--E-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Mary Spencer

Mary--S-Spence   Created By
The Sockman Family Home Page

Mary-A-Spence   Created By

Mary-C-Speed   Created By
Mary McKee - Paul Speed Family

Mary-Catherine-Speed   Created By
Mary McKee & Paul Speed Family

Mary-E-Spencer   Created By
Grimmetts and allied families of Virginia and West Virginia

Mary-E-Spewachek   Created By
The Collins Powell Home Page

Mary-J-Spear   Created By
The Spear Family of WA, OR and WI

Mary-Jane-Spear   Created By
The Charles J. Spear Family of Portland, OR

Mary-L-Spencer   Created By
Spencer and Harris of Madison, AL

Mary-M-Speed   Created By
McKee-Speed Family

Mary-O-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Mary Spencer

Mary-S-Spencer   Created By
McCleaves of Mississippi

Mary-Speelman   Created By
The Gerald & Mary Clauda Speelmans of Adrian, Michigan

Mary-Spencer-1   Created By
The Spencer Family Tree

Mary-Spenner   Created By
Skillman, Stryker, Bryant, Purdue Connection in Illinois

Mary-W-Spence   Created By
The Willis Family of Worth County, Georgia

Mary-ann-M-Spence   Created By
Ward Family

Mary-anne-N-Sperl   Created By
"The Harry Wislers of Ca."

Mary-anne-Sperl   Created By
The Wislers of San Jose CA.

Mary-anne-Sperl-AK   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Maryjane-Speth-simmons   Created By
Maryjane Speth Simmons of Baguio City, Philippines

Marylynn-M-Spearson   Created By
The Lawrence Migavas {Migawas} of Lemont, Illinois

Marylynn-M-Spearson-IN   Created By
The Migawa Family of Chicago IL

Marylynn-Migawa-Spearson   Created By
The Lawrence MIGAVA { MIGAWA } Family of Lemont, ILLINOISLa

Matthew-A-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Matthew Spencer

Matthew-R-Spencer   Created By
Matthew Spencer's Genealogy

Maulene-Sperko-   Created By
Descendants of Joshua Wyant

Maulene-Sperko-K-Sperko   Created By
The Rollins Babcock Family Page

Maureen-Spence   Created By
The Spence Family of AL, GA, FL, AND TX.

Melanie-R-Spears   Created By
The Spears of Southern Illinois

Melinda-J-Speak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melissa-C-Speed   Created By

Melvin-E-Spears   Created By
The Ancestors of Melvin E. Spears Sr.

Melvina-K-Spencer   Created By
Da sexy 1 with fanny

Micah-W-Spedding   Created By
Spedding - Kilgour

Michael-A-Spehar   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-A-Speicher   Created By
The Michael A Speicher Home Page

Michael-A-Spence   Created By
The Leslie Spence Family Page

Michael-A-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer Family Home Page

Michael-Anton-Spence   Created By
Michael Spence of Harrow, England.

Michael-E-Spencer   Created By
The Michael E Spencers of Madison IN

Michael-J-Specht   Created By
michael specht family of joliet, illinois

Michael-J-Speer   Created By
The Jacob Speer Family Genealogy Page

Michael-J-Speer-Ca   Created By
Home Page

Michael-J-Spence   Created By
"Oregon the lair of the bear, Michael J. Spence."

Michael-J-Spence-OR   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-James-Spence   Created By
"Oregon the lair of the bear-Michael J. Spence."

Michael-James-Spence-Oregon   Created By
"Oregon the lair of the bear, M.J. Spence"

Michael-K-Spears   Created By
The Spears'

Michael-S-Spears   Created By
Michael S. Spears of Virginia Beach, Virginia

Michele-M-Spencer   Created By
Michele Marie's Rogues Gallery

Michele-Spears   Created By
~* My Folks *~

Michelle-L-Spencer   Created By
Fyfe Family, New Zealand

Michelle-Spears   Created By
michelle spears

Michelle-Spencer-1   Created By
Armstrong, Beasley, Crose, Dodson, Smith, Turnipseed Family

Michelle-Spencer-5   Created By
Michelle Caldwell Spencer

Michelle-Spencer-AL   Created By
Spencer, Siegel, Kembel, Raiffeisens of Missouri

Michelle-Spencer-Ohio   Created By
The Spencer and Bryant families

Misty-L-Spencer-KY   Created By
The Schneider,Lee of Ky and Tn.

Monetta-D-Spencerrose   Created By

Monica-A-Spencwe   Created By
Home Page of Monica Spencwe

Monica-L-Spencer   Created By
Monica Spencer of Upton, Ky

Monica-Speegle   Created By
The Kevin Speegles of AL

Monika-Sperrfechter   Created By
Familie Sperrfechter

Morris-H-Spector   Created By
The Spector Family Home Page

Nancy-E-Spezzaferro   Created By
Nancy Keegan,Massachusetts

Nancy-E-Spezzaferro-MA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nancy-J-Spears   Created By
Home Page of Nancy Spears

Nancy-M-Speck   Created By
Speck Family Home Page

Natalie-J-Spenceley   Created By

Nathan--T-Spencer   Created By
Looking For Spencer

Neal-Spencer   Created By
Connecticut Spencers

Neil-R-Spencer   Created By
Neil Ross Spencer of Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Nell-R-Speck   Created By
Nell Rose (Molder)Speck of Fort Worth,Tx.

Nellie-M-Spencer   Created By
"Nellie Spencer looking for my history Commerce City, CO"

Nicole--A-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Nicole Spence

Nina--Spencer   Created By
Nina Spencer [Mt.Maunganui N.Z.] Family Page

Nina-Spencer   Created By
Tinsley & Hoffmann Families Manchester

Norma-L-Spencer   Created By
The James Garrisons of Steelville, Mo.

Norma-L-Spencer-1   Created By
The Garrison-Housewright Extended Family

Norma-L-Spencer-Springfield   Created By

Norman-L-Spears   Created By
The Norman Spears Family Home Page

Norman-L-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Norman Spence

Norman-Speed   Created By
Speeds in Australia Family History

Norman-Speed-Portland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Norman-Speed-nsw   Created By
The Speed Family In Australia

P-Spellman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pam-Speckman   Created By
The Andrews Family in Rush County Indiana

Pamela-M-Spencer   Created By
The Stewart Spencer Family of Beverly Mass..

Pamela-P-Spencer   Created By
Spencers of Urmston

Pamela-Patricia-Spencer   Created By
Spencers of Urmston

Pamela-S-Speidel   Created By
The Lewis and Kizziah Free Family of S.C and Ga.

Pamela-Spence-OH   Created By
Fitzgerald - Spence

Patricia-Hammond-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Hammond Genealogy Home Page

Patricia-L-Spears   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Patricia-M-Spell-NC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Patricia-V-Spence   Created By
Descendants of John Butler of Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire, Eng.

Patrick-A-Spears   Created By
The Home Page of Emily's Families

Paul--M-Spear   Created By
The Spear Family Genealogy

Paul-G-Spelman   Created By
The "Paul Grant Spelman" Home Page

Paul-M-Speak   Created By
The Yorkshire Speaks and the Nottinghamshire Browns

Paul-Michael-Speak   Created By
The Nottingham Browns and the Yorkshire Speaks

Paul-R-Spenard   Created By
The Baltimore Maryland Spenard Family

Paul-S-Speck   Created By
The David Dewald Speck Family Home Page

Paul-Spencer-Yateley   Created By
The Spencer Family Middx England

Paul-Spencer-va   Created By
spencer family

Paul-W-Speer   Created By

Paula-J-Speaker--anderson   Created By
The Speaker Family of Irving, TX

Peggy-A-Spencer   Created By

Peggy-Alene-Spencer   Created By
All About My Family?

Peggy-D-Spencer   Created By
Ford-Chance Family

Penny-D-Spencer   Created By
The Harold L Spencer Family-Creston, WA

Peter-J-Spera-jr   Created By
The Spera's

Philip-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Tree

Phillip-L-Spears   Created By
Phillip L. Spears And Family

Phillip-Speed   Created By
The Speeds, Pauls, and Campbells of NE Iowa

Phyllis-R-Spencer   Created By
The Robert Spencer Family Home Page

Quanta-L-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's ,Steele's & Hill's Family Tree

R-L-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Genealogy

The Richard Sperring/Margaret DeMoss Family Home Page

RON-E-SPEER   Created By
The Speer Family Home page

Rachel-Spencer-1   Created By
The Mitts family of Oklahoma

Rachel-Sperring   Created By
The Sheyda/Sperring Tree

Ralph-D-Spencer   Created By
The Ralph "Dean" Spencer Sr. Family Home Page

Ralph-Dean-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer/Hall Families Home Page

Ralph-W-Spencer-jr   Created By
The Ralph W Spencer Jr Homestead of N.H.

Ralph-W-Spencerjr   Created By
The Ralph & Evelyn Spencer Jr Home Page

Ralph-William-Spencer-jr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Randall-G-Spell   Created By
The Spell Family of Baytown, Texas

Ray-Spencer   Created By
Ancestry of Ray Spencer

Raye-nell-S-Spencer   Created By
Raye Nell Storm Spencer of Rolling Fork, Mississippi

Raye-nell-Storm-Spencer   Created By
The family of Storm, Cleveland, Spencer and Dees

Raymond-A-Spence   Created By
The Raymond A. Spence Family Home Page

Raymond-A-Spence-OK   Created By
The Raymond Arlin Spence Family Home Page

Raymond-Arlin-Spence   Created By
The Raymond A. Spence Family Page

Raymond-B-Spencer   Created By
The Raymond Spencer Family Home Page

Raymond-D-Spencer   Created By
The Raymond Dale Spencer family of Ukiah, CA

Raymond-K-Spencer   Created By
The Raymond Spencer Family Home Page

Raymond-L-Spell   Created By
Families of Raymond & Sherron Spell

Raymond-L-Spell-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Raymond-allen-Spencer   Created By
Raymond Allen Spencer from Finleyville, PA

Rebecca-J-Speirs   Created By
The Speirs family of Felixstowe, Suffolk

Rebecca-J-Spellman   Created By
The Rebecca Breeding Spellman Family Home Page

Rebecca-L-Spence   Created By
The Greg L. Spences of Houston, Texas

Reed-Spencer   Created By
burton benjamin spencer

Regina-L-Spencer   Created By
The Robertson/Nance/Nunn Families of Crockett County, TN

Regina-Speekman   Created By
Unknown family history from St Louis Area

Renato-Speltz   Created By
Familia Speltz no Brasil

Renee-Speight   Created By
Patrick Joseph Gaul Sr. of Ireland and California

Renee-Speight-CA   Created By
Gaul and Hayes and Briggs Family Tree of California

Rhoda-Spencer   Created By
Spencer, Kessel, Whaley Families

Rhoda-Spencer-AZ   Created By
Spencer, Kessel, Whaley Families

Rhonda-A-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Rhonda Spencer

Rhonda-Ann-Spencer   Created By
"THE Rhonda A. Spencer of Marion,VA."

Rhonda-Ann-Spencer-VA   Created By
"The Horne's and Caudill's of Richlands,VA."

Rhonda-J-Spencer   Created By
Rhonda Spencer of Maine

Rhonda-K-Spears   Created By
Ancestors of Sally Elizabeth Wright

Rhonda-M-Spears   Created By
Home Page of Rhonda Spears

Rhonda-Margie-Spears   Created By
The Greer Family Tree:More Questions Than Answers

Rhonda-Margie-Spears-Kentucky   Created By
From sea to shining sea and beyond

Richard-B-Spear   Created By
The Richard Spear Family Home Page

Richard-Batiste   Created By
The Spencer-Batiste

Richard-G-Spear   Created By
Richard Spear's Family Home Page

Richard-J-Speed   Created By
"The Richard J. Speed Family Home Page"

Richard-J-Spellman   Created By
Rich & Pat Spellman's Family Tree

Richard-M-Spencer   Created By
Richard Spencer and family East Cowes IOW UK

Richard-Spellman-   Created By
Richard Spellmans Family Tree

Richard-Spens   Created By
richard spens

Richard-W-Spearel   Created By
The Richard Spearel Family Home Page

Richard-W-Spence   Created By
Richard W. Spence Home Page

Richard-W-Spenceley   Created By
The Spenceleys of Yorkshire.

Rick--W-Speyer   Created By
Rick Speyer Family Home Page

Rick-D-Speckeen   Created By

Rick-M-Spencer   Created By
Rick Spencer's Genealogy page

Rick-Spears   Created By
Rick Spears Family from Culver City, CA

Rita-L-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Rita Spence

Rita-Spence   Created By
The Darius Hodge Family of MO

Robert-A-Spencer   Created By
The Spencers of Philadelphia

Robert-B-Spencer   Created By
RBS Page Spencer Bradford Degge Brimmell Jaap Hallenbeck

Robert-C-Spencer   Created By
The Bob Spencer Home Page

Robert-D-Spencer   Created By
Robert D.Spencer of Wyoming,Mi.

Robert-E-Spence   Created By
Some Mahons of Barbados, W.I.

Robert-Franklin-Spencer   Created By
The Frank Spencer Family Homepage

Robert-G-Speier   Created By
" The Speier / Bulmer Family Home Page "

Robert-J-Spears   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-M-Spears   Created By
The Robert M. Spears family of Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Robert-M-Speights-jr   Created By
Robert M. Speights of Fort Collins, Colorado

Robert-P-Spencer   Created By
The Robert Paul Spencer Family Home Page

Robert-R-Spencer-jr   Created By
The Robert Roland Spencer Jr. Family Home Page

Robert-S-Spencer   Created By
Spencer, Darling, Benoist, Reynolds Home Page

Robert-Speake   Created By
Speak/e/s Family Association

Robert-Spehn   Created By
Spehn Family Geneology

Robert-Spence   Created By
The R. M. Spence Family of North Texas

Robert-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Robert Spencer

Robert-Spencer-5   Created By
Robert L. Spencer, Lampasas, Texas

Robert-Spencer-MA   Created By
Spencer Family

Robert-Spencer-TN   Created By
The Allan Spencer - Genevieve Colmus Genealogy Home Page

Robert-Speth   Created By
The Speth Family Home Page

Robert-Speth-New-Jersey   Created By
The Speth Family

Robert-T-Spencer   Created By
Robert T. Butler's Family Tree

Robert-W-Spence   Created By
the robert spence jr. of florida

Robert-W-Spencer   Created By
Rob Spencer's Genealogy Home Page

Robert-jr-H-Spears   Created By
Robert H. Spears Jr., Flint, Michigan

Roberta-P-Spencer   Created By
Robert Herrell Spencer Jr. of Herndon, VA.

Robin-Speakman   Created By
My Children

Robin-Spears   Created By
Spears and other branches

Rodney-A-Spencer   Created By
The Rodney Spencer Family Home Page

Rogena-L-Spencerwatts   Created By
Hayters from Texas

Roger-A-Spear   Created By
The Roger Arden Spear Family Home Page

Ron-J-Spencer-iii   Created By
Ronald James Spencer III Family

Ron-Speaks   Created By
Ronald G. Speaks Family in Gresham, OR

Ron-Speiser-AK   Created By
Speiser - Friet Family Tree

Ron-T-Spence   Created By
The DeLair's , the Spence's and Trumpour's

Ronald-A-Spence   Created By
Spence Family Genealogy Home Page

Ronald-A-Spencer   Created By

Ronald-L-Spence   Created By
An American Story

Ronald-L-Spence-MO   Created By
An American Story

Ronald-S-Spears   Created By
Ronald Spencer Spears Batavia N.Y-Bradenton Fl.

Ronald-Sidney-Spears   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ronald-Spencer-Spears-Fl   Created By
The Spears & Burns Family Trees

Ronald-Spencer-Spears-Florida   Created By
Spears Relationships Bradenton, Fl.

Ronald-W-Sperandeo   Created By
The Sperandeo Family of Chicago

Ross-L-Spencer-jr   Created By
The Ross L. Spencer, Jr. Family Home Page

Roxie-A-Speer   Created By
"The Canon/ Hayes ,Speer/Houk Family Home Page."

Roy-E-Spencer   Created By
The Roy Edward Spencer Family Home Page

Roy-G-Spencer   Created By
The Roy Gene Spencer Family Home page

Roy-M-Spears   Created By
"The Roy Lamar Spears Family."

Roy-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Royal-C-Spearman   Created By
Royal Christopher Spearman of Chicago, IL

Royal-Spearman   Created By
6th Annual Spearman Family Reunion "Chicago 2008"

Royal-Spearman-   Created By
6th Annual Spearman Family Reunion "Chicago 2008"

Ruth-Ann-Speirs   Created By
R. A. Speirs of Louisiana

Ruth-Spence   Created By
"The Joe West families Home Page

Ruthie-M-Spencer   Created By
Ruthei M. Spencer of AR

Sally-A-Spence   Created By
The Donald H. Spence, SR.'s of Ohio

Sally-A-Spencer   Created By
The Sally Spencer Family Home Page

Sally-B-Speaks   Created By
Home Page of Sally Speaks

Samantha-D-Speer   Created By
Home Page of samantha speer

Samantha-Speller   Created By

Samantha-Spence   Created By
The Casper Spences of Jamaica,W.I

Sammie-Spencer   Created By

Samuel-D-Speight   Created By
The Family History of Samuel Speight and Relating Familys

Sandra-L-Spector   Created By

Sandra-L-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Sandra Spencer

Sandra-Spencer   Created By
The Johnsons of Ohio

Sara-H-Spencer   Created By
The Roscoe and Mattie Hurley Corbett of Troy, NC

Sara-L-Spears   Created By
Spears in California

Sara-Spence   Created By
The Family

Sara-Spencer-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sarah-E-Spears   Created By
Sarah's Family Tree

Sarah-Speck-PA   Created By
Schoffstall/Miller Families

Sarah-Spencer-Kent   Created By

Scott-M-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's of Victoria, Australia

Scott-Speakman-MO   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Scott-Speers   Created By
Jeffrey Scott Speers family tree

Scott-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer's of Ireland and America

Scott-Spencer-MI   Created By
Scott Spencer of the Gerrard Spencer Line

Sercy-L-Spears   Created By
The Family of Sercy Lee Spears

Shannon-Spencer-1   Created By
The Ancestry of Shannon M. Spencer of Sudbury ON Canada

Sharon-A-Speigle   Created By
The Sharon (Thompson) Speigle Home Page

Sharon-A-Spencee   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-A-Spencer-OK   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-E-Speer   Created By
The Ohmart's of Tulsa, Ok

Sharon-L-Spence   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-M-Speck   Created By
The Sharon Mayhew Speck Family Home Page

Sharon-R-Spence   Created By
The Home page Of Thomas A. Spence And Sharon R. Ballard

Sharon-R-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of sharon spencer

Sharon-Speck   Created By
Speck Family

Sharon-Spencer-PA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-Victoria-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Shawntay-Spears   Created By
Shawntay G. Spears of Indio,CA

Sheila-C-Spencer   Created By
Sheila spencers family tree home page

Sheila-E-Speicher   Created By
Sheeba from upstate New York

Sheila-M-Spencer   Created By
The Dobbins of Canada & Scotland

Sheila-Speigelhalder   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sheila-Speigelhalder-   Created By
Higdon's of New Washington, IN

Shelena-M-Spencer   Created By
An American Story

Sheli-Spears   Created By

Shelley-J-Speaks   Created By
The Speaks/Williams Homepage

Sherri-L-Spearing   Created By
Home Page of the Spearings

Sherri-R-Spellar   Created By
The Spellars of England and the Tottens of WV

Shertina-Spencer   Created By
Shertina Spencer's Family (Michigan)

Sian-Spencer   Created By
The Parrys and The Williams'

Sonya-L-Speck   Created By
"Ancestors of Mason Lee Speck"

Sonya-Speck   Created By
Mason's Family Home Page

Sophie-U-Spence   Created By
suspence - south island - new zealand

Stacey-L-Spencer   Created By
Spencer & Schlemmer Family Information

Stacey-Lynn-Spencer   Created By
Spencer & Schlemmer Family Information

Stacy-N-Spears   Created By
Stacy Spears of SC.

Stan-Spermon   Created By
Family Spermon

Stancel-V-Spencer   Created By
The Family Tree of Stancel Spencer

Stephanie-D-Spencer   Created By
HomePage of Stephanie D. Spencer

Stephanie-E-Spencer   Created By
The Quisenberry and Reidelbach Families of Virginia

Stephanie-L-Spencer   Created By
The Stephanie (Kephart) Spencer of Clearfield,Pa

Stephanie-M-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Stephanie Spencer

Stephanie-N-Spears   Created By
The Spears

Stephanie-P-Spencer   Created By
Stephanie Spencer of United States

Stephanie-Spears   Created By
The Spears/ Factor Family

Stephanie-Spencer   Created By
The Quisenberry Family of Virginia

Stephanie-Spencer-1   Created By

Stephanie-Sperry-   Created By
Sperry Family Tree

Stephen-C-Spencer   Created By
The Stephen Christopher Spencer Family Home Page

Stephen-Christopher-Spencer   Created By
Stephen C. Spencer

Stephen-J-Speight   Created By
The Speight Family Home Page

Stephen-J-Speir-jr   Created By
Stpehen Joe Speir Jr. of Jonesboro, AR

Stephen-M-Spencer   Created By
The Short's of Ga. and Spencer's of Pen

Stephen-M-Spencer-Ga   Created By
Stephen Spencer From Ga. And Teresa Short From Ga.

Stephen-R-Spence   Created By
Home Page of Stephen Spence

Stephen-W-Spencer   Created By

Steve-Speaks-Schertz   Created By
Steve Speaks Ancestry

Steve-Speaks-Tx   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Steven-A-Spence   Created By
The Spence's of Texas

Steven-E-Spears   Created By
The Spears, Fain & Gilbert Family of Ohio

Steven-L-Speake   Created By
Family of Steven Speake of St. Louis, MO.

Steven-M-Spellman   Created By
Steven Spellman of Newark Ohio

Steven-Spears   Created By
The Family of Steven M. Spears

Steven-Spellman   Created By
Steven Spellman of Newark Ohio

Steven-Spence   Created By
The Steven G Spence Family Homepage

Steven-Spencer   Created By
The Steven A. Spencers of Garden Grove, California

Steven-Spencer-   Created By
The Steven H. Spencers of Danvers Ma.

Stewart-L-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sue-Spette   Created By
Seerups, Mundingers, and Pedersons of Minnesota

Summer-J-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Summer Spencer

Susan-D-Spensley   Created By
Ancestors of Susan Dawn Gerkin

Susan-Puryear-Spencer   Created By
Porter W. Puryear family Memphis, TN

Susan-R-Speckman   Created By
The Susan Hawkins Speckman Home Page

Susannah-M-Speidel   Created By
The Speidel Miers Family Home Page

Suzan-Speropoulos   Created By
Home Page of Suzan Speropoulos

Suzan-Speropoulos-Hampton   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Suzan-Speropoulos-VA   Created By
My Family

Suzanne-D-Spencer   Created By
Family History of Monroes and Balches

Suzanne-Diane-Spencer   Created By
The Monroes on Monroe Wisconsin

Suzanne-Diane-Spencer-WA   Created By
Monroe,Balch,Spencer,Houser families

Suzanne-Speelman   Created By
Speelman's Bryan, Ohio

Sylvia-E-Stokes   Created By

TOM-M-SPELL   Created By
Thomas McLain Spell Famliy Home Page

Tami-E-Spencer   Created By
the haynes family tree of holland michigan

Tami-L-Spearman   Created By
The Spearman's of Spearman, Tx. & the Lee's of Oklahoma & Tx

Tami-Lynn-Speers   Created By
Tedford-Thornton-Bates-Speers Connection of Arkansas

Tammi--L-Spencer   Created By
Ingram Family Homepage

Tammy-L-Speth   Created By
The Speth's of Waterford, WI

Tammy-Spears   Created By
The Walter Curkhum "Bud " Pruitts of Texas

Tammy-Spence-OK   Created By
"The Morris Family Tree"

Tammy-Spencer-2   Created By
Tammy Marrie Spencer (Craddock-Ormsby) of Evansville WI

Tana-Spell   Created By
T.S. of LA.

Tanya-P-Spencer   Created By

Tasheena-spearman-Spearman   Created By
La Spearman Familia

Tempie-Spencer   Created By

Teresa-A-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of teresa spencer

Teresa-D-Spencer   Created By
The Short Family

Teresa-L-Spears   Created By
Home Page of Traci Spears

Terri-L-Spencer   Created By
Terri L Spencer

Terri-Spencer-VA   Created By
Family Tree of Mary T. (Terri) Spencer

Terry-A-Spellman   Created By
Spellman Family Home Page

Terry-D-Spencer   Created By
Spencer Family Tree

Terry-D-Spencer-1   Created By
The Family of Terry D. Spencer

Terry-D-Spencer-Amsterdam   Created By
My Spencer Family

Terry-D-Spencer-Hammondsville   Created By
Spencer Family

Terry-D-Spencer-OH   Created By

Terry-David-Spencer   Created By
My Spencer Family Tree

Terry-L-Spence   Created By
Spence Home Page

Terry-L-Spencer   Created By
Terry Spencer of Prescott MI.

Terry-L-Speulda   Created By
Terry Speulda's Family Home Page

Terry-M-Spencer   Created By
Mississippi Choctaw Heritage

Terry-Spear   Created By
Malcolm MacNeill & Elizabeth Campbell, Prince Edward Island

Terry-Spencer-   Created By
Mississippi Choctaw Heritage

Therese-Spencer   Created By
"Spencer/Whitehead/McGoldrick/Flanagan of Scone Australia"

Thomas-A-Spellacy   Created By
Spellacy Home Pages

Thomas-A-Spellacy-NY   Created By
A Spellacy Family Tree

Thomas-A-Spellacy-SI-NY   Created By
A Spellacy Family Tree

Thomas-A-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Thomas-C-Spear   Created By
Finne, Höglund, Mandelstam, Mattke, Messer, Rosenberg, Spear

Thomas-G-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of thomas spencer

Thomas-J-Speech   Created By
The Speeches of Wisconsin

Thomas-John-Speak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Thomas-M-Spell-jr   Created By
Tom Spell of Daingerfield ,Texas

Thomas-M-Spencer-iii-NC   Created By

Thomas-Spencer-   Created By
Thomas Spencer family tree

Thomas-Spencer-Hampstead   Created By
Thomas A. Spencer of Hampstead, NC

Thomas-T-Spence-iv   Created By
The Spence Family of Pennsylvania

Thomas-W-Spencer   Created By
The Tom Spencer Family Home Page

Tim-Speck   Created By
grover speck family

Tim-T-Spencer   Created By
The T T Spencer Family Home Page

Timothy-A-Spencer   Created By
spencers of hickory

Timothy-G-Spence   Created By
The Spence/White's of Dresden, TN

Timothy-J-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Timothy-Sperandio   Created By
The Timothy Sperandio's of St.Louis Mo.I

Tina-Spencer-1   Created By
Hollister Generations of Florida

Tina-Spencer-AZ   Created By
Tina Spencer Family

Tirik-R-Spencer   Created By

Todd-A-Spellman   Created By
The Spellman Family Home Page

Todd-Spellman   Created By
The Spellman Family Tree

Todd-Spellman-NE   Created By
The Spellman Family Tree

Todd-Spellman-Nebraska   Created By
The Spellman Family Tree

Tom-Speight   Created By
Speight - NC & TN

Tommye-J-Spears   Created By
The Goins Family of Indiana

Tonya-K-Speck   Created By
Home Page of Tonya Speck

Traci-Speakman   Created By
Traci S Maxwell-Speakman of Columbus, OH

Tracy-M-Spencer   Created By
The Marsden-Colman Family Tree

Trenton-W-Spears   Created By
{ TheTrenton Wayne Spears Family of Bakersfield, Ca." }

Troy-Spears   Created By
James Duel Spears. born- sumiton, alabama

Ursula-Spencer   Created By
The Spencer, Douglass, Cofield Family

Ute-Spearman   Created By
Decendants and Ascendants of Clarence L Spearman

Vicki-K-Spencer   Created By
My Calvert Family Lines in Kentucky and Virginia

Vicki-Kay-Spencer   Created By
The BYERS Family's of Kentucky

Vicki-Spencer-   Created By
My Calvert Ancestors from Virginia to Kentucky and beyond

Vicki-T-Spencer   Created By
Home Page of Vicki Spencer

Vickie-L-Speaks   Created By
The Frank Jackson/Della Brady Family of Durant, OK

Vicky-Speer   Created By
The Wilsons

Vince-Spencer   Created By
Allsopp/Appleford Cousin Homepage

Vincent--M-Specht   Created By
The Vincent M. Specht & Joanne M. Conley Families Home Page

Viola-M-Spence   Created By
The Spence Family Home Page

Viola-M-Spence-ok   Created By
The Leonard Spence Family Home Page

Virginia-D-Spence   Created By
The Spence-Troxel Family Home Page

Virginia-M-Spencer   Created By
Spitzer, Melega, Jones and Hanford. New York City area.

Virginia-Sperry   Created By
Virginia Mann Family - Euller, Mann , Sperry, Eby, Hoffman,

Vivian-Spencer-PA   Created By
The Spencer/Gartner/Troxell Home Page

Wade-E-Speer   Created By
Rev. William Speer (1652-?) Family and Descendants

Wade-Edward-Speer   Created By
Thomas S. Vassey (1811-1892) Family & Descendants

Walker-Spencd   Created By

Wallace-K-Speer   Created By
User Home Page

Walton-Spencer   Created By
SPENCER of Orange County, CA

Warren-G-Spencer   Created By
The Warren Grant Spencer Family Home Page.

Warren-R-Spence   Created By
Warren Raymond Spence Home Page

Wayne--W-Specht   Created By
Knieff, Borden, Lester, Specht, Malinoff Families

Wayne-D-Speak   Created By
Ancestors of Wayne Speak

Wayne-j-Spence   Created By
Stephen Spence Family Tree

Wendy-M-Spennati   Created By
SPENNATI - The 'English connection' family home page

Wendy-Speers   Created By
Wendy Astle Speers, Utah

Wendy-Spencer   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wetzel-J-Spears-ii   Created By
The Wetzel J. Spears II of Huntington, IN

Wetzel-Jon-Spears-ii   Created By
Wetzel Jon Spears II of Huntington, IN 46750

Whitney-Speaks   Created By
Whitney Morgan Speaks of Wilmington, Ohio

Wilbur-L-Speight   Created By
The Speight & Coburn Family Home Page

William--B-Spears   Created By
George Spears (b. 1852) Family Page

William--J-Spezza   Created By
The Spezza Family Home Page

William-D-Speak   Created By
Home Page of William Speak

William-Delno-Speak   Created By
Home Page of William Speak

William-E-Spencer   Created By
Willam Spencer Family Home Page

William-Edward-Spencer   Created By
An American Story

William-L-Spellman   Created By
Home Page of William Spellman

William-Lawrence-Spellman   Created By
The Spellmans of New York

William-Lem-Speck   Created By
William Lem Speck of Dallas, Texas

William-Speary   Created By

William-Spellman   Created By
Aller and Spellman

William-Spence   Created By
Genealogy relating to William J. Spence of Voorheesville, NY

William-Spencer   Created By
William Spencer of Yale, MI

William-Spencer-4   Created By
Spencer-Brown-Rubert-Campbell of Millville NJ

William-Spencer-Georgia   Created By
William Bryan Spencer of Dawsonville,Ga.

abraham-p-speiser   Created By
The Speiser Family Home Page

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