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Updated December 29, 2006

About Our Family Research

I would like to welcome you to my tree with all of it's fascinating limbs and roots.

My name is Kathy Anne Taylor Spivey.
I live in the state of OKLAHOMA, City of Chickasha and County of Grady.

My roots include the areas of Rolla, Missouri where my beloved Grandma Bertha Mae MARSH was born in 1899.

My Grandfather, Leonard Hubert WELLS, served in the US Army WW2, 80th Division 319th Infantry Co F - and farmed in and around the Tuttle, Oklahoma area.

My Mother and the WOOD / WELLS family come from Tuttle, Oklahoma and Inola, Oklahoma.

My TAYLOR roots are from the area of Amber and Blanchard, Oklahoma.

The Spivey family roots are from the Marlow, Duncan, Oklahoma area.

My Father is Lester David Taylor, My mother is Lee Anna Wells.
My Grandmother's are Bertha Mae Marsh and Mattalee Wood
My Grandfather's are Leonard Hubert Wells and John David Taylor.

I married into the family of Michael Edward Spivey and mwe have three children, Jay, Kevin and Leslie. Our historical roots are mostly in/around OKLAHOMA, MISSOURI, KENTUCKY, ILLINOIS - as well as other places our pioneers crossed or settled at.


I hope that you enjoy your journey through my family tree.

Like the cottonwood, it is full of seeds that filter from one place to the next. Sometimes it is an Oak, a bit stout and full of a lot of nuts. Sometimes the mighty elm, shading all of our lives, perhaps a bit of us are like the solemn willow, and it is forever the aromatic dogwood and the beautiful redbud.

Nevertheless, it is my tree, my family, of which I am quite proud of.

If you would like a copy of any of the pics on my tree, place your cursor over the picture, right click your mouse, and 'save as'. You are more than welcome to them.

If you have ANY pictures, clippings or otherwise that you may have that are of my family's tree, then PLEASE share them with me!

I would dearly love to gain more knowledge and insights into the people who made me whom I am. If you would like for me to attempt to reach a family member of our clan, then please do not hesitate to ask me.

If there is a family headstone that you would like to obtain a photo of, then I will try to obtain one.

Thank you for taking the extraordinary time to view my site and my multitude of precious photographs therin.

God Bless each and every one of you and Until We Meet Again....... Happy Trails


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Family Photos
  • LD & Lee Anna Taylor (39 KB)
    Mom & Dad - 1980
  • Pig Taylor - 1982 (14 KB)
    My Daddy, Pig Taylor.
  • Florence Marsh, Lee Taylor, Frances Marsh (62 KB)
    The sisters of Grandma Mae and my mother, Lee. Florence who married Austin Smith and Frances 'Frank', who lived with William and Lucy until their death in Cement, Oklahoma, then lived in the old Marsh home in Cement until she passed away. Frances never married nor did she ever have any children.
  • Gary Lee Taylor (34 KB)
    My brother Gary was born on January 25, 1955, the third child and second son of Lee Anna and Pig Taylor. Gary passed from this life on April 15, 1986, at the age of 31 years old. He is survived by his sons, Randy Allen (1978) and Bobby Lee Taylor (1982) and his daughter, Sara Renay (1985), as well as his first grandchild, Miss Caidence Renay Wood. Gary served in the US marine Corp.
  • Lee Anna Wells Taylor (19 KB)
    My beautiful Mother, Lee Anna
  • Gary Lee Taylor's Grave (37 KB)
    Gary is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard, Oklahoma. He received full military honors and was in the Marine Corps.
  • My sweet Little Leslie Anne (80 KB)
    My precious little Leslie Anne, my beloved daughter.
  • Grandpa & Grandma Wells (200 KB)
    My favorite photo of Gramps & Grammie
  • Kathy Anne Taylor Spivey - 2003 (17 KB)
    Kathy Taylor Spivey
  • Lee Anna Wells as a child (15 KB)
    My mother, Lee Anna, as a little girl. She sure is sweet.
  • Grandpa's ole bald head (16 KB)
    Grandpa Wells was fun to be around. He would toss us up in the air, way up.....making us scream, and he would invite us to play 'pull hair' with him... (he always forgot he had eyebrows!) He was funny telling great jokes and kidding around. He often sang to us. He would sing.....'they're gonna put me in the movies....they're gonna make a big star out of me........." and I would ask him over and over....REALLY, Grandpa?...when?...are you going to sing? He always let me hang out in his little barn with he and Uncle Bud. He would tell the boys that he would shave their heads with sheep clippers and send them all running to tell Grandma on him! He and Bud could roll their own cigarettes from Prince Albert tobacco, then they would fill all of the empty cans with nails and tacks. I have one of his Prince Albert cans on a shelf. He would let us sneak into Grammie's strawberry patch to eat our fill of ripe delicious red berries. I will always love and remember Grandpa and Uncle Bud.
  • Walter Wood (91 KB)
    Walter Wood, Father of Mattalee Wood Wells and Grandfather to my Mother, Lee Anna Wells Taylor
  • Mattalee Wood Wells and her siblings - 1983 (136 KB)
    Dixie Wood Beaty, Mattalee Wood Wells, Sadie Wood Carr, Irma Dean Wood Lee and J.D. Wood
  • Walter Allen 'BUD" WELLS (64 KB)
    Uncle Bud...what a GREAT man that he was to all of us. I adored him, he was fun to be around. He stayed at our house alot and would cook for us. He would burn the toast and tell us to 'eat it - it will make your teeth white'.....BudRow, as we lovingly called him or Uncle Fudge....the BEST Uncle ever!
  • Walter Wood and his sons (48 KB)
    Ollie, Sam, & John, my Grandma Mattalee's brothers and her father Walter Wood
  • Dear Granny Mae Marsh Taylor (30 KB)
    Oh how I adored this woman! My Grandma Mae Taylor, she was one of a kind, stubborn as a 'missouri mule' and I thought she walked on water. I spent a lot of time with Grandma Mae and that has come to be the most beautiful of everlasting gifts in my life. She will forever be an inspiration in my life. Independant, strong and full of laughter. She worked hard all of her life, and took care of us. I love her with all of my heart. She passed away the year my only daughter, Leslie, was born but she got to hold Leslie and now she holds Les all the time for me. What a comfort it is to know that Grandma Mae awaited my daughter when she arrived in Heaven.
  • Newlyweds Mattalee Wood & Leonard Hubert WELLS (189 KB)
    My Grandparents, Mattalee & Hubert WELLS 1933
  • Pig & Earl Taylor (59 KB)
    Mae and John's two sons, Pig and Earl Taylor. Blanchard, Oklahoma
  • Dear Grandma Wells (16 KB)
    This is my precious Grammie Mattalee. She was born on April 2, 1918 to Walter Wood and Cora Lee Stephens. She and my grandfather Leonard Hubert Wells were united in marriage on July 15, 1933. Grammie passed from this earth on March 15, 2004.
  • Grave of Mattalee Wood & Leonard Hubert WELLS (152 KB)
    My Maternal Grandparents rest in the Fairview Cemetery, Tuttle, Grady County, OK.
  • William Albert and Lucy Ann Marsh - Cement, OK (96 KB)
    This is a picture of Mae's parents. Lucy was born Lucy Ann Gibson 4 October 1870 in Lenox, Dent County, Missouri, the daughter of Caroline Missouri Thurman and James Riley Gibson. Lucy married William Albert Marsh in Rolla, Missouri on March 25, 1892. Lucy passed from this earth on October 11, 1959. William Albert Marsh was born on November 28, 1869 in Yancy Mills, Phelps County, Missouri to James Buchanan Marsh and Mary Frances Bradley. He passed away July 14, 1957. He and Lucy are buried in the Cement, Oklahoma cemetary.
  • Wells ' 50th Wedding Anniversary (144 KB)
    Grandpa and Grandma Wells on their 50th anniversary July 15, 1983
  • Cora Lee & Walter Wood (39 KB)
    My Great Grandparents, Cora Lee and Walter Wood, Parents of Mattalee Wood Wells, Grandparents to my Mother, Lee Anna Wells Taylor
  • Bertha Mae Marsh Taylor (33 KB)
    My beloved Grandma Mae. She was born Bertha Mae Marsh on May 3,1899 in Rolla, Missouri to William Albert and Lucy Ann Marsh. She passed away on September 29, 1984. The Marsh family re-located to Oklahoma in/around 1920 and lived in Cement, Oklahoma. Mae married John David Taylor and they lived in the Amber/Blanchard area. Mae and John had 3 sons, Johnny who died at birth, Earl Wayne Taylor (1926 - 1996) and my father, Lester David (LD) 'Pig' Taylor (1929 - 2002)
  • 1957 - Linda Gayle Taylor - 1966 (23 KB)
    Linda Gayle Taylor was born on July 7, 1957, the fifth child and the second daughter of Lee Anna and Pig Taylor. Linda Gayle passed from this earth to her eternal home on July 15, 1966, at the age of 9 years old. She is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard Oklahoma.
  • Grandma Mae and a lot of her Great-grandchildren (67 KB)
    WoW...... what a treasured photo this one is. Gram and a lot of Great-Grandchildren. (but not all of them!)
  • Marsh Family Pictures - Missouri (45 KB)
    Marsh Family in Missouri before they came to Oklahoma
  • Mae Marsh and her Sisters (33 KB)
    Mae, Frances and Florence Marsh
  • SISTERS - Linda Gayle & Kathy Anne (48 KB)
    Lin and I, oh how cute we are here.....Lin is my best friend, my first friend. She was born in '57 and I in '58. Lin died in '66. How I have missed her. She has lived on within me. I overcame a lot of obstacles in my life....just, simply, because I lived for Lin, too, and there wasn't any mountain that we could not climb...together. As we did way back then, we shall run the fields again and dance among the leaves of the cottonwood. Her giggle has never left my heart. I love you, Lin.
  • MARSH - William Albert & Lucy Ann (Gibson) Graves (95 KB)
    Lucy was born Lucy Ann Gibson 4 October 1870 in Lenox, Dent County, Missouri, the daughter of Caroline Missouri Thurman and James Riley Gibson. Lucy married William Albert Marsh in Rolla, Missouri on March 25, 1892. Lucy passed from this earth on October 11, 1959. William Albert Marsh was born on November 28, 1869 in Yancy Mills, Phelps County, Missouri to James Buchanan Marsh and Mary Frances Bradley. He passed away July 14, 1957. He and Lucy are buried in the Cement, Oklahoma cemetary.
  • Mattalee Wood Wells (15 KB)
    My beautiful Grandmother
  • Reba June Wells Corley - Precious Aunt (23 KB)
    Aunt Reba was born on August 30, 1944, the daughter of Hubert and Mattalee Wells. Reba married Clarence E. Corley on August 18, 1962, and they have one son, James David Corley, who was born on August 12, 1963. My Aunt Reba is full of love and laughter. She is always there when you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a person to laugh and hang out with. She has been a true inspiration in my life, as a child and adult. I love her with all of my heart. She is the bestest Auntie-Pantie in the entire world!
  • Leonard Hubert Wells (23 KB)
    Leonard Hubert Wells was born on August 12, 1914 to Leonard Austin Wells and Ollie Geneva Ferguson Brown, and passed from this world on March 8, 1987. He and Mattalee are buried in the Fairview Cemetary, Tuttle, Oklahoma. Leonard Hubert Wells served in the US Army - 80th Div 319th Inf Co F WW2
  • Grandpa Hubert Wells (30 KB)
    My maternal Grandpa Leonard Hubert Wells
  • 1902 - John David Taylor - 1985 (23 KB)
    John David was born on October 7, 1902 and passed from this earth on December 24, 1985, the son of Marion Riley Taylor and Dinisha Eugenia Bennett. Grandpa and Grandma divorced in the 1948, so we never knew them as a couple. They, both, lived lives that didn't involve the other. Grandpa John Taylor was a free spirit, he lived in OKC and would come see us from time to time. He would bring us ginger snaps.
  • 1929 - PIG TAYLOR - 2002 (37 KB)
    My Daddy, Lester David 'Pig" Taylor Born on June 22, 1929, Daddy left this world on November 17, 2002. He is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard, Oklahoma Happy Trails, Daddy
  • Lee Anna Wells & Lester David Taylor (84 KB)
    A young Lee Anna and Pig in 1948, they married in 1950.
  • Jay, Kevin & Leslie Spivey - 1987 (45 KB)
    Leslie Anne and her beloved brothers , Jay-Bob and K-Bee, 1987, Colorado. Les called them her 'boy-heads'. Never had I ever seen two brothers that adored their little sister so. Jay & Kev did more for Leslie than any brothers should have ever had to do, yet they did it out of their sheer love for this little girl. Leslie bestowed upon them compassion, gifted them with unconditional love, and sheer delight in all of her antics. They carry on the legacy of Leslie, proudly and honorably. They live for her and laugh for her, and thusly, she will have never been gone.
  • Leslie Anne Spivey (81 KB)
    My beloved, daughter, Leslie Anne, was born on July 19, 1984, in Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma. Leslie attended school in Chickasha. Leslie was an Honorary graduate of the Chickasha High School Class of 2003. Leslie left her earthly home for her heavenly realm on January 5, 2000, at the age of 15 years old. Leslie was cremated and her ashes returned to her family, where they rest in a beautiful angel statuette, in our home.
  • The Spivey Children (92 KB)
    My beloved children, Jay, Kevin and Leslie
  • John David Taylor's Grave (70 KB)
    Grandpa John is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard, Oklahoma
  • Roger Lynn Taylor (21 KB)
    Although not so little anymore, he is a year younger than I am. But he will always be my little brother.....Born on November 27, 1959, the seventh child and fourth son of LD and Lee Anna. Roger is a cowboy, plain 'n simple. A true country cowboy. He has never married (yet) and adores spending time at his rodeos where he rides bulls, his horses, he trains and shoes horses, and he adores all of his nieces and nephews.
  • Grandpa John Taylor (17 KB)
    My Grandfather, John David Taylor. Love you Grandpa.
  • 2 April 1918 - Mattalee Wood Wells - 15 March 2004 (22 KB)
    My favorite picture of my precious Grammie.
  • Bertha Mae Marsh & Friend (39 KB)
    This photo is of my Grandma Mae long before she ever was my Gram, she was a young woman in Missouri and this photo was taken before her family moved to Oklahoma. I don't know who the man in the photo is with her, but I strongly suspect him to be her courter. I have heard his name, but, now, I can not recall.
  • Michael Edward & Kathy Anne Spivey (53 KB)
    Mike and I were married on November 14, 1976.We, both, grew up in the Dibble, Oklahoma area, married in Dibble, Oklahoma and have made our homes in the Alex/Chickasha communities. We have three children, two sons' and a daughter. Jeremy Michael 'Jay', who was born on July 6, 1977, Kevin Edward, born June 11, 1982, and Leslie Anne, July 19, 1984.
  • Atchley Family (89 KB)
    This is a photo of my Uncle James and Aunt Janett Wells Atchley and their two children, Clayton and Tonja. Janett is my Mother's sister.
  • Janett Wells Atchley - my beloved Aunt (13 KB)
    My beloved Aunt Janett. She was born to Hubert & Mattalee Wells on April 24, 1947 and married James Atchley on January 25, 1963. Janett and James have two daughters, Jessica (1970) who passed away at birth, Tanja Danette, born on July 30, 1978, and their son Clayton Bradley, who was born on November 14, 1973. Janett, who was the baby sister of my Mother, Lee Anna, and not much older than Lee's kids, was a high-spirited, fun-loving woman. A little bitty sprig of a woman and she loved to laugh. She was deeply devoted to her family and passed from this earth on February 12, 1996. I will always love and cherish the time I spent with Aunt Janett.
  • Leslie & Kathy Spivey (73 KB)
    My precious, precious Leslie Anne, it was through your absolute grace and passion for life that you have shown me the face of God. You gifted me with the freedom of a little girl again, as we walked through life hand-in-hand. Never once did I ever think you would leave before me. Leave it to you, my beloved daughter, to choose heaven as your first journey away from home. I will never forget the way you called me MeMe and Mooooooo. You will forever be my baby girl. And I will forever be your MeMe. My sun absolutely rose and set upon you, Les. Never in my life have I ever met anyone else quite as fascinating as you. You entered this life with grace and dignity as well as you left it. I can never accept the fact that you died....I will just think of it as Jesus having your table ready. I will always be in awe of your many talents and your melodic tinkling contagious laughter. A golden laughter so brilliant that it would compel those who heard it to laugh, too. You taught me love, just as freely and unconditionally as you bestowed it upon me. You will forever be the most remarkable person that I have ever had the honor of knowing. Your spirit overflowed with sheer delight. Your beautiful golden laughter was the last thing I ever heard from you. Then you were gone. Gone from this eartly world but never from my heart. I will live out my life, sharing it with your brothers and I await the glorious day when we shall be together again. I love you my precious little Leslie. Golden slumbers fill your eyes. Sleep my pretty baby, sleep.
  • Kathy & Grandma Mattalee Wells (23 KB)
    I had the honor to be able to take care of my Grammie during the last few years of her life. I learned so very much and we became best friends and playmates. I will always cherish this time I was alloted to be by her side. I will always love this wonderful woman and the gifts she bestowed upon my life. She passed from this life with me by her side, and we spoke of the others waiting on the other side. Grammie promised to hold and kiss Leslie Anne for me and to tell everyone I love them. Grammie was born in 1918 and passed from this earth in 2004.
  • Bertha Mae Marsh - a young woman (32 KB)
    This young woman was always destined to be my beloved Grandma Mae. Born in Rolla, Missouri on May 3, 1899 to William Albert and Lucy Ann Marsh.
  • My son, Kevin and I on the day he was born (6 KB)
    Kevin Edward Spivey - June 11, 1982. My precious son, you are the absolute joy of my life, you were such a pretty baby, forever smiling and now you are a very handsome son who loves to laugh. You are one of my many gifts and treasures that has been bestowed upon me during my time on earth. We shall always be together. I shall never be more than a heart-thought away. Your humor and laughter are contagious and I hope that you keep them forever within your soul. I love you, so very much and I am so very proud that God entrusted you to be my child.
  • Bertha Mae Marsh Taylor - 1982 (32 KB)
    A beautiful picture of my beloved Grandma Mae. Born in Missouri, she was said to always be 'stubborn as a Missouri mule'. Gram was strong and independant, and adored her family. I spent alot of time with Gram and she talked of her life as a girl, her marriage,being a Mother and Sister. The most inspirational woman I have ever had the honor of knowing and she was a true gift to my life. I hope that my life emulates hers. I love her so very much. Grandma Mae passed from this life on September 29, 1984, and dwells in the Blanchard, Oklahoma cemetary.
  • Kaf & Rodge (26 KB)
    Me and my brother Rodge posing in our bathing suits. Blanchard, Oklahoma 1969
  • Pig Taylor & his horse Buck (30 KB)
    Pig Taylor out in the lake on his beloved ole horse Buck. Pig outlasted Buck. May they both Rest in Peace.
  • Grandma Mae's Grave (72 KB)
    My precious Grandma Mae is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard, Oklahoma.
  • Kathy & Linda Taylor (26 KB)
    My precious sister, Linda Gayle and I as we sit atop our pretty ponies, Cocoa & Sandy. Many times people thought us to be twins and Grandma always sewed us matching dresses. Lin was my best friend and the sister of my heart. I can remember us sitting in the big cottonwood tree just east of the house. As the seeds fell we would pretend to be in heaven and the cottony seeds floating all around us were the feathers from the rush of the wings of the angels as they glided by. Lin was destined to become an Angel in the Summer of '66. My little playmate was gone. I would go to the cottonwood tree by myself, saddened at the sheer loss of her human touch, and yet, as I climbed up into that massive tree, there she would be. And she would remain with me throughout all the days of my life. When God entrusted me with Leslie Anne nearly some 20 years later, that little girl returned to hold my hand once again, and it was through the blessing and the grace of Leslie that the little girl's heart in me finally began to heal. Now, some 20 years later, Lin and Les are together. Holding hands and dancing in the clouds and when I perchance happen to see the cottony seeds of the cottonwood drift slowly by my face, I lift my face to the heavens and once again I can feel the rush of angel wings. Rest little ones for one day I shall join you and we will run the fields of heaven together and shower our feathers down upon the earth to grace the sight of another little girl. I love you, precious sister Lin. Sleep, pretty baby.
  • Daddy at the fishin' hole - Pig Taylor (26 KB)
    A photo of Daddy, one of the last before he passed away.
  • Bertha Mae Taylor (46 KB)
    My sweet Grandma Mae Taylor, who lived in the Blanchard, Oklahoma area. Oh how I adored her!
  • Kathy Anne Taylor Spivey (61 KB)
    Kathy Anne Taylor Spivey. I was born on October 2, 1958, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the 6th child and the 3rd daughter to LD and Lee Anna Taylor.
  • Mattalee Wood Wells and her Daughters (21 KB)
    Lee Anna Taylor, Reba June Corley, Janett Atchley and Mattalee Wells
  • Kathy Anne Taylor (20 KB)
    A pic of me when I was about 2 years old
  • My Family (74 KB)
    Mike and I with our three kids, Leslie Anne, Jeremy Michael and Kevin Edward.
  • My son, Jay and I when he was 3 days old - 1977 (43 KB)
    My precious first born child, the son of my heart. You taught me so very much with your easy ways and your gracious smile as well as your brilliant laughter and joy for this life. You have always had an innovative creative spirit and I hope that you will always be as open and honest, forthright and just as you have always been. I love you with the absolute sheer joy of life and I am so honored that you are my son. You are a child of my heart and there you shall always remain.
  • Mom Fishing - Lee Anna (106 KB)
    Mom getting to fish awhile. She loves to fish, just like her Mom!
  • My Wedding Day (54 KB)
    Michael Edward Spivey & Kathy Anne Taylor 14 November 1976
  • My Mother, Lee Anna and my Daughter, Leslie Anne (55 KB)
    Leslie Anne and her Grandma Lee sit out on the front porch of Mom's house.
  • Grandma Mae and Daddy 1982 (100 KB)
    Grandma Mae and her son, my Daddy, LD Taylor.
  • Lee Anna Wells Taylor (21 KB)
    My beautiful mother, Lee Anna Wells Taylor
  • Pig & Roger Taylor (66 KB)
    Daddy & and his youngest son, Roger Lynn.
  • Walter Allen Wells' Grave (33 KB)
    My beloved Uncle Bud was born on May 19, 1938, and passed from this life on March 25,1982. He has two children, a son, Robin and a daughter, Mary Jo. Uncle Bud was a most fascinating individual and oh how we loved him so. He spent alot of time at our house and would play and tease us kids. I have so very many wonderful memories of him and his antics, his love for us, undeniable. I have missed him so much and love him dearly. Uncle Bud is buried in the Fairview Cemetary, Tuttle, Oklahoma.
  • Kathy Anne with Lee & Pig Taylor (21 KB)
    A little Kathy Anne with her Mommy & Daddy
  • Clarence & Reba Corley (78 KB)
    My mother, Lee Anna Wells Taylor's sister Reba June Wells Corley and her husband, Clarence E. Corley. Both of them have been exceptional instrumental as well as inspirational in my life. They were always there for me. Their love will forever be within my heart.
  • Precious Kevin Edward (34 KB)
    My precious little boy, Kevin 1982
  • Cora Lee Stephens Wood (35 KB)
    This is Cora Lee, my maternal Great grandmother, my Grandma Mattalee's mother and the Grandmother of my mother, Lee Anna. Cora Lee was about 18 years old in this photo.
  • Kevin Edward Spivey - my dear Son (12 KB)
    My son, Kevin, was born on June 11, 1982, in Chickasha, Grady County, oklahoma. Kev graduated in the Class of 2001, Ninnekah High School. He attended the Northern Oklahoma State College and at OSU.
  • Jay, Kev & Les - 1984 (16 KB)
    Jay & Kev hold their newborn sister, Leslie Anne
  • Linda Taylor Grave (43 KB)
    Linda Gayle Taylor born to LD & Lee Anna on July 7, 1957, passed from this life on July 15, 1966. Lin is buried in the Blanchard, Oklahoma Cemetary.
  • Earl & Beulah Taylor (54 KB)
    Earl Wayne is the son of John and Mae Taylor and was born on November 7, 1926 and passed from this life on December 16, 1996. Earl Wayne is the brother of L D Taylor. Earl married Beulah Isom and together they had 4 children, 1 son and 3 daughters. Their daughter, Sandra passed away at birth, the have one son, Jimmy, and two daughters, Debbie and Janice.
  • L D & Lee Anna Taylor - My Parents (76 KB)
    My parents were married on November 30, 1950 in Norman, Oklahoma. They have made their home in the Blanchard communities. They have 8 children. 4 boys, 4 girls.
  • Earl Wayne Taylor (34 KB)
    My paternal Uncle Earl Taylor, son of John & Mae Taylor. Earl was born on November 7, 1926 and passed from this life on December 16, 1996. Uncle Earl was a great and kind man, and I loved to be around him.
  • Lester David Taylor (13 KB)
    My father, LD Taylor. Love you, Daddy.
  • Leonard Hubert Wells (79 KB)
    My Grandfather Wells, when he was about 12 years old
  • Walter Wood & Family (48 KB)
    A photo of the family of Walter & Cora Lee Wood
  • Mae, John and Pig Taylor (21 KB)
    A very rare photo of them. Blanchard, Oklahoma.
  • Marsh Family in Oklahoma (82 KB)
    Some of the Marsh Family
  • Gramps, Grammie and Kiddos (147 KB)
    On their 50th with a slew of Grandkids and Great Grandkids
  • Lester David Taylor's Grave (51 KB)
    Daddy is buried in the Blanchard Cemetary, Blanchard, Oklahoma. He was born to John David and Bertha Mae (Marsh) Taylor on June 22, 1929, and passed from this life on November 17, 2002.
  • Bertha Mae Marsh Taylor (54 KB)
    A picture a co-worker took of Mae Marsh Taylor on the sidewalk of Blanchard, Oklahoma as she was going to work. Mae worked for the Rite-Way Cafe in Blanchard.
  • Sweet Baby Linda Gayle - 1957 (19 KB)
    A pretty little baby girl who was destined to be my beloved sister. Lin and I are 15 months apart. Linda Gayle was born to LD & Lee Anna Taylor on July 7, 1957. The Grandaughter of John Taylor and Mae Marsh Taylor and Leonard and Mattalee Wells.
  • Walter & Cora Lee Wood - Tuttle, Oklahoma (33 KB)
    Mattalee's parents Walter and Cora Lee (Stephens) Wood. My Great-Grandparents.
  • My Spivey Family - 1986 (113 KB)
    Mike, Kathy, Jay, Kevin & Leslie Spivey
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