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The Tebo Family Record

Updated August 28, 2010

About Our Family Research

This is a record of all the research completed thus far for the Tebo family. Surnames of note include Tebo, Duer, Nash, Tupper, Van Patten, Pleckinger, McIntyre, Donnelly, Ferguson, Edlebeck, Cook, Plaster, Massey, Capen, Leeds, Perry, and others. The goal is to collect this information for presentation in book for and via website for extended family to view.

Please visit the related family sites found in the links below.

Family Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later browser)
  • Tebo Ancestry (1714 KB)
    Contains information on the Tebo, Call, Cook, Kikugawa, and Patterson family ancestry
Family Photos
  • Bern Donnelly (20 KB)
    Bern's husband caught embezzling money and was put in prison. She had known nothing about it and left him - later divorcing him. She got a college education and lived in Madison, WI. She drove a small English car and her house was on a corner built into a hill with a garage under it. Her living area was lined with bookshelves from floor to ceiling. Her yard was wooded with an herb garden by the back door. She was eccentric for that day. She taught English Correspondence courses.
  • Donnelly Land Grant (67 KB)
    Farm in Oneida County, 1903. The land had some swampy areas with later became a cranberry bog.
  • Duer - Tebo Wedding (52 KB)
    L-R Malcolm Campbell, Mary Duer Campbell, Guy Duer, Petey Tebo, Bud Tebo, Sanda Duer, Gordon Ferdon, Ruth Duer Ferdon
  • Duer family home (52 KB)
    Duer family in front of the house in Marinette, WI around 1940
  • Edris Donnelly (16 KB)
    Edore died as a young woman of a severe flu epidemic. The photograph was probably taken shortly before her illness. The exact date is not yet known, but it is estimated to be somewhere between 1918 and 1922. The great flu epidemic of 1918 reached Wisconsin very late in 1918 or early 1919. Edris died in 1922.
  • Edlebeck Sisters (48 KB)
    Elizabeth Edlebeck Benish, Antionette Edlebeck, Mary Edlebeck Pleckinger and Emma Edlebeck Jermac. Mother Barbara Burish Edlebeck sitting
  • Louis Edlebeck and his son George. (72 KB)
    Louis is Anna Pleckinger McIntyre's 1st cousin. In the photo he is leading a horse drawn sleigh hauling gravel.
  • Eva Nash (30 KB)
    Circa 1887. Eva was raised in Eagle River /Three Lakes WI area. After her husband's death, she lived in Three Lakes, WI in a 2-story frame white house with a small porch at the side kitchen door. She had lots of cats around. She moved to an apartment in Marinette due to failing health. She became very senile and lived her last years with Guy Duer in his big upstairs bedroom. She was a medium height woman and slender.
  • Gould Nash Land Grant (47 KB)
    Farm was just outside of the city of Tomahawk. Later, he moved to Eagle River, WI.
  • Ruth Donnelly (60 KB)
    Eagle River, circa 1910
  • Eva Nash Donnelly (44 KB)
    Circa 1947
  • Petey Duer (39 KB)
    circa 1949
  • Duer kids (26 KB)
    Ruth, Mary and Dick est 1930
  • Eva Nash Donnelly Grave Marker (94 KB)
    Three Lakes WI
  • Sanda Duer (27 KB)
    Margaret Duer's pen pal in 8th grade English class, Sanda came to the US in May 1950 on a medical visa. Her family lived in Bucharest, Rumania and when the communists took over the head of the government moved into their house. Sanda's birth father was imprisoned. They lived in a back room of a house with their grandmother. Sanda had frozen her feet and had gone to Italy for surgery. It was time to get the other side corrected and her mother told her not to come back. She wrote to Margaret from Italy (all her previous mail had been censored or destoryed). Guy Duer looked into it and got her a medical visa for one year into the US under his name. He was able to treat her with surgery. Guy adopted her as a teemager so that she could stay in the country. After schooling she went to Detroit and worked for Chrysler Corp until she retired.
  • Sabrina Thompson Nash (23 KB)
    circa 1935
  • 2nd Lt. Robert Ferguson (17 KB)
    Company E, 144th Indiana Regiment
  • Sabrina Thompson Nash grave marker (59 KB)
    Eagle River, WI
  • Duer Schoolhouse (25 KB)
    Stafford, KS
  • Fred Tebo (25 KB)
    Staying healthy after Eleanor's death. Circa 1988
  • Duer - Tebo Wedding Reception (59 KB)
    July 2, 1955
  • Gould Merchant Nash (22 KB)
    Born & educated in Buttersnut, NY, Gould moved to Black Creek, WI. He moved back to NY 10yrs later. Later he moved to Phillips Co., Kansas. After his farm failed due to grasshoppers, he moved to New Mexico to work on the RR. He later moved to Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and the finally Wisconsin. He lived in Tomahawk, and spent his later years working as a mason in Eagle River.
  • Fred Tebo obituary (44 KB)
    Marinette Eagle-Star
  • Michael Tebo Obituary (141 KB)
    49er and Menominee pioneer
  • Polomis Creamery (19 KB)
    The creamery was established by Peter Polomis and his wife Caroline Edlebeck Polomis. It was located in Wausaukee, WI. The creamery was later operated by two of their sons.
  • Richard Duer Grave Marker (79 KB)
    Marinette, WI
  • Ruth Donnelly, with children Petey and Tommy (37 KB)
    Circa 1937
  • Guy R. Duer (42 KB)
    circa 1891
  • Dr. Guy R. Duer grave marker (80 KB)
    Marinette, WI
  • Michael & Emelie Tebo grave marker (78 KB)
    One of the early settlers of Menominee, MI. Michael was a 49er during the California gold rush. He married Emelie after his return to Michigan
  • Guy R. Duer (17 KB)
    circa 1900, probably in Kansas
  • Benjamin & Pearl Tebo Grave Marker (67 KB)
    Menominee MI
  • Harvey Nash grave marker (59 KB)
    Son of Gould and Sabrina Nash - Eagle River WI In 1924 he resided at the Gould Nash homestead and was engaged in the poultry business, after having worked for some time as a printer and linotype operator
  • Gould Merchant Nash Grave Marker (69 KB)
    Eagle River, Wisconsin. He is buried alongside his second wife - Sabrina Thompson Nash, and their son Harvey.
  • James Andersen grave marker (97 KB)
    Marinette, WI. Jim was a WWII vet who had fought in battle of the bulge. He retired from Scott Paper Co. and used to drive a bread truck. He also worked part-time for 1st Northern bank bringing money around.
  • Fred & Eleanor Tebo Grave marker (60 KB)
    Marinette, WI
  • James Donnelly Grave marker (106 KB)
    Three Lakes, WI
  • Edris Donnelly Grave Marker (69 KB)
    Eagle River, WI
  • James Donnelly (40 KB)
    Three Lakes, WI
  • Bio of Michael & Emelie Tebo (44 KB)
    History of Menominee, printed 1982, includes photo
  • Frank, Anton, Joseph and Barbara Edlebeck (38 KB)
    Wausaukee, WI, circa 1890
  • Edlebeck Farm (28 KB)
    in Bohemia prior to immigration to US. Thanks to Lisa Wentland for photo
  • Thomas Tupper Gravestone (80 KB)
    8th great grandfather - Puritan & Missionary to Mashpee Indians, Captain in local military, elected representative to Massachusetts Bay Colony, Sandwich town clerk for 10 yrs, largest landowner in Sandwich, MA. Married Martha Mayhew, daughter of governor of Marthas Vineyard
  • Tupper home in 1637 (26 KB)
    Located in Sandwich, Mass. Built by Thomas Tupper
  • Tupper House in 1850 (41 KB)
    With expansion buildings in back
  • Frederick Jan Van Patten about 1850 (41 KB)
    Father of Elida Van Patten
  • Adam Pleckinger Memorial Ball Field (59 KB)
    Build in memory of Adam Pleckinger in Wausaukee WI by his son, Joseph Pleckinger. Adam was an excellent ball player, who died in a gunshot accident while hunting
  • Adam Pleckinger (58 KB)
    A young Adam Pleckinger Jr. and a group of buddies in a Wausaukee bar prior to prohibition.
  • Anna Pleckinger McIntyre (33 KB)
    1970 in her kitchen. Anna did not like her picture being taken, and there are very few photos of her available
  • Joseph Edlebeck grave marker (88 KB)
    Wausaukee, WI. Adam Pleckinger Ball field can be seen in background.
  • Baby Donnelly Grave Marker (82 KB)
    Gravesite of unnamed Donnelly child in Three Lakes, WI. Grave marker has been broken. There is no name on the marker and it is difficult to read. The baby is buried in the family plot.
  • 2nd Lt. Richard N. Duer (33 KB)
    One of this nation's great men. He was a member of the 829 AAF Bomber Squadron, circa 1943
  • Duer sisters (63 KB)
    Lucious Woolley, Alice Woolley, Grace Durham, Gaylord Durham.
  • Brick on Memory Lane (67 KB)
    Bud & Petey Tebo's memory brick located on walkway on Stephenson Island on the Menominee river.
  • Mary Duer (33 KB)
    Circa 1938
  • Town Founders Plaque - Sandwich Mass. (17 KB)
    Thomas Tupper was one of the original 10 men leave Saugus to found the town of Sandwich.
  • Celia Eliza Ferguson (47 KB)
    Mother of Guy R. Duer. Photo taken approximately 1910. Guy & Celia moved from eastern Illinois to central Kansas before the turn of the century. Celia died in Kansas in 1926
  • McIntyre Family Grave Marker (96 KB)
    Marinette, WI. Family marker was paid for from a wrongful death settlement. Charles "Bud" McIntyre Jr. was killed in an auto accident at age 20. The settlement was just enough to procure the marker.
  • Thomas Tupper & Anne Hodgson Plaque (25 KB)
    located in Sandwich, Mass. Thomas Tupper was born at Bignor, Sussex, England in 1578. Thomas became a seaman, a ship's carpenter, and was a member of the crew on the second voyage of the Mayflower to America in 1621. In subsequent years he made several more voyages to the New World, staying for a year around 1624. He finally settled in the Massachusetts colony in 1631 and at the age of 59 was one of the founders of the town of Sandwich in 1637. Thomas and Anne were English Puritans, who left their homes in England for the sake of being able to freely practice their religion.
  • Charles McIntyre with his grandson Bud Tebo (20 KB)
    Date approximately 1934. One of very few photographs of Charles McIntyre.
  • House of Arent Bradt - 9th gr. grandfather (27 KB)
    built in 1736 - Rensselaerwyck New Netherlands. Vice Governor of Renselaerwyck. He was in the brewing business. He built a house that was brick on front and sides, wood in rear. Bricks are set in colored pattern (Heliotype). Arent Bratt "built the brick house still standing a short distance west of the first lock on the canal, and continued in the family until 1839." "On the front of this house, scratched on a brick, may be seen, 'A. Bratt, 1736.'"
  • Petey Duer (41 KB)
    Circa 1936
  • Claas Frederickse Van Patten gravestone (29 KB)
    8th great grandfather - lived in Schenectady and Albany NY. In 1668 he bought a farm for 330 beaver pelts. 1682 he bought a sloop called "Royael Lock" for 118 beaver pelts which transported wheat along the Hudson river. In 1682 he bought a slave for 50 beaver pelts. For whatever reason, whether bad deals or selling liquor to the Indians, Claas, in 1683 moved to Papsne (a swampy island on the Hudson River near Albany) and so missed the 1690 Schenectady Massacre by the French and Indians where many inhabitants were killed (scalped) or taken prisoner to Canada and buildings burned.
  • Duer family (42 KB)
    Petey, Guy, Ruth, and Mary Duer circa 1944
  • John & Odelia Van Patten (171 KB)
    Brother of Elida Van Patten Tupper. John born in Menominee.
  • Pleckinger Family Grave Marker (103 KB)
    A large family of Bohemian immigrants, settling in Wausaukee, WI. Descendants of Adam Pleckinger and his wife Mary Edlebeck Pleckinger
  • Old Tupper Farm - West Sussex, England (11 KB)
    Thomas Tupper Sr. left West Sussex England to become a sailor. He was a member of the second voyage of the Mayflower. After several transatlantic voyages, he sailed to Massachusetts in 1631 aboard the ship "Abigail" to settle. It took approximately 70 days to cross the Atlantic at that time. Henry Tupper stayed behind in England on the farm. The old Sussex farm was still being operated by Tuppers in the 1970s.
  • Old Pleckinger Farm (85 KB)
    Wausaukee, WI. There was a dairy creamery on the far side of the building.
  • Ernest Tebo War Record (43 KB)
    WWI - Son of Michael & Emelie Tebo. Ernest was the fifth child, born in 1893 and died in 1955. He was married to Anna Bottkol Jun 10, 1919 in Epiphany church in Menominee. Uncle Ernest was self-employed as a painter for most of his life. For several years he was stationed in the Eastern part of the United States and Newfoundland.
  • Fred & Eleanor Tebo (17 KB)
    On vacation in Florida
  • Bud Tebo - Little League Coach (89 KB)
    Appleton Post Crescent - May 1st 1962
  • Fred Tebo Family (38 KB)
    Fred, Eleanor, Charles (Bud) and Patricia Tebo and their dog Tippy. circa 1945
  • Charles McIntyre with grandson Charles "Bud" Tebo (17 KB)
    circa 1934. One of very few Charles McIntyre photographs
  • Dick Duer (34 KB)
    Before his first haircut. Circa 1927
  • Postcard for Courtesy Court Cabins (47 KB)
    Owned & operated by the Guy R. Duer family circa 1948
  • Postcard of Courtesy Court Cabins (18 KB)
    Marinette WI. Reverse side.
  • Donnelly Family Grave Marker (51 KB)
    Three Lakes, WI. James, Eva, Edris, and an unnamed infant are buried here.
  • Adam Pleckinger Grave Marker (51 KB)
    Wausaukee, WI
  • Dr. Guy Robert Duer (33 KB)
    Est. 1930
  • Mary Edlebeck Pleckinger Grave Marker (64 KB)
    Wausaukee, WI
  • Duer Anniversary Party (59 KB)
    at the Duer home, circa 1948
  • Pleckinger Sisters (15 KB)
    Left to Right - Josie, Rose, Bertha, Liz Thielen Pleckinger
  • Duer Family Grave Marker (107 KB)
    Marinette, WI
  • Pleckinger Siblings (22 KB)
    Back center is Adam Pleckinger. Far right is Anna Pleckinger McIntyre and Liz Thielen Pleckinger.
  • Fred and Bud Tebo (34 KB)
    circa 1947
  • Duer Girls (92 KB)
    Back row - Mary, Petey & Ruth Ferdon Duer Front Row - Ellen Ferdon, Eva Nash Donnelly, Ruth Donnelly Duer, and Sue Ferdon. Circa 1947.
  • Joe Pleckinger (20 KB)
    Went to University of Wisconsin in the 1950s. Moved to Olympia Washington. Was an excellent baseball athlete in all sports, especially baseball. He donated money to Wausaukee to build a new baseball field named "Adam Pleckinger Field" in 1984 to honor his father. Married Carol Detemer
  • Duer House (62 KB)
    Marinette WI - House was torn down by the city
  • Richard Duer Memorial Building (55 KB)
    Guy Duer donated the family home to the city to be run as a boys home. It was called the Richard N. Duer Memorial Building. Later, the city took over the property and assigned the title of Richard N. Duer Memorial Building to a different building in another part of town.
  • Eleanor McIntyre Tebo (26 KB)
    date unknown
  • Richard Duer Memorial Poem (87 KB)
    Located next to grave marker - Marinette, WI
  • Bud Tebo and Alice Anne Tracy (31 KB)
    circa 1942. Alice Anne Tracy died of leukemia while in her teens.
  • Ruth Donnelly (26 KB)
    At nursing school in Kansas City circa 1914
  • Bud Tebo and dog Tippy (16 KB)
    circa 1945
  • Ruth Donnelly Duer (44 KB)
    Circa 1950 in Marinette, WI
  • Jim Andersen (30 KB)
    with son Jeff, wife Patricia Tebo Andersen, and Pat's grandaunt Bertha Pleckinger
  • Ruth Donnelly Duer grave marker (79 KB)
    Marinette, WI
  • Patricia Tebo (17 KB)
    in front of the Tebo house in Marinette WI, circa 1945
  • Patricia Tebo and Mary Jean Tracy (28 KB)
    circa 1945
  • Tebos and Barretts (40 KB)
    Fred Tebo, Eleanor McIntyre Tebo, Evelyn McIntyre Barrett, & Marshall Barrett. Kids are Bud Tebo and Kay Barrett. Taken in Marinette WI circa 1945
  • Alice Duer Woolley (10 KB)
    She has been described as a short woman with a round face and round glasses. She lived in Stafford Kansas. She was married twice (brother-in-law Mac Wooley and Mr. McKinsey). She had three children - Horace, Erwin & Eulata Woolley. She also raised Edith and Edna, who were the children of her sister Jenny and Mac Woolley.
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