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Descendants of GOD

Generation No. 1

1. GOD1

Notes for GOD:

Just as the square is inextricably linked with the number four, the triangle's symbolic importance lies in its three sides. three is an in important cosmic number signifying a multitude of triads, including birth, life and death; heaven, earth and man; body, soul and spirt; father, mother and child. In ANCIENT EGYPT, by combining will, intelligence and capacity to love, it represented man's soul. In JUDEO-CHRISTIAN iconography, the equilateral triangle symbolizes the HOLY TRINITY---the three-in-one. Linked to this concept is the isosceles triangle (the luminous delta) that represents the cosmos, at whose center is the ominiscient EYE OF GOD. Two triangles make up the SEAL OF SOLOMON, which represents the union of opposites; this is also a central feature of the BUDDHIST SRI-YANTRA, a complex meditational symbol. Like the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS, the MAYAN built stepped pyramids represent the cosmic mountain. The TRIANGLE is the SIGN OF FIRE (or masculinity) when it is apex points upward and, when inverted, it signifies the opposite element of WATER (and femininity). It can also be seen as an ideogram for aspiration, graphically representing the struggle to climb the sides of the triangle in order to reach its top and thus achieve either one's earthly ambition or a heavenly ascent.
Children of GOD are:
2. i.   ADAM2, b. ca 2475 BC, (ABT. 4004 BC), GARDEN OF EDEN; d. (ABT. 3074 BC).
3. ii.   EVE.

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