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A-Tucker   Created By
April Tucker of Maine

Abner-Tucker-NL   Created By
Abner Tucker of St. Philip's, NL, Canada

Alan-F-Tucker   Created By
The William Tucker Family Home Page

Alex-Tucker-MD   Created By
Tucker Family History

Alice-Tucker-LA   Created By
"The Sam W. Tucker of Bossier City, LA."

Allen-J-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Geneology

Alvin-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Alvin-Tucker-MARYLAND   Created By
Twiggs Family of NC, TN and theTucker Family of KY, OH, NY

Amanda-M-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Hainesville

Amber-D-Tucker-wolfe   Created By
Amber (Tucker) Wolfe of Ravenswood, WV

Amelia-R-Tucker   Created By
The Jimmy D. Tucker's of Fayette ,Al.

Amy-Tucker-2   Created By
Our Family Tree

Andrea--G-Tucker   Created By
Douglas and Andrea Tucker Family Home Page

Andrea-Tucker-1   Created By
James W. Tucker III Family

Andrew-M-Tucker   Created By
The Family of Andrew M. Tucker of Arlington, Virginia

Andrew-S-Tuck   Created By
The Descendants of Thomas Tuck b.1798

Anita-K-Tucker   Created By
Anita Troillet Tucker & Thomas Monroe Tucker Homepage

Ann-H-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Ann Tucker

Ann-Heath-Tucker   Created By
The Ann Heath Tucker Home Page

Ann-Tucker   Created By
Ancesters of Grady Luther CLARK & Clara Mae LOWE

Anthony-Michael-Tuck   Created By
The Tuck Family

Barbara-A-Tucker   Created By
Barbara Tucker of Florida

Barbara-R-Tucker   Created By
"The Riley-Love Families of Marion Co, Ohio"

Barbara-Ruth-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family

Barbara-Tucker-ANTIOCH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ben-S-Tucker-WI   Created By
My Tucker Family page

Benjamin-S-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Tree from Wisconsin

Benjamin-T-Tucker-FL   Created By
Rogers, Galbraith & Etter Families of East Tennessee

Benjamin-T-Tucker-jr   Created By
Patrick Dunwoody Descendants of Jefferson County, Tennessee

Beth-L-Tucker   Created By
Elizabeth Foster

Betty-L-Tucker   Created By
Fonatan after all these years

Billy-J-Tucker   Created By
The Billy Joe Tucker Family Home Page

Bob-Tucker-KS   Created By
Robert (Bob) and Marcia (Astle) Shultz Tucker Genealogy

Bobbie-F-Tucker   Created By
Flowers Family (Ga., S.C. ,Fl, and N.C.

Bobby-Tucker-MA   Created By
Ames-Goodale family history

Brady-Tuckett   Created By
Tuckett, Oxborrow, Evans, Frisby, Despain, Stringham, Taylor

Braxton-S-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Family Tree of Texas

Brenda-B-Tucker   Created By
The Jessie L.Tuckers Of Jacksonville,Fl

Brenda-L-Tuck   Created By

Brenda-Tucker   Created By

Brenda-Tucker-NAUVOO   Created By
The Bridgmons

Brian-A-Tucker   Created By

Bridgette-Tucker-CA   Created By

Bruce-C-Tuck   Created By
Home Page of bruce tuck

Bryan-L-Tucker   Created By
Bryan L Tuckers of Greensboro, NC

Byron-L-Tucker-jr   Created By
Junior and K Lee's Family Tree

C-Y-Tucker   Created By
Charles J. Munson's Swedish Ancestors

Carla-Tucker   Created By
The John Malcolm Tucker Family

Carleton--A--Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Carleton Tucker

Carleton--A-Tucker   Created By
The Amos Tucker Family Home Page

Carol-A-Tucker   Created By

Carol-Tuck   Created By
Scots/Irish Owens family

Carol-Tucker-MD   Created By
The Simms/Bullock Family of North Carolina

Carolanne-Tuckerwatt   Created By
Tucker-Watt's Family Tree Page

Carolcatdot01airmailnet-A-Tucker   Created By
HODGE Family Home Page

Carolyn-A-Tucker   Created By
Carolyn's Family Tree

Carolyn-E-Tucker   Created By

Carolyn-F-Tucker   Created By

Carolyn-J-Tucker   Created By
The Carolyn J. Tucker of St. Petersburg, FL.

Carolyn-S-Tuck   Created By
the hays hayes home page

Carolyn-Tucker-CA   Created By

Catherine-E-Tucker   Created By
Cathy Tucker's Family Tree

Catherine-I-Tucker   Created By
The Collins of Kingston Upon Thames Home Page

Catherine-Tuck   Created By
The Agnews

Charles-E-Tucker   Created By
The Family Tree of Charles Tucker

Charles-J-Tucker   Created By
Tucker/Murphy of San Diego, CA

Charles-Tucker-New-York   Created By
The Tuckers and Relatives - Mount Vernon, NY

Charles-Tucker-mesa   Created By
Ethel Cartright Tucker From Florida

Cheri-L-Tucker   Created By
Cheri L. Tucker Family Home Page

Cheri-L-Tucker-MI   Created By
Welcome to the MORRISON Heritage

Cheryl-Tucker-1   Created By
Cheryl Tucker Davis of Covington Virginia

Chris-L-Tucker   Created By
The Christopher L. Tucker Family Homepage

Christina-Tucker-MS   Created By
My Large Family starting in Rankin County, MS

Christine-Tucker-Illinois   Created By
The Schrolls of Germany

Christopher-J-Tucker   Created By

Christopher-Tuck-   Created By
Tucks of Connecticut

Clifford-E-Tuck   Created By
The Tucks of Va and Nc

Clifford-Tuck-Va   Created By
The Tuck's of Virginia and North Carolina

Connie-Tuck   Created By
Tuck Family Tree-Durham County

Corinne-M-Tuccito   Created By
The Johnson/Tilley Family

Courtney-D-Tucker   Created By
The Dennis Family Tree

Courtney-D-Tucker-TX   Created By
The Dennis Family Tree

Cousin-Tucker   Created By

Cynthia-Tucker   Created By
The Rockhold family

D-Tucker   Created By
Tucker's of Georgia

Dale-Tucker   Created By
Cameron Clan Family Tree

Dan-B-Tuck   Created By
The Danny Bruce Tuck Home Page

Dana-L-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of dana tucker

Danny-L-Tucker   Created By

Danny-Lee-Tucker   Created By
TUCKER, BRAKE, MYRICK and WINTERS and their kinfolks

Darlenea-M-Tuckerhildreth   Created By
From Athens, Ohio to Crawford,Kansas- Tucker and Family

Darryl-and-peggy-A-Tucker   Created By
The Darryl Tucker and Peggy Hughey Tucker Families

Dave-S-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Kirkland, WA.

David-A-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of David Tucker

David-A-Tucker-MI   Created By
The Bobby E. Tuckers of Alabama

David-A-Tucker-Mancelona   Created By
My Family Tree

David-D-Tucker   Created By
The David D. Tuckers of Pascagoula, Ms.

David-Dewitt-Tucker   Created By
Matthew Tucker

David-J-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family

David-K-Tucker   Created By
"David K. Tucker Homepage"

David-K-Tucknott-Asturias   Created By
The Tucknott/Page/Ford/Huggett/Norman/Young Family Tree

David-L-Tucker   Created By
Descendents of Hans Bar Home Page

David-O-Tucker   Created By
The David Owen Tucker Family Page

David-Tucker   Created By
E. E. Schwab Ancestors

David-Tucker-   Created By
The David P. Tuckers of Kettering, Northants, ENGLAND, UK

David-Tucker-6   Created By
David D. Tucker son of John B. Tucker of Thomas J Tucker AL

David-Tucker-IA   Created By
"The David W. Tucker family of Boone, IA"

David-Tucker-Northants   Created By
The Tuckers of Kettering

David-Tucker-TX   Created By
"William Hart of Nacogdoches County, TX"

David-Tucker-WA   Created By
Descendants of Charles Thomas Tucker of Iowa b. 1878

David-W-Tucker   Created By
The David Wayne Tucker Family Home Page

David-sam-Tuccio   Created By
The Howie Family Home Page

Dawn-R-Tucker   Created By
The whosits

Dean-Douglas-Tucker   Created By
The Dean Tucker Family Home Page

Deana-M-Tucci   Created By
Family Tree

Deanna-M-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker/Stevens/Joll Family Home Page

Deborah--A-Tucker   Created By
The Robert Tucker Family Home Page

Deborah-A-Tucker   Created By
"The Yeatts/Yates of Virginia

Deborah-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker-Reid Family

Debra-L-Tucker   Created By
Purvine-Tucker- Eades family of Greenville ,Sc

Debra-Tucker-   Created By
Tucker's of Oklahoma

Dena-H-Tuchman   Created By
Hudgins Family of the South

Denise-Tucker-2   Created By
denise tucker's Havner family tree

Diane-E-Tuchyner   Created By
Kelly, Carter, Kimbrough, Tuggle, VanSlyke Cousins

Diane-Tucker-RI   Created By
The Tuckers of Oklahoma

Dixie-L-Tucker   Created By
Dixie Jamieson Family of Curry Co., Oregon

Donald-E-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family of San Antonio, Texas

Donald-E-Tucker-1   Created By
The Tucker Family of San Antonio, Texas

Donald-Edward-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family of San Antonio, Texas

Donald-Edward-Tucker-San-Antonio   Created By
The Tucker Family of San Antonio, Texas

Donald-Edward-Tucker-Texas   Created By
The Tucker Family of San Antonio, Texas

Donald-L-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Family Research

Donald-M-Tucker   Created By
"The Jesse Aaron Tuckers of Georgetown, IL"

Donald-e-Tucker-Texas   Created By
Donald Edward Tucker Family Of San Antonio, Txs

Donna-S-Tucker   Created By

Donna-Tucker-NC   Created By
My North Carolina families

Dora-Tucker   Created By
The Children of Ray Burt George of Murray/Elkton/ Kentucky

Doug-Tucker-   Created By
Tucker Family Indiana

Douglas-K-Tucker   Created By
The Charles (Charlie)Tucker (of southern Illinois) geneology

Dr-gene-Tucker-phd   Created By
Dr. Gene M. Tucker Ph.D in El Paso, Texas

E-Tucker   Created By
Elecia's ancestors

Earl-B-Tucker   Created By
The Family of Earl B. Tucker, Ashtabula, Oh.

Edward-E-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edwin-D-Tucker-AZ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elizabeth-A-Tuckel   Created By
Tuckel Family Home Page

Elizabeth-A-Tucker   Created By
The Scaling Family Saga Home Page

Elizabeth-Ann-Tucker   Created By
Samson Family Tree

Elizabeth-Tucker-Cumbria   Created By
Corrick Family Tree

Ellen--M-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker-Thompson Home Page

Ellen-Tuchman   Created By

Eloise-Tucker   Created By
The Young/Grimstead Family of NC/VA

Emma-K-Tuck   Created By
Emma's Family Tree

Ernie-Tucker   Created By
A Tucker Family History Quest

Frances-Tucker-Missouri   Created By
The Tuckers of New Mardid, MO

Frankie-J-Tucker   Created By
The F Tucker Family Homepage

Frankie-L-Tucker-junior   Created By
Frankie, Madison, and Naudia Tucker of Shelbyville, IN

Franklin-E-Tucker   Created By
The Franklin E. Tucker Home Page

Fred-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Freddie-Merle-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frederick-E-Tucker   Created By

Gabriel-F-Tucker   Created By
The Gabriel Tucker Family Home Page

Gary-A-Tuck   Created By
The Gary Tuck Home Page

Gary-A-Tucker-ii   Created By
The Tucker Family Home Page

Gary-M-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Home Page

Gary-Michael-Tucker   Created By
garytuckerlookingforfamilyofbillyktuckerof sacramento calif.

Gary-Tucker-OR   Created By
The Tucker Family Home Page

Gary-W-Tucker   Created By
Tuckers of Southside VA Migrating to Lincoln County, TN

Garydorothy-F-Tucker   Created By
Gary Francis Tucker of Glens Falls, N.Y.

Geoffrey-Neil-Tuckerman   Created By
Geoffrey Neil Tuckerman,Melbourne,Australia

George-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

George-Tucker-1   Created By
George E. Tucker of Anacortes,Wa

Georgia-L-Tuck   Created By
Country Charms and Family Grace

Gerald-L-Tucker-jr   Created By
The Tuckers Of Maine

Glendelle-L-Tucker-jr   Created By
Home Page of Glendelle Tucker, Jr.

Glenn-B-Tucker   Created By
The Green Berry Tuckers of Spring Hill, Maury County, TN

Glenn-Barron-Tucker   Created By
The Green Berry Tuckers of Spring Hill, TN

Glenn-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers (Green Tucker)

Gloria-B-Tucker   Created By
The Family Research

Grant-N-Tucker   Created By
Ancestors of Grant Norris Tucker

Harry-K-Tucker   Created By
Harry K Tucker Family Home Page

Heather-R-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Of Botetourt/Alleghany Co. Virginia

Heather-Tucker   Created By
tucker/franklin family of tn

Heber-E-Tucker   Created By
The Heber E. Tucker of Marietta, GA

Helen-A-Tucker   Created By

Helen-F-Tucker   Created By
The Knight and Latimer Family's, Tennessee

Ian-R-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Iler--D-Tucker   Created By
The McJunkin - Tucker family home page

Irving-H-Tucker   Created By
The Irving H. Tucker Family Home Page

Ivan-J-Tucker   Created By

Ivan-Jr-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker's of Indiana & Kentucky, and every where else.

Ivan-Tucker   Created By

Jack-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Family Home Page

Jacqueline-Tucci   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jacqueline-Tucker-   Created By
Glaholm Family Tree

Jacqueline-Tucker-BC   Created By
The Glaholm Family Tree

Jacques--Tucker   Created By
MA CT VT Tuckers

James-A-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker's of Northeast Texas

James-D-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers

James-E-Tucker-AZ   Created By
James E Tucker Family of Laurel, Mississippi

James-E-Tucker-Tempe   Created By
"The James Emmette Tuckers of Laurel, Mississippi."

James-F-Tucker   Created By
The James Tucker Family Home Page

James-F-Tucker-CO   Created By
The Carey/Tucker Family of Brooklyn, NY

James-H-Tucker   Created By
The James H. Tuckers of Kingston,Tn.

James-Howard-Tucker   Created By
The Benjamin Robert Petrice Tuckers of NC, SC, VA

James-L-Tucker   Created By
The James L. Tucker Family of Ventura, CA

James-N-Tucker   Created By
Jim & BethTucker Family Home Page

James-Tucker-11   Created By

Jan-D-Tuckley   Created By
The Jan D. Tuckley Home Page

Jane-Tuck   Created By
tuck family of chepstow

Jason-E-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Jason Tucker

Jay-Tucker-Essex   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jean--Tucker   Created By

Jeanine-D-Tucker   Created By
The Kelly and Lauren Publicover Family Home Page

Jeff-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeffery-E-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of jeffery tucker

Jeffrey--F-Tucker   Created By
The Jeff Tucker Family Home Page"

Jeffrey-Ann-Tucker   Created By
Jeffrey Ann Saltzman Family Home Page

Jennifer-A-Tucker   Created By
my family

Jennifer-L-Tucker   Created By

Jennifer-M-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Maryland

Jenny-D-Tuck   Created By
Are You My Cousin? Is There A Donat In Your Tree?

Jeremy-Tuchscherer   Created By
Jeremy Tuchscherer of Louisville KY

Jerry-D-Tucker   Created By
Tuckers of ludlow il

Jerry-Tucker-1   Created By

Jessica-L-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Jessica Tucker

Jessica-Tucker-   Created By
Holliman Family Research

Jim--Ann--Tucker   Created By
Ancesters of Grady Luther CLARK & Clara Mae Lowe

Jimmy-D-Tucker   Created By
The Jimmy Tucker and Vonceil Rhoton Tucker Family Home Page

Jimmy-Tucker   Created By
The Moses Tuckers of Jacksboro, Tennessee

Jimmy-Tucker-CA   Created By
Jimmy Tucker's Family Tree

Jinx-Tucker   Created By
Willard P. "Jinx" Tucker--Torrington Wyo.

Joan-Tuckey   Created By

Joan-e-Tucker   Created By
The Families of Joan Elaine Thompson Tucker and Richard Will

Joanne-Tucker   Created By
Lost In America - The Saucier-Ware Home Page

Joe-R-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Genealogy

Joe-R-Tucker-2   Created By
Tucker Genealogy

Joe-R-Tucker-Bartlesville   Created By
Joe & Ramona Tucker Families

Joe-Tucker   Created By
"Joe and Sue Hensley Tucker of Crosby, TX"

Joe-Tucker-Candler   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joe-Tucker-FL   Created By
Joseph Lloyd Tucker of Candler, Fla.

Joe-Tucker-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-A-Tucker   Created By
John Arthur Tucker of Corpus Christi, Tx from Phila & USAF

John-C-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-R-Tucker   Created By
The John Tucker Family Home Page

John-Tucker-New-York   Created By
Tuckers of Halifax & Lynchburg Va & Parnells of Davie Co NC

John-Tucker-ar   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-W-Tucker   Created By
The John Wayne Tuckers of Clearwater, Florida

Joseph--B-Tucker   Created By
The Joseph Tucker Family Home Page

Joseph-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joseph-Tucker-Alabama   Created By
Joseph Tucker Marengo Co. Alabama

Joy-L-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Joy Tucker

Joy-Linda-Tucker   Created By
Tucker's / Simonds

Joyce-H-Tucker   Created By
The William Tucker Home Page

Juanita-Tucker   Created By
Tracing the roots

Judith-Tucker-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Julie-A-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Julie Tucker

Julie-J-Tucker   Created By
The Hatfield, Carsley, Miller, Barker Tree

Karen-Tucker-6   Created By
Karen S. Tucker of Pensacola, FL

Karen-Tucker-North-Carolina   Created By
Keeners Ride Again

Katherine-Tucker   Created By
Anthony Family Research

Keith-O-Tucker   Created By
The Jack Tucker Family Home Page

Keith-R-Tucker   Created By
The Keith R. Tucker Family

Kelly-D-Tucker-bernal   Created By
Tucker Bernals of Missouri

Kelly-J-Tucker   Created By
The Conrad Ernial Johnson Family Home Page

Kenneth-Tucker-4   Created By

Kenneth-Tuckwell-ACT   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kenneth-W-Tucker-sr   Created By

Keri-L-Tucker   Created By
The Keri Tucker (Scheer) Family Home Page

Kerry-M-Tucker   Created By
The Kerry Larkin Tucker Home Page

Kevin-J-Tucker   Created By
Kevin & Heidi Tucker Family Page

Kevin-L-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Tree

Kevin-N-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker family tree From Illinois by Kevin Tucker

Kevin-Nelson-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker's of Delaware, Pennsylvania Ohio, Illinois, & on

Kevin-Nelson-Tucker-Colorado   Created By
The Tucker's of Delaware, Pennsylvania Ohio, Illinois, & on

Kevin-Tucker-Somerset   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kim-Tucker-Florence   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Koleta-K-Tucker   Created By
Koleta Karen Baldwin Tucker of Oklahoma

Kristina--M-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker/Cutlip Family Home Page

Lanetra-Tucker   Created By
coston family heratage

Larry--V-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Tree Home Page

Larry-D-Tucker   Created By
"The Larry D. Tucker Family Home Page"

Larry-V-Tucker   Created By
The Larry V. Tucker of Fort Worth, Texas

Larry-Vernon-Tucker-Texas   Created By
Phillip Tucker Genealogy Home Page

Laura-J-Tucker   Created By
John Bunten, Dunbarton, NH

Lee-ann-Tucker-cook   Created By
"My Family Story"

Leo-P-Tucker   Created By
The TUCKER Family of Ar, Tn, Oh, Ok, WA

Leonard-A-Tucker   Created By
An American Story

Leslie-G-Tucker   Created By
User Home Page

Leslie-R-Tucker   Created By
The Leslie R. Tucker Home Page

Linda-T-Tucker   Created By
Tharpe/Allentharp Family Reunion

Lisa-A-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker and Boudro Tree

Lisa-C-Tucker   Created By
Lisa Tucker's Genealogy Home Page

Lisa-F-Tucker   Created By
The Lisa Favorito Tucker Home Page

Lisa-S-Tucker   Created By
The Higgins Family and their ancestors of Kentucky

Liz-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lizabeth-Scott-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker/Willoughby Families

Loretta-P-Tucker   Created By

Luraette-Tucker   Created By
The Wharton's of Arkansas

Luraette-Tucker-Arkansas   Created By
The Whartons of Arkansas

Lynell-H-Tucker   Created By
Lynell Tucker Otto

Lynette-Tucker   Created By
Families of Lawrence Martin Tucker and Vilas Austin Tucker

Lynette-Tucker-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page for Lawrence MartinTucker

M-Tucker-Georgetown   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Maggie-Silva-Tucker   Created By
HOPE Family History - from Ancrum to Apsley

Malissa-D-Tucker   Created By
Dusk M. Tucker of Alabama

Marc-S-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Family

Marc-Tuckman   Created By
The Tuckman Family Tree

Margaret-D-Tucker   Created By
Larry & Margaret Tucker of Whitley City, KY

Margaret-Tucker-   Created By
Loudermilk & Smith Family Tree

Margie-A-Tuck   Created By
Home Page of Margie Tuck

Maria-L-Tucker   Created By

Marion-Tuck   Created By
DENTONS and RENOUFS of The Channel Islands and Isle of Wight

Marion-Tuck-Isle-of-Wight   Created By
The Family of Marion Tuck

Mark-R-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Mark Tucker

Mark-Y-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Homepage

Martha-S-Tucker   Created By
Tucker, Long, Jones, DeHart, Dorsey and Related Families

Mary-A-Tuck   Created By
The Whitchurch Family of Michigan

Mary-Elizabeth-Tucker-el-gouhary   Created By
Mary Elizabeth Tucker from The Land of Enchantment

Mary-L-Tucker   Created By
The Richard I. and Mary L. Tucker Home Page

Mary-M-Tucker   Created By
M M Tucker of Bullard TX

Mary-Tucker-RI   Created By
Richard and Mary Tucker of Lincoln, RI

Mary-kay-Tucker   Created By
The Harold Clinton Byrds, of Blackwell, Ok.

Maryellen-Tucker-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Matthew-Alan-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Matthew Tucker

Matthew-Tucker-   Created By
The Tucker Family: The Journey from Virginia to Tennessee

Maureen-S-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melanie-Tucker   Created By
Descendents of William Robinson, Baptist Missionary to India

Melisa-K-Tucker-rutherford   Created By
The Family History of Ben and Melisa Rutherford

Melissa-S-Tucker   Created By
The Blackston's of arkansas

Melissa-Tucker-Duryea   Created By
Melissa Tucker PA

Melissa-Tucker-PA   Created By
Melissa Tucker PA

Mellissa-Tucker   Created By
The Douglas Family Of Kanawha West Virginia

Melvin-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melvin-Tucker-MD   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-A-Tucker   Created By

Michael-Anthony-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Clan - Chesterfield & Society Hill, SC

Michael-Anthony-Tucker-North-Carolina   Created By
Tucker connection of the Carolina's

Michael-J-Tucker   Created By
Thomas Tucker of North Carolina

Michael-R-Tucker-sr   Created By
Michael R.J.Tucker Sr of Fort Wayne Indiana

Michael-Tucker   Created By
Cameron, William Michael TUCKER

Michael-Tucker-7   Created By
Michael Tucker

Michael-Tucker-Gadsden   Created By
Family of Michael Tucker

Michael-Tucker-Toronto   Created By
Tucker family

Michael-Tucker-poplar-bluff   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michele-Tucker   Created By
The Harry Kinkeads of Ohio

Michelle-A-Tucker   Created By
Uelman Family

Michelle-A-Tucker-formaly-uelman   Created By
The Uelman Family of Illinois

Michelle-L-Tucker   Created By
The Family Tree of Michelle Lee Tucker

Michelle-M-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michelle-R-Tucker   Created By
Smith, Britton, Kemp, Tucker Family

Michelle-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers, Ky, Mi, Tn.

Mildred-Tucker   Created By
Patrick "Tommy" Tucker, A Montana Cowboy

Misti-A-Tucker   Created By
The Gagne and Durocher Family Tree

Monica-L-Tucker   Created By
The Rumsey's of Hesperia, MI

Nancy-H-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nancy-Tucker   Created By
Love-Pinkard & Johnson-Tucker's in Texas

Nancy-Tuckerman   Created By
Nancy Tuckerman

Naomi-Tucker   Created By
Wisconsin Hennings

Nichola-J-Tucker   Created By
CROOKS Derbyshire, England

Norman-A-Tucker   Created By

Paige-H-Tucker   Created By
Hughes-Tucker of Round Rock Texas

Pamela-F-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pamela-F-Tucker-GA   Created By
Family of Alan Anthony Tucker & Pamela W. Freeman Tucker

Pamela-J-Tuckerspain   Created By
Tucker/Doby Family

Pamela-Jean-Tuckerspain   Created By
Tucker/Doby Ancestry

Pamela-Jean-Tuckerspain-Enid   Created By
Tucker-Doby Ancestry

Pamela-Jean-Tuckerspain-OK   Created By
Tucker-Doby Ancestry

Pamela-Tucker-1   Created By
Thomas - Barnett Ancestors

Pamela-Tucker-2   Created By
Pamela Meadows Tucker Madisonville, TN

Pamela-Tucker-GA   Created By
The Barlow - Gay Family of Barwick, GA

Pami-Tucker   Created By
My Family, by Pami Tucker of Riverside, California

Pamm-Tuckerspain   Created By
Pamm, Justin and Jerred's Tree

Patricia-Tucker-FL   Created By
Patricia Ayers Tucker's Geneology (Agnes Tucker)

Patrick-Tucker-Belleplain   Created By
Tuckers of Bermuda

Paul-R-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Paul-Tucci-   Created By
Paolo Tucci and Rosa Marino of Tocco da Casauria, Italy

Paul-Tucknott   Created By
Paul V. Tucknott . . .

Paul-Tucknott-ON   Created By
Tucknott Family - Sussex

Paula-C-Tucker-FL   Created By
Tucker/Sullivan: Our Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois Roots

Paula-Tucker-PA   Created By
The Boehme/Schnee's of Pennsylvania

Pauline-Tucker   Created By

Paull-C-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker family

Paull-Charles-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker family

Penny-M-Tucker   Created By
penny gillispie of poca,wv

Peter-Tucker   Created By
Peter Tucker, Northants. England.

Peter-Tucker-Desborough   Created By
Peter Tucker ( 8 Jan 2002 ).

Peter-Tucker-notts   Created By

Philippa-C-Tucker   Created By
Tucker, Davis, Rawlings and Wield Tree, ENGLAND

Phyllis-J-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Of San Antonio, Texas

Priya-ronit-Tuch   Created By
The Tuch/Metsger familiy from Poland-Israel

R-Tuck-Sussex   Created By
Sellick family of Gloucestershire & Somerset

Rafal-L-Tucznio-NY   Created By

Ramona-N-Tucker   Created By
Napier Descendants

Randal-Tucker-   Created By
Randal P Tucker

Randall-W-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family

Randy-Tucker   Created By
Tucker's Of Wichita

Randy-Tucker-1   Created By

Rebecca-Tucker-CA   Created By
Baker-Tucker Family Tree

Rebecca-Tucker-VT   Created By
Rebecca Woodbury Tucker of Ludlow Vermont

Regina-D-Tucker   Created By
An American Tucker Kinship

Regina-D-Tucker-KS   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Renee-Tuckerbailey   Created By
The Thomas

Rhonda-L-Tuckeryoung   Created By
Tucker-Young,Stephens, Mohler, Barton, Higby, Families

Richard-B-Tucker   Created By
The Holland and Tucker families of Ennis, TX

Richard-Byron-Tucker   Created By
Tucker Family History - NC, GA & LA 1652-Present

Richard-E-Tuchscherer   Created By
"The Richard Tuchscherer Family Home Page"

Richard-E-Tuck   Created By
Tuck, Mantei, and Eichenlaub Genealogies

Richard-P-Tucker   Created By
The Hubbartt & Tucker Family Home Page

Richard-Tucker-Cheshire   Created By
Gunstons of Isleham

Rick-Tucker   Created By
Rick Tucker's Genealogy Home Page

Rick-Tucker-VA   Created By
Rick Tucker's Genealogy

Rickie--G-Tucker   Created By
Family Tree , Baker, Tucker, And Hutchinson

Roaemarie-Tuck   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robbin-Tucker   Created By
The R. Voorhees Home Page

Robert-C-Tucker   Created By
Robert C. Tucker Family of Lancaster, Ca Home Page

Robert-C-Tucker-jr   Created By
Tucker - Clough Family Tree

Robert-D-Tucker   Created By
Rories Of Chesterfield, South Carolina

Robert-G-Tucker   Created By
Benjamin Amphlett 1799 - 1844

Robert-Glyn-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-Glynn-Tucker   Created By
The Family of Richard Tucker of Clutton, Somerset.

Robert-Glynn-Tucker-West-Sussex   Created By
Richard Tucker born abt 1726 died 1771

Robert-H-Tucker   Created By

Robert-Tucker-CA   Created By
Robert E. Tuckerof manteca ca. retired

Rochelle-Tucker   Created By
Rochelle Tucker's Family Tree

Rodney-charles-Tuckerman   Created By
Rodney Charles Tuckerman of Singleton New South Wales. Aust

Roi-Tucker   Created By
The Alice Wilson-Van Putten's of New York City

Roland-G-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Romanus-L-Tucker   Created By
The Legrande Tuckers of Brighton, Co.

Ron-J-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ronald-A-Tucker   Created By
The Ronald A. Tuckers of Cherokee Village, ArkansasM

Ronald-C-Tucker   Created By

Ronald-J-Tucker   Created By
The Roseman Tucker Family of Sainte Genevieve, Missouri USA

Ronald-K-Tucker   Created By
The Ronald K. Tucker Family of St Louis MO.

Ronald-Tucker-Orange-Park   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rosalee-D-Tuchow   Created By
Home Page of Rosalee Tuchow

Rose-M-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker,DeBord,Johnson,Bloemsma,Morrison,Norton Home Page

Rose-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker, DeBord, Johnson, Bloemsma, Morris, Norton Page

Rose-Tucker-IN   Created By
Jeffries-Poage Family from Noble County Indiana

Rosemarie-Tuck   Created By
The Tucks of Maine and Vt

Rosemary-Tuck   Created By
B4 & After James Michael Tuck and RoseMary Anne Yankowski

Roxie-E-Tuckeroliver   Created By
david tuckers of fayetteville Tennessee

Roy-F-Tucker   Created By
The R. Fred Tucker Family Home Page

Roy-Fred-Tucker   Created By
The R. Fred Tuckers of Early, TX

Roy-W-Tucker   Created By
Roy and Marilyn Tucker

Ruth-mf-Tucker   Created By
Tucker, Portwine, Matthews, Fenstermanns of IA

Ryan-Tucker-1   Created By
Family Tree

Sam-F-Tucker   Created By
Sam Tucker's Family Page

Sam-Floyd-Tucker   Created By
The Simpson Tree

Sam-Tuck   Created By
tuck tree

Samantha-A-Tucker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Samantha-Tucker-2   Created By
Samantha Coleman Family tree

Samuel-E-Tuck   Created By
samuel e tuck of oregon

Samuel-Everett-Tuck   Created By
tuck faimly

Samuel-Everett-Tuck-oregon   Created By
tuck branch

Sandi-Tucker   Created By
The Sandi Mutchler/Tucker Family Home Page

Sandra-K-Tucker   Created By
The Martin Luther Riley Home Page

Sara-L-Tucker-graham   Created By
Cabarrus,Stanly, and Anson Counties Tucker's

Scott-A-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers

Sean-W-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Sean Tucker

Shana-L-Tucker   Created By

Sharon-V-Tucker   Created By
Bill and Sharon(Smith) Tucker of Lexington, Texas

Sharon-Vonell-Tucker   Created By
Bill and Sharon(Smith) Tucker of Lexington, Texas

Shelley-Tuck   Created By
The Leonard & Tuck Home Page

Sherry-S-Tucker   Created By
From Bain to Tucker and In-Between

Sherry-Sue-Tucker   Created By
Bain Family and Beyond

Sherry-Sue-Tucker-in   Created By
Bain Family and Beyond

Sherry-Tucker   Created By
The Smith-Jordan Family

Sheryl-M-Tucker   Created By
Sheryl M. Tucker of Winchendon, MA

Sidney-E-Tuck   Created By
Hertfordshire Tuck Family Tree

Sidney-Edward-Tuck   Created By
Tuck family of Hertfordshire

Sondra-K-Tucker   Created By
Tucker~Jenkins~Pennington~Ward & More

Stacey-Tucker-OHIO   Created By
The Tuckers of Mason, Ohio

Stephanie-C-Tucker   Created By
Stephanie Castle (Tucker) and Those Who Came Before

Stephen-M-Tucker   Created By
Tucker / Mazzina

Steven-E-Tucker   Created By
dixon family

Steven-J-Tucker   Created By
George T Tucker Home Page

Steven-Tucker-ID   Created By
Steven Tucker in Idaho

Steven-Tuckman   Created By
Tuckman/Socol of New York

Sue-Tucker   Created By
The William Anderson Tucker Family of Kaufman County, Texas

Susan-E-Tucker   Created By
The Franklin Elwood Wingate Family of San Antonio, Texas

Susan-K-Tucker   Created By
The Family of Susan K. Tucker

Susan-L-Tucker   Created By
Tucker family of West Virginia

Susan-Tucker-FL   Created By
The Tuckers of Winter Springs, FL

Susan-Tuckett   Created By
The Wrigleys of Birmingham England

Susan-Tuckett-   Created By
"The Tuckett's of the world"

Susan-Tucsnak-gann   Created By
The Hialeah Singleton Jennings of Tazewell, TN

Suzanne-Marie-Potts-VA   Created By
The Mr. & Mrs. R. Wayne Potts Family Genealogy

Tami-J-Tucker   Created By
Decendants of the Jacob Weber & Ramsey Family 1800's

Tanya--D-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Tanya Tucker

Tara-L-Tucker   Created By
The Tara Tucker (Solari) Family Home Page

Teraisa-Tucker-   Created By
Lemnah's et al

Teraisa-Tucker-1   Created By

Terence-N-Tucker   Created By
John Potterton and Mary Smith of Walcot Sleaford Lincoln UK

Terence-N-Tucker-London   Created By
Bowden's of Devonport. My Genealogy Home Page

Terri-D-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Oklahoma

Terrie-Tucker-   Created By
Tucker's of Pawnee County Oklahoma

Terrie-Tucker-Miami   Created By
The Tucker's of OK, IN, MO, N.C., MA

Terrie-Tucker-OK   Created By
Tucker Family

Terry-W-Tucker   Created By

Thomas-C-Tucker   Created By
TUCKER Family Home Page

Thomas-D-Tuck   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Thomas-D-Tuck-1   Created By
Tuck family tree

Thomas-Davidson-Tuck   Created By
thomas davidson tuck family tree

Thomas-Eugene-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of Thomas Tucker

Thomas-L-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker/Bohannon Family

Thomas-N-Tucker   Created By
The Thomas Tucker Family Home Page

Thomas-R-Tucker   Created By
A Tucker, Diebold, Brennan, Cannon, Reynolds Family Home Pag

Thomas-Tucker-VA   Created By
Shrule, Ireland to Delaware: from Togher to Tucker in 1850

Thomas-Tucker-iii   Created By
Thomas Richard Tucker, III

Tim-L-Tucker   Created By
Tucker, Lawson, Parker, Moore Family Tree

Tim-Tucker   Created By
King Family - Eden, NC

Tim-Tucker-nm   Created By
King Family, Rockingham County, North Carolina

Timothy-E-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Tree

Timothy-Tucker-   Created By

Todd-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Vermont

Tomas-M-Tucker   Created By
The Thomas Tucker Family Home Page

Tommie-Tucker-Texas   Created By
The Family of Tommie Warren Tucker

Tracee-Tuck   Created By
evan ellis tarpley of oneonta,al

Travis-Tuck   Created By
Travis William Tuck

Travis-Tuck-   Created By
The Tucks

Trina-Tucker-KY   Created By
The Rick Tucker Family of Kentucky

Valerie-B-Tucker   Created By
The Zelazny,Skinner,Seredinski Home Page

Victoria-Tucker   Created By
Home Page of victoria tucker

Virginia-K-Tucker   Created By
The Johnstons of Missouri

W-R-Tucker   Created By
The Mortensen Family Tree in Utah

The Tuckers of Devon Shire, England

Walter-R-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Home Page

Warren-F-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family of Yamba, NSW, Australia

Wesley-Tucker   Created By
wesley tucker family tree

Wesley-Tucker-   Created By
Ancestry of Wesley Tucker of Gray, Tennessee

William-D-Tucker   Created By
The Tuckers of Low Furness

William-H-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family Chronicles

William-M-Tucker   Created By
Matt Tucker Family Page

William-M-Tucker-GA   Created By
Tucker, Reed, Tallman, Helfenstein, Mather, Shipman

William-M-Tucker-Georgia   Created By
"The Tucker Family Page"

William-R-Tucker   Created By
The Rod Tucker Family Home Page

William-Tucker   Created By

William-Tucker-AL   Created By
The Tucker - Vaughn Page

William-Tucker-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-Tucker-Macon   Created By
Tucker, Reed, Groves, Tallman, Mather, Helfenstein, Shipman

William-W-Tucker   Created By

William-W-Tucker-jr   Created By
The Tucker's of Tennessee, Texas & Florida

Willie-J-Tucker   Created By
The Tucker Family of Ohio

Yvette-Tucker   Created By

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