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Descendants of Thomas Norfleet

Generation No. 3

6. JAMES3 NORFLEET (THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1692 in Nansemond Co., Va, and died Dec 1732 in Perquimans County,NC. He married MARY GORDON Abt. 1714. She was born Abt. 1698, and died Abt. 1742.
Children of J
  i.   MARY4 NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1715.
13. ii.   SARAH NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1716; d. Abt. 1745.
  iii.   THOMAS NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1717.
14. iv.   JOHN NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1719; d. 1746, Perquimans Co., NC.
  v.   MARGARET NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1721.
15. vi.   PHILISIA NORFLEET, b. 1724; d. 1780.

7. THOMAS3 NORFLEET III (THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1698 in Nansemond County,VA, and died 1746 in Edgecombe (now Halifax) Co.. He married RUTH ? Abt. 1720. She was born in Edgecombe County.

Notes for R
UTH ?:
Norfleet family genealogist Phil Norfleet says this woman was Ruth Blunt, daughter of John and Ann Blunt.
Children of T
  ii.   THOMAS NORFLEET IV, b. 1728; d. 1752.
never married

16. iii.   FEREBEE NORFLEET, b. 1730, Nansemond Co., Va; d. Abt. 1798, Edgecombe Co..
  iv.   MARMADUKE NORFLEET, b. 1732; d. 1762.
  v.   SUSANNAH NORFLEET, b. 1732.
  vi.   MARY NORFLEET, b. 1736.

8. MARMADUKE3 NORFLEET (THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1700 in Nansemond County,VA (later Perquimans Co., NC), and died 1774 in Northampton Co., NC. He married (1) JUDITH RHODES. He married (2) ELIZABETH GORDON 1728 in Nansemond County,VA, daughter of JOHN GORDON and UNKNOWN GORDON. She was born 1700 in Nansemond County,VA, and died 1753 in Nansemond County,VA.

Notes for M
he sold approx.1100 acres of land near Corapeake, Va (his principal plantation in Perquimans) for 1200# to George Washington and Fielding Lewis.(deed- copy- in hands of Norfleet Stallings). After the sale, Marmaduke supplied wheat, oats, beef, and corn for the salves which Washington had sent to work the land he had just acquired. He then moved to North Carolina and purchased the "Rich Square" in 1766, a total of 535 acres, site of the present town of Rich Square, where he was buried. He already owned land on both sides of the Roanoke River, on which his sons, Reuben and Marmaduke lived, prior to moving to the "Rich Square". Marmaduke established a trading center there consisting of a general store, a blacksmith shop, and a grist mill.

He represented Perquimans County in the General Assembly, April 3, 1731 to 1742. Appointed Justice of the Peace by the Governor's Council sitting in Edenton 3-23-1735. He represented Perquimans County in the Gen. Assembly meeting in Bath February 1742. He was a captain in the colonial militia..

more on Marmaduke Norfleet can be found on Phil Norfleet's web page:
Children of M
18. i.   JUDITH4 NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1748, Perquimans Co., NC; d. 1811, Gates Co, NC.
19. ii.   SARAH NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1746; d. Abt. 1830, Franklin Co., NC.
20. iii.   REUBEN4 NORFLEET, b. 25 Jan 1729/30, Perquimans County; d. 1801, Roxobel,NC.
21. iv.   MARMADUKE NORFLEET,JR., b. 1728, Perquimans Co., NC; d. 1760, Edgecombe Co., NC.

9. JOHN3 NORFLEET (JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 21 Jul 1699 in Nansemond Co., Va, and died 26 Sep 1753 in Chowan County,NC. He married ELIZABETH RIDDICK 28 May 1727 in Nansemond Co., Va, daughter of ABRAHAM RIDDICK and ELIZABETH PLEASANT. She was born 1710, and died 09 May 1781.

Notes for J
in 1740, John Norfleet patented 633 acres of land in Chowan County, NC, near Corapeak Swamp and established a grist/saw mill on the site. This was very near the plantation of his first cousin Marmaduke Norfleet. For severall years, he continued to also own land in Nansemond County and was referred to, in the 1747 land processioning notes contained in the Upper Parish Vestry Book, as "John Norfleet at the mill." His widow , with children, took over the operation of the mill. In 1779 that part of Chowan County where he lived became part of the newly formed Gates County.

NORFLEET'S MILL (source Phil Norfleet, Panama City Beach, Florida)

In the Revolutionary War, during October and November 1780, John Norfleet's old grist mill, then called "Norfleet's Mill," was the encampment site for North Carolina militia forces commanded by General Thomas Benbury, who were opposing a British force then operating in the Suffolk and South Quay areas of Nansemond County.
Bible Record of John and Elizabeth Norfleet

John Norfleet (1699-1753) and Elizabeth Riddick (1710-1781) had twelve children of whom six (6) sons and five (5) daughters survived into adulthood. Primarily as the result of pioneering genealogical work by Fillmore Norfleet (1903-1987), the identities of the eleven surviving children were disclosed. In a letter, dated 10 September 1942,
to Nettie Hale Rand of Saint Louis Missouri, the author of Rand-Hale Strong and Allied Families, A Genealogical Study with the Autobiography of Nettie Hale Rand (New York: 1940), Fillmore Norfleet states that:

" A decade ago a man employed in dismantling a barn on the Elisha Rawls farm near Box Elder, Virginia, found, after he had torn the roofing away from one corner of the house, a Bible with one weathered page containing the birth and death dates of the family of John Norfleet. The Elisha Rawls farm had belonged formerly to John A.
Norfleet, and before him, to his father, Abram Norfleet (1774-1827). The Bible was given to Edward Alston Norfleet, and at his death passed to Mrs. John E. Martin (Virginia Jenkins), granddaughter of Wilson Norfleet. It has remained in her possession, but she refuses to let me or anyone else have an expert bring out the vanished
names beside the birth dates."

The "Abraham Norfleet (1774-1827)" referred to by Fillmore was the brother (see page 65) of David and James Norfleet of Kentucky. At the present time (1996), I have no information as to whom has possession of this Bible; however, per Filmore Norfleet, the fragmentary records from the bible provided the following information:

_____ Norfleet, son of John Norfleet and his wife, was born 21 Jul 1699

Elizabeth Riddick, daughter of Abraham and Pleasant Riddick, was born 5 Apr 1710

John Norfleet and Elizabeth Riddick were married 28 May 1727

Children of John Norfleet and Elizabeth Riddick:

1. Abraham Norfleet was born 28 May 1728

2. _____ Norfleet was born 30 Oct 1729

3. Pleasant Norfleet was born 14 Aug 1732

4. _____ Norfleet was born 18 Mar 1734

5. Esther Norfleet was born 13 Jan 1736

6. _____ Norfleet was born 30 Jun 1737

7. _____ Norfleet was born 30 May 1739

8. _____ Norfleet was born 19 May 1741

9. _____ Norfleet was born 17 Aug 1743

10. _____ Norfleet was born 06 Oct 1745

11. _____ Norfleet was born 23 Aug 1747

12. _____ Norfleet was born 28 Mar 1751

The surviving Bible record, set forth above, provides the names of only three of the twelve children. However, the research of Fillmore Norfleet and Clairborne T. Smith, Jr. (Ardmore, PA) conducted during the 1940's primarily among the land records and court administration papers of Gates County, North Carolina, identified the names of eight of the other nine children (see below).

Also, an order of the Gates County, North Carolina Court, dated 12 February 1786, provides for the final division of the remaining monetary portion of the estate of John and Elizabeth Norfleet (see Appendix F, Illustration 7) among the eleven surviving children and lists their names (six sons and five daughters) as follows:

Abraham Norfleet
John Norfleet
James Norfleet
Hezakiah Norfleet
Elisha Norfleet
Jacob Norfleet

Pleasant Twine
Esther Winborn
Elizabeth Norfleet (probably "Elizabeth Ann" aka "Nancy", who married John Baker)
Barsheba Gordon
Mary Ellis

We know from the bible record that Abraham was the oldest son and that Pleasant was the oldest daughter named, with Esther being the second eldest daughter named. If we assume that the list is in order of sex and age, then John Norfleet would be the second born son (born 30 October 1729).

Since Abraham is clearly the first born son, we have an example of a deviation from the normal Southern English and Virginia custom of naming the first borne son and daughter after the paternal Grandparents. In this case, the first born son is apparently named after the maternal Grandfather, Abraham Riddick. Also the eldest daughter,
Pleasant, is apparently named after the maternal Grandmother, Pleasant Riddick. I'm not sure why this naming procedure was followed, but it may be the result of giving deference to the Riddick family, as the Riddicks were probably the most socially prominent family in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County at that time.

Apparently, in this case, the paternal Grandparents names were used for the second born son and daughter. Thus, I am confident that John was the second eldest son. Also, information possessed by the descendants of Barsheba (nee Norfleet) Gordon indicates that the mother of John Norfleet of Chowan was named Esther. The second oldest daughter of John (d. 1753) was also named Esther. These facts fit the above described naming strategy perfectly!

Notes for E

Notes for Elizabeth Riddick: (source: Phil Norfleet , Panama City Beach, Flordia)


Buckland Plantation lies a few miles west of the Corapeake area, where John Norfleet and his first Cousin, Marmaduke Norfleet, had their plantations. From about 1769
to1805, this plantation was owned by a certain William Baker (1743-1805). William was a grandson of Captain Henry Baker (d. 1739) and the son of "Lame Henry" Baker (d.
1769). In about the year 1768, this same William Baker had married Judith Norfleet, daughter of Marmaduke Norfleet (1700-1774). In 1795, William Baker built the great
plantation house that is, today, known as "Buckland." The home is still standing and has been designated as a national historical landmark.

William and Judith Norfleet Baker were early converts to Methodism. The famous itinerant preacher and the first Bishop of the Methodist Church in America, Francis
Asbury (1745-1816), was a frequent visitor to their house when he was traveling in their vicinity. Knotty Pine Chapel, located near Buckland, was one of the earliest
Methodist churches in North Carolina, and Asbury frequently preached there. On 17 March 1799, Judith Norfleet Baker wrote a letter to Bishop Asbury wherein she
reported the names of people from the area who had converted to Methodism, but were now deceased. The first name she mentioned was Elizabeth Norfleet. I quote:

"When you were with me last, you desired I would give you an account of the dear saints who are fallen asleep in Jesus, in this place. I will give you a list of their names
with a sketch of some of their characters.

"Elizabeth Norfleet, one of the first that embraced religion after the gospel was preached here; she was one of the meekest women, a pattern of piety to the end of her

I am quite certain that the Elizabeth Norfleet mentioned in Judith's letter was Elizabeth Riddick Norfleet, widow of John, who had died many years previously, in May 1781.
Francis Asbury had first preached in the Nansemond County, Virginia and Gates County, North Carolina areas in the summer of 1780, hence it was probably in that year
that Elizabeth Norfleet was converted.
Children of J
22. i.   ABRAHAM4 NORFLEET, b. 28 May 1728, Nansemond Co., Va; d. May 1785, Chowan County,NC.
23. ii.   JOHN NORFLEET, b. 30 Oct 1729, Nansemond Co., Va; d. Abt. 1812, Nansemond Co., Va.
  iii.   PLEASANT NORFLEET, b. 14 Aug 1732, Nansemond Co., Va.
24. iv.   JAMES NORFLEET, b. 18 Mar 1732/33, Nansemond Co., Va; d. Abt. 1780, Nansemond Co., Va.
  v.   ESTHER NORFLEET, b. 13 Jan 1734/35, Nansemond Co., Va; m. JAMES WINBOURN.
25. vi.   HEZEKIAH NORFLEET, b. 30 May 1739, Nansemond Co., Va; d. Abt. 1811.
  vii.   ELISHA NORFLEET, b. 19 May 1741.
Elisha was probably born on 19 May 1741. He thus was the fifth oldest son of John
Norfleet. He lived in Gates County, North Carolina where, according to the county
land tax lists, he owned a small 80-acre farm. He never married. On 1 October 1798, he
deeded all his slaves and household furniture to his nephew Kinchen Norfleet (the
son of Jacob Norfleet). Elisha probably died in late 1798 or early 1799 as his name
does not appear on the Gates County tax list for 1799. (from Phil Norfleet)

26. viii.   JACOB NORFLEET, b. 17 Aug 1743; d. Bef. Aug 1780, Gates Co, NC.
27. ix.   MARY NORFLEET, b. 23 Aug 1747.
record of Marty Restivo show her birth as "after 1756"

28. xi.   BARSHEBA NORFLEET, b. 06 Sep 1745; d. 08 Jul 1825, Gates Co, NC.

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