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Descendants of James Vicars

190. ALICE10 BURTON (JOHN9, NANCY8 VICARS, ROBERT "ROBIN"7, JAMES6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1)3948 was born Bet. 1859 - 1860 in Jonesville, Lee CO, Virginia3948, and died Unknown. She married DEXTOR A. HANCOCK Abt. 1876 in prob. Jonesville, Lee CO, VA, son of STEPHEN ANDREW HANCOCK. He was born Sep 1851 in Craig, Virginia, USA3949, and died Aft. 1920 in New Castle, Craig CO, VA.

More About D
Residence: 1860, Valley of Craigs Creek, Craig, Virginia3950
Children of A
  i.   ELY11 HANCOCK3951,3952, b. 1877, Lee CO, Virginia3952; d. Unknown.
  More About ELY HANCOCK:
Residence: 1880, Jonesville, Lee, Virginia, United States3952

  ii.   CHESTER HANCOCK3952, b. Jul 1879, Lee CO, Virginia3953; d. Unknown.
Residence: 1880, Jonesville, Lee, Virginia, United States3954

191. THOMAS LITTLEBERRY10 VICARS (WILLIAM HENDERSON9, THOMAS8, ROBERT "ROBIN"7, JAMES6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1)3955,3956 was born 18 Sep 1876 in Coffee Co, Tennessee, USA3956,3957, and died 10 Nov 1928 in Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee, USA3958. He married ELLA EMMA FARMER3959,3959 1903 in Hamilton CO, TN, daughter of THOMAS FARMER and MARGARET FLEMING. She was born 04 Oct 1879 in Mcminn, Tennessee, USA3959, and died 24 Dec 1957 in Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee, USA3959.

Notes for T
Birth: Sep. 18, 1876
Death: Nov. 10, 1928

Note: 22-4-020

Greenwood Cemetery
Knox County
Tennessee, USA

More About T
Burial: Unknown, Greenwood CEm, Knoxville, Knox CO, TN3960
Other-Begin: Knoxville City3961
Residence: 1880, District 11, Mc Minn, Tennessee, United States3962

Notes for E
Birth: Oct. 4, 1879
Death: Dec. 24, 1957

Note: 22-4-021

Greenwood Cemetery
Knox County

More About E
Burial: Unknown, Greenville CEm, Knoxville, Knox CO,TN3963
Child of T
590. i.   WILLIE BELLE11 VICARS, b. 03 Sep 1904, Hamilton CO, TN; d. 01 May 1987, Edmund, Oklahoma CO, OK.

192. VIRGINIA ELEANOR "JENNIE"10 VICARS (WILLIAM HENDERSON9, THOMAS8, ROBERT "ROBIN"7, JAMES6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1)3964,3965,3966 was born 25 Sep 1890 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA3967,3968, and died Mar 1967 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida, United States of America3969. She married REASON CARTIER LOVELACE3970 Abt. 1910 in McMinn CO, TN, son of WILLIAM LOVELACE and ANN KNOTT. He was born 10 Mar 1862 in Illinois3970,3971, and died 05 Mar 1947 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida3972.

Notes for V
1900 Robert lives with 4 sisters and 3 nieces. ALL are single.

ED 83, Civil Dist 8, McMinn CO, TENN census taken 9 June 1900

Vicars, Robert Head Feb 1845 55y S TN VA SC Farmer
Matilda sister Apr 1847 53 y S " " "
Nannie sister Mch 1838 62 S " " "
Mollie sister Fed 1836 64 S
Mattie sister May 1843 57 S " " "
Bessie niece Jun 1882 17 S TN TN TN William H. Vicars dau
Bulah niece Jul 1884 13? S TN            ""            "
Jennie niece Sep 1890 9 S ARK c"" "" William Henderson Y& his wife Dora both die in 1892.

More About V
Residence: 1920, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida3973
Social Security Number: 261-02-05483974,3974
SSN issued: Florida3974,3974

More About R
Residence: 1870, District 16, Knox, Tennessee3975
Children of V
591. i.   WILLIAM HARRY11 LOVELACE, b. 15 Dec 1913, Mcminn, Tennessee, USA; d. 18 Apr 2003, Fairburn, Fulton, Georgia, United States of America.
592. ii.   HELEN VIRGINIA LOVELACE, b. 06 Dec 1917, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida; d. 28 Nov 1990, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
  iii.   ROBERT LAURENCE LOVELACE, b. Private; m. JEWEL HILBURN, Private; b. Private.

193. SOLOMON OSBORN10 VICARS (ROBERT P.9, JOHN8, ROBERT "ROBIN"7, JAMES6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1)3976,3977,3978 was born 19 Sep 1842 in Russell Co., Virginia3979,3980,3981,3982,3983, and died 22 Nov 1920 in Winfield, Franklin Co, Texas3984. He married MARTHA TAYLOR CHAPMAN 24 Oct 1870 in Russell Co., VA3984, daughter of HARVEY CHAPMAN and LUCINDA. She was born Mar 1848 in VA3985,3986, and died Aft. 1900 in Indian Terrioty.

Notes for S
1900 Indian terr. Census, Chicashaw Nation
V10 ED 177 Sheet 40, L21

Vicars, Solomon Head w m Sept 1842 VA
Margaret T Wife w F Mar 1848 VA
Robert H son Mar 1879 VA
Castlemad Rosa Dau May 1875 m 5 VA
Jefferson SinL July1861 m 5 3ch 2 livg???? MISS
Martha GD-D Sept 1898 Indian Terr.
Solomon Vicars
Date: 10/11/00 4:57:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: PSLMom0216
To: Dawna111

Hi Dawna

I apologize for not contacting you soon. I understand that you have quite a bit of information on the Vicars family. I have some. I don't now what you are looking for or if I can help, but I would be willing to trade information. Solomon was my great great grandfather. There are quite a few stories surrounding him. There was also a name change after he moved him family to Texas/Oklahoma. They changed it to Dorton and that has made it very hard to locate information about him. This line goes up from my mother. Please contact me at


Date: 11/9/00 9:13:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: PSLMom0216
To: Dawna111

Hi Dawna

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I went too your web site, and found it very interesting. I found Solomon Vicars. This is the information that I have on him and his family.

Solomon was born on September 19, 1842, in Russell County, Virginia. His name was Solomon Osborn Vicars (my grandfather was named for him). He married Martha Taylor Chapman on October 24, 1870, in Virginia. Solomon and Martha had two children (1) Rosa Belle Vicars and (2) Robert Harvey Vicars. He was a preacher. He moved from Virginia to Texas and then to Oklahoma sometime before 1900. (There are several stories about why they moved if you are interested. These stories have been passed through different family members.) Solomon and some of his family are listed in the Twelfth census of the U.S. 1900, Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation. In the 1900 census he is listed as Solomon Vicars, in the 1910 census he is listed as Solomon Dorton. (There are also several different stories about this) Solomon died on November 22, 1920, in Winfield, Texas. He is supposed to be buried in the Tranquil Cemetery.

Rosa Belle was married three times, (1) she was married to Edgar (Edward) Ring. She left him and their infant son in Virginia and came to Texas with her father. She then married (2) Jefferson Davis Castleman, they had four children (1) Leroy, died around 2 years of age, (2) Martha Agnes, (3) Solomon Osborn, (4) Mamie. Rosa Belle then divorced Jefferson and married (3) Andrew Jackson Murray, he adopted her three remaining children. I have more information on Rosa Belle if you are interested.

Robert Harvey, I don't know too much about him. I do know that he changed his name from Robert Harvey to Fred Dorton sometime in the early 1900s. He was married at least two times. His first wife died under questionable circumstances when she accidentally got some rat poison. Robert Harvey was named after his grandfathers Robert Vicars and Harvey Chapman.

Hopes this helps.


Subj: Solomon Vicars, Rosa Belle Vicars
Date: 11/14/00 10:57:24 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: PSLMom0216
To: Dawna111


Here are some stories about Solomon and his family:

Solomon Osborne Vicars was born in Russell County, Virginia on September 19, 1842. He met and married Martha Taylor Chapman while in Virginia on October 24, 1870. He died on November 22, 1920, in Winfield, Texas. While living in Virginia he was a farmer and a preacher.


The first story about why Solomon brought his family to Oklahoma was that Solomon had gotten into a fight at a barroom over a woman, and that he thought he had killed the other man. Not waiting to see if the man was actually dead or alive, he took his family (including Rosa Belle, who was married to Edgar Ring at that time) and left the state of Virginia, and changed their name to Dorton (this is the maiden name of his mother Unity).


As we did more searching into the family we were told a different story. It seems that it was Solomon's 16 year old son Robert who got into the fight over the girl, killing the man. Solomon not wanting his son to be hanged took his family to Oklahoma or Texas, and changed their name.

Solomon didn't actually change the family name until sometime after 1900. His name was Vicars in the 1900 census, but not in the 1910 census.

We are not sure when Robert Vicars changed his name to Fred Dorton, we are not even sure that he came to Oklahoma when the rest of the family did.

With these two stories we were told that when Solomon brought his family to Oklahoma, Edgar Ring who was Rosa Belle's husband was visiting his family with the baby. Rosa Belle went to him and told him that her family was leaving and that she wanted to go with them. He told her that she could go, but she could not take the baby. She then ask if she could hold the baby and tell him good-by, thinking that she could run with him. Edgar realizing what she had in mind refused to let her. We were also told that later she went back to Virginia to try to get the child, but once again Edgar refused to give him to her.
(these stories were told by several different family members)


This stories states that Edgar Ring was a mean and vicious person. That he abuse Rosa Belle and threaten her and her family. Solomon tried to stand up to him, but Edgar threaten to kill him and Rosa Belle. Solomon became afraid for his family's safety and fled with his family to Texas.
(this was told to me by Rosa Belle's granddaughter)


Why the name change and why Jefferson Castleman left Rosa Belle. It seems that Jefferson (J.D.) was a horse & cattle trader. One day some strange stock showed up on his land. The sheriff came, and after convincing the sheriff that he was innocent, the sheriff left. After the sheriff was gone J.D. told Rosa Belle that he was not going to take the blame for her family's wrong doings. He then left.


After Jefferson left Rosa Belle, she opened a boarding house. It was there that she met and married Andrew Jackson Murray. We don't know where he came from, but according to the stories he was running from the law. The story goes that he had shot and killed his wife and her lover. He worked on the railroad and one day he went to work as usual. No one knows why, but shortly after leaving he went back to the house. There he found his wife in bed with another man. He shot and killed them both. He left town and went to Texas, where he stayed at Rosa Belle's boarding house. That is the story of how they met. Rosa Belle had told my aunt that when Andrew came to the boarding house that she just fell for him. He was so good looking with dark hair and blue eyes. Andrew Jackson Murray died in 1958.

I hope you find this interesting. Most of this is just family stories past down from aunts and uncles. I think Rosa Belle was a very interesting person. My Mom used to tell us stories about her and her life while living in Oklahoma. Rosa Belle was report to be an expert shot with a rifle. One story goes that when Rosa and family went into town, there were a lot of Indians there, and they would often steal the horses from the people. Rosa Belle stayed with the wagon, and when the Indians came around and started looking and touching her horses, she pull her gun and shot a small flower off at the stem. The Indians stayed clear of her from then on.


More About S
Burial: Unknown, Tranquil Cemetery, Winfield, TX
Occupation: 1870, Farmer & Preacher
Residence: 1900, Township 6, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory3987

Notes for M
for these two parents
there are two births listed for a Robert in March

on in 1878
one in 1877
Children of S
  i.   HELEN11 VICARS, b. 24 Jul 1871, Russell Co, Virginia3988; d. Bef. 1900, Prob. Virginia3989.
  Notes for HELEN VICARS:
Online Vitals
Russel Co, VA Birth Records,
Vicars, Helen 24 Jul 1871 WFA Solomon & Martha Vicars

593. ii.   ROSA BELLE VICARS, b. 20 May 1875, Russell CO, VA; d. 07 Dec 1957, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma..
  iii.   ROBERT HARVEY VICARS, b. 08 Mar 1878, VA3990,3991; d. 1961, Florida?3992; m. LULA LEWIS3992; b. 1878, Tennessee3993; d. Unknown, Florida.
Russell Co, VA births 1878
Vicars, Robt 8-Mar WMA S.O. & M.T. Vicars

Residence: 1900, Township 6, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory3994

  iv.   UNK VICARS, b. Bef. 1900, prob. VA3995; d. Unknown.

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