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Ancestors of Katherine Tracy Walter

Generation No. 11

      1552. Samuel Moor He married 1553. Mary Partridge.

      1553. Mary Partridge, born 1665. She was the daughter of 3106. John Partridge and 3107. Mary Fernald.
Children of Samuel Moor and Mary Partridge are:
  776 i.   John Moor, born April 16, 1696 in probably Portsmouth, New Hampshire; died April 10, 1786; married Hannah Sias March 15, 1719.
  ii.   Samel Moore, born Aft. 1696; married Mary Pierce.

      1554. John Sias He married 1555. Sarah Ann Pitman January 03, 1698 in Wells, Maine.

      1555. Sarah Ann Pitman, born 1672 in Wells, Maine. She was the daughter of 3110. William Pitman and 3111. Ann Roberts.
Children of John Sias and Sarah Pitman are:
  777 i.   Hannah Sias, born 1700 in Oyster River, New Hampshire; died February 11, 1786 in Canterbury, New Hampshire; married John Moor March 15, 1719.
  ii.   Rachel Sias, born 1724; married Nathaniel Meader.
  iii.   Judith Sias, born Abt. 1706; married Hercules Hunking 1724.
  iv.   John Sias, born Abt. 1706; married Hannah Sampson 1728; born in Wells, Maine.
  v.   Samuel Sias, born Abt. 1707; married Phebe Unknown.
  vi.   Soloman Sias, born Abt. 1709.
  vii.   Clement Sias, born Abt. 1712.
  viii.   Joseph Sias, born Abt. 1714; married Ruth Mathes.

      1556. Gershom Elkins, born Abt. 1641; died January 12, 1717 in Hampton, New Hampshire. He was the son of 3112. Henry Elkins and 3113. Mary Unknown. He married 1557. Mary Sleeper May 15, 1667 in Hampton, New Hampshire.

      1557. Mary Sleeper She was the daughter of 3114. Thomas Sleeper and 3115. Joanna Unknown.
Children of Gershom Elkins and Mary Sleeper are:
  778 i.   Thomas Elkins, born Abt. 1682 in Hampton, New Hampshire; died May 25, 1760 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married Hannah Fogg February 08, 1710 in Hampton, New Hampshire.
  ii.   Eleazer Elkins
  iii.   Marie Elkins

      1558. Seth Fogg, born November 28, 1666 in Hampton, New Hampshire; died September 06, 1755 in Hampton, New Hampshire. He was the son of 3116. Samuel Fogg and 3117. Mary Page. He married 1559. Sarah Shaw.

      1559. Sarah Shaw, born June 22, 1669 in Hampton, New Hampshire; died April 10, 1756 in Hampton, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of 3118. Benjamin Shaw and 3119. Esther Richardson.
Children of Seth Fogg and Sarah Shaw are:
  779 i.   Hannah Fogg, born 1690 in Hampton, New Hampshire; died September 10, 1775 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married Thomas Elkins February 08, 1710 in Hampton, New Hampshire.
  ii.   Esther Fogg
  iii.   Daniel Fogg
  iv.   Benoni Fogg
  v.   Seth Fogg
  vi.   Sarah Fogg
  vii.   Samuel Fogg
  viii.   Simon Fogg
  ix.   Abner Fogg
  x.   Abigail Fogg
  xi.   Jeremiah Fogg
  xii.   Ebenezer Fogg

      1560. John Stevens, born 1650 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3120. William Stevens and 3121. Elizabeth Bitfield. He married 1561. Mary Chase 1669.

      1561. Mary Chase She was the daughter of 3122. Aquilla Chase and 3123. Ann Wheeler.

  Notes for Mary Chase:
Ancestry of Mary Chase from _Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase_ Compiled by John Carroll Chase and George Walter Chamberlain (Derry, New Hampshire: 1928).
Children of John Stevens and Mary Chase are:
  i.   Unknown Stevens
  ii.   Unknown Stevens
  780 iii.   Otho Stevens, born 1702; married Abigail Kent 1723.

      1562. Josiah Kent, born 1660; died 1725. He was the son of 3124. Thomas Kent and 3125. Joan Penny. He married 1563. Mary Lutkin 1689.

      1563. Mary Lutkin
Child of Josiah Kent and Mary Lutkin is:
  781 i.   Abigail Kent, married Otho Stevens 1723.

      1564. Benjamin Emerson, born 1679; died 1734. He was the son of 3128. Robert Emerson and 3129. Ann Grant. He married 1565. Sarah Unknown 1707.

      1565. Sarah Unknown
Child of Benjamin Emerson and Sarah Unknown is:
  782 i.   Benjamin Emerson, married Hannah Watts 1736.

      1566. Samuel Watts, born 1688. He was the son of 3132. Samuel Watts and 3133. Elizabeth Ayer. He married 1567. Abigail Dustin 1716.

      1567. Abigail Dustin, born 1690; died 1727. She was the daughter of 3134. Thomas Duston and 3135. Hannah Emerson.
Child of Samuel Watts and Abigail Dustin is:
  783 i.   Hannah Watts, married Benjamin Emerson 1736.

      1568. John Kimball, born December 25, 1645 in Watertown, Massachusetts; died Bef. May 20, 1726. He was the son of 3136. Henry Kimball and 3137. Mary Wyatt. He married 1569. Mary Jordan October 08, 1666 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

      1569. Mary Jordan, born 1641 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; died 1713. She was the daughter of 3138. Francis Jordan and 3139. Jane Wilson.

Notes for John Kimball:
Testified at Salem witchcraft trial of Susan Martin on 5/16/1692. See Increase Mathers accounts for full testimony.

Marriage to Mary Pressey recorded at Newbury -- correct John?

Marriage Notes for John Kimball and Mary Jordan:
New England Marriages Prior to 1700.
Children of John Kimball and Mary Jordan are:
  i.   Abraham Kimball, died Aft. January 11, 1754.
  Notes for Abraham Kimball:
Apparently never married or had children.

  ii.   Hannah Kimball, died Abt. February 05, 1753; married Roger Eastman January 05, 1711; born in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts; died Abt. April 25, 1743.
  iii.   Mary Kimball, born July 19, 1667 in Newbury or Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA; died Aft. December 08, 1726 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
  Notes for Mary Kimball:
Never married.

  784 iv.   John Kimball, born July 19, 1668 in Newbury, Massachusetts; died 1762 in Preston, Connecticut; married Hannah Gould.
  v.   Abigail Kimball, born June 12, 1669; married Daniel Morrison November 08, 1712; born in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
  vi.   Sarah Kimball, born September 19, 1669 in Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; married William Foster; born 1669.
  Notes for Sarah Kimball:
Not mentioned in History of the Kimball Family in America. Kind of impossible to have her born in September and Abigail in June ...

  vii.   Joseph Kimball, born 1671 in Massachusetts.
  viii.   Benjamin Kimball, born August 23, 1672 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
  ix.   Abraham Kimball, born 1673 in Massachusetts.
  x.   Richard Kimball, born September 28, 1673 in Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
  xi.   Deborah Kimball, born June 22, 1674; married Barnes Brouse/Prouse January 29, 1701; born Bet. 1674 - 1678.
  xii.   Joseph Kimball, born Abt. 1685 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts; married Bethia Sheppard; born 1668.

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