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Ancestors of Blackmon Gross

      161. Elizabeth Porter?
Child of Samuel Johnson? and Elizabeth Porter? is:
  80 i.   Thomas T. Johnson, born 1740 in Rowan Co. NC; died 1828 in Long Fork, Pike Co, KY; married Sarah Greenfield Abt. 1768 in Wilkes Co, NC.

      176. Mason COMBS, born 1714 in Kings Parish, Carolione, Richmond Co Virginia; died November 16, 1785 in Surry, Nc. He was the son of 352. John COMBS and 353. Hannah MASON. He married 177. Sarah Harding RICHARDSON 1734 in , Stafford, Va.

      177. Sarah Harding RICHARDSON, born 1706 in Stafford, Va; died 1832 in Kentucky.

More About Mason COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: 4HP1-RF

More About Sarah Harding RICHARDSON:
Ancestral File Number: 4HP1-SL
Children of Mason COMBS and Sarah RICHARDSON are:
  88 i.   John COMBS, born 1733 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia; died Abt. 1820 in Floyd Co, Kentucky; married Nancy HARDING 1750.
  ii.   Nicholas "Danger Nick" COMBS, born 1737 in Kings Parish, Fredrick, Virginia; died February 28, 1838 in Hazard, Perry, Ky.
  More About Nicholas "Danger Nick" COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: GSNX-2D
Burial: Perry County, Kentucky, Virginia

  iii.   Josiah COMBS, born 1738 in Of King George, , Va.
  More About Josiah COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: VW11-M8

  iv.   Williams COMBS, born November 28, 1740 in Stafford, Va; died Abt. 1815.
  More About Williams COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: 4HP2-2X

  v.   Anne COMBS, born March 28, 1743 in Stratford, Overwarten, Va.
  More About Anne COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: LHKR-KH

  vi.   Sarah COMBS, born February 25, 1744/45 in Stratford, Overwharten, Va.
  More About Sarah COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: LHKR-LN

  vii.   Mason COMBS, born February 21, 1746/47 in Stratford, Overwharton, Va; died 1802 in , Hawkins, Tennessee.
  More About Mason COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: LHKR-MT
Burial: Hawkins, Tennessee

  viii.   Winney COMBS, born May 14, 1749 in Stratford, , Overwarten, Va.
  More About Winney COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: LHKR-N1

  ix.   Wilmont COMBS, born October 5, 1751 in Overwharton Pari, Stafford, Virginia.
  More About Wilmont COMBS:
Ancestral File Number: NVXN-9N

      178. Henry HARDING, born Abt. 1711 in Shenandoah Co., Va.; died 1789. He married 179. Nielmoth GEORGE.

      179. Nielmoth GEORGE, born Abt. 1715 in Shenandoah Co., Va.; died 1795.

More About Henry HARDING:
Ancestral File Number: 1Z7R-KT1

More About Nielmoth GEORGE:
Ancestral File Number: 1Z7R-KV7
Child of Henry HARDING and Nielmoth GEORGE is:
  89 i.   Nancy HARDING, born Abt. 1737 in Shenandoah Co., Va.; died in , Perry, Kentucky; married John COMBS 1750.

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