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Ada-E-Weathers-dumire   Created By
Friends Or Famiy Member of Elizabeth ( Weathers ) Dumire

Alan-L-Weathers   Created By

Alayne-Weaver   Created By
Weaver/Compton homepage of Oregon

Alayne-Weaver-Oregon-City   Created By
The Weaver & Stephens Home Page

Alex-Weaver   Created By
The Ancestors of Alexander Weaver from Newport News, VA

Alexander-Weathington   Created By
Weathington, Turner, Busby, Rider and quite a few more.

Amanda-Weatherford   Created By
Weatherford/ Schillinger Family

Amanda-Weatherford-CA   Created By
Weatherford Family History

Amy-L-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Amy Weaver

Amy-Weas   Created By
Amy L. Bailey-Weas

Andrea-M-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver family

Andrew-Weare   Created By
Gunns of Bower, Caithness & Lamberts, Galway

Andrew-Weathrstone   Created By
Weatherstone Family

Angela-Weathers   Created By
Weathers Family of Craig, Humphreys & Yazoo Counties Miss.

Angela-Weathers-FL   Created By
Winder and Perry (Hunter) Weathers of Mississippi

Angela-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anita-Weaver   Created By
Anita P. Weaver of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ann-Weaver   Created By
Stiles/Teeter Family

Aprile-Weaver   Created By

Barbara-A-Weaver   Created By

Barbara-J-Weaver   Created By
The Robert E and Barbara Weaver's of Quincy Illinois

Barbara-J-Weaver-ohio   Created By
Edgar D Parker ( Caudle) of Kentucky

Barbara-K-Weaver   Created By
Michael Queener and Elijah Whitton Family Home Page

Barbara-Weaver-OK   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barry-Weatherly   Created By
Barry Weatherly of Cheltenham, England

Barry-Weatherly-Gloucestershire   Created By
Weatherly's and Hinchliffes of the world

Beatrice-P-Weaver   Created By
The Beck - Weaver Family Tree

Becky-A-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ben-Weaver-VA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bert-F-Weatherby   Created By
Over 4000 Weatherby/ee/Weathersby Records

Beth-A-Weaver   Created By
Gard's in Kansas?

Beth-L-Weaver   Created By
The Merryman-Merriman Family Home Page

Betty-C-Weatherstone   Created By

Betty-Catherine-Weatherstone   Created By
Home Page of Betty Weatherstone

Betty-D-Weaver-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Betty-L-Dicorte   Created By
The Weavers or Swansons of Indiana, or DiCortes of Texas

Billy-L-Weaver   Created By
Bill Weaver Family Home Page

Bobbie--S-Weatherford   Created By
Home Page of bobbie weatherford

Bobby-E-Weaver   Created By
The Bobby E. Weaver Family Home Page

Bonnie-J-Weasterman   Created By
The Bonnie Jean Westerman of FortWorth,Tx

Bonnie-Weatherford   Created By
The Robert Lee Smiths of Lillington, NC

Brandi-D-Weathersedwards   Created By
The Weathers Family History

Brandi-Weaver-WA   Created By
Brandi R. (Lockwood) Weaver of Spokane, WA

Brandon-A-Weakley   Created By
The Weakley's of Kansas

Brandon-Weaver-   Created By
The Weaver Family

Brenda-Weaver   Created By

Brent-A-Weathers   Created By
The Weathers Family

Brian-J-Weaver   Created By
Descendants of Joannes Adami Weber

Brian-K-Weaver-GA   Created By
The Family Trees of Brian Weaver and Ann Purcell

Brian-Weatherhead   Created By

Brian-Weaver-Connecticut   Created By
Weaver/ Wooten family of Memphis,TN

Brian-Weaver-PA   Created By
Weaver, Cleaver, Sweeney, Creasy, Stout, Smethers in PA

Bruce-A-Weaver   Created By
Bruce Weaver Family Research Site Belleville, IL

Bruce-A-Weaver-IL   Created By
The Ashley Weaver Family Home Page

Byron-Weaver   Created By
Byron S Weaver of Pennsylvania

Caitlin-Weaver   Created By
the weaver/quintero search

Calvin-Weatherford   Created By
calvin r weatherford

Calvin-Weatherford-tx   Created By
The Weatherford Family Page

Candace-H-Weatherby   Created By
Weatherbys of Vancouver, WA

Candace-Weaver-PA   Created By

Candace-Weaver-South-Carolina   Created By
Candace Weaver OF South Carolina

Candice-Weaver   Created By
From Then Til Now, A Scott Family History

Carl-E-Weaver-NC   Created By
Relatives of Carl E. Weaver

Carl-G-Weatherly-AZ   Created By
The Carl G. Weatherly Family of Arizona

Carl-L-Weakley   Created By
Carl L Weakley-Edwardsville IL

Carl-Weaver-jr-CO   Created By

Carla-C-Weaver   Created By
Seeking Information on Cecil Carlie Ponder, Sr. Ancestors

Carla-Weaver   Created By
The Taylor and Crow Family Home Page

Carol-A-Weaver   Created By
Carol A. Weaver's Family Tree

Carol-L-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Ranches Family Home Page

Carol-S-Weaver   Created By
The Pittman-Bass Home Page

Carolyn-K-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carrie-A-Weatherholt-MO   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Casey-B-Weade   Created By

Casie-M-Weatherspoon   Created By
Home Page of Casie Weatherspoon

Casie-Weatherspoon   Created By
The Weatherspoon of West memphis, Arkansas

Cassandra-D-Weaver   Created By
"The Descendants of Harm Buel Woodyard"

Cassandra-S-Weaversykes   Created By
Audrienne Sykes' Family Tree

Catherine-A-Weaver   Created By
Geneaology of The William Wilson Family of South Carolina.

Cathy-J-Weasel   Created By

Cathy-Weasel   Created By
The Turnbolts Of Indiana

Cecil-Weatherford   Created By
Cecil Weatherford of Grove,Okla

Charles-E-Weaver-MS   Created By
Weaver - Plentl Family

Charles-K-Wearing-WI   Created By
Wearing of Cornwall

Charles-W-Weatherton   Created By
The Charles Wade Weatherton Family Home Page

Charles-Wade-Weatherton   Created By
Charles W.Weatherton of Danville, CA.

Charles-Weatherton   Created By
Charles Wade Weatherton of Danville, CA.

Charlie-Weaver   Created By

Charlise-Weatherspoon   Created By
Charlise Weatherspoon - Florida

Charmayne-D-Weand   Created By
The Weand/Butler Family

Charmayne-D-Weand-TN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charmayne-Denise-Weand   Created By
Charmayne D. Butler Weand

Charmayne-Denise-Weand-TN   Created By
Charmayne Butler Weand's Homepage

Chris-Weaire   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Chris-Weaver-CA   Created By
Chris Weaver Family Home Page

Christine-H-Weaver   Created By
The Baugher's Family Tree of PA

Christine-M-Weatherall   Created By
Weatheralls of Windsor

Christine-M-Weaver   Created By
Mosher/Hunt/Bailey through 12 generations CT/RI/ME/MA

Christine-Marie-Weaver   Created By

Christopher-D-Weare   Created By

Christopher-D-Weaver   Created By
The Christopher Dale Weaver Family Project

Christy-Weaver-bengston   Created By
Emery J and Margaret O Weaver

Cindy-Weaber   Created By

Cindy-Weaver   Created By
My Family

Claud-L-Weatherly   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Claud-leon-Weatherly   Created By
Claud L. Weatherly of Shawnee, Oklahoma

Clinton-Weaver   Created By
Weaver Family Tree

Colby-Weaver   Created By
Andrew Jackson Spears on Mississippi

Connor-N-Weaver-ii   Created By
McCullough Family Tree - Sidney, Texas

Connor-Noel-Weaver-ii   Created By
George Wesley McCullough Family Tree - Sidney, Texas

Corliss-Weatherby   Created By
john sharp's decendents

Cory-J-Weaver   Created By
The Scotts

Courtney-Weast-JDNYT   Created By
The Weast Page

Crystal-M-Weakland   Created By
Crystal Hayes Family

Cynthia-G-Weaver   Created By
Weaver, Conner, Vest, and Zentmeyer Families of SW Virginia

Cynthia-Weatherspoon   Created By
Morris Family of Wake Forest North Carolina

D-B-Weary   Created By
The Wearys of Canada and Jersey

Dale-A-Weaver   Created By
Dale A. Weaver of Linden, Michigan

Dale-K-Weakley   Created By
The Dale Klein Weakley Family of Duncan, Oklahoma

Dale-K-Weakley-OK   Created By
The Weakley Family of Oklahoma

Dale-K-Weaver   Created By

Dale-M-Weaver   Created By
The Ancestors of Gina Weaver and Eric Weaver

Dale-T-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors of Gina Weaver and Eric Weaver

Dale-Weakley   Created By
Dale K. Weakley of Duncan Oklahoma

Dale-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors of Eric Weaver and Gina Weaver

Dale-Weaver-Illinois   Created By
Lewis Weaver bayern, Germany

Dale-Weaver-TX   Created By
Ancestors of Gina Weaver and Eric Weaver

Daniel-C-Weaver   Created By
Daniel C.R. Weaver Family of Norman, Oklahoma

Daniel-C-Weaver-OK   Created By
Daniel and Dorinda Weaver of Norman, Oklahoma

Daniel-D-Weatherford   Created By
Home Page of Daniel Weatherford

Daniel-E-Weathersby   Created By
Weathersby Family of Silver Creek, Lawrence County, MS

Daniel-M-Weatherington   Created By
The Weatherington Family

Daniel-P-Wearsch   Created By
The Daniel P. Wearsch Family of Vienna, OH.

Danne-D-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of D'Anne Weaver

Danny-C-Weathington   Created By
Danny Weathington's Family Home Page

Daphne-Weatherford   Created By
Scoggins/Craig Genealogy

Daphne-Weatherford-Mt-Juliet   Created By
Wilkes/Woods Geneology

Daphne-Weatherford-TN   Created By
Wilkes/Woods Geneology Home Page

Darlene-Weaver-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Darrin-K-Wear   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Darrin-K-Wear-OK   Created By
Wear family

Dave-H-Weaver   Created By
The Willoughby Weavers from Alsace-Lorraine 1827

Dave-H-Weaver-Alberta   Created By
The Weavers of Willoughby Township (Niagara Region)

David-A-Weatherington   Created By
Dave's Genealogy HomePage

David-G-Weatherill   Created By
Weatherill/Hoare and Jones/Bantin Family History Page

David-Gerald-Weatherill   Created By
Weatherill/Hoare Family History Page

David-H-Weaver   Created By
420kidd of Southern California

David-L-Weakland   Created By
The David L. Weakland Family of Pittsburgh, PA

David-R-Weaver   Created By
Dave's Tree

David-Robert-Weaver   Created By
Dan's Tree

David-W-Weaver   Created By
The David W. Weaver Family Home Page

David-W-Weaver-in   Created By
Ancestry Tree For David W. Weaver

David-Weaver   Created By
David William Weaver Of Indiana

David-Weaving   Created By
The Weavings of Northeastern United States

David-William-Weaver   Created By
Weaver and Sanders Family Tree

Dawn-E-Weaver   Created By
Eddards family find

Dawn-M-Weaver   Created By
Dawn Cole Weaver's Family Tree

Dean-Weasner   Created By
The Weasner & Wolter Family Tree

Debbie-Weatherley   Created By
"Nash / King" Family of Bunyip, Victoria, Australia

Deborah-D-Weatherston   Created By

Deborah-L-Weaver   Created By
The Gullage Family of Westford, Massachusetts

Debra-K-Weatherbee   Created By
"Russell Bratton & Mary Ella Stewart of Lewiston,Idaho"

Debra-K-Weaver   Created By
Shelton's from England

Debra-Kay-Weatherbee   Created By
Russell Edward Bratton & Mary Ella Stewart of Lewiston,Ida

Debra-Kay-Weatherbee-Nevada   Created By
Bratton's and Stewart's of Idaho

Debra-Kay-Weaver   Created By
Payton Family from Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Debra-Kay-Weaver-OK   Created By
Payton Family Research by Debra Payton/Weaver

Debra-Weaver-   Created By
Debra Jean Fleming of Nacogdoches, Tx

Deidre-Weatherspoon   Created By
The Weatherspoons

Delores-J-Weatherly   Created By
"The Fred M. Weatherly's of Lake Jackson, TX."

Denise-A-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors to Denise A Roach Weaver

Dennis-J-Weaver-MO   Created By
The George Weaver Family Tree

Diane--Weaver   Created By
"The Jack Weaver Family Home Page"

Dixie-Weatherford   Created By
Home Page of Dixie Weatherford

Dolores-E-Weatherford   Created By
The Family of Charles and Dolores Snyder, PA

Don-H-Weaver   Created By
H. E. Weaver of Tn, AL and TX

Donald-Edward-Weaver   Created By
"The Weaver/Campbell Home Page"

Donald-G-Weadick   Created By
The Weadicks of Canada

Donald-G-Weatherford   Created By
Weatherford (Illinois)

Donald-L-Weaver   Created By
The Rev. Dr. Donald L. Weaver

Donna-J-Gardner-Fl   Created By
Jordan's Family Tree

Donna-J-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Ambridge, Pa

Donna-L-Weaver   Created By
Donna Siebert Weaver of Lake Pleasant, NY

Donna-W-Weaver   Created By
The Family of Donna Weigel Weaver

Donna-Weast-NC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donna-Weigel-Weaver   Created By
The Family of Donna Weigel Weaver

Dora-Blanche-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Doreen-B-Wearing   Created By
Home Page of Doreen Wearing

Douglas-L-Wean   Created By
Decendants Of Solomon WEAN

Douglas-N-Weatherston   Created By
The Douglas Weatherstons of Anaheim, CA.

Drucella-J-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors of Merton B. Champlin

Earl-G-Wean-jr   Created By
The Earl G . Wean, Jr . Family Home Page

Earnest-L-Weathers   Created By
The William Weathers Family Home Page

Edgar-M-Weaver   Created By

Edward-Weathers-KS   Created By
William James Weathers of Shawnee Oklahoma

Elaine-Weaver   Created By
Meyers of Kansas

Elizabeth-A-Weaver-NY   Created By
The David E. Weavers of New York State

Elizabeth-Ann-Weaver   Created By
"The Elizabeth Ann Weaver of Salamanca, New York."

Elizabeth-B-Weaver   Created By

Ellen-Weaver   Created By
"The George Adam Englert Family of Kembach"

Emily-Wear   Created By
Nation, Wear, Neff, Clark

Eric-C-Weaver   Created By
Weavers: Swiss Farmers, Scottish Chieftains & US Presidents

Eric-Weaver   Created By
One Pioneer Family: Pratts, Campbells, Hughes and Deweys

Eric-Weaver-   Created By

Esther-Weaver   Created By
"the Salomon Kalils of Gloversville, NY"

Eugene-L-Weaver   Created By
The Jacob Weaver, Sr. Family of Central Pa

Eugenia-W-Weathersby   Created By

Evelyn-L-Weaver   Created By
eve's genealogy

Evelyn-L-Weaver-wa   Created By
eve's genealogy homepage

Evelyn-Weaver   Created By
evelyn brabec's genealogy

Evelyn-Weaver7175   Created By
evelyn (brabec) weaver"s genealogy brickwalls

FRED-J-WEAVER   Created By
The Weaver Family home page

Fred-D-Weaver   Created By
The Fred D. Weaver Family Home Page

Gary-W-Weasel   Created By
Weasel Family

Gary-Weaver-MARYLAND   Created By

Gayle-Weaver   Created By
Daniel Donovans

Gayle-pauline-Weatherford   Created By
The Hartman/Longacre Family of Pa.

George-A-Weaver   Created By
Weaver Family Tree

George-B-Weaver   Created By
The George B. Weavers of Dunkirk, NY.

George-E-Weaver-jr   Created By
The Two Branches of George E. Weaver

George-L-Weaver   Created By
George L. Weaver Home Page

George-L-Weaver-GA   Created By
The Weavers of Butts County, Georgia

George-T-Weaver   Created By
George Thomas Weaver. of Mount Morris, Illinois

George-Weakley-IL   Created By
The Weakley Home Page

George-Weaver-   Created By
George L. Weaver of Paradise, CA

Gerald-T-Weaver   Created By
Gerry and Brenda

Gerald-T-Weaver-OH   Created By
Gerald T. Weaver and Brenda Conley Weaver

Gordon-L-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family

Gordon-S-Weaver   Created By
Gord's Family Tree

Greg-A-Weaver   Created By
Weaver's of Illinois & Missouri

Harold-T-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers

Harold-T-Weaver-1   Created By
The Weavers

Harold-T-Weaver-Alpena   Created By
The Weavers

Harold-T-Weaver-MI   Created By
The Weavers

Harriet---hattie--F-Weatherly   Created By
The Diott/Reed Family Home Page.

Harry-A-Weaver   Created By
The Strylowski/Weaver Family of Simi Valley

Heather-L-Weatherholt   Created By
Family History of Heather Lynn Weatherholt

Heather-Weatherford   Created By
weatherford/bastian family tree

Helen-P-Weaver   Created By
Weaver-O'Keefe Connection

Helen-Paulette-Weaver   Created By

Helen-Paulette-Weaver-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Henry-M-Weaver   Created By
The Henry Weaver Family Home Page

Henry-W-Wearsch   Created By
The Henry Wearsch Family Home Page

Holly-M-Weaver   Created By
Peter Harold Weaver, Cape Town, SA

Homer-H-Weaver   Created By
The Homer Weaver Family Home Page

Hope-Wead   Created By
The Parsons of West Hamlin, WV

Howard-C-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Howard Weaver

Jack-A-Weaver-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jackie-D-Weaver   Created By
The watts of Jacksonville

Jacqueline-D-Weathers   Created By
The Turpack family

James-A-Weaks   Created By
Ancestors and Related Families of James A. Weaks

James-E-Weaver   Created By
Weaver Family Tree

James-H-Weaver   Created By
The James H Weaver Family of Houston TX

James-L-Weaver   Created By
James Lee WEAVER's Genealogy Page

James-Lewis-Weaver   Created By
The James L. Weaver Family Home page

James-M-Weaver   Created By
Henry Weaver of Virginia 1827 and Euphrasia Honeywood 1829

James-O-Weatherly   Created By
James Weatherly Family Home Page

James-R-Weatherford   Created By
The James Weatherford Family Home Page

James-S-Weaver   Created By

James-Weakley   Created By
Weakley's from Virginia to Illinois

James-Weaver-NC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jami-A-Weaver   Created By
Jamie Weaver's Family Home Page

Jamie-Weaver   Created By
The Family of Kevin Jamie Weaver

Jamy-L-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of jamy weaver

Jane-A-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Jane Weaver

Janice-L-Weatherly   Created By
Janice L Weatherly In Texas

Janine-S-Weathers   Created By
The Weathers Family Home Page

Jason-P-Weatherford   Created By
The Jason P. Weatherfords of Smyrna, TN

Jay-D-Weaks   Created By
The Hinds-Weaks Connection in Bell County, Texas

Jean-G-Weathersby   Created By
"The Nidas F. Gros Family Home Page"

Jean-Weathersby   Created By
" The Nidas F. Gros Family of Donaldsoneille-New Orleans, LA

Jeannette-M-Weaver   Created By
The Allen-Weaver Union Home Page

Jeffery-Weatherholtz   Created By
The Jeffery Wayne Weatherholtz Family

Jennie-Weatherholt   Created By

Jennifer-L-Weatherbee   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jennifer-L-Weaver   Created By
The Thomas B Weavers of Fryburg, PA

Jennifer-Lauraine-Weatherbee   Created By
How Far Back Do You Want To Go?

Jennifer-Weaver-6   Created By
Jennifer Weaver of Houston Texas

Jerald-H-Weatherford   Created By
The Weatherford/Barnes Family Home Page

Jerry-L-Wear   Created By
The Wolf's Den

Jerry-Weaver   Created By
The Jerry Wayne Weaver Jr Family

Jerry-Weaver-NC   Created By
The Jerry Weaver Jr Family

Jesse-A-Weaver   Created By
The Weavre

Jim-L-Weathers   Created By

Jimmy-M-Weakley   Created By
Jimmy M. Weakley of Springhill KS

Jo-anne-Weaver   Created By
The Jo Anne Weaver Home Page

Joann-B-Weaver   Created By
Hunt Family of Ashland, KY and WV

Joann-Weaver   Created By
Weaver and Hines of Des Moines, IA

Jodi-M-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver's and McRee's of Tyler, Tx.

Joe-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-A-Weatherson   Created By
Weatherson's World Wide

John-D-Weamer   Created By
Home Page of John Weamer

John-F-Weaver   Created By
Michael Weaver /Weber - Lancaster/Snyder/Centre Co,Pa.

John-H-Weaver   Created By
The John Weaver Family Tree Page

John-J-Weaver   Created By
The John Weaver Family Home Page

John-J-Weaver-CO   Created By
The Family Tree of John Jacob Weaver, Denver Co

John-L-Weaver-iii   Created By
Home Page of John Lawson Weaver, III of Nashville, Tennessee

John-P-Weaver   Created By
Weavers' Homepage

John-P-Weaving   Created By
Val & Phil's Tree

John-Philip-Weaving   Created By
Val & Phil

John-Philip-Weaving-Dorset   Created By
Phil's lot

John-V-Weatherley   Created By
John Weatherley Family Home Page

John-W-Weaver   Created By
Weavers living in Missouri

John-Weadick   Created By
The Weadicks of Arklow, EIRE

John-William-Weaver   Created By
John W. Weaver of Ohio, Texas and Massachusetts

Johnnie-M-Weaver   Created By
The Daniel Washington Weaver Home Page

Joseph-E-Weatherbyteague   Created By
The Weatherbys of Mississippi

Joseph-P-Weaver   Created By
Joe Weaver's Family Tree

Joseph-Patrick-Weaver   Created By
Joe Weaver's Family Tree

Joseph-Weathers   Created By
The Anscestors of Joseph Steven Weathers

Joyce-E-Weaver   Created By
Christian Jung (Young)

Joyce-R-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors, Cousins, and Kids

Joycelyn-A-Weathersby--cardona   Created By
African American Weathersby's

Jozett-Weathers   Created By
Jozett Weathers of California

Judy-Weaver-LA   Created By
Catherine Ann Goforth Family History

Julie-A-Weaver   Created By
The Julie Weaver Family Home Page

Julie-A-Weavers   Created By

Julie-J-Weaver   Created By
the maurice jones of maryland

Karen-A-Weatherbee   Created By
Weatherbees of Nova Scotia

Karen-L-Weatherhead   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-M-Weatherby   Created By
The Weatherbys

Karen-M-Weaver   Created By
"The Webb Family Tree"

Karen-R-Weaver   Created By
The Michael K. Weaver's of Knoxville, TN

Karen-Weatherley   Created By
The Spear Family of North Devon, England, UK

Kate-E-Weaver   Created By
King, Laird, Richbourg, Wilkerson

Kate-E-Weaver-SC   Created By
The Wilkerson family Tree

Kate-Elizabeth-Weaver-SC   Created By
The Wilkerson of Florida & Alabama

Kathi-Y-Weaver   Created By
Related Families of Deerman, Walk, and Weaver

Kathi-Y-Weaver-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathi-Yvonne-Weaver   Created By
Related families of Dearman/Deerman, Walk and Weaver

Kathleen-M-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathleen-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Kathleen Weaver

Kathy-A-Weaver   Created By

Kathy-Weaver   Created By
The ZumBerge Family of Texas

Kathy-Weaver-Port-Richey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathy-Weaver-Texas   Created By
My Southern Families

Katrina-A-Weatherly   Created By
The Family of K.A. Weatherly ( mother's maiden name Perdue

Keith-W-Weatherly   Created By
"The Keith W. Weatherly's of Marysville, CA

Keith-Wayne-Weatherly   Created By
The Keith W. Weatherly's of Sparta

Kelvin-Leigh-Weare   Created By
The Kelvin Weare Family Tree

Kenneth-A-Weaving-Mt-Isa   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kenneth-E-Weaver-1   Created By
Descendants of Henry Weaver

Kenneth-E-Weaver-Las-Vegas   Created By
The Kenneth & Cynthia Weavers of Las Vegas, Nevada

Kenneth-L-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Kenneth Weaver

Kenneth-Weatherill   Created By
The Ken. Weatherill { Carnforth } Family Home Page

Kenneth-Weatherley   Created By

Kerry-M-Weatherford   Created By
The Barrows of Florida

Kevin-A-Weaver   Created By
Kevin Andrew Weaver's Family

Kevin-A-Weaver-San-Jose   Created By
Kevin Weaver's Family Tree

Kevin-Andrew-Weaver   Created By
Weaver, Ammann, Herl, White, Green Family Tree

Kevin-E-Weatherford   Created By
Weatherford Family Home Page

Kim-Weaver   Created By
The Kim ODonnell Home Page

Kimberly-Weaver   Created By
Kimberly Marie Caswell of Florida

Kris-A-Weaver   Created By

Kristin-Weathers   Created By
Decendents Of James Crenshaw

Kuuleilani-A-Weathington   Created By
Are We Connected?

Kylie-J-Weaver   Created By
Kylie's History

Lacy-K-Weathersbee   Created By

Lamonica-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lamonica-Weaver-flossmoor   Created By
LaMonica Weaver of Chicago, IL

Lamonica-Weaver-il   Created By
LaMonica Robinson of Chicago, IL

Larry-D-Wear   Created By
LDW Test Homepage

Larry-J-Weak   Created By
The Larry Weak Family Home Page

Larry-K-Weaver   Created By
The Larry Weaver Family Home Page

Larry-M-Weatherly   Created By
User Home Page

Larry-Weaver-   Created By
Henry Edward Weaver, Jr. of Arcadia, N.C.

Lashana-D-Weathers   Created By
The Weathers Family

Laura-A-Weathered   Created By
Laura Weathered, Chicago, IL

Laura-C-Weable   Created By
The Dreaper of Vernon, B.C.

Laura-F-Weatherford   Created By
The Lawrence & Weatherford Family Homepage

Laura-K-Weaversullivan   Created By
Weaver-Gesell of Central, IL

Laura-Weathered   Created By
Home Page of Laura Weathered

Lauren-R-Weaver   Created By
Weaver / Tucker Family Tree

Lawrence-W-Weatherbee-Buffalo   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lawrence-W-Weatherbee-NY   Created By
The Weatherbee's

Leah-Weatherford   Created By
The Bowens of Monroe County, Alabama

Leslie-E-Weaver   Created By
Leslie Weaver Home Page

Linda-J-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda-S-Weaver   Created By
The Wilson Weaver OF Marshall

Linda-Weatheread   Created By
Linda Sue Rodgers Weatheread of Paris, Texas

Linda-Weatheread-Tx   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda-Weaver-2   Created By
The Weavers,Of Washington county,Oswego county of N.Y.

Lisa--N-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Weaver

Lisa-G-Weaver   Created By
The Greywacz's of NH

Lisa-M-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Home Page

Lisa-Weaver-Norfolk   Created By
Greywacz/Grzywacz of NH, CT & NY

Lonnie-D-Weaver   Created By
hi i am lonnie

Loren-Weaver   Created By
Loren's Family tree

Lori-A-Weatherford   Created By
The Leonard/Sczenski's of Idaho

Lori-Weatherford-Texas   Created By
Lori Weatherford - Bastrop, Texas

Loy-M-Weathers   Created By

Loy-Marie-Weathers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lucretia-S-Weavervari   Created By
Lucretia S. Weaver-Vari Of Auburn, NY

Lynette-R-Weathers   Created By
Home Page of Lynette Weathers

Lynwood-J-Weaver-jr   Created By
page 1

Margaret-A-Weaver   Created By

Margaret-H-Weaver   Created By
Peg Weaver's Pennsylvania Odyssey

Margaret-W-Weaks   Created By
Home Page of Margaret Weaks

Margaret-Weathers   Created By
Margaret R. Weathers of Nashville, TN

Margaret-Weatherston   Created By
Twyman family decendants

Margaret-Weaver   Created By
The Joseph A. Thompson of Owensboro, Ky.

Marie-A-Weatherly   Created By
The Marie Clark Weatherly Home Page

Marie-A-Weaver-NC   Created By
Family Tree of Marie Catherine Ashman Weaver

Marie-A-Weaver-charlotte   Created By
The Ashmans From England, The Seeley's from Canada

Marie-Ashman-Weaver   Created By
Family Tree of Marie Catherine Ashman Weaver

Marie-Weatherhead   Created By

Marilyn-Weaver   Created By

Marilyn-Weaver-In   Created By
The stricklands of georgia

Marion-A-Wear   Created By
Tony Wear's Homepage

Marion-L-Weaver   Created By
Buck Weaver's Search

Mark-M-Weaver   Created By
Weaver Lavelle Families Genealogy Page

Mark-S-Weatherly   Created By
Home Page of Mark Weatherly

Mark-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marlin-F-Weaver   Created By
The Michael Weaver Family of Rush Twp,Northumberland Co.PA

Martin-J-Weaver   Created By
The Marty Weaver of McSherrystown,PA Family Home Page

Martyn-Weaver   Created By
The Buscombe & Everett Family

Mary-E-Weaver   Created By
The Mary Dodds of St. Clair County, IL

Mary-Elizabeth-Weaver   Created By
The Mary Dodds of St. Clair County, IL

Mary-G-Weaver   Created By
The Thomas Lee Weavers of Clio, MI

Mary-G-Weaver-Clio   Created By
Thomas and Mary (Huffman) Weaver Clio Michigan

Mary-G-Weaver-Mi   Created By
Weaver, Huffman's of Clio MI

Mary-Gay-Weaver   Created By
Huffmans of Michigan and Indianna

Mary-H-Weaver   Created By

Mary-J-Weaver   Created By
Freeman and Nicholson

Mary-Weatherspoon-IL   Created By

Mary-Weaver-IL   Created By
Lem Purlee of Lawndale, IL.

Mary-Weaverling-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-j-Weathers   Created By
The Weathers Family from Virginia to North Carolina

Mary-j-Weathers-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-l-mccay-Weaver   Created By
John Calvin Smith, Civil War Veteran

Mary-lou-Weaver   Created By
An American Story

Matthew-N-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Matthew Weaver

Maurice-G-Weaver   Created By
"The Maurice G. (Bucky) Weaver of Sweetser, Ind."

Meghan-E-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Meghan Weaver

Melanie-A-Weaver   Created By
Weaver/Kirby Tree

Melinda--A-Weaver-WV   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melinda-M-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors of Melinda Moore Weaver

Melissa-K-Wean   Created By
Remembering the good ole days

Melissa-L-Wead   Created By
Melissa Lynae Wead of DeKalb, IL.

Melissa-R-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of Melissa Weaver

Merilyn-A-Weaver   Created By
Decendants of Harry and Patsy Chavis of Hertford County, NC

Michael--T-Weatherford   Created By
Home Page of Michael Weatherford

Michael-A-Weaver   Created By
Weaver of Somerset and Swansea, Wales

Michael-J-Weaver   Created By
Weaver-Schiefferle Family Tree

Michael-J-Weavind   Created By
The WEAVIND Family Tree

Michael-James-Weaver   Created By
"The Weavers of Hastings, New York"

Michael-L-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of michael weaver

Michael-P-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Tree

Michael-R-Weaver   Created By
Weaver Homepage

Michael-Weaver-6   Created By
Weaver-Eisenhour Family Tree

Micheal-L-Weatherless   Created By
The Weatherless Family

Michele-Weatherford-OK   Created By
Blakley Family Tree

Michelle-D-Weatherford   Created By
Home Page of Michelle Weatherford

Michelle-Weaver-2   Created By
Michelle D. Weaver of Kansas City Missouri

Michelle-Weaver-Braham   Created By
Ezra D Lamphere

Milana-S-Weaver   Created By

Mildred-L-Wear   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mildred-Weaver   Created By
Ancestors of Mildred Allee Weaver

Miles-A-Weaver   Created By
L.C.(Clyde) Weaver Roganville, Texas decendents

Mona-Weaver   Created By
The Greers of Oregon.

Monica-Weaver   Created By
Home Page of monica weaver

Monroe--Weaver   Created By
Monroe Weaver home page

Monroe-M-Weaver   Created By
Monroe m. Weaver Family Home Page

Monroe-M-Weaver-Holmesville   Created By
Monroe M Weaver

Monroe-M-Weaver-Oh   Created By
The Monroe M Weaver Home Page

Monroe-M-Weaver-Ohio   Created By
The Monroe M Weaver Home Page

Monroe-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Monroe-Weaver-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Monroe-Weaver-Holmesville   Created By
Dec. of Monroe A Weaver

Monroe-Weaver-OH   Created By
Dec OF Jacob Weaver

Nancy-A-Weatherspoon   Created By
Phil & Nancy-Nancy Lee Adair & Charles Phillip Weatherspoon

Nancy-Adair-Weatherspoon   Created By
Charles Phillip Weatherspoon & Nancy Lee Adair Weatherspoon

Nancy-J-Weatherbeewilliams   Created By
The Weatherbee/Williams Family Home Page.

Nancy-J-Weatherman   Created By
The Mannatts of Maine and Weathermons of Missouri

Nancy-L-Weaveer   Created By
The Weavers of Washington & Mobile Counties of Alabama

Nancylee-Weaver-murrell   Created By
NancyLee and Chris Murrell's of Texas

Natalie-D-Weathers   Created By
Natalie Weathers Family Tree

Natalie-D-Weathers-SC   Created By
An American Family: From Europe to America - Vol II

Neal-M-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers

Nellie-Weatherholt   Created By
The Weatherholts of Hamilton, Ohio

Nicole-Weathers   Created By
Weathers, Fraizers, Smileys, and More Family Tree

Nicole-Weaver   Created By
My Family

Nina-M-Weaver   Created By
Robert & Nina Weaver of Washington state

Nola-Weaver   Created By
Nola L. Edwards Weaver

Olga-Weaver   Created By
Rios Amaya Family from Spain

Orville-H-Weale   Created By
The Weales of New York, & Pa.

Orville-Weale   Created By
Family Tree for Jacob Hoffman Weale New York 1863-1929

Pamela-J-Weaver   Created By
The John Graysons of Marlton,Arkansas

Patricia-A-Weaver   Created By
The Pat Langwell Weaver Home Page

Patricia-Anne-Weaver   Created By
The Buss/Weaver Family Trees

Patricia-Weaver   Created By
An American Story

Patricia-Weaver-CA   Created By
Patricia Anne (Buss) Weaver Family Tree

Patricia-Weaver-FL   Created By
Allen-Alexander and Jacus-Stewart family tree

Patrick-J-Weaver   Created By
Patrick Weaver Family Page

Patrick-J-Weaver-Whangarei   Created By
Patrick J Weaver from Whangarei, New Zealand

Patrick-John-Weaver   Created By
The Pat Weaver Family Page.

Patrick-Weasel-head   Created By
The Weasel Head, Brown, Haley & Hagen Family Home Page

Patrick-Weaver-   Created By
Patrick J Weaver

Patsy-C-Weaver   Created By
The Patsy Chandler Weaver Family of Mississippi

Patsy-S-Weaver   Created By
Rich & Weaver Family Genealogy

Patsy-S-Weaver-Al   Created By
Evans Family of Alabama

Paul-M-Weaver   Created By
Paul and Debby Weaver; Portsmouth, Ohio

Paul-W-Weathers   Created By
The Paul W. Weathers of Chesapeake, VA

Paul-Weatherson   Created By
weatherson newcastle upon tyne

Paul-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Poole Dorset, England

Paul-Weaver-London   Created By
Weaver Garner Edwards Stokes Forrest Parkes Scott Beevers

Pennykaye-Wears-mowery   Created By

Peter-D-Weaver   Created By
Weaver, Duncan, Seaman Families of Grey Co Ontario Canada

Peter-Norman-Weaving   Created By
My Family Tree

Peter-Weatherburn   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Peter-Weaver-West-Sussex   Created By
Dartnells of Hove, Ansell NW Sussex, Weaver of Hastings

Phyllis-Weaver   Created By
The Hendricks /Wisner Family of Northwest Ohio

R-Weaver   Created By
Colonel John (Jack) T. Gilbert of Cincinnati, Ohio

Rachele-D-Weaver   Created By

Rachele-Weaver   Created By
Weaver,Fink, Decker, Kennedy,Beckwith family Tree

Rafael-Weal   Created By
Black Rutledges

Ralph-M-Weaver   Created By
ralph weaver of magnolia tx

Ralph-Weaver   Created By
Family Tree, Ralph O. Weaver

Ray-Weaver-NY   Created By
Raymond Weaver Family's ROOTS

Raymond-J-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Kent and Tonge of Ash/Meopham

Raymond-T-Weathersby   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Raymond-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Home Page 2000

Rebecca-A-Weaver   Created By
The Randall A. Weavers of Sacramento, CA

Rebecca-L-Weatherford   Created By

Rebecca-L-Weaver-NY   Created By

Rebecca-L-Weaver-patterson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rebecca-Weatherford   Created By
The Weatherford Family Home Page

Rebecca-Weaver-TX   Created By
Texas Rickman's

Regina-Weatherford   Created By

Regina-Weatherford-1   Created By

Richard-M-Weaver   Created By
Weaver, McKnight, Harris, Ridgeway and Cook families

Richard-S-Weaver-ii   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-Wear   Created By

Robert-A-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of St. Ives

Robert-C-Weaver-iii   Created By
The Robert Weaver Family Home Page

Robert-Cowles-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-D-Weaver   Created By
The Robert D Weaver Family of Hampton VA

Robert-D-Weaver-jr   Created By

Robert-E-Weaver-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-E-Weaver-FL   Created By
The Weaver and Blaylock Families (plus collateral lines)

Robert-E-Weaver-Jacksonville   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-Lewis-Wears   Created By
Wears - Doerfer Ancestors

Robert-M-Weatherby   Created By
"The Weatherby Family Home Page"

Robert-P-Weaver   Created By
Westward the Weavers

Robert-Weatherspoon   Created By
The Robert Earl Weatherspoons of Michigan

Robert-Weatherwax   Created By

Robert-Weaver-   Created By
The Ancestor Tree of Robert Lee Weaver of VA & NC

Robert-Weaver-4   Created By
Robert E. Weaver of Mangum,Okla.

Robert-Weaver-ON   Created By
Walter Robert Stanley Weaver of Ottawa, Ontario

Robert-Weaver-WA   Created By
The Robert T. Weavers of Aberdeen, Washington

Robert-Weaver-ga   Created By

Robie-Weaver   Created By
The Luellen Family

Robin-Weatherl   Created By
i like boys

Roger-W-Weare   Created By
Lookinf for my Daughter (Denna Sue Ann Weare)

Roger-W-Weatherhead   Created By
Weatherhead Stratford-Upon-Avon

Roger-Weaver   Created By
Weaver, Worley, Kincaid, Lewis, McCarroll, Conrow and more!!

Ron-Weaver   Created By
Weavers of Reno, NV

Ronald-H-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ronald-Weatherfield   Created By
Weatherfields of Nebraska

Rosa-M-Weaver   Created By

Rosa-Marie-Weaver   Created By
Josiah Jopling Family of Rockcastle County KY

Ross-C-Weatherford   Created By
Ross Weatherford

Ruth-A-Weaver   Created By
The Corbitt/Corbett Families of Kentucky & Indiana

Ruth-C-Weaver   Created By
The Corbetts of Kentucky and Indiana

Ryan-Weagle   Created By
The Weagle's of Atlantic Canada

Sally--A-Weatherford   Created By
The Mayes Family Home Page

Samantha-F-Weaver-SC   Created By
Family Tree of Samantha F. Weaver

Sandra-J-Weatherford   Created By
Chandler Family

Sandy-H-Weaver   Created By
The Thomas Hall Descendents Home Page

Sarah-Weaver-2   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Scott-E-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Brother's Geneology Site

Scott-S-Weatherstone   Created By
The Weatherstone Mystery

Shafter-Weaver   Created By
"The Shafter Weaver's of Healdton.ok"

Shafter-Weaver-OK   Created By
Weaver/Sizemore Families and Relations

Shaneil-B-Weaver   Created By
Shaneil B Weaver, Sparks NV

Shannen-W-Weable   Created By

Shannen-Weable--conn-MI   Created By
" Welcome To Our Family "

Sharon-A-Weak   Created By
The Weak Home Page

Shawn-P-Weaser   Created By
The Weaser Family of Pennsylvania

Shawn-Weatherford   Created By

Shawna-Weathers   Created By
Weathers Family of Alabama

Shawna-Weaver-Rome   Created By
Locklear Apples "We keep trying to gather them all"

Sheila-D-Weaks   Created By
Cline, Powell, Scoggins, Haney, Denton, Burrell

Sheila-D-Weaks-AL   Created By
John W. Cline

Sheli-L-Weaverpeters   Created By
Weaver-Peters family of Kawkawlin, MI

Shelly-L-Weatherford   Created By
The Weatherfords

Sherry-L-Weathers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sherry-Weaver   Created By
The Wake and Collins Families

Shirley-Weatherwax-bonzer   Created By
Isaac Seymour Weatherwax descendants

Simon-Weatherill   Created By

Sonize-Y-Weakley   Created By
The Weakley Family of Montana

Sonja-C-Weaver   Created By
The Wilsons and Beggs from the South

Sonji-Weathersby   Created By
Sonji Weathersby of Chicago IL.

Stacy-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Tree

Steffan-E-Weaver   Created By
The Leroy Russell Weaver Family of Dunmore, PA

Stella-M-Weatherbee   Created By

Stephen-Wearden   Created By
The Wearden Family History of Lancashire

Stephen-Weatherly   Created By
the Weatherly Family of Upstate NY

Steve-Allan-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers and Halls of Pulaski County, Arkansas

Steven-L-Weaver   Created By
Steven L. Weaver of Hamilton, Ontario

Steven-Weakley   Created By
Weakley Family Tree

Stuart-Weaver   Created By
Stuart Weaver Family Tree

Sue-A-Weaver   Created By
First Steps In Finding The "Pigeon's and Sole's"

Susan-E-Weatherford   Created By
Weatherfords of Charlotte, NC

Susan-K-Weaver   Created By
The William Frances Toomeys of Ohio

Susan-Weaver   Created By
Jay and Beulah Powell (Boggs) Family Tree

Suzanne-S-Weatherman   Created By
Sherman/Stephens/Ewing Families Home Page

Suzanne-S-Weatherman-AZ   Created By
Anderson, Burk, Sherman, Ewing, Applegate, Stephens

Sylvia-Weakley   Created By
My Family Tree

T-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family During the Revolution

Tabatha-Weaver   Created By
The Line of Tabatha J. Weaver of Evansville, Indiana

Tanya-Weaver-Fl   Created By
An American Story

Tanya-Weaver-Orlando   Created By
An American Story

Tara-L-Weaver   Created By

Terence-C-Weaver   Created By
Terry Weaver's Home Page

Teresa-M-Weaver   Created By

Teresa-Weaver-   Created By
The Lawsons of Nicholas County, WV

Teresa-Weaver-AL   Created By
Easterling ,Williamson ,King, Lees ,Weavers and Inlaws

Terrell-E-Weaver   Created By
TREE - Terrell Elizabeth Weaver (North Carolina)

Terri-L-Weathers   Created By
Terri Weathers of California

Terri-Weaber   Created By
"Leroy J. Weaber Family Tree of PA

Terry-A-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers from PA to IL to MI

Terry-L-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Tree

Terry-O-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Toles, Isham Home Page

Terry-R-Weaver   Created By

Thomas-G-Weatherford   Created By
Christmas ~ Haywood ~ Hayley ~ Weatherford ~ Cash ~ Walker

Thomas-R-Weaver   Created By
Just The Facts And The Photos!

Thomas-Russell-Weaver   Created By
Baum, Broxton, Colley, Holloway, Manning, Mathis, Weaver

Thomas-Weatherford   Created By
Thomas Weatherford of Charlottesville, VA

Thomas-Weathers-   Created By
The Weathers Family of Upstate, SC

Tiffany-L-Weathers   Created By
The Weathers of Las Vegas, NV

Timothy-A-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of San Diego CA

Timothy-E-Weakley   Created By
The Weakley Family Of Somerset and Related Families

Tina-Weaver-Mi   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Tina-Weaver-Michigan   Created By
My family home page

Todd-J-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Tomeka-Weaks   Created By
Mrs. Tomeka Mitchell - Weaks

Tonya-R-Weatherton   Created By
An American Story

Trangi-Weatherspoon   Created By
trangi weatherspoon son of (luther)

Trudy-K-Weaver   Created By
The Family of Claudie C. Weaver of El Paso, TX

Valerie-M-Weaver   Created By
The Family History of Valerie Marie Weaver

Valetta-Ann-Weaver   Created By
The Bauer, Bennett, Genoways, Wagner Family Home Page

Verle-L-Weaver   Created By
Verle Weaver Family Home Page

Vern-Weaver   Created By
Vern Weaver of Central Point, Oregon

Vern-Weaver-OR   Created By
George D. Weaver Family of Atwood, KS

Vi-M-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Vicki-L-Weaver   Created By
The Creitz Family of Albany Township, Berks County

Vickie-Weaver   Created By
Vickie Weaver (Bost) Portland,In

Victoria-J-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Victoria-Weaver   Created By
Victoria J. Ketcherside of De Soto, Missouri

Virginia-F-Wearn   Created By
George E. Wearn family

Virginia-Weaver   Created By

Virginia-Weaver-   Created By
The Hull's of Michigan & New England States

Wade-R-Weathers   Created By
George Washinton Meeks and Elizabeth Ritter Arkansas

Wade-Robert-Weathers   Created By

Walter-D-Weaver   Created By

Walter-D-Weaver-OR   Created By
Walter D Weaver of Roseburg,Oergon

Wanda-S-Weatherford-Nederland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wanderlyn-Weary   Created By
The Boltons of Bogalusa,La.- Perry & Greens County Ms.

Wayne-A-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Tennessee and Mississippi

Wayne-E-Weatherwax   Created By
A Weatherwax family homepage

Wayne-E-Weaver   Created By
The Weavers of Pa,Oh,In,Il

Wayne-Eugene-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Clan

Wayne-Weaver   Created By
Wayne W. Weaver Jr

Weaver-L-Weaver   Created By

Wendy-J-Weatherington   Created By
The Issette's Of North Carolina

Wesley-T-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver Family Home Page

Whitney-S-Weaver   Created By
Weaver's of Colorado

William-B-Weaver-jr   Created By
The Billy Weaver Family Home Page

William-D-Weatherford-jr   Created By
"18th & 19th Century Weatherfords in the Carolinas & Alabama

William-H-Weaver   Created By
The Weaver-Kobel-Boobar Family Research

William-O-Wear   Created By
William Wear of the Wear and Lee Families

William-R-Weakley   Created By
User Home Page

William-R-Weaver   Created By
William R. Weavers of Virginia

William-S-Weaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page Of William S. Weaver,Carlisle Pennsyl

Winnie-Weaver   Created By
Winnie R. Weaver of Fredericksburg, Ohio

Woody-L-Weatherford   Created By
South Carolina Weatherford Family

Wynona-S-Weaver   Created By
Weaver - Slaughter Families of Texas

Yvonne-J-Weaver   Created By
Jackson, Hall, White, Dixon Families

homer-o-weaver   Created By
The Weaver/Plum Family Page

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