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Descendants of John McMillan

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 MCMILLAN (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born October 05, 1759 in Edinburgh, Midlothian County, Scotland, and died February 23, 1844 in Nathans Creek, Ashe County, NC. He married MARION MCLEAMONT September 01, 1787 in On board ship crossing to America.. She was born 1763 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died April 15, 1839 in Nathans Creek, Ashe County, NC.

Notes for J
John McMillan was selected the first Clerk of the Court of the newly formed Ashe County. The first deed registered in Book 1, October 3, 1799 bore his signature.

John McMillan was a well educated Scotsman who was adventurous and came to America with his sweetheart Marion McLymont. She wishing to see her family one last time, took a candle and looked at each member before leaving on the ship to sail that night.

Their tombstones now standing in Allegheny County near the copper mines read: "In Memory of John McMillan born in Scotland, November 13, 1756 Died February 23rd 1844 in the 88th year of his age." At his side "In Memory of Marion wife of John McMillan born in Scotland, Died April 15, 1839 aged 76 years." Near the town of Stratford.

John was an extensive landowner by grant and purchase. His first land grant was dated November 28, 1801. Fifth generation McMillan's still live on part of this land grant property.

Their children mentioned in the will were; Peggy m. James Maxwell; Mary m. Willam Andrew Fields; James m. Thursey Gambill; Andrew m. Jennie Fields; John m. Narcissa Gambill; Nancy m. Capt. Joseph Phipps; Alexander B. m. Mary (Pollie) Reeves.

May be from Dundee, Scotland. Also have a reference to a John McMillan Christened 20 November 1755 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Sct., son of John McMillan and Ann McConochy.

New notes for John McMillan based upon research from the Old Parish Records in Scotland.

Parish Name:      South Leith
County:            Midlothian
Parish Number:      692.2/6
Microfilm Frame:      1795
Date:            1759
Entry Text:      James McMillan, Weaver, in Leith and Jean Douglas his spouse.
            A natural son John McMillan born 5th baptized 11th October 1759.
            Witnesses David Sharp and Jno. McMillan, weaver there.

The marriage for James McMillan and Jean Douglas is detailed as follows from the OPR.

Parish Name:      South Leith
County:            Midlothian
Parish Number:      692.2
Microfilm Frame:      3306
Date:            1758
Entry Text:      James McMillan in Leith and Jean Douglas daughter to Jas. Douglas, weaver there,
            after proclamation of Banns were married - October 1758.

There were eight further children baptized in the Church of Scotland and are detailed below:

Margaret b. 15th May 1761 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/30 Fr. 8175)
Elizabeth b. 26th March 1763 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/31 Fr. 8313)
William b. 3rd February 1765 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/31 Fr. 8412)
James b. 8th July 1767 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/32 Fr. 8583)
Jackson b. 3rd November 1769 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/32 Fr. 8780)
Gideon b. 31st December 1773 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/34 Fr. 9076)
      m. Marion Crawford November 19, 1792 - Edinburgh
Andrew b. 31st May 1776 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/35 Fr. 9274)
Theodore b. 11th March 1778 at Edinburgh (Ref. 685.1/36 Fr. 9421)

According to Carole Wilson, from the Scottish Family Search, she states the following:

If James and Jean have used the traditional naming patterns they would have named their first son after his paternal grandfather and their second son after the maternal grandfather. The first daughter would have been named after her maternal grandmother and the second daughter after paternal grandmother. This would mean James' parents would have been called John and Elizabeth and Jean's parents would of been William and Margaret. However, the marriage entry states that Jean's father was James Douglas. So she was not confident the couple have followed this tradition.

It is noted in several reference materials that John and Marion were on board ship for a year before arriving in NC. When they arrived in NC they settled in what was initially Wilkes County with a land grant for several hundreds of acres of land reaching from Elk Creek to the waters of Potato Creek.

The following land grants are in the NC State Archives and can be found in the Wilkes Genealogical Society Index Cards on Land Grants 1778-1908.

File No. 1375, 60 Acres, Entry No. 457, Entered 1/24/1795, Grant No. 1539. Granted 1/1/1798.
File No. 1427, 100 Acres, Entry No. 456, Entered 1/23/1795, Grant No. 1591. Granted 1/1/1798.
150 Acres, Entry No. 159, Entered 4/2/1799, Grant No. 140. Granted 11/23/1801.
62 Acres, Entry No. 219/220, Entered 4/2/1799, Grant No. 504. Granted 11/27/1804.
100 Acres, Entry No. 1847, Entered 3/14/1808, Grant No. 642. Granted 12/15/1808.
50 Acres, Entry No. 1854, Entered 3/16/1808, Grant No. 673. Granted 12/6/1809.
100 Acres, Entry No. 1855, Entered 3/15/1808, Grant No. 672. Granted 12/6/1809.
150 Acres, Entry No. 2184, Entered 10/20/1809, Grant No. 738. Granted 12/4/1811.
60 Acres, Entry No. 2411, Entered 11/11/1811, Grant No. 829. Granted 12/23/1813.
100 Acres, Entry No. 2751, Entered 11/8/1814, Grant No. 903. Granted 11/22/1816.

Will of John McMillan:

In the name of God Amen.
I John McMillan of Ashe County and State of North Carolina, being at this time in health of body and of sound and disposing memory and Judgement (Blesses be God for the same). I do this 24th day of September 1839 make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows, I give unto my son Andrew McMillan all the land that I own on Nathaans Creek being in several tracts, which I value at 1700 dollars, out of which he is to pay to John McMillan two hundred dollars = and to my son John McMillan I give Holman place begining on Patatoe creek between him and James land running up the ridge above the Coots field and near the fence of the old field, to the wagon road and then southward to the maple branch as far as my land extends, and some entries towards Bakers ridge, also part of teh Coots tract on the north side of Potatoe Creek, all which I value at 1300 dollars, the number of acres not known and to my son Alexander I give the place I live on also 100 acres on the north side, on the Negro Boy Branch, also the lower part of teh Maxwell tract from the west cornner of my old tract, from a chestnut tree marked E.O. (being an old line run by Enoch Osborn) and from said tree running southward near an old pat path to teh Ditch Branch tract, also the Ditch Branch tract of 100 acres, all which I value at 2000 dollars = and to James McMillan's sons I give all the land between John McMillan's part and Alexr being in several tracts all joining, the exact quantity I do not know, but value it at 1500 dollars which land is allotted intirely for the boys, the girls to have no part of it and to my daughter Polly Maxwell I give two tracts of laaand whhere she lives of 200 acres each - one of these tracts I had alloted for Andrew Fields if he would settled on it, she is to have said land besides her share of my other property and my will is that my slaves be divided as follows to Jame's hears I give Isaac, Henry, Tilley and child Sam. to Andrew McMillan Mary and the children she has at hhis house that is Jack Alford and the younger ones, and Duncan and to my son Alexander I give Dick, Ship and Lun - and to Nanny Phips I give Kett & children, James Mindey aand children and to my son John McMillan I give Petter, Hugh, Simon and the girl Franky and to Maysie Reves I give Lois and children, Rachel and Celia - and to my daughter Polly Maxwell I give Hesse and children and Violet and Pall and child and Ben,= and whereas I lent a girl named Winney to James Maxwell, when he married my daughter Peggy my will is thatthe children or increas of said girl, be equally divided among said Peggt's children, when they are of age or become lawfully intitled to them, said Maxwell to keep Winneyand one of her children his life time and any ssale or disposal of Winney's children, except with the consent of my executors Shall be null and void - and what money James Maxwell owes which will be more than 100 dollars to each one of tehm to me in the largest note I request my executors to see it failthfully taken care of eitehr collecting it or giving his note to Peggy's children for their share of it as soon as they become intitled to it and no claim or account that he may raise against them shall be a set off against the debbt that he owes to me - and the said James Maxwell or children to have no claim or share in the rest of my property on the account of his marriage with Peggy teh girl Mary at Polly's house she agreed to discount out of her share 350 dollars for her if she is still willing to keep her she may do so. an dif not let her be sold in the family the girl Ann at Andrew Hathorns I give to Andrew and John - an dmy will is that all my other property not willed away be equally divided - and what money is owingto me by note - my executors to divide the notes equally and each one to collect his own share - and if any of the children dissent or be contentious ma will is that such dissnter pay 100 dollars to them who are willing to abide by it - to be recovered by warrant at the division of maney or notes, I want my executors to take from teh whole amount of my estate the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars, an ddivide the same equally among James McMillan's sons when they come of age, and if any of them dies before they come of age, the living ones to have their share, my executors may keep the money in their own hands by paying three per cent interest, and be liable for it, or lend it out at six percent and take security for it and not be liable for its loss, and the said boys to have their share equal with their sisters also - the said legacy to the boys not to be subject to pay any debt they may contract before they come of age - and what money is coming to each of James's children, let that part be paid to each one individually, both to sons and daughters by giving them notes to colect or wait till money is colected. and I hereby constitute and appoint Andrew McMillan and Alexander McMillan my sons executors of this my last will an dtestament, to be executed agreeable to the true intent and meaning thereof, and they are not to charge per cent, but to have sufficient pay for thier trouble.

I witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand an dseal this 24th day of September 1840.

                              John McMillan \

The debt that James Maxwell owes to me will be over $100 dollars to each one of Peggy's children, but if it is over let them have it all - I want my execrs to see the children paid or Maxwell give them notes
Elijah Erwin -
                              Jno McMillan

State of North Carolina February Tenn 1844
Ashe County, the within will was duly proven
in open court by the oath of Elijah Erwin &
ordered to be registered      ____Jno Ray____

More About J
Christening: October 11, 1759, Christened in South Leith, Midlothian County, SCT
Will: September 24, 1840, Will proven in open court February 1844

Notes for M
Marion McLymont wishing to see her family one more time, before leaving for America with her sweetheart, John McMillan, she took a candle and looked at each member before leaving on the boat to sail that night.

Name also spelled as McLeamont or LaMont.

Also found info saying buried near Stratford, Allegheny County, NC near the residence of Wiley McMillan.

Marion and John decided to elope because Marion's older sister was unmarried in 1787. Under Scottish Law or Tradition of the time a younger sister could not marry if the older sister was unmarried. Marion's older sister did not have even a suitor. Marion's parents were also against her marrying John McMillan, because he was leaving for America. This is also said to be the reason for them eloping.

Marriage Notes for J
John McMillan was in love with a lady named Marion McLeamont (some spellings show LaMont). She was the second oldest sister in a large family. Scottish law, at the time, required the oldest sister to marry first. Since her older sister had not taken a courtier, John decided to elope with Marion to the Americas. They married aboard ship on the way to America. They moved to Ashe County, NC.
Children of J
  i.   MARGARET4 MCMILLAN, b. July 20, 1788, On Board Ship to NC; d. February 18, 1886, Allegheny County, NC; m. JAMES MAXWELL.
Also may have been born on board ship as there is a reference to a birth on board. Margaret is identified as the oldest.

Also have July 27, 1788 with a death date of October 19, 1843.

4. ii.   MARY POLLY MCMILLAN, b. December 13, 1789, Wilkes County, NC; d. Aft. 1818.
5. iii.   JAMES MCMILLAN, b. May 26, 1790, Stratford, Wilkes County, NC; d. April 07, 1838, Ashe County, NC.
  iv.   THERESA MCMILLAN, b. Abt. 1792.
Questionable not mentioned in John and Marions will, unless she died before John and Marion.

6. v.   ANDREW MCMILLAN, b. March 17, 1793, Nathans Creek, Wilkes County, NC; d. April 17, 1885, Nathans Creek, Ashe County, NC.
7. vi.   JOHN MCMILLAN, b. March 12, 1795, Stratford, Wilkes County, NC; d. September 03, 1865, Alleghany County, NC.
8. vii.   NANCY MCMILLAN, b. May 15, 1796, Wilkes County, NC; d. January 02, 1867, Grayson County, VA.
9. viii.   ALEXANDER B. MCMILLAN, b. April 04, 1799, Wilkes County, NC; d. December 06, 1864, Alleghany County, NC.
  ix.   JESSIE MCMILLAN, b. December 16, 1800, Ashe County, NC; d. December 16, 1800, Ashe County, NC.
Also have a DOB of 02/16/1800 and death of02/16/1800.

  x.   MARION MCMILLAN, b. August 20, 1803, Ashe County, NC; d. Abt. 1882, Allegheny County, NC; m. REV. ENOCH REEVES, May 21, 1821.
Also have a birth date of August 20, 1802.

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