Michigan Company K, First Regiment Sharpshooters


The following is a list of individuals that were not included in the Wilson Company K list according to the Descriptive Roll of Company K found at the State of Michigan Archives in Lansing.



Garrett A. Graveraet, Second Lieutenant, enlisted at Little Traverse July 22, 1863, died at Washington DC, June 17, 1864. Buried at the National Cemetary in Arlington, VA.  Wilson's list says he was buried in the family plot on  Mackinac Island. 

Winfield S. Shanahan. From Corporal Company E, Second Lieutenant, enlisted March 7, 1865, mustered out July 28, 1865. No other information given.



-Joseph Achawnach. Private, enlisted at Little Traverse July 14, 1863 at the age of 18.  He was wounded and honorably discharged August 11, 1865.

-Agaergo, Private, enlisted at Elbridge, July 4, 1863.  Died at Alexandria, VA of disease, January 10, 1865.

-Charles Allen, Sergant, enlisted at Northport, June 12, 1863.  Wounded at Wilderness, VA.,  May 6, 1864 and died May 18, 1864

-Peter Burns, private, enlisted East Saginaw, June 10, 1863. Died October 14, 1864, buried at the National Cemetary in Arlington, VA.

-Charles Chatfield, Private, enlisted May 18, 1863 at Isabella at the age of 19.  He deserted 7/19/1863 and returned 12/6/1863.  There was no discharge information given.

- David George, Private, enlisted at Isabella, May 18, 1863. Wounded in a charge at Spottsylvania, VA,  May 12, 1864. Died  May 26, 1864. Buried at the National Cemetery at Arlington, VA.

- William Isaacs, Private, enlisted May 11, 1863 at Isabella.  He was wounded June 17, 1864.  He returned to duty February 11, 1865 and was mustered out July 28, 1865.

- George Mogage/Wagango, Private, enlisted February 23, 1864 at Kalamazoo at the age of 23.  He is described as having dark hair, eyes and complexion and was 5'9" tall.  His occupation is listed as farmer.  "Charge of desertion of Jun 1, 1864 and also implied charge of desertion of June 30, 1864 arising from his failure to return from furlough.  Removed and a discharge certificate as of the date he left the service, June 30, 1864, issued.  Letter War Dept October 13, 1915."

- Jackson Narwegeshequabey, Private, enlisted at Ionia on July 4, 1863.  He was captured July 30, 1864.  No additional information given.

- Peter Nawoquot, Private.  The only additional notation says March/1863 - sick.  No other information given.

- Francis Tabasasch, Corporal, enlisted at La Croix, June 11, 1863 at the age of 38.  He was a carpenter and served in the Quartermaster Department.  He mustered out July 28, 1865  He has a tombstone in Cross Village cemetery.

- Antoine Tebanyant, Private, enlisted at Little Traverse on June 14, 1863 at the age of 35.  He was wounded in August of 1864 and mustered out July 28, 1865.

- Moses Thomas/Thomas Moses, Private, enlisted January 27, 1865 at Detroit at the age of18.  He was described as having black hair and eyes and having a dark complexion.  He was 5'4" tall with the occupation of laborer.  He was mustered out July 28, 1865.

- A. Sockum, Private, no info given. Died October 26, 1864. Buried at Andersonville, GA.

- James Washbegibeing, Private. Enlisted Sept 1, 1863. No additional information

- Peter Wells, Private, enlisted June 17, 1863 at Little Traverse at the age of 18.  He was reduced  May 1, 1865 from Corporal to ranks.  Mustered out July 28, 1865.

- Thomas Wesaw, Private, enlisted September 24, 1864 at Van Buren at the age of 22.  He was described as having black hair and eyes and a dark complexion. He was 5' 7 1/2" and listed his occupation as a mechanic.  He was discharged per Special Order Number 22.  No additional information given.

- Joseph Williams, Private, enlisted at Isabella June 5, 1863.  He was MIA June 17, 1864 at Petersburg, VA and honorably discharged June 20, 1865.