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Aaron-T-Wise   Created By
My Family

Alan-Bruce-Wise   Created By
The Alan B. Wise Family Home Page

Alan-Wise-   Created By
Some Wises of New England and others

Albert-F-Wisner   Created By
The Bert Wisner Descendants of Johanes Weesner Home Page

Albert-M-Wiseman   Created By
Albert Wiseman of West Virginia

Alisha-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family in Georgia

Amy--Wisner   Created By
The Amy Wisner Family Home Page

Amy-E-Wise   Created By
The Grace-Yoakum-Page-Wise Family Trees of Bryan, Texas

Amy-Wise-1   Created By
Yoakum-Grace-Page-Wise Family Tree

Andi-D-Wise   Created By
The Travis Cox Family Home Page

Andi-Wisdom-   Created By
Andi Wisdom

Andre-L-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Andre-Leigh-Wise   Created By
Wise, Thorp, Tuton, Mcdaniel.......

Andrew-D-Wiskow   Created By
The Wiskows of Sasebo, Japan

Ann-C-Wise   Created By
Cutshaws of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Anne-C-Wise   Created By
Descendants of Jehu Stewart

Arthur-donald-Wise-KS   Created By
Wise Family Tree

Ashley-M-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Ashley Wise

Ashley-Wiseburn   Created By
Ashley's Family Tree

Babette-A-Wise   Created By
The Arandela Family of the West Coast

Barb-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-J-Wisdom   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-faye-Wiseman   Created By
Barbara Faye Wiseman of Baltimore, Maryland

Barry-Wise   Created By
Genealogy of Albert and Lila Rose (Reese Reeves & Rose)

Barry-Wise-NJ   Created By
Genealogy Of Albert & Lila Rose

Bert-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Billy-R-Wiseman-GA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bobby-W-Wise   Created By
The Bobby Wise Family Home Page

Bonnie-L-Wise   Created By
" Larry & Bonnie Wise & Family Homepage"

Brenda-L-Wise   Created By
An American Story

Brenda-S-Wise   Created By
Rembold Family Tree

Brenda-Sue-Wise-Oil-City   Created By
Wise Family Research

Brenda-Sue-Wise-Pa   Created By
Samuel Cann & Charity Arscott of South Tawton

Brenda-Wise-2   Created By
Bernard Tenbus father of Mary Rosina Tenbus

Brenda-Wise-3   Created By
Hogge/Hogg's and Beyond

Brenda-Wise-MD   Created By
My Hogg/Hogge Ancestors

Brenda-Wise-Oil-City   Created By
The Cann Family Tree

Brenda-Wise-Pa   Created By
Brenda Wise of Pennsylvania

Brian-C-Wisdom   Created By
The John H. Hodgkins Family Home Page

Brian-J-Wise   Created By
The Brian J. Wise Family Home Page

Brian-Wise-   Created By
The Brian J. Wise Family Home Page

C-L-Wise   Created By

Candace-Wise   Created By
The Big Family

Carmel-S-Wise   Created By
No leaf unturned

Carmel-Wise   Created By
No Leaf unturned

Carol-L-Wise   Created By
Wise, Essex, Profitt, Centers, Gonce, Balcom & Jimison

Carol-Wise   Created By
Profitt's of Idaho that came from Kentucky

Carol-Wiseman-CO   Created By
The Carol Seyfried Wiseman Home Page

Carole-B-Wise   Created By

Casey-E-Wise   Created By
casey e wise of mulberry, fl

Cathi-A-Wise   Created By
Wise of Indianapolis, Indiana

Cathi-Ann-Wise   Created By
Wise family of Indianapolis, Indiana

Chad-E-Wissinger   Created By
Wissinger Home Pages

Charles--Wisler-sr   Created By
The Charles P. Wisler Sr. Family Home Page

Charles-G-Wisen   Created By
The Wisen Family Tree

Charles-R-Wissler   Created By
Wissler Family of Bern, Switzerland

Charles-Wise-Texas   Created By
The Charles Wise family of Houston, Texas

Cherie-Wise-Fl   Created By
Peters/Wise Family Tree

Cherri-L-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cheryl-A-Wiscount   Created By
The Penberth Family Home Page

Christine-M-Wisnewski   Created By
"The Calandra/Wisnewski Family Home Page"

Christopher-A-Wiseman   Created By
Christopher A Wiseman of Wantage, Oxfrdshire. U.K

Christopher-M-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Roots

Clare-M-Wishart   Created By
Kendricks and Wishart

Clarence-L-Wiseman   Created By
Laura Ophelia King of Washington County, TX

Clarence-Wiseman   Created By
Laura Ophelia King of Washington County, TX

Clayton-G-Wishman   Created By
Clayton G. Wishman , Bruce Mines Ontario

Clifford-J-Wisor   Created By
Wisor Family

Clifford-James-Wisor   Created By
Wisor's of Old Fort,NC

Clint-E-Wiseman   Created By
"The Wiseman Family Home Page

Connie-M-Wise   Created By
"The Connie Wise Family Home page"

Courtney-M-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Courtney Wise

Cynthia-A-Wise   Created By
Hall Family - St. Mary's County Maryland

Cynthia-S-Wisener   Created By
Home Page of Cynthia Wisener

Cynthia-Wissmann   Created By
Robert A. Wissmann & Cynthia Lynn Blanchard Family

Dale-A-Wishop   Created By

Darlene-Wishoun   Created By
The Thomas Eli Keck Family Home Page

Darlene-Wishoun-Spring   Created By
Keck Family Genealogy

Darlene-Wishoun-Texas   Created By
Keck Family Genealogy

David-A-Wissman   Created By
Wissmann -- (Wissman) Germany to Greenfield, Shelburne, Ma.

David-D-Wisman   Created By
The Wisman Family of Morgantown WV

David-E-Wisdom   Created By
Wisdom and Zingery Family Home Page

David-L-Wiseley   Created By
The Wiseley Surname Data Center

David-M-Wiseman   Created By
Wiseman Greenstein Orlovsky Platner Weinberg Visagrod

David-Wise-MI   Created By
The Wise/Cole Family of Georgia and Michigan

David-Wiseley   Created By
Wiseley Family from Adams county PA

David-Wiseley-MI   Created By
The Wiseley clan from Lancaster PA.

David-Wiseman-North-Yorks   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-Wishart   Created By
The Wishart Family of Sunderland

David-Wiss   Created By
David W. Wiss of Warrensburg, MO

Deanna-L-Wiseburn   Created By
The Wiseburn Family Tree

Deanna-L-Wiseburn-NC   Created By
The Wiseburn Family Homepage

Deanna-M-Wisemeadows   Created By

Deanna-Marie-Wise   Created By
My Mountain Heritage

Deborah-A-Wise   Created By
The Gregg Andrew Wises of Plano, TX

Deborah-L-Henson   Created By
The George Hensons of Snow Lake, AR

Deborah-Wisdom   Created By
The Charles L Wisdom of Lancaster CA

Deborah-Wiseman   Created By
Deborah's Family of Castro Valley, California

Debra-E-Wisemanobrien   Created By
The James Lester Wiseman Family Tree

Debra-Wisor   Created By
Debra Wisor

Della-M-Wisley   Created By
Family Tree

Denise-Wisley   Created By

Dennis-J-Wise   Created By
The D. J. Wise Home Page

Diana-M-Wisniewski   Created By
Home Page of Diana Wisniewski

Diane-L-Wissmangillilandan   Created By
The Wissmans of Philadelphia, Pa.

Donald-C-Wiseman   Created By
The Family of Donald Charles Wiseman of Norwich, England

Donald-E-Wist   Created By
The Donald Wist Family Home Page

Donald-P-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family of Mo, Ks, Ill, Ky, Va

Donald-P-Wise-Freeman   Created By
Wise Family in Missouri

Donald-P-Wise-Mo   Created By
The Wise Family of Leavenworth County Kansas

Donald-Paul-Wise   Created By
Wise Family History

Donna-D-Wise-wv   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donna-G-Wisseman   Created By
Home Page of Donna Wisseman

Donna-J-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Donna Wise

Donna-M-Wisniewski   Created By
The Wisniewski's of Ohio

Donna-Marie-Wisniewski   Created By
The Wisniewski's of Ohio

Donnie-G-Wise   Created By
The Donnie Wise Family Home Page

Dorothy-J-Wise   Created By

Douglas-P-Wisman   Created By
"The Douglas Peer Wisman Family Home Page"

Dwayne-A-Wise   Created By
The Wise and Minatra Homepage

Eberhard-Wistuba   Created By
Wistuba World Wide

Edna-L-Wisman   Created By
Easton Family Site

Edna-Louise-Wisman   Created By
The Wisman Family Home Page

Edna-Louise-Wisman-indiana   Created By
Home Page of edna wisman

Edna-trixie-Wiseman   Created By
the pope's of baytona

Edward-C-Wiseman   Created By

Edward-Harold-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eileen-F-Wissore   Created By
The Wissore Family Home Page

Elaine-Wischnowsky   Created By
Wischnowskys of Bourbonnais, IL

Elaine-Wise   Created By
The Warren W. Wise & Elaine E. Persyns of Oregon City, OR

Elizabeth-A-Wise   Created By
The John Joseph Goodrick Family Home Page

Elizabeth-A-Wise-La-Quinta   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Emilee-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family

Emily-I-Wise   Created By
The Ives Family of Southeastern North Carolina

Ethel-M-Wise-MI   Created By
McClellan/Bentley Connection

Eugene-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Felicia-Wisner   Created By
Family History of The Wisner's

Fr-alex-J-Wiseman   Created By
Rev'd. Fr. A. John Wiseman (Newfoundland-Canada)

Francis-T-Wisniewski   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frank-L-Wise   Created By
The Daniel Wise Family Home Page

Fready-B-Wishups   Created By
The Jim Banks and John Ashley Family Home Page

Fready-B-Wishups-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

George--N-Wissman   Created By
Jason N. Wissman Family Home Page

George--Neil-Wissman   Created By
Home Page of George Wissman

George-A-Wise   Created By
George & Marilyn Wise of Bel Aire, KS

George-N-Wissman   Created By
"The George Neil Wissman family of Lexington, KY"

George-Neil-Wissman   Created By
Home Page of George Wissman

George-R-Wisdom   Created By

George-T-Wiseman   Created By
The Family of George T. Wiseman of Los Angeles, Calfornia

George-Wisbrock-jr   Created By
The George M. Wisbrock Jr. Family of Arlington, TX

Georgina-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gerald--H-Wise   Created By
The Gerald Wise Family Home Page

Gerald-L-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Gerald Wise

Gerard-Wiseman   Created By
The Wiseman Family Tree of "Gerard", St. John's Newfoundland

Gerry-Wiseman   Created By
Gerry Wiseman of Snellville Georgia

Gill-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gina-Wiseman-TX   Created By
The Christoph Schubachs of Ashley, Illinois

Glenn-Wise   Created By
Robinson Family Tree

Glenn-Wise-TX   Created By
Family Tree for Philip W. Robinson 1804 N. Carolina

Grace-Wisdom   Created By
The James McDonnell Family Home Page

Grant-G-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Home Page

Greg-Wisner   Created By
Home Page of Greg Wisner

Harry-F-Wissman   Created By
James O'Rourke of Cook County, Chicago IL.

Hazel-H-Wise   Created By
Hamanns of New Orleans, LA and Related Families

Heather-L-Wisecup-park   Created By
Wisecup Family Tree & Branches

Heather-L-Wisniewski   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Helen-L-Wisecup-zwolensky   Created By

Helen-L-Wisecupzwolensky   Created By
William &Hazel Pancake Wisecup

Helen-Louise-Wisecup-zwolensky   Created By

Helen-Wisniewskimeldrum   Created By
Genie Voss, I heard you had died?

Helen-Wisniewskimeldrum-WI   Created By
Genie Voss, I heard you died a few years ago?

Henry-D-Wise   Created By
Wise, Henry Dale and Ancestors Home Page

Henry-D-Wise-MS   Created By

Henryk-D-Wisniewski   Created By
Henryk David Wisniewski of Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Ina-Wishnia   Created By
Ina R Wishnia's Family Tree

J-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jack-E-Wise   Created By
The Ancestry of Jack E. Wise

Jack-L-Wise   Created By
The Jack L. Wise Family Home Page

Jack-M-Wiser-jr   Created By
"The Jack M. Wiser, Jr. of Conyers

Jack-W-Wise-Texas   Created By
The Wise-Kelley Family Home Page

Jacqueline-P-Wisniowski   Created By
The Frost - Hammond Family Tree

James-A-Wisehart   Created By
Home Page of James Wisehart

James-C-Wise   Created By

James-E-Wiseman-iii   Created By
The Wisemans of Rainelle, West Virginia

James-H-Wise   Created By
James Harold Wise, Lincoln Delaware, USA

James-J-Wise   Created By
The Wise family of Dallas Texas

James-P-Wiskin   Created By

James-S-Wishart   Created By
The Anne and James Wishart Family Home Page

James-W-Wisdom   Created By
Jim Wisdom Family Home Page

James-W-Wise   Created By
the james w. wise's of prattville, al

James-Wisdom-1   Created By
The James R. Wisdom Family

James-Wisecarver   Created By
The Wisecarvers of Omaha, NE

Jane-M-Wise   Created By
Home Page of jane wise

Janet-Wise   Created By
The Easterwood Family of Indiana and Boone County Kentucky

Janice-M-Wisely   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janice-M-Wiselyjohnston   Created By
The Janice Johnston-Wisely Family Home Page.

Jay-R-Wise   Created By
Ancestry of Jay Wise & Ellen Yerkey

Jd-Wise   Created By
Brumbaugh - Wise Family History

Jean-F-Wisehart   Created By
The Ephriam Shulers of Morgan Co., IN

Jeff-C-Wishart   Created By
The Wishart Family Home Page

Jeff-Wishart   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jennie-L-Wiskow   Created By
Home Page of Jennie Wiskow

Jennifer-A-Wise   Created By
The Knights of Rhode Island Page

Jennifer-L-Wissel   Created By
Wissel Family of Cincinnati, Ohio

Jennifer-M-Wisner   Created By
The Jennifer M. Wisner's of Nortwest Indiana

Jennifer-R-Wise   Created By
Jennifer Rachel Wise of Placentia, CA

Jerry-J-Wisner   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jerry-W-Wiser   Created By
The Jerry W. Wisers of Arlinton, Texas

Jessica--L-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Jessica Wise

Jewell-D-Wishoun   Created By
The Keck Family History Page

Jill-D-Wise   Created By
The Genealogy of Jill Wise, Canton, Ohio

Jill-Denise-Wise   Created By
The Ancestors of Jill Denise Wise

Jim-Wise   Created By
The Brumbaugh Family and Wise Family Home Page

Jim-Wise-OH   Created By

Jimmy-R-Wiseman   Created By
The Wisemans of Polk County Arkansas

Jo--A-Wise   Created By
The Wise's from Coffee County, Alabama

Jo-Wise   Created By
Wise's of Coffee County, Alabama

Joan-M-Wisener   Created By
The Wisener Family Home Page

Joane-Wisenhunt   Created By
The Easley's of Benton, IL

Joann-G-Wise   Created By
Branches on The Family Tree of JoAnn Green, Bothell, WA

Joann-M-Wisniewski   Created By
The Halet/Bauman, Wisniewski Home Page

Jody-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Jody Wise

Johannes-Wisse   Created By
Home Page of Johannes Wisse

John-D-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Home Page

John-D-Wiseman   Created By
John Wiseman/Mary Ann Bainbridge family trees

John-D-Wisslead   Created By

John-J-Wiseman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-L-Wise   Created By
The John Leland Wise Family Home Page of Cullman, Alabama

John-M-Wise   Created By
Family of John Wise (TX,LA,AR)

John-Mark-Wise   Created By
Ancestors of John M. Wise's of North Louisiana (Now in GA)

John-Mark-Wise-GA   Created By
The John M. Wise's of Bossier City, Louisiana

John-P-Wisker   Created By
Home Page of john wisker

John-R-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Home Page

John-R-Wise-jr   Created By
"The John Richard Wise Family Home Page"

John-Richard-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Page London England

John-Richard-Wise-jr   Created By
John Wise

John-Wise   Created By
The John L. Wises of Cullman, AL

John-Wise-1   Created By
Wise Agawam, MA

John-Wisnewski   Created By
John Richard Wisnewski of Monee IL

John-d-Wise   Created By
The John D. Wise Family of Dayton, Ohio

John-jere-E-Wise   Created By
Jere Wise

Joni-M-Wiseman   Created By

Joseph-Wischler   Created By
my roots and heritage

Joseph-Wise   Created By
Jacqueline's Home Page

Joyce-Wisecarver   Created By
The Prather & Marquis Home Page

Joyce-Wisecarver-KS   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joyce-Wishart-CA   Created By
Meeks/May/of Kentucky

Judith-A-Wise   Created By
Wise family search

Judith-K-Wisniewski-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judy-A-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judy-A-Wise-griffin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judy-C-Wise   Created By
Family of Thomas Franklin Skevington

Judy-K-Wisehart   Created By
The Morgan Family of Western Kansas

Judy-Wisehart-CO   Created By

Julia-E-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Julia Wise

Julie-Wisong-2   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

The Benjamin F. Wise and Sally Sarah Miller Home Page

Karen-A-Wise   Created By
Wright County, MN Families Home Page

Karen-Wisth   Created By
Francis and Henry Jochims of MI

Karsten-D-Wise   Created By
Gamon History

Kassia-E-Wisikoski   Created By
Family Home Page

Kathy-A-Wise   Created By
Kathy McElhaney/Wise Family Histories

Kathy-A-Wiseman   Created By

Kathy-L-WiskurKnowles   Created By
Welcome to the Wiskur Family History Page!! 2008

Kathy-L-Wiskurknowlesandersentul   Created By
Andersen Tulson

Katie-Wisecarver   Created By
Calling all: Mac Donalds, Stickleys, Pearces, Van Nostrands

Keith-S-Wishon   Created By
Keith Wishon's Genealogy Research Page

Kendra-Wiseman   Created By

Kerry-B-Wisbey   Created By
The Wisbeys of Cambridgeshire, England

Kevin-Wiseman-indiana   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kim-N-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kim-Wise-Coffs-Harbour   Created By
Kim Narelle Wise

Kim-Wise-NSW   Created By
The White Line

Kimbo-Wisenbaker   Created By dont know us.

Kirstin-Wisniewski   Created By
Kirstin Carol Lovgren Family Tree

Kirstin-Wisniewski-   Created By
Lovgren - Wisniewski Family Tree

Kristine-Wiscarson-Doylestown   Created By
Kristine Wiscarson's Family

Kristine-Wiscarson-PA   Created By
Kristine Wiscarson's family

Krystal-M-Wismer   Created By
Home Page of Krystal Wismer

Kurt-Wismer   Created By

Kylie-Wise-   Created By
All mine!

Lajuana-T-Wiseman   Created By
ms lajuana

Lana-J-Wiseheart   Created By
Wiseheart Family -Florida & Texas Branches

Lana-J-Wiseheartkirby   Created By
The Wisehearts of Central Texas

Lana-Wiseheartkirby   Created By
The Wisehearts of Central Texas

Larry-E-Wissel   Created By

Laura-L-Wiser   Created By

Lauri-J-Wiss   Created By
The Texas Branch of Pancoe,Goldstein,Tater,Hoge,Wiss,

Lauri-J-Wiss-TX   Created By
Laurie Josephs of Dallas, Texas

Laurie-J-Wiss   Created By
Laurie Josephs Wiss of Campbell,Texas

Laverne--Wiseman   Created By

Lee-A-Wise   Created By
Lee A. Wise and Dorothy M. Smith Family Genealogy

Lee-C-Wise   Created By
Wise Family Page

Leonard-C-Wiseman   Created By
Descendants of William Wiseman and Sarah Breach

Les-Wiseman   Created By
The Urquharts of Aberdeen, Scotland

Leslie-M-Wiscovitch   Created By
Wiscovitchs of Puerto Rico

Leslie-M-Wise   Created By
Les Wise of Colchester, England

Leslie-Michael-Wise   Created By
Wise of Southeast England

Leslie-Wiscovitch   Created By
Wiscovitch of Puerto Rico

Leslie-alexander-Wiseman   Created By
Leslie A Wiseman, Port Alfred, South Africa

Lillian-Wise   Created By
The Jungs of New York, NY

Linda-J-Wise   Created By
The Huie, Coxsey, Seay, McLehaney, Treadaway Families Page

Linda-Jean-Wise   Created By
Telfer, Alexander, Leitch, Forrest from Scotland

Linda-L-Wise1   Created By
Linda Lillian Persyn-Wise of Oregon City, Oregon

Linda-L-Wishart   Created By
Linda Wishart of Palmdale, CA

Linda-M-Wiseheart   Created By
Linda Wiseheart O'Brien

Linda-S-Wise   Created By
Homepage of Lynda S. Heindl Wise

Linda-Wise-TX   Created By
The Huie and Coxsey Family of Arkansas and Texas

Linzi-Wishart   Created By
Wishart / McClellands of Greenock

Lisa-A-Wisely   Created By
Home Page of lisa wisely

Lloyd-R-Wiseman   Created By
The Lloyd Wiseman Family Home Page

Lori-A-Wisemanweber   Created By
The Wiseman/Webers of Marysville ,Ca

Lorraine-Wise   Created By

Lynda-S-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lynn-Wisswell   Created By

Mallory-Wiseman   Created By
Mallory Wiseman

Marcia-A-Wise   Created By
Marcia (Largen) Wise Home Page

Marek-J-Wisniowiecki   Created By
Marek Wi¶niowiecki Wroc³aw, Poland

Marek-Wisniowiecki   Created By
Wisniowiecki Marek Family

Margaret--S-Wiseman   Created By
Home Page of Margaret Wiseman

Margaret-M-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Margaret Wise

Margaret-O-Wise   Created By
"Ernest Adkins of Grantspass, Oregon"

Margie-Ruth-Wiser   Created By
Griffin Family Tree and All Its Branches

Marian-E-Wiseman   Created By
John (b. 1831) and Maria (Charlton ) Dixon, E.Holywell, Eng

Marian-Wiseman   Created By
The Panrucker's of London

Marie-D-Wiseman   Created By
The Wiseman/Connolly Family Tree of Newfoundland, Canada

Marifaye--Wisemore   Created By
Cornett, Stamper, Minugh, Hanes, Rees Home Page

Marifaye-Wisemore   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marjorie-E-Wisniewski   Created By
The Wilhelm Ruehlow Family Home Page

Markii-Wise   Created By
A Genealogy Record of the Ancestry of Mark Wise II

Martha-L-Wise   Created By
"The William Bradley Family Home Page"

Martha-T-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Martice-E-Wise   Created By
Wises of North Florida

Martice-E-Wise-Fairdale   Created By
Wises of North Florida

Martice-E-Wise-KY   Created By
Wise Family of North Florida

Martice-E-Wise-iii   Created By

Mary-B-Wisniewski   Created By
The Lewis Wehrmeyer Family Home Page

Mary-C-Wiseheart   Created By
The Wisehearts of Louisville, Ky

Mary-C-Wiseheart-Louisville   Created By
Wiseheart Family Tree

Mary-H-Wisdom   Created By
The Southern Heritage Home Page

Mary-J-Wise   Created By
The James Allen Wise Family of Carbondale, Co

Mary-K-Wisdom   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-K-Wisdom-1   Created By
Ken's & Mary Family Line

Mary-K-Wisdom-IL   Created By
The Underhile & Piedlows of Aurora, IL.

Mary-Kay-Wisdom   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-L-Wise   Created By
Brogdon/Brunson Family Home Page

Mary-L-Wisler   Created By
Neil and Mary Lou Klopfenstein Wisler of Spencerville, In

Mary-M-Wise   Created By
Sarah J Stagg Martin Lewistown MT

Mary-S-Wiseman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-Wisdom-IL   Created By
The Wisdom,Underhile,Piedlow,Bierman,Beyer of Aurora, IL

Mary-Wiseman-ON   Created By
My Family Tree

Mary-ann-Wisman   Created By
Pensylvania Families of LUTA, WILSON, WISMAN

Mary-frances-Wise   Created By
Jacob Wyse/Wise Juniata Co. PA-Baldwin City, KS Family Tree

Marylou-Wiseblatt   Created By
The Wiseblatt /Burman/Mallek and Perlman Families

Marylou-Wiseblatt-Quebec   Created By
Home Page of Mary-Lou Wiseblatt

Mel-Wishman-IA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melissa--S-Wishart   Created By
Home Page of Melissa Wishart

Melissa-R-Wisen   Created By

Melissa-Rose-Wisen   Created By
Markel , Plummer of Pennsylvania

Melissa-Wiseheart   Created By
The Wisehearts of Indiana and Related Families

Melissa-Wisen   Created By
Malone , Shaw and allied families

Melody-Wise   Created By
The Family of Ottis R. & Darlene B. Nyburg In OR

Michael-A-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-A-Wisniewski   Created By
Mike Wisniewski's Home Page

Michael-C-Wisniewski   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-J-Wiseman-sr   Created By
Michael J Wiseman Sr of Bolingbrook, IL

Michael-L-Wise   Created By
Wyse of Liverpool, Lancashire

Michael-W-Wise   Created By
Home Page of Michael Wise

Michael-Wise-CA   Created By
Genology of Michael L Wise -- Clearlake, CA

Michelle-C-Wiseman   Created By
Wiseman Family Of Lafitte,Louisiana

Michelle-Wissel   Created By
The Wissels of Texas, Indiana and California

Mike-Wisgard   Created By
Mike W

Milton-Wishard   Created By
Wishards of Franklin County, PA

Monika-T-Wisor   Created By

Nancy-E-Wiseman-IN   Created By
John Andrew Wiseman 1805 - 1857

Napoleon-Wise   Created By
Wise Family of The Eastern Shore of Virginia

Natasha-M-Wismer   Created By
Natasha Wismer of Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Nellie-J-Wise   Created By
The Manning Wise Family

Nellie-O-Wise   Created By
polands and wises of indiana

Nicole-L-Wiseman   Created By
Guy/Wiseman Family Tree

Nicole-L-Wisniewski   Created By
My Family of Wisconsin

Noel-Wiscovitch   Created By
The Wiscovitch-Beggs of Chesapeake, VA

Nona--Wiseman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Norman-J-Wise   Created By

Paige-A-Wiseman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pamela-K-Wise   Created By
Pamela K. Wise of Canton, OH

Patricia-K-Wisdom   Created By
The Charles Wisdoms of Sterling Heights,MI

Patricia-Wise   Created By
Haldeman Family Genealogy

Patricia-Wise-MD   Created By
Haldeman Genealogy

Patricia-Wise-ca   Created By
Haldeman Genealogy

Patricia-Wissink-NE   Created By
Darrell and Patty Wissink Family Connections

Patty-A-Wisecup   Created By

Patty-Wisdom   Created By
The Charles Wisdoms of Sterling Heights,MI

Paul-Wishard   Created By
Paul Wishard - Amateur Genealogist

Paul-Wissmiller-IL   Created By
The Jacob Wissmiller Family Tree

Penny-L-Wisby   Created By
The Wisby's

Peter-D-Wisdom   Created By
The Peter Wisdom Family home Page

Peter-S-Wise   Created By

Phillip-A-Wise   Created By

Phillip-A-Wise-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Phillip-A-Wise-Washington   Created By
The Phil Wise Family of NorthEast Washington

Phillip-O-Wise   Created By
Billymeier182 Family Search profile of the Rivett family

Przemyslaw-Wisniewski   Created By
geneaologia, drzewo genealogiczne

Randall-S-Wise   Created By
The Randall Wise Page

Raymond-J-Wise   Created By
Wise of Croydon, Surrey, UK

Raymond-John-Wise   Created By
Wise family tree - Croydon and Oxford

Raymond-Wise   Created By

Reece-Wisdom   Created By
The George Richard (LIGON) Wisdom Family Home Page

Regina-L-Wiseman   Created By
Regina L. Wiseman

Regina-Wisecarver   Created By
Heather Cothran Family Tree

Renee-K-Wise   Created By
The Wise-Guys of Pearl City, HI

Rhonda-A-Wise   Created By
Julien Gagnon -Canadian Jewish and Quebecois/Acadian Roots

Rhonda-J-Wisley   Created By

Rhonda-Jane-Wisley   Created By

Richard-J-Wise   Created By
The McClosky side of my Family

Richard-P-Wise   Created By
Wise and Farleys from Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Richard-W-Wiswell   Created By
"The Richard Williams Wiswell & Tribe Home Page"

Richard-Wischhoefer   Created By
It's All Relative

Richardlisa-Wischhoefer   Created By
Home Page of Richard/Lisa Wischhoefer

Rickey-D-Wise   Created By
Rick D. Wise of O'Fallon IL.

Rita-J-Wisniewski   Created By

Robert-A-Wissinger   Created By
Wissinger Genealogy of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Germany

Robert-D-Wismer   Created By
Wismer Clan

Robert-E-Wisch   Created By

Robert-E-Wissler   Created By
User Home Page

Robert-J-Wiscour   Created By

Robert-O-Wise   Created By
The Robert O Wise Home Page

Robert-R-Wissinger-jr   Created By
Wissinger's of Johnstown Pennsylvania Genealogical Web Site

Robert-W-Wiseman   Created By
The R. Wayne Wiseman's of Freeburg, Illinois

Robert-Wisch   Created By

Roger-A-Wisor   Created By
The Roger Wisor Family Home Page

Roger-L-Wisegarver   Created By
The Roger Wisegarver Family Home Page

Roger-Ray-Wissinger-Florida   Created By
Roger Ray Wissinger Ohioan

Ronald-E-Wise   Created By
Ronald (Gene) Wise Family Home Page

Ronald-P-Wisdom-AZ   Created By
The Wisdom Family History Page

Ruth-A-Wiswell   Created By
Wiswell Family Tree

Ruth-Wise-   Created By
WISE - Edward Albert_from Hannibal & Myrtle Sadie Nixon

Ruth-Wise-CA   Created By
Wise family

Sally-D-Wisdom   Created By
Walter Thomas Dunn Family Home Page

Sandra-F-Wise   Created By
Wise Family

Sandra-Wise   Created By
Willis Family Genealogy

Sandra-Wise-San-Jose   Created By
Willis, Sanders, Moss, Strong and Pollard Family Genealogy

Sandra-Wisneski   Created By
An American Story

Sandy-Wise   Created By
Wise Family Research

Sara-J-Wise   Created By
Sara Jean Wise (Drake) and Family

Sarah-D-Wiseman   Created By
The Wisemans of the UK

Sarah-J-Wiseman   Created By

Scott-Wischnofske   Created By

Scott-Wiseman   Created By
scott wiseman

Serge-A-Wistaff   Created By
the serge a. wistaff of beloeil

Sharon-J-Wiseman   Created By
My Family Tree, VanHorn, Mckee,Shearer

Sharon-J-Wiseman-ca   Created By
The Van Horns of New York

Shawn-M-Wise   Created By

Shelby-D-Wise   Created By
The Rocks of Mather PA

Shelly-C-Hilton-AR   Created By
The Wiseman Family Of Lafitte,Louisiana

Sheri-Wise   Created By
Sherilyn Wise

Sheri-Wise-TX   Created By
My All in One Family Tree

Sherri-L-Wisniewski-fl   Created By
The Harold S. White Family of New England

Sherri-Lynn-Wisniewski   Created By
The Ancestors of Kelsey and Jason Wisniewski

Sherry-K-Wiseman   Created By
An American Story

Sherry-Wisnasky   Created By

Shirlely-J-Wiseley   Created By
The Shirley Day Wiseley Family Home Page

Shirlene-Wiscombe   Created By
George Braithwaite and Evelyn Clara Madsen Family

Shirley-A-Wise   Created By
The Hoffman Family Home Page

Shirley-Wisell   Created By
"The Shirley (Cross )Wisell Family Home Page"

Solon-Wisham-jr   Created By
Worsham-Wisham Expanded Tree

Steve-A-Wise-IA   Created By
Wise Family Home Page

Steve-Wisel   Created By
The Wisels

Steven-J-Wischow   Created By
The Steven J Wischow Family Home Page

Steven-P-Wisniewski   Created By
The Steven P Wisniewski of Middletown DE

Steven-R-Wisniewski   Created By
Home Page of steven wisniewski

Steven-W-Wisenburg   Created By
The Wisenburg Family Home Page

Sue-Wiseman   Created By
The Wiseman's of Kentucky and Ohio Family Home Page

Susan-L-Wiseman   Created By

Susan-L-Wiseman-IN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page - Susan Lucas Wiseman

Susan-Wise-1   Created By

Suzanne-C-Wiswell   Created By
Home Page of Suzanne Wiswell

Suzanne-M-Wiseman   Created By
The Wiseman Family of Canada, Ireland.

Suzanne-Wiseman   Created By
The John W. Wiseman family of New Hampshire

Suzanne-Wiseman-NH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sylvia-M-Wise   Created By
The Eldridges & Wises of Ambrosden,Oxfordshire,England

Ted-F-Wise-jr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Teresa-D-Wise   Created By
Harmon Davis Family of Alabama

Teresa-Davis-Wise   Created By
Harmon Davis Family of South Carolina>Georgia>Alabama

Teresa-J-Wiseleyhampton   Created By
The Thomas Maxey Hamptons of GA.

Teresa-Wiseman-Texas   Created By
Mutts List

Terri-L-Wisell   Created By
The Terri Wisell Family Home Page

Terri-Wise   Created By
The Rutter Family

Terri-Wiseman   Created By
Terri Wiseman's Family Home Page

Thelma-waddell-Wisecarver   Created By
Peter Ricker Family of Greene County, Tennessee

Thomas--Wise-NJ   Created By
The Wise/Duffy Family Home Page

Thomas-A-Wiseman-jr   Created By
Thomas and Emily Matlack Wiseman of Nashville, Tn.

Thomas-D-Wiseley   Created By
The Wiseley et al Family Home Page

Thomas-L-Wise   Created By
Wise Family

Tim-Wisler   Created By
The Wislers of Wetern New York

Timothy-R-Wisenbaker   Created By
Tim R. Wisenbaker Home Page, Let The Search Begin!

Timothy-R-Wisenbaker-CA   Created By
The Wisenbakers

Timothy-Richard-Wisenbaker   Created By
Wisenbaker Family Tree

Timothy-Richard-Wisenbaker-California   Created By
Timothy Richard Wisenbaker, before and after

Timothy-Richard-Wisenbaker-Ventura   Created By
The California Wisenbaker Page

Tina-L-Wiscombe   Created By
Giffin and Wiscombe Family History

Todd-Wise-Fertile   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Todd-Wise-MN   Created By
Wise Family Tree

Tracy-W-Wisniewski   Created By
Tracy's Family Search

Tylor-B-Wise   Created By
Tylor Bert Wise of Paris, Texas

Vern-Wise   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Veronica-A-Wise-whatman   Created By

Vicky-J-Wise   Created By
Bry family of Eugene, Oregon

Vicky-Jean-Wise   Created By
The Ostlie,Buraas,Bry Family

Violet-C-Wishart   Created By
Vi and Harold Wishart Family Home Page

Virginia-A-Wisdom   Created By
The Clyde J Wisdoms of Wray, Colorado

Walter-A-Wisnowski   Created By
The Walter A. Wisnowski Family Home Page

Walter-E-Wiseman   Created By
The Wisemans of Eastern Ohio

Wanda-S-Wise   Created By

Wayne-E-Wiseman   Created By
Wiseman, Enright and others.

Wayne-L-Wiseman   Created By

Wendy-L-Wiseman   Created By
wisemans family tree

Wesley-Wiseman   Created By
the wes wiseman of kankakee, ill

Willaim-T-Wissinger   Created By
William T. Wissinger of Brookville, Ohio

William-B-Wise   Created By
Wise/Reed And Related Families Of South Carolina

William-H-Wisham   Created By
1750 Wisham Family Tree

William-J-Wismer-III   Created By
The William J. Wismer, III Family Home Page

William-L-Wise   Created By
The Wise Family Home Page

William-M-Wise   Created By
William Morton Wise

William-R-Wise   Created By
William Robert Wise and Kathleen May Aplin Family Page

William-R-Wise-jr   Created By
The Wise's from Northern Ca.

William-T-Wislen   Created By
Home Page of William Wislen

William-W-Wise   Created By
The William W. Wises of Monroeville, PA

William-Wise   Created By
Ancestors of William Wise, Pope Co. IL

William-Wisniewski   Created By
Bill Wisniewski

William-Wissbroecker   Created By
Debroux's of Antigo

Wise-L-Wise   Created By
The Mitchell L. Wise Family

Yigal-Wishlizky   Created By
The Wislicki from Lodz

Yigal-Wislicki   Created By

Yvonne-Wisnicky   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Zachary-J-Wise   Created By
Zachary "Wise Oklahoma"

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