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Ancestors of Anna Johanna Barlagen

      484. Nanne Harckes2750,2751, died Bet. May 24, 1719 - November 10, 17212752. He was the son of 968. Harcko Jurriens and 969. Frouwe Nannes. He married 485. Lamme Harms Abt. June 1715 in Meeden, Groningen2752.

      485. Lamme Harms2753, died Aft. November 17, 17602754. She was the daughter of 962. Harm Fiepkes and 963. Anje Hindriks.

Notes for Nanne Harckes:
Nanne lived in Meeden in the house of his father-in-law Harmen Fiepkes.

More About Nanne Harckes:
Occupation: Koopman (Merchant)2754

More About Nanne Harckes and Lamme Harms:
Marriage: Abt. June 1715, Meeden, Groningen2754
Marriage contract: June 8, 1715, Meeden, Groningen2754
Children of Nanne Harckes and Lamme Harms are:
  242 i.   Harm Nannes, died February 9, 1795 in Meeden, Groningen; married (1) Nieske Hindriks June 22, 1747 in Meeden, Groningen; married (2) Swaantje Harms Abt. July 1768 in Meeden, Groningen.
  ii.   Harko Nannes2754, born 17172755; died Bef. June 13, 1780 in Zeerijp, Groningen2755; married (1) Heijke Tjackes Abt. August 1747 in Beerta, Groningen2755; married (2) Trijntje Douwes Abt. November 1755 in Huizinge, Groningen2756; born March 25, 17312757; died December 3, 1818 in Zeerijp, Groningen2757.
  Notes for Harko Nannes:
Harke farmed in Beerta, and later in Zeerijp.

  More About Harko Nannes:
Burial: June 13, 1780, Zeerijp, Groningen2757
Occupation: Landbouwer (Farmer)2757

  More About Harko Nannes and Heijke Tjackes:
Marriage: Abt. August 1747, Beerta, Groningen2757
Marriage contract: August 4, 1747, Beerta, Groningen2757

      486. Harm Jans2758. He married 487. Trijntje Fockes August 7, 17462759.

      487. Trijntje Fockes2760,2761. She was the daughter of 974. Focko Jacobs and 975. Geele Claessens.

Notes for Harm Jans:
Harm farmed in Nieuw Scheemda, on nr.70.

More About Harm Jans:
Occupation: Landbouwer (Farmer)2762

More About Trijntje Fockes:
Religion: Mennonite2763

More About Harm Jans and Trijntje Fockes:
Marriage: August 7, 17462764
Child of Harm Jans and Trijntje Fockes is:
  243 i.   Swaantje Harms, died Aft. July 17, 1805; married Harm Nannes Abt. July 1768 in Meeden, Groningen.

      488. Arend Egberts2765, born Abt. 1740 in Meeden, Groningen2765; died Aft. 17772766. He was the son of 976. Egbert Folkers and 977. Hinderke Derks. He married 489. Corneliske Kuipers August 24, 1765 in Meeden2767.

      489. Corneliske Kuipers2768, born August 31, 1737 in Meeden, Groningen2769. She was the daughter of 978. Haijo Geerts Kuiper and 979. Anje Harms.

More About Corneliske Kuipers:
Christening: September 1, 1737, Meeden, Groningen2769

Marriage Notes for Arend Egberts and Corneliske Kuipers:
Arend and Knelske had 5 children christened in Meeden between 1765 and 1777: Egbert, Anje, Haije, Trijntje, and Hindrikje [Arends] [Jacob Boerema website - Kuiper].

More About Arend Egberts and Corneliske Kuipers:
Marriage: August 24, 1765, Meeden2770
Children of Arend Egberts and Corneliske Kuipers are:
  244 i.   Egbert Arends, born Bef. November 3, 1765 in Meeden, Groningen; married Imke Jager May 25, 1806 in Meeden, Groningen.
  ii.   Anje Arends2771, born October 9, 1767 in Meeden, Groningen2771
  More About Anje Arends:
Christening: October 11, 1767, Meeden, Groningen2771

  iii.   Haije Arends2771, born April 28, 1771 in Meeden, Groningen2771
  More About Haije Arends:
Christening: May 4, 1771, Meeden, Groningen2771

  iv.   Trijntje Arends2771, born June 15, 1774 in Meeden, Groningen2771
  More About Trijntje Arends:
Christening: June 25, 1774, Meeden, Groningen2771

  v.   Hindrikje Arends2771, born May 17, 1777 in Meeden, Groningen2771
  More About Hindrikje Arends:
Christening: May 25, 1777, Meeden, Groningen2771

      490. Berent Jans Jager2772, born Abt. October 1750 in Meeden, Groningen2773; died January 7, 1827 in Meeden, Groningen2774. He was the son of 980. Jan Hemmes Jager and 981. Geesjen Aapkes. He married 491. Jantje Cornelis Zondag April 29, 1780 in Meeden, Groningen2775.

      491. Jantje Cornelis Zondag2775, born October 16, 1751 in Noordbroek, Groningen2776; died August 3, 1834 in Meeden, Groningen2776. She was the daughter of 982. Cornelis Luitjens Zondag and 983. Imke Luppes.

More About Berent Jans Jager:
Christening: October 18, 1750, Meeden, Groningen2776

More About Berent Jager and Jantje Zondag:
Marriage: April 29, 1780, Meeden, Groningen2777
Children of Berent Jager and Jantje Zondag are:
  i.   Gesijn Berends Jager2778, born May 20, 1781 in Meeden, Groningen2778; died October 1, 1857 in Midwolda, Groningen2778; married Hindrik Poppes Jager September 19, 1806 in Midwolda, Groningen2778; born June 17, 1770 in Midwolda, Groningen2778; died April 19, 1846 in Midwolda, Groningen2778.
  More About Hindrik Poppes Jager:
Occupation: Arbeider (Farmworker)2778

  More About Hindrik Jager and Gesijn Jager:
Marriage: September 19, 1806, Midwolda, Groningen2778

  245 ii.   Imke Jager, born June 3, 1783 in Meeden, Groningen; married Egbert Arends May 25, 1806 in Meeden, Groningen.
  iii.   Jan Jager2779, born March 26, 1786 in Meeden, Groningen2779

      492. Hindrik Simons2780. He married 493. Jantje Heikes.

      493. Jantje Heikes2780, born November 8, 1739 in Muntendam, Groningen2781. She was the daughter of 986. Haicko Jans and 987. Trijntje Galtjes.
Child of Hindrik Simons and Jantje Heikes is:
  246 i.   Simon Hindriks, born 1759 in Veendam, Groningen; married Marchien Erenst Broekema April 21, 1799 in Veendam, Groningen.

      494. Erenst Gerrits2782, born February 23, 1748 in Veendam, Groningen2783. He was the son of 988. Gerrit Lubberts and 989. Ida Roelfs. He married 495. Jetske Geerts November 11, 1772 in Veendam, Groningen2784.

      495. Jetske Geerts2784.

More About Erenst Gerrits and Jetske Geerts:
Marriage: November 11, 1772, Veendam, Groningen2784
Child of Erenst Gerrits and Jetske Geerts is:
  247 i.   Marchien Erenst Broekema, born November 28, 1773 in Veendam, Groningen; married Simon Hindriks April 21, 1799 in Veendam, Groningen.

      498. Jan Jacobs2785. He married 499. Hebe Abrahams.

      499. Hebe Abrahams2785. She was the daughter of 998. Abraham Engelkes and 999. Grietje Rijkes.
Child of Jan Jacobs and Hebe Abrahams is:
  249 i.   Wendel Jans, married Tydo Jans Tijdens.

      506. Hommo Edzes2786, born April 15, 1731 in Uiterburen, Zuidbroek2787; died October 24, 1776 in Meeden, Groningen2787. He was the son of 754. Edzo Hommes and 755. Geeske Emmes. He married 507. Jantje Detmers May 6, 1761 in Meeden, Groningen2787.

      507. Jantje Detmers2788, died May 15, 1772 in Meeden, Groningen2789. She was the daughter of 1014. Detmer Sybolts Dethmers and 1015. Wija Hillenius.

Notes for Hommo Edzes:
From 1761 to 1780 Hommo occupied the farm at Hereweg 83 in Meeden (BWO 223).

More About Hommo Edzes:
Occupation: Landbouwer (Farmer)2790

Marriage Notes for Hommo Edzes and Jantje Detmers:
Hommo and Jantje had 4 children: Geessien Hommes, Dethmer Hommes Dethmers, Edzo Hommes Detmers, and Wija Hommes (Wigboldus website - Klaas Jansen).

More About Hommo Edzes and Jantje Detmers:
Marriage: May 6, 1761, Meeden, Groningen2791
Children of Hommo Edzes and Jantje Detmers are:
  253 i.   Geessien Hommes Dethmers, born July 17, 1762 in Meeden, Groningen; died May 29, 1807 in Meeden, Groningen; married Hillenius Tiarks ten Have July 9, 1783 in Meeden, Groningen.
  ii.   Wija Hommes2792, married Edzo Jans.
  iii.   Dethmer Hommes Dethmers2792,2793, born April 24, 1768 in Meeden, Groningen2793; died April 6, 1842 in Eexta, Scheemda, Groningen2793; married Jantje Hillenius Poppes November 28, 1793 in Eexta, Scheemda, Groningen2793; born Bef. January 8, 1769 in Beerta, Groningen2793; died June 26, 1848 in Scheemda, Groningen2793.
  Notes for Dethmer Hommes Dethmers:
From 1793 to 1824 Dethmer owned and worked the farm at Stationsstraat 21 in Scheemda (BWO-8).

  More About Dethmer Hommes Dethmers:
Occupation: Landbouwer (Farmer)2793

  More About Jantje Hillenius Poppes:
Christening: January 8, 1769, Beerta, Groningen2793

  More About Dethmer Dethmers and Jantje Poppes:
Marriage: November 28, 1793, Eexta, Scheemda, Groningen2793

  iv.   Edzo Hommes Dethmers2794,2795, born January 11, 1771 in Meeden, Groningen2796; died June 30, 1850 in Beerta, Groningen2796; married Remke Helenius Pops Abt. May 1797 in Beerta, Groningen2796,2797; born October 2, 1772 in Beerta, Groningen2798; died March 14, 1852 in Beerta, Groningen2798.
  Notes for Edzo Hommes Dethmers:
Edzo farmed in Beerta on BBB-33 and was kerkvoogd (church warden) there.

  More About Edzo Hommes Dethmers:
Occupation: Landbouwer (Farmer)2798

  More About Remke Helenius Pops:
Christening: October 11, 1772, Beerta, Groningen2798

  Marriage Notes for Edzo Dethmers and Remke Pops:
Fol.238 - 31 mei 1797 - H.V.
Edzo Hommes, van de Meeden, en Remke Helenius, van de Beerta. Brg.: Hillenius Tjarks en Geesijn Hommes (ehel.), zuster; Edzo Jans en Wija Hommes (ehel.), zuster; Detmer Hommes en Jantjen Helenius (ehel.), broer; Eppo Aaldriks Edzes, oom; Bonno Jans, aangetrouwde oom; Bronno Tonnijs, aangetrouwde oom; Helenius en Sibolt Detmers, ooms; Roelfke Edzes, tante; Sijpko Koerts en Ida Alberts (ehel.), halve moei; Luitjen H. Bouman en Eppijn Alberts (ehel.), halve moei; Jans Brongers en Grietje Alberts (ehel.), halve moei; Ellerus Alberts en Pieterke Eppes (ehel.), halve oom; Hommo Helenius, oude oom; Elke Alberts, halve moei; Albert Botjes en Trijntjen Fokkes (ehel.), neef; Fokko Pieters, aangetrouwde neef; Emme Botjes en Anje Heijes (ehel.), Eltjo Botjes, neef; Jan Harms, Emmo Jans, Eilje Jans, Geeske Jans, Eppo Harmes, Edzo Hommes, Geeske Eppes, Rikste Eppes, Edzo Eppes, Tjark Eppes, Aaltjen, Edzo, Geesijn, Jantjen Bronnes, Martjen Bronnes, Detmer Helenius, neven en nichten; Tonko Menses en Geertjen Helenius (ehel.), nicht; Br.: Helenius Jans, vader; Detmer Hommes en Jantjen Helenius (ehel.), zuster; Poppo Jans en Eppijn Hansens (ehel.), oom en moei; Helenius Hansens en Elizabeth Luikens (ehel.), oom; Jan Willems Roemeling en Afijn Hanssens (ehel.), moei; Hommo Helenius, oude oom; Hans, Lammert en Jantjen Helenius, Willem Jans Roemeling, Jantjen Jans Roemeling, neven en nichten; Rixte Willems Roemeling, aangetrouwde nicht van de bruid's vader; Poppo Freerks en Jantjen Onnes (ehel.), neef van de bruid's vader; Gesijn Obbes, nicht van de bruid's vader; Lammert Pieters en Albertjen Heeres (ehel.), neef van de bruid=s moeder; Koeno Aeijlkes, neef van de bruid=s vader uit half sibbe; Elzo Bruggerts, neef van de bruid's moeder; Luiken Tjarks en Epke Harberts (ehel.), nicht van de bruid's moeder; Helenius Detmers, Sibolt Detmers, neven van de bruid's moeder; Sijpko Koerts en Ida Alberts (ehel.), nicht van de bruid's moeder; L.H.Bouman en Eppijn Alberts (ehel.), nicht van de bruid's moeder; Jans Brongers en Grietje Alberts (ehel.), nicht van de bruid's moeder; Elke Alberts, nicht van de bruid's moeder; Getuigen: Roelf Pieters en Harm Jukes.

  More About Edzo Dethmers and Remke Pops:
Marriage: Abt. May 1797, Beerta, Groningen2798,2799
Marriage contract: May 31, 1797, Beerta, Groningen2800,2801

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