FIRST ED.—1909


J O S E P H   W O O D S






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          Joseph Woods was born near Charlottsville, Albemarle County, Virginia, August 22, 1745.  He was married January 28, 1768 to Mary Hamilton of said county.  She was born in 1747 and died August 26, 1829.  About 1790 Joseph Woods, together with his wife and ten children, migrated to Tennessee and settled on the Holston River about ten miles from Knoxville, where Samuel Hamilton Woods, the eleventh and last child, was born in 1791.  In 1807 he removed, with all his family except his son Joseph L., to Knox County, Indiana, and settled on the Du Chien (Du Shee) river.  April 10, 1809 he removed to Gibson County, Indiana, and settled on Turkey Hill in Sec. 21, T2S, R 10 W, 3 miles southwest of Princeton.  In 1811 his son Joseph L., and family, followed from Tennessee and settled 2 miles west of the homestead.  He died January 16, 1835 on his Turkey Hill farm.


          Joseph Woods served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. Benj. Briggs’ Company, 7th Va. Regt.; Muster Roll dated Fort Pitt, Nov. 18, 1781, “for the year 1780 and Jan. to Oct., 1791”; “Term of enlistment, War”; “On command at Wheeling.” His name was last borne on Muster Roll for June 1783, dated at Fort Pitt, July 3, 1783, with remark: “On Furlough.”


          His children were (1) John, (2) James, (3) Margaret (Peggy), (4) Patrick, (5) Joseph L. (Lapsley?), (6) William P., (7) David, (8) Isaac, (9) Jane, (10) Elizabeth, and (11) Samuel Hamilton.








Joseph Woods (22/8/1745-16/1/1835); m. (28/1/1768) Mary Hamilton (1747-26/8/1829)


1.     John Woods (1769-----) m. Polly Dickson.


1A Maj. Joseph E. Woods; m. (1814) Nancy Embree


1Aa Elisha Woods


1Ab Embree Woods


1Ac Wm. Hamilton Woods


1Ad Joseph E. Woods (Never Married)


1Ae Lucretia Woods; m. (1832) John Brokaw


1Af Betsy Jane Woods; m. (1836) James T. Brown


1B James Hamilton Woods; (1812-1869); m. (1832) Becky Ann Brokaw


1Ba William G. Woods; (6-13-1834); m. (1854) Susan E. Davis


          1Baa Hamilton Woods; m. Sarah Nolan


1Bab William Woods; m. ______ Woods


1Bac Gillyann Woods; m. Embree McIntire


1Bad Louisa Woods; m. James Deweese


1Bae Jane Woods; m. Franklin Wilhite


1Baf Sarah Woods (died young)


1Bb Hugh D. Woods (6-13-1834); m. (1857) Phoeba Ann Green


          1Bba Hugh Woods (died young)


1Bbb Phoeba Woods; m. Frank Senate


1Bbc Amanda Woods; m. _____

                                             m. (2) (1836) Polly Bingham


1Bc George W. Woods (1837); m. (1867) Cath. Blackard


          1Bca Louis Woods; m. Alice Brothers


1Bcb John Woods (never married)


1Bcc Lizzie Woods; m. Arthur Brown


1Bcd Becky Woods; m. Wm. Pritchett


               1C John Woods; m. (1825) Lucinda Barker


                   1Ca William Woods, Jr.; m. Julia Mails


1Cb Patrick Woods; m. Almarind Elliott


1Cc John Woods; m. Nancy E. Elliott


1Cd Steward Woods (unmarried)


1Ce Newton Woods; m. _____ Jeude


1Cf Marion Woods (unmarried)


              1D James Woods; m. _____ Hawkins


                   1Da Richard Woods; m. _____


1Db David Woods; m. _____


              1E William P. W. Woods; m. (1835) Suckey Rowden


                   1Ea Hamilton Woods (unmarried—Killed in battle)


1Eb Mary Woods; m. (1859) Andrew Jackson Woods (second cousin see 4Aa)


                             1Eba Rose Woods


1Ebb Mary Woods; m. Henry Nestler


1Ebc Alice Woods


                   1Ec John Woods; m.       (1) _____

                                                          (2) Jane Minnis


1Ed Susan Woods; m. Peyton Woods (see 1Fb)


               1F Hugh Woods; m. (1822) Nancy Wheeler


                   1Fa Mary Woods; m. (1837) James McIntire


                   1Fb Peyton Woods; m. (1861) Susan Woods (first cousins)


                   1Fc Bessie (unmarried)


                   1Fd Margaret Woods; m. John R. Williams


               1G Sarah Woods; m. (1828) James Johnson


               1H _____ Woods; m. ______ Blackard


               1I Jane Woods; m. (1818) George Humphrys




2.     James Woods (1770-1815); m. Nancy Dickson (Wid. m. Chas. Morgan in 1817)


2A Joseph M. Woods (called Morgan Joe) (1802-1875); m. Susan B. Tomson (1801-1876)


2Aa Joseph Hamilton Woods (1822-1845); m. (1845) Eliz. J. Brothers


2Ab Mary Jane Woods (1823); m. (1844) Benj. Frank Mead


2Ac Elizabeth E. Woods (1825-1857); m. (1843) Robert D. Stuart


          2Aca Robert Morris


2Ad Sarah Ann Woods (1826-1851); m. (1844) Wm. Wright


          2Ada Joseph


2Ae John Bake Woods (1827-1881); m. (1855)       (1) Sara Day

                                                                             (2) Barbara O’Neal

                                                                             (3) Lucy Eaves


2Af Nancy L. Woods (1828); m. (1849) Daniel J. Walters


          2Afa Will


          2Afb Hamlin


          2Afc Sadie; m. Ezra Lowe


          2Afd Isaac


          2Afe Susan


          2Aff Etta


          2Afg Ruth


2Ag Malinda R. Woods (1829); m. (1851) John N. Bonner


2Ah James Dickson Woods (1831); m. (1857) Martha A Douglass


2Ai Catherine N. Woods (1832-1833)


2Aj Martha A. Woods (1833); m. John L. Wallis


2Ak Henry R. Woods (1835-1894); m. (1867) Mary A Tilton


2Al Ellen Leu Woods (1836-1837)


2Am Susan M. Woods (1839-1843)


2An Ellen Catherine Woods (1841-1879); m. Wm. R. Jones


2Ao Elisha T. Woods (1842); (unmarried)


2Ap Benj. D. Woods (1845-1892); (unmarried)


2Aq Melvina T. Woods (1847-45); m. (1864) (1) Wm. R. Mountgomery

                                                          (1867) (2) Isaac T. Carder


               2B Sarah Woods; m.  (1) _____ Morgan

                                                (2) _____ Lankford


               2C Janey Woods; m. William Day


               2D Dickson Woods; m. (1826) Margaret Woods


2Da A. J. Woods (Bogota, Ills)


               2E(?) William Woods; m. Mary Schell


                   2Ea Joseph Woods; m. Sarah Ann Smith


                             2Eaa Fannie Woods


                             2Eab Frank Woods


                             2Ead Oscar Woods; m. Belle Brown


                             2Eae Merrill Woods


                             2Eaf Morris S. Woods; m. Minnie Lonnon


                             2Eag Edgar Woods; m. Nellie Warren


                   2E?b Andrew Woods; m. Adelaide Coleman


                             2Eba Florence Woods; m. John Canatsey


                             2Ebb Rosalie Woods; m. Ira Willen


                             2Ebc Louie Woods; m. James Bridges


                             2Ebd May Woods; m. Isaac Kerlin


                             2Ebe Myrtle (died young)


                             2Ebf Joseph Woods; m. Effie Schank




3.     Margaret Woods (1772-1845); m. Samuel Hogue, Sr.


3A James W. Hogue


3Aa Franklin Hogue


3Aaa James C Hogue


                   3Ab Zenas Hogue


                   3Ac Amelia Hogue; m. William Stormont


                             3Aca Helen


                             3Acb Louie




4.     Patrick Woods (1775- ); m. Jane Hannah


4A John Woods (of Snake Run)


4Aa Andrew Jackson  Woods; m. (1859) Mary Woods (see 1Eb)


          4Aaa Rose


          4Aab Mary; m. Henry Nestler


          4Aac Alice




5.     Joseph L. Woods (1776-1745); m. Elizabeth Hannah


5A Patrick Woods; m. (1832) Freelove Wiggins


          5Aa Joseph Woods; m.   (1) Martha Neely

                                                (2) Rebecca J. Mangrum


                   5Aaa Neely Woods; m. Ella Kirby


                   5Aab Carlos


                   5Aac Leota


                   5Aad Minerva; m. H. C. Babcock


          5Ab James Harvey Woods; m. Miranda Powell


                   5Aba Miranda


          5Ac Elizabeth Woods; m.         (1) William Herron

                                                          (2) John M. Smith


                   5Aca Ivan


                   5Acb Nora


                   5Acc Minnie; m. Noble Douglass


          5Ad John W. Woods; m. Margaret Lucas


          5Ae Frank Woods; m. Lida Holderbaugh


                   5Aea Patrick


                   5Aeb John


                   5Aec William


                   5Aed Edgar


          5Af Hannah Woods; m. Leander Clark


          5Ag Martha Jane Woods; m. Peter Mauck


                   5Aga Marshall; m. Dora Redman


                   5Agb Chrisley; m. El Thompson


5Ah Wm. Leman Woods (never married)


5B William Leman Woods; m. (1852) Amanda Mangrum


          5Ba George W. Woods (1868- ); m. Eliza Brown


                   5Baa Carl


                   5Bab Hazel


          5Bb John F. Woods (1858- ); m. Essie Cushman


          5Bc Olivia Woods (1863- ); m. Joseph McCarty


                   5Bca Harvey


                   5Bcb Virgil


          5Bd Ann Woods (1854- ); m. John McCarty


                   5Bda Joseph; m. Emma Luhring


                   5Bdb Charles; m. Grace Douglass


                   5Bdc Jessie


                   5Bdd Thomas; m. Grace Bryar


                   5bde George


                   5Bdf Arnold


                   5Bdg Allevia


                   5Bdh Nellie


          5Be Jane Woods (1856- ); m. Josephus Emerson


                   5Bea Clarence


                   5Beb Arthur (died young)


                   5Bec Carl (died young)


          5Bf Martha Woods (1860- ); m. Thomas Emerson


                   5Bfa Grace (?  Of maybe sister Hope)


          5Bg Andrew Lewis Woods (died young)


5C Mary Woods; m. (1834) Silas Stone


          5Ca Aurilaous Stone; m. Talitha Spore


                    5Caa Joseph (could be middle name of 5Cab)


                   5Cab Jackson; m. Lizzie Wood


                   5Cac Charles; m. Ida Ruston


                   5Cad William; m. Emma Cross


                   5C Ella; m. John Brokaw


          5Cb William Stone; m. Margaret Perkins


                   5Cba Thomas


                   5Cbb John


          5Cc Margaret Stone; m. James Mauck


                   5Cca Peter; m. _____ Musick


                   5Ccb Mary


                   5Ccc Ida


                   5Ccd Agnes


          5Cd Joseph Thomas Stone; m. Mary Tidd


                   5Cda Lethia


                   5Cdb Luther


                   5Cdc George


          5Ce Jane Stone; m. Montgomery Alcorn


                   5Cea John


                   5Ceb Minne


5D James Hamilton Woods; m. Mary Huges


          5Da Isaac N. Woods; m. (1869) Amanda Spore


                   5Daa Ellis Woods; m. Eva Brokaw


                   5Dab Ida Woods; m. Arthur West


                   5Dac Wm. Perry Woods; m. Lizzie Syminonds


                   5Dad Louis Woods; m. Lorena Emerson


                   5Dae Arthur Woods; m. Tillie Kiefer


          5Db Frank Woods (Alabama)


          5Dc William Woods (died unmarried)


          5Dd John F. Woods; m. (1)______, (2)______

                                               (3)______, (4)______

                                               (2) Sarah ____ (2nd ?)


          5De Jane Woods; m. John Hall


                   5Dea Columbus


                   5Deb Ora; m. Wm. Roberts

                                                ?? ; m. (3) Mary Vanweight (3rd)


          5Df Henery L. Woods; m. Lna Wirth


                   5Dfa Clarence (****Wellman)


                   5Dfb Raymond


                   5Dfc Carl

                             ???? ; m. (4) Mary Hartley in 1865 (4th)

                                     ; m. (5) Salina Timmons in 1868 (5th)


5E Joseph Jackson Woods; m. (1842) Eleanor Mauck


          5Ea Susanne Woods; m. John W. Braselton


          5Eb Melissa Woods; m. William Kendle


          5Ec Margaret Woods; m. William Anderson


          5Ed Belle Woods; m. Clint Black


          5Ee Joseph Hamilton Woods; m. Anna Spore


5F Jane Woods; m. John Hudelson


          5Fa Elizabeth Hudelson; m. Timothy Tichenor


                   5Faa Florence Hudelson; m. John Daugherty


                   5Fab Luther Hudelson; m. Allie Daugherty


                   5Fac Willis Hudelson; m. (1) Lou Lucas

                                                          (2) Eliza Barker


                   5Fad Crawford Hudelson; m. Louisa Roberts


                   5Fae William Hudelson


          5Fb _____ Hudelson; m. _____ Gorman


          5Fc Samuel C. Hudelson; m. Martha J. Kirkpatrick


                   5Fca Arthur Hudelson (died young)


                   5Fcb John F. Hudelson (died young)


                   5Fcc Russell Hudelson; m. Emma McClure


                   5Fcd George M. Hudelson; m. Elsie Montgomery


          5Fd ??


                   5Fda Mary


                   5Fdb Charles


                   5Fdc William


                   5Fdd Ida


                   5Fde Ora


                   5Fdf Eulah


          5Fe Melissa Hudelson (died unmarried)


6.     William P. Woods (1778-1845) (Never Married)


7.     David Woods (10/1/1780-3/4/1841); m. Esther Witherspoon


     7A Margaret Woods; m.  (1) Simon Orr (no children)

                                      (2) J. V. Hill (no children)


7B Isaac Woods; m. (1840) Mary Ann Lawrence


     7Ba Esther Woods; m. Thomas J. Colvin


          7Baa Ralph


          7Bab Thomas


          7Bac Almee


     7Bb Margaret Woods


     7Bc Martha Woods;   m. (1) _____ Duhn


          7Bca Lena


          7Bcb Mary


          7Bcc James

                                      m. (2) _____ McClain


     7Bd Mary Woods; m. John Watt (8 children)











     7Be Amanda Woods


     7Bf Miranda Woods; m. _____ Bell


     7Bg William Woods


7C James Hamilton Woods; m. (1840) Jennie Bingham (sister of 7D)


     7Ca Margaret A. Woods; m. (1867) Richard Riggs


          7Caa Thomas Riggs; m. Florence Hartin


          7Cab Jennie Riggs; m. Clint Calkins


          7Cac Arba Riggs; m. Nellie Lance


          7Cad Kate Riggs; m. Wm. A. Alexander


          7Cae James Riggs; m. Nellie Garwood


     7Cb Frank Woods; m. Mary Boyle


          7Cba Leonard


          7Cbb Carl


          7Cbc Ethel


          7Cbd Edna


          7Cbe Ada


          7Cbf Pearl


     7Cc Ann Woods; m. (1869) William Montgomery


          7Cca Auther Montgomery


          7Ccb Ross Montgomery


          7Ccc Maggie Montgomery; m. Walter Arburn


          7Ccd Jennie Montgomery; m. Will Blemker


          7Cce Fred Montgomery


          7Ccf Charles Montgomery; m. Aimee Sherry


          7Ccg Della Montgomery; m. Charles Knight


     7Cd Kate Woods; m. Wm. Daly


          7Cda Grace


          7Cdb Donald


     7Ce Mary Woods; m. David Pierce


          7Cea James Pierce; m. Lella Hartin


7Cf Louisa Woods; m. William Hanks (later m. 10Ab Ellen Kendle)


          7Cfa Charles R.


     7Cg John B. Woods; m. Mary Hanna


          7Cga Dorothy


          7Cgb Leon


          7Cgc Eleanor


          7D Joseph M. Woods; m. (1843) Elizabeth Bingham


7Da Isaac Arnett Woods (9/18/1848- ); m. (1869)        (1) Mary K. McDowell ( -12/6/1916)       

(2) Rachel Isabelle (d. 2/22/1932)


7DaaJoseph W. Woods; m. Lula Bell Sutherland


7Daaa William Emmitt Woods (7/26/1905-1/14/1963); m. (6/11/1930) Agnes Cecile Christian (8/27/1905-3/2/1982)


                        7Daab Kenneth Woods; m. Mary _____


                        7Daac Roscoe Woods; m. Nola _____


                        7Daad Gladis (not married)


                   7Dab Myrtle; m. Wm. Pearson (no children)


                   7Dac Dora; m. Sam Cross


                        7Daca Merl


                        7Dacb Dorthy


                        7Dacc George


                        7Dacd Windle


                        7Dace Sam


                        7Dacf Doyle


                        7Dacg Darwin


                   7Dad George; m.   (1) Flo Anderson

                                                (2) Atlas _____


                        7Dada One adopted son


                   7Dae Mag; m. Grant Montgomery


                        7Daea Mary


                        7Daeb Anna May


                        7Daec Dora


                        7Daed James


                        7Daee John


                        7Daef Ruby


                        7Daeg Florence


                        7Daeh Aluin


                   7Daf Simon Woods; m. (1) Ethel Martin


                        7Dafa Arnett


                        7Dafb Norma


                        7Dafc Oscar


                        7Dafd Isabel


                        7Dafe Hester


                                                    m. (2) Stella May Capps (no children)


                                                    m. (3) Jenette Henry (no children)


                   7Dag Laura; m. Author Anderson


                        7Daga Margie


                        7Dagb Merle


                        7Dagc Flo


                        7Dagd Victor


                        7Dage Leon


                   7Dah John A. Woods; m. Stella May Caps


                        7Daha Jewell Woods; m. Leona White


                             7Dahaa Stella; m. Dwain Demoss


                                  7Dahaaa Katherin Lynn


                                  7Dahaab Carla Lee Ann


                                  7Dahaac Jeffery Dwain


                             7Dahab Mike; m. Constancce Hopkins


                        7Dahb Howard L.; m. Betty Conklin


                             7Dahba Howard Jr.; m. (Miyumi _____)


                                  7Dahbaa Howard L. III


                                  7Dahbab Alexander (Totsia ?)


                             7Dahbb Walter Ray; m. Karen Metzger


                                  7Dahbba Tacy Jo


                                  7Dahbbb Brandy


                             7Dahbc Brenda; m. Joe Whitehouse


                                  7Dahbca Joe Howard Whitehouse


                                  7Dahbcb Charles Adam Whitehouse


          7Db John Woods (unmarried)


          7Dc Lizzie Woods (unmarried)


          7Dd David D. Woods (11/1/1844-2/23/1862) (died in Army)


          7De William Woods; m. Julia Witherspoon


               7Dea Carrie; m. Lon Hart


               7Deb Mary; m. Fred Weeks


               7Dec James


          7Df Simon Woods (died unmarried)


7Dg John McMaster Woods; m.         (1) Nellie Pelly

                                                                   (2) Allie Riley


          7E John W. Woods (4/1/1819-8/4/1855); m. (1839) Sallie P. Montgomery (1/1/1815-2/23/1862)


               7Ea John O. Woods; m.       (1) Mary Ann Rebecca Fravel


                   7Eaa Sara Ann


                                                          (2) Mary Rhoton


               7Eb Samuel Woods; m. Elizabeth J. Brazelton


                   7Eba Ivy


                   7Ebb Effie


                   7Ebc Ellis


                   7Ebd Evaret


                   7Ebe Eckles


                   7Ebf Orpha


                   7Ebg Vernie


                   7Ebh Sarah


               7Ec Esther Woods; m. Thomas Spore


                   7Eca John


                   7Ecb David


                   7Ecc Dan


                   7Ecd Allie


               7Ed Miessa Woods; m. William Binkley


                   7Eda Rod Binkley; m. Ella Watkins


               7Ee Thomas Woods; m. Elizabeth Rhoton


               7Ef Isaac Woods; m. Mary Stroud


                   7Efa Maud; m. Jas Hall


                   7Efb Henry; m. Bertha Miller


                   7Efc Bertha; m. Jno. Pruitt


               7Eg Bessie Woods; m. David Hart (for 2nd wife see 10Bb)


                   7Ega Elsie


                   7Egb Arthur


                   7Egc Pearl


                   7Egd Thornie




8.     Isaac Woods (1783-1872); m. Elizabeth Witherspoon


8A John Witherspoon Woods; m. (1) _____


     8Aa Joseph Sike Woods; m. _____


          8Aaa Earl


     8Ab Mary Ann Woods; m. _____ Creswell


          8Aba Jos


          8Abb Will


          8Abc Roy


          8Abd Adda


          8Abe Jane; m. _____ Cooper


          8Abf Louisa; m. _____ Smith


          8Abg Sara; m.       (1) _____ Souders

                                      (2) _____ Martin (8A John’s 2nd wife)


     8Ac Martin Woods; m. _____


          8Aca Mary; m. _____ Canning


          8Acb Cora; m. _____ Hines


          8Acc David


     8Ad William F. Woods; m. _____


          8Ada Fred


          8Adb Albert


          8Adc Harry


          8Add Roy


          8Ade Frank


          8Adf Ruth; m. _____ VanVoltenburg


     8Ae James H. Woods; m. _____


          8Aea Elizabeth


     8Af Richard Woods; m. _____


          8Afa Emma


          8Afb Ross


          8Afc Clement


          8Afd Donald


          8Afe Allie; m. _____ McCray


          8Aff Mabel; m. _____ Jackson


          8Afg Sybil; m. _____ Aiken


     8Ag Margaret Woods; m. _____ Christle


          8Aga Ralph W.


     8Ah David Woods; m. _____


          8Aha Henry


          8Ahb Lee


          8Ahc Clark


          8Ahd Mrs. Henry Brockett


          8Ahe Lizzie; m. _____ Sattro


          8Ahf Dieber; m. _____ Montgomery


          8Ahg Ethel


          8Ahh Sadie


8B Mary Woods; m. (1826) Samuel L. Hogue


     8Ba Isaac Hogue


     8Bb Angeline Hogue; m. James Reed


     8Bc Elizabeth Hogue


     8Bd Thomas Hogue


     8Be Samuel Hogue


     8Bf Mary Hogue


8C Joseph Woods (died young)


8D Isaac H. Woods (2/9/1810); m. (9/1/1831) Nancy Payne (1809)


     8Da Hannah Woods; m. (1867) James DePriest


          8Daa Isaac W.; m. Jennie Briner


          8Dab Agnes (died young)


          8Dac _____


     8Db Mary Woods; m. Samuel Warnock


          8Dba James; m. Anna Ward


          8Dbb Agnes; m. George L. Dorsey


          8Dbc Fannie


          8Dbd Bessie (died young)


     8Dc James Woods; m. Sallie Dixon


8Dca Bessie (died young)


               8Dd Fannie Woods; m. Martin Scott


                   8Dda Charles


                   8Ddb Kate


                   8Ddc Bessie


               8De Sarah Woods; m. Charles W. Young


                   8Dea Nellie


                   8Deb Elmo; m. Laura Thomas


          8E Elizabeth Woods; m. (1830) David Hogan


          8F Richard D. Woods; m. (1839) Ann Tichenor


               8Fa Isaac Woods; m. _____


                   8Faa McClelland


                   8Fab Ora


                   8Fac Oliver


                    8Fad Grover


          8G David Woods; m. (1840) Nancy Ayers


               8Ga Martha J. Woods; m. _____ Firoved


               8Gb Isaac Woods; m. Lizzie Hutchinson


               8Gc James H. Woods


          8H Margaret Woods; m. (1840) James Ayers


               8Ha Isaac Ayers (unmarried)


               8Hb Jane Ayers; m. Wm. Brokaw


                   8Hba Eva Brokaw; m. Ellis Woods (see 5Daa)


                   8Hbb Lucy Brokaw; m. Albert Miller


                   8Hbc John Brokaw; m. Ann French


                   8Hbd Arthur Brokaw; m. Anna Long


                   8Hbe Albert Brokaw; m. Clyde Gillespie


                   8Hbf Welsey Brokaw; m. Bessie Redman


                   8Hbg Rosa (died young)


                   8Hbh Florence Brokaw; m. Kerr Warren


                   8Hbi Jesse Brokaw; m. Pearl Cooper


          8I Esther Woods; m. Robert Phillips


               8Ia Elizabeth Phillips; m.      (1) Robert Gowdy


                   8Iaa Ella Gowdy; m. Jos Ely


                   8Iab Mary Gowdy; m. Wm. T. Nelson


                   8Iac Rolla Gowdy; m. Clara McAlister


                   8Iad Chester Gowdy; m. Carrie Dodds


                   8Iae Grace Gowdy; m. H. L. Finley


                                                m.      (2) David Rankin


                   8Iaf Esther Rankin


          8J James Woods; m. Elizabeth Reed


               8Ja Elizabeth Ann Woods; m. Silas H. Prather


                   8Jaa Elizabeth


                   8Jab James


                   8Jac Catherine


                   8Jad Silas


               8Jb Isaac Leman Woods; m. Caroline Brown


                   8Jba Delas


                   8Jbb Pearl


                   8Jbc Lloyd


                   8Jbd Fay; m. _____ Finley


                   8Jbe Irene


               8Jc Alice Woods


               8Jd Clara Woods; m. Lon Pollard


               8Je Samuel Woods; m. Carrie Moore


                   8Jea Ray


                   8Jeb Roscoe


                   8Jec Thirza


                   8Jed Lois


                   8Jee James Hoyt


               8Jf Ida Woods


               8Jg David Woods


               8Jh Eva Woods; m. John Campbell


                   8Jha Vance


                   8Jhb John Woods


                   8Jhc Elizabeth


                   8Jhd Allen


               8Ji Oma Woods


               8Jj William Woods; m. Alta Freeman


                   8Jja Ellen


                   8Jjb Gertrude




9.     Jane Woods (1785-1848); m. Samuel Hogue, Jr.


9A Joseph Woods Hogue; m. Rosanna Stormont


               9Aa Crawford Hogue; m. Lizzie Ward


               9Ab William Hogue; m. Sallie McCoy


                   9Aba Minnie E. Hogue; m. William T. McConnell


                   9Abb Calvin E. Hogue; m. Jennie Damieson


                   9Abc Delos W. Hogue; m. Lilian Ferguson


                   9Abd Inez Hogue


               9Ac John Hogue; m.   (1) _____

m.       (2) Jennie Gordon


     9Ad James M. Hogue; m. Emaline McLean


          9Ada Anna


          9Adb Leila


          9Adc Blanch


          9Add Wilbur


     9Ae Amanda Hogue; m. Charles Barnum


          9Aea Claude; m. Celia Holliday


          9Aeb Lester


          9Aec Effie; m. Frank Winebright


     9Af Mary Hogue; m. James B. Hess


          9Afa Rosa


          9Afb Edith


          9Afc Esther


     9Ag Libbie Hogue; m. George Hutchinson


          9Aga Kenneth


          9Agb Normal


9B John Hogue; m. Annice _____


9C William Hogue; m. Sarah Stormont


     9Ca Jane Hogue; m.   (1) John McMillan

                                      (2) _____ Bockover


     9Cb _____


     9Cc Theodore Hogue


     9Cd Harvey Hogue


     9Ce Ella Hogue


9D Mary Hogue; m. Jacob Braselton


     9Da Jane Braselton; m. Wm. Burdsall


          9Daa Ella; m. _____ Yoho


          9Dab Mary; m. Robert Oaks


          9Dac Cornelia; m. Will Baldwin


     9Db Margaret Braselton (died)


               9Dc Harvey Braselton; m. Ellen Hogue


               9Dd George Braselton; m. Anna Yoho


               9De Frank Braselton; m. Anna Brnett


9E Betsy Hogue; m. Monroe McCatney


     9Ea Samuel McCartney


     9Eb John McCartney


     9Ec _____ McCartney


     9Ed _____ McCartney


     9Ee _____ McCartney




10.      Elizabeth Woods (1787-1854); m. (1814) William Embree


10A Harvey Embree


     10Aa John Embree; m. Laura Mangrum


          10Aaa William; m. Belle Garrison


          10Aab Parley; m. Della _____


          10Aac Florence; m. Jesse Montgomery


          10Aad Jessie; m. Sam Reynolds


          10Aae Henery


          10Aaf Albert


          10Aag Harvey


          10Aah Gertrude (died young)


               10Ab Ellen Embree; m. Hiram Kendle (widow m. 7Cf Will Hanks)


                   10Aba Robert


                   10Abb Ellis


               10Ac Samuel Embree; m. Eva Olmstead


               10Ad Albert Embree; m.      (1) Lizzie Kennedy

                                                          (2) Irene Holderbaugh


               10Ae Mary Embree; m. Martin Beck


                   10Aea George


               10Af Alvin Embree (died young)


          10B John Embree


               10Ba Henry Embree; m.       (1) Lydia Mangrum

                                                          (2) Sallie Emerson


                   10Baa John T. Embree


               10Bb Elizabeth Embree; m. David Hart (1st wife was 7Eg)


                   10Bba John T. Hart; m. Kate Blythe


                    10Bbb Mary Hart; m. Will Sterne


               10Bc Louisa Embree; m. Jasper Jennings


                   10Bca Alva


                   10Bcb Nellie


                   10Bcc Florence


          10C Joshua Embree; m. Elizabeth Legrange


               10Ca Elizabeth Embree; m. Elaby Jordan


          10D Belinda Embree; m. Thomas McMullen


          10E Maria Embree; m. James M. Kendle (same as 10F)


               10Ea Frank Kendle; m. Elizabeth Hanks


                   10Eaa Attie Kendle; m. Benj. Nettleton


                   10Eab Gorda Kendle; m. George Hopkins


                   10Eac Horace T. Kendle


                   10Ead Clarence D. Kendle; m. Effie Slater


          10F Josephine Embree; m. James M. Kendle


               10Fa George Kendle; m. Lou Smythe


                   10Faa Ralph


                   10Fab Richard; m. Edith Carithers


               10Fb Albert Kendle; m. Mary Ann Hanks




11.      Samuel Hamilton Woods (3/1/1791--7/16/1880); m. (11/8/1815) Ann McMillan (1794--8/4/1861)


11A James M. Woods (10/22/1816-3/17/1853); m. (9/23/1843) Mary Ann Martin (1/1/1819-5/18/1874)


     11Aa John Woods; m. Florence Porter


     11Ab Riley Woods; m. Mary May


          11Aba Claude


     11Ac James Woods; m. Stella Wilson


          11Aca Chester


          11Acb Eulah


          11Acc Ralph


          11Acd Hugh


11B Mathew McMillan Woods (7/2/1818-12/15/1895) (never married)


11C Joseph Hamilton Woods (3/23/1820-3/24/1892); m. (9/11/1845) Margaret Martin (4/7/1826-4/14/1885)


     11Ca David Woods; m. Mattie McCullough


          11Caa Harry


     11Cb Zenas Woods; m. Nellie Stewart


          11Cba Clara


          11Cbb Norman


          11Cbc Merle


     11Cc Renwick Woods; m. Mary Grant


     11Cd Brown Ellsworth Woods; m. (1) Minnie McFerren


          11Cda Bessie


          11Cdb Sylvester


          11Cdc Myrtle


                                                          (2) Malinda Weber


     11Ce Morton Woods; m.     (1) Lydia Adkins


          11Cea Maruerite


          11Ceb Dora


                                                (2) Nora Smith


     11Cf Rome Woods; m. Flora Kinder


          11Cfa Birdie


          11Cfb Roy


          11Cfc Flossie


          11Cfd Mabel


          11Cfe Mamie


          11Cff Rufie


          11Cfg Ruth


     11Cg Ann E. Woods; m. (1865) George B. McCgregor


          11Cga Elmer


          11Cgb Mag


          11Cgc Lora


          11Cgd Robert


          11Cge Zenas


11D Samuel Wylie Woods (3/13/1822-3/29/1891); m. (10/31/1854) Eliza Minnis (12/7/1830-12/31/1883)


     11Da James Franklin Woods (unmarried)


     11Db Samuel Harvey Woods; m. Lillie Lathom


          11Dba Grace


     11Dc George Minnis Woods; m. Rhoda Kell


          11Dca Wylie


          11Dcb Ruth


     11Dd Albert Woods; m. Minnie Britton


          11Dda Carl


11E John Woods (5/13/1824-9/15/1827)


11F Robert Riley Woods (7/8/1826-2/20/1885); m. (3/17/1859) Mary Ann McClurkin (9/26/1832- )


     11Fa Melville S. Woods; m. Agnes Jennie Dill


          11Faa Robert


     11Fb Milton Woods; m. Lizzie Vierling


          11Fba Mary


          11Fbb Eliza


     11Fc William Woods (died young)


     11Fd Jane Woods (never married – died 1908)


     11Fe John Woods (died young)


11G David Calvin Woods (10/21/1828-8/16/1908); m. (12/6/1855) Cathrine Ervin (1/29/1837-12/24/1888)


     11Ga Anna Woods (unmarried)


     11Gb Robert Crawford Woods; m. Mary Watkins


                   11Gba Lottie; m. Lawrence Snapp


                   11Gbb Leona


                   11Gbd Ralph


               11Gc Samuel Ross Woods (unmarried)


               11Gd Clarence Brown Woods; m. Kate Turpin


                   11Gda Maxam


               11Ge Charles Clinton Woods; m. Ruth Hallet


               11Gf Nellie Woods; m. Stuart T. Fisher


                   11Gfa Charles Arthur


                   11Gfb Catherine Louise


          11H John Brown Woods (10/22/1830-5/14/1864); m. (1/6/1859) Lucilla Charlotte Archer (10/4/1838- )


               11Ha Robert Archer Woods; m. (1889) Mary Lagow Hall


                   11Haa John Hall


                   11Hab Sara Lucilla


                   11Hac Robert (died infant)


          11I Sidney Milton Woods (10/25/1833-5/6/1876); m. (10/31/1854) Serelda Kiethley (8/16/1838-1/17/1923)


               11Ia William Woods m. Maggie Baltinghouse


                   11Iaa Fred


               11Ib Turner Woods (1859-1877)


               11Ic Luella Woods; m. Jacob Braselton


                   11Ica Electra


                   11Icb Theresa


                   11Icc Clifford


                   11Icd Osborne


                   11Ice Chester


                   11Icf Paul


               11Id Morton Woods; m. Florence E. Emerson


                   11Ida Edith Marie


               11Ie May Woods; m. Henry Mauck


                   11Iea Edgar


                   11Ieb Annie


                   11Iec Thelma


               11If Arthur Woods; m. Julia Thompson


                   11Ifa Darwin


                   11Ifb Sidney


                   11Ifc Vada


                   11Ifd Frieda


                   11Ife Marjorie


                   11Iff Euginia


               11Ig Florence Woods; m. Calvin T. Emerson


               11Ih Eckley Woods; m. Fannie Montgomery


                   11Iha Lowell


               11Ii Annie Woods; m. Charles W. Warren (died 1909)


                   11Iia Mabel


                   11Iib Edna


                   11Iic Josephine


               11Ij Charles Woods; m. Cora Varner


                   11Ija Flossie


                   11Ijb Mitchell


               11Ik Katie Woods (died young 1876-1894)


          11J Renwick Cambell Woods (4/24/1836- ); m.      (1) (11/12/1867) Nan Louden ( -11/18/1886)


               11Ja William Woods; m. Nancy McNeely


                   11Jaa Dean


                   11Jab Tessie


                   11Jac Glen


               11Jb Samuel Brown Woods; m. Anna Ilringworth


                   11Jba Bertie


                   11Jbb Leroy


                   11Jbc _____


               11Jc Minnie Woods; m. Thomas Finney


                   11Jca Helen


                   11Jcb Ralph


               11Jd Clyde Woods; m. Belle Van Winkle (1)


                   11Jda Geneva


                   11Jdb Dorris


                                                                                      (2) (12/25/1804) Mary Louden (3/22/1844- ) (no children)


          11K Mary Ann Eliza Woods (12/12/1838- ); m. (12/18/1862) John F. Hudelson (8/9/1835-10/11/1895) (no children)